Top 11 Reasons Why Carry A Pocket Knife – Step By Step

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Actually there are many reasons people why carry a pocket knife? Maybe a pocket knife is very small, but it is a great tool for everyday busy working life. Because it will help you anywhere from your home to outdoor, hunting, camping, and traveling. Even sometimes a pocket knife can save your life in any unexpected survival situation. So why don’t you carry a pocket knife with yourself?

But before buying and carrying a pocket knife you should know about your country/city laws. Because without any laws you can’t carry a pocket or EDC knife. So finally I will say before collecting a pocket knife you should know about EDC knife carrying laws.

Why Carry A Pocket Knife?

The best pocket knife can be folding and some folding knife has a serrated blade. However, both serrated and straight blade you can use for different work. And very easily you can sharpen your knife if you use the best quality sharpening stones. But actually where you can use a pocket knife? Now I will talk about it. I hope after reading this article you’ll realize why should you carry a pocket knife? Here are some examples there you can use your knife.

1: Everyday working tool

A pocket knife can make your daily working life very easier and comfortable. Because you can use a pocket knife in a variety of situations. For example, you can use it to remove your cloth tags, cutting zippers, or cutting paper when you don’t have a scissor. Even it can help you for cutting a big carton to open any product to bring out of the box. For using a pocket knife it doesn’t require any extra sharpener. Because most knife has an extra sharpener.

If you interested in outdoor and hunting knife so you need a small knife sharpener to sharpen them. You can read my pocket knife sharpener reviews here. I hope you’ll find the best one for your knife.

2: Self-Defence

Without a pocket knife, many people use a different tool to protect their self. But it is one of the best machines for self-defense. Even with it, you can save your self from any dangerous wild animals. However, to protect yourself use a folding knife that featured with Assisted Opening and quick safety lock mechanism. That’s why you can open your knife very quickly and never close it accidentally as long as you close the knife manually.

3: Survival tool in an emergency

Life is unpredictable, that’s why you may discover yourself in extreme survival situations. But if you carry a pocket knife so you can handle any bad situation. Because with a knife you can do a lot of work when you don’t have any modern survival tool. Especially some knives have very special glass breaker for firefighter and rescue team. So if you have one this pocket knife so you can help yourself or other to scape from a worst-case scenario.

4: Whitting gear

For this purpose, you can use a bushcraft pocket knife. Because especially this knife only made for whittling some wood and similar jobs. Maybe there are a lot of tools for this work. But those tools would be very expensive. With a versatile pocket knife, you can easily complete it. But you have to choose a knife that has a very small and strong blade that will never break easily.

5: Make a fire

Especially hunters and campers know how important fire in outdoor? And I have to say the fire is very important in cold situations. But for making a fire camp you need a gas lighter or other tools. But when you have a knife so it will help to light the fire. And you’ll be happy to know some pocket knife has extra fire starter. If you rub it with the blade then that will create the flame of fire. So maybe now you thinking about how pocket knives are important? 

why you should carry a pocket knife

6: Can opening & food preparation

Can opening and food preparation is very important when you stay in a party with your family or friends. Sometimes for opening something need a special tool. But with a pocket folding knife, you can open any drinks can or steel box. As well you can prepare other fruits. But you have to ensure you have a blade without serrated. Because with a serrated pocket knife you can’t peel any fruits or couldn’t slice other foods. So especially for preparing different food items, you need a straight blade pocket knife.

7: First Aid

When you hunting, hiking, or cycling outdoor so you should carry a pocket knife that can help you for your First-Aid. Because most people don’t carry any extra medicine. But if you have a knife then you can hunt any natural medicine that you can use in injured place. So in your next hiking or biking, of course, you should carry a pocket knife. Now maybe you know why you should carry it?

8: Field dressing

Field dressing or skinning is a big part of hunting. And if you have a reliable folding hunting knife so you can easily handle any deer or bird for skinning. So when you have a perfect knife so why you will carry another knife for skinning? And another hunting knife isn’t ideal, especially for skinning. Because for this game you should choice super-sharp and lightweight compact knife.

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9: Fishing

Maybe you know people spend a lot of time for fishing at the weekend or vocation. But if you have a perfect pocket knife so you can prepare your fish for cooking. Even not only that a knife that you can use for cutting your fishing line. And you may set or fix your fishing hook through a pocket knife. Only a professional and real fishing hunter know how important a knife for fishing?

10: Hunting

Probably there is no one who doesn’t love hunting. Because it is a dream and a passion. So if you really love hunting so you can use a knife for hunting deer. But for this game, you need a long knife that you can easily handle. For example, Buck Knives 110, or Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 EDC. This two particular item is one of the most popular pocket knives for hunting. I hope for your next outdoor journey you’ll carry a pocket knife that you can use for a small or large hunting game.

11: Cutting wire & rope

If are you an electrician or mechanical so a pocket knife will help you as a perfect tool. Because with a knife you can skinning any electric cable. If you really a professional so you should choose the Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife. Because it includes some different knives and tools that you can use for cutting any cable or rope.


The pocket knife has a long history. Because people have been using it for many years. And now all the people know why everyone should carry a pocket knife? It is really a great tool that you can use anywhere from your home to outdoor, traveling, and many others that already I have explained where you can use a pocket knife? I hope next time when you will go out of your home so of course, you will carry a pocket knife. Because now you know how a pocket knife is important for our everyday life?

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