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What Is A Slicing Knife Used For? (6 Example With Image)

If you are a passionate home chef or cooking enthusiast then you must be aware of what is a slicing knife is used for? The answer is very simple. The slicing knife is a cutting knife to cut the thin slices of fruits and vegetables. Its blade is sharp to build on the purpose of providing thin slices.

Slicing Vs. Carving Knife – What’s The Difference?

If we talk about both knives, then, together, they make an integral part of every kitchen. And I must say while arranging the kitchen wares. Everyone should think about buying carving and slicing knives.

If we talk about the differences, then it’s apparent from the blade’s sharpness that a carving knife is used to make thin slices of larger and cooked meat while a slicing knife provides the thin pieces with its sharp blade quality. So when buying a slicing knife, keep in mind the feature and benefits of the tool itself providing.

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What Is a Slicing Knife Used For? 6 Example

People use a slicing knife for different purposes, each knife comes in different blades, size, weight, and durability. So before using a knife for slicing you should understand what you exactly want to slice and which knife you have. Here are some different knives that people also use for slicing.

01. What Is a Santoku Knife Used For?

If you want to use an amazing knife with 3 in action to cut, slice, and chop the food articles, then the Santoku knife would a fantastic tool for slicing. Even it is the best and most popular slicing knife ever that any professional chef and home cook can use very easily. And it’s very easy to sharpen if you manage a knife sharpening stone. Because after a lot of uses it can lose its own edge.

However, I would say the knife is incredible with sharp and edged blades to get the job done. And you can use this without the worry of using multiple knives at one time. The knife can dice up the food with its multi-purpose blades and provides a powerful grip while cutting and slicing. It would good to say all the time you don’t need to buy an extra santoku knife. Because if you purchase a cooking knife set, then you’ll get a free santoku knife.

02. What Is a Cleaver Knife Used For?

More precise and accurate than any other knife for chopping and cutting. The cleaver knife is used to cut the bony part and big fat meatloaf with ease because of its shape and structure. It has a rectangular shape blade with a firm and powerful grip to comfortably cut the food items.

In addition to cutting, you can chop the veggies and fruits with great skill. So, the knife is very beneficial for chefs and kitchenware. But a cleaver would a little bit heavy, but alternatively, you can use a butcher knife. Because it’s very easy to use than a heavy meat cleaver. If you want to know which is the best butcher knives check my full review here.

03. What Is a Mezzaluna Knife Used For?

Mezzaluna is a very fantastic creation with a sharp and thin blade to chop the vegetables and fruits. The knife can go well for making mince with its fine quality blades. The edges are made with steel, and you can sharpen them with a steel rod for comprehensive and comfortable chopping. It’s your ready to go knife for making salads and meatballs whenever you want to get the fine quality chopping. Hence, you can cut cheese slices with ease where other knives are not that much accurate.

04. What Is a Cheese Knife Used For?

It’s quite challenging to cut the block of cheese with a knife. And that is very tricky to hold the block with the knife at the right angle for penetrating deep to cut along. Then, its sharp blades provide precise and accurate slices of cheese.

The cheese knife has a round edge and sharp blades for slicing the frozen cheese, while some cheese knives have holes curved on the blade for reducing the friction. These types of knives are more suitable for slicing the soft cheese blocks.

05. What Is a Sushi Knife Used For?

Sushi lovers know the importance of a good sushi knife. The knife has a razor-like blade with sharp edges to cut through the raw fish for helping you get the thin slices of sushi. It’s tough and tricky at the same time to examine your expertise while handling this knife. The knife is a must-have product for your kitchen. It was made in Japan, where the sushi originated and is being used worldwide for its specified action.

06. What Is a Meat Knife Used For?

The meat cutting knife or carving knife is an essential tool for butchering animals and cutting the thin slices of meat with bones. Its blade is sharp to remove the fat, while edges are used to cut and chop the meat. The knife is very efficient in separating the bones from meat, and you can use its expertise in your kitchen to cook delicious food.

Can a slicing knife Provide you the maximum benefits?

The slicing knives are comprised of many types with variable shapes and functions. I have tried to explain its different kinds with the benefits that you can get from using them. So, it’s apparent from their uses that you can use them in your kitchen for cooking magically fantastic food. The primary purpose is to cut, chop, and slice the food with precision; thus, never think twice to have them for your kitchenware.


Finally, I’m happy to make you realized the importance of slicing knives. I have explained many types of slicing knife with a bit of detail of their uses. However, cutting and chopping is never an easy job if you have a blunt knife.

The slicing knives are very durable and high-quality knives offering you their best services in cutting, chopping, slicing, and mincing the food items. I hope now you know what is a slicing knife used for and how it can make your life easier?