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Different Types Of  Sharpening Stones For Your Knives

A sharpening stone is a great way to make your knife wicked sharp. But before using it you should know about different types of sharpening stones. Through only sharpening stone you can make your knife super sharp. That includes a kitchen knife, hunting knife, pocket knife, and camping knife.

Even a sharp sushi knife has a very super sharp edge that’s why it takes very low sharpening. But surprisingly, you can use a sharpening stone to sharpen your sushi knife. Because it’s difficult to sharpen a sushi knife through another sharpener.

How Many Different Types Of  Sharpening Stones Are Available?

Today in this I will talk about some sharpening stones. Especially some new knife user don’t know which is the best sharpening stones for knife? Because you’ll get different types of sharpening stones in the market. But which sharpening stone actually you should use for your knives?

Which is the best stone for a small or long knife? Which stone you can apply for hunting and kitchen knife? However, in this post, I will explain why sharpening stone is the most professional way to make the knife razor-sharp? And how you can use stone and which stone you can carry for outdoor use?

01: Water Stones

The water stones are very common and popular sharpening stones available in the market. And it has another good side it is very affordable and effective for all kinds of knives. And hopefully most professional sharpening expert recommends using a water sharpening stone. It is available in different grit and size which is very useful for all users. Maybe you know why people called it whetstone? Because you have to use water before or during sharpening.

Before sharpening soak the stone underwater for 10 to 15 minutes. Then lift it up the stone from water and put it in a better place for safe and secure sharpening. Most stones come from natural and synthetic stones. But now synthetic sharpening stones are very popular and affordable than natural. And especially synthetic stone made of Aluminum Oxide.

I would like to say the Japanese water sharpening stone would be a little bit expensive. But it is very effective and popular, especially for professionals. Because it works very quickly than Arkansas or oil stones, but it is slower than diamond stones. However, with a water stone, you can sharpen different camping knife, kukri machete, deer hunting knives, and many other regular knives.

Benefits Of Water Stones

  • Available in natural and man-made
  • Comes with reasonable prices
  • Available in different grit
  • User-friendly Size: 3″x8″
  • Popular brands: Sharp Pebble, BearMoo

02: Oil Stones

It is a little bit expensive sharpening stone than water whetstone. But it is another good way to make your knife super sharp. Oil stones are very popular, especially in western countries. And it made from three different materials these are Novaculite, Silicon Carbide, and Aluminum Oxide.

The oil stone available in different grit these are fine, medium and coarse grit. The different grit will give your knife a better finishing and polishing edge. This is really very long-lasting sharpening stone. Because the Aluminum Oxide is very hard materials. That’s why you can use any oil stone for a long time then water stone.

People use different oil and lubricant to sharpen their knives. Because it reduces the friction during sharpening. It can handle Japanese and other top boning knives, kitchen tools, Scissors, all kinds of trusted butcher knives, and other cooking knives.

Benefits Of Oil Stones

  • Durable materials Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Oxide
  • Reduces friction through oil
  • Different grit
  • Popular brands: Norton Abrasives, Pride Abrasives

03: Ceramic Stones

It is another long-lasting sharpening stone. But it is not very effective which knife has been lost the edge very deeply. Because especially the ceramic stones are polishing the edge. That will give your cooking blade a nice shining looking. When other sharpening stones can’t handle any ceramic knife. But surprisingly the ceramic sharpening stone is an ideal choice for all kinds of ceramic knives.

It being said, before sharpening your expensive ceramic knife really you should know how to sharpen the ceramic knife? It made from silicon carbide with other materials for better results. But you have to use it very carefully.

And need proper maintenance other hand it can break very easily. You can clean the stone after each uses by soapy water or detergent. Whereas it is ideal for polishing any blade so you can apply it to sharpen your fish filleting knives. Because the fillet knife has a very thin and flexible blade which is perfect for sharpening with ceramic stone.

Benefits Of Ceramic Stones

  • Perfect for polishing and finishing
  • Made from silicon carbide
  • There is very little erosion during sharpening
  • Popular brands: Spyderco

04: Diamond Stones

If you have a smart budget so probably diamond sharpening stone is one of the best processes for sharpening any knife. It doesn’t require any water, oil or other sharpening lubricants. That’s why you can use it in outdoor as a portable sharpener for pocket knife, hunting knife, survival knife, fishing hooks, high carbon stainless steel blade, carbon steel blades, and other tools.

There are some reasons why diamond stones are expensive than others. Because it has a very special diamond nano-coating technology. And they are available in two different models. Some have hole in the diamond stones and others have diamond surfaces. Both diamond stones can remove dull metal from the blade very quickly and finally it makes razor-sharp.

The diamond stone hasn’t any negative side that will affect any knife. But only the problem it is a little bit expensive. But it is a super durable stone that you can use for a long time. So when you’ll use a single sharpening stone for a long time so it is really comparable and far better than other stones. If you really love diamond stone so DMT diamond stone is the best choice for you.

Benefits Of Diamond Stones

    • Expensive and very effective
    • Very harder than other stones
    • No need oil or water
    • Premium micronized monocrystalline materials
    • Popular Brands: Ultra Sharp, DMT


A sharpening stone is a professional and very effective way to sharpen, kitchen knife, chef knife, slicing knife, camping knife, skinning knife, or any top folding hunting knife. But there are available different types of sharpening stones. But actually for different blades needs different stones. Because above I have explained how different sharpening stones perform better for knives?

Do all professionals know which stones are best and perform well for any particular knife? Because they use different sharpening stones regularly. But home cooks and a beginner don’t know which sharpener they actually should use? Maybe it is a very effective sharpening process. But you have to use the right way and sharpener to get a better result. I hope now maybe you know how many different types of sharpening stones are available? And which stone will give you a superior result?

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