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Shun Knives Review – (Top 7 Picks With Ultimate Guide)

Shun is the most popular Japanese knife manufacturers who always produce premium quality knives for professionals and home cooks. Their knives are super sharp, durable, and always come with beautiful design than other brands.

I have researched on their all chef’s knives and for this Shun knives review I have chosen only 7 models that come with different designs, prices range, and cutting performance. You should choose the best one according to your needs and budget. So let’s choose your desired model!

01. Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife

Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife

If you’re looking for an all-purpose kitchen knife, the Shun Classic 8-inch chef knife would be a great choice. You can use this finely crafted knife to perform several kitchen tasks quickly and efficiently. It features VG-MAX steel with extra tungsten that makes the edges of its blade sharper.

Its Pakkawood handle is water-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. The Pakkawood handle is easy on the hand, allowing you to use the knife for long hours without suffering any pain. The 8-inch blade is long enough to penetrate through thick food, fruits, and vegetables, and slice through easily.

This hand-crafted cutlery makes a good gift for chefs and homeowners. The Shun Classic  8-inch chef knife has a stunning look and will make a great addition to your cutlery collection.

  • Durable and corrosion-free
  • Pakkawood handle is water-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Unique design
  • Not very affordable

02. Shun Cutlery Premier 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Shun Cutlery Premier


The sophisticated look of the Shun Cutlery Premier 8-inch chef’s knife is undeniably unique from other kitchen knives. With a tsuchime finish, it is impossible not to adore this knife at first sight. This knife has a hammered finish, polished with Premier’s mirror to give it a real Damascus look.

However, the Premier 8” chef’s knife is not just about its looks, it is fully functional too. It features a razor-sharp blade edge that cuts through vegetables, fruits, and meat effortlessly, all thanks to the additional tungsten used in its production. Its VG-Max steel blade is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean too. The hammered Tsuchime finish also releases food easily after every slice.

It also features a Pakkawood handle contoured to fit perfectly into your hands. This handle is water-resistant, so the knife could still be of good use when wet.

  • Very durable
  • Lightweight
  • Appealing design
  • Comfortable handle
  • Not ideal for beginners, it’s very sharp

03. Shun Sora VB0706 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Shun Sora


Next on my best shun knife review, I have the handcrafted Shun Sora 8-inch chef’s knife. It features a VG10 steel blade that is thinner and lighter than the VG-Max blade. Its VG10 blade is coated with high-quality steel that makes this knife thinner and sharper for slicing and dicing food items.

You also need to know that the blade of the knife is made used proprietary Composite Blade Technology. This technology combines a Japanese 420J stainless steel with a “san mai” cutting edge.

The combination makes it easier to clean and is resistant to corrosion. The blade has no cavities that facilitate slicing, but it is still sharp and releases the food easily. The Shun Sora Chef’s Knife also features a TPE textured traditional handle design, that helps you maintain balance and gives you a solid grip.

  • Reasonable price
  • Composite blade technology for added durability
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Features a san mai cutting edge
  • Its blade is made of high-quality steel
  • Its plastic handle is not ideally perfect for all functions

04. Shun Premier 7-Inch Santoku Knife

Shun Premier 7


The Santoku knife is one of the best knives which is specially designed for slicing. And here is another top-grade Santoku knife from Japanese Shun. Its hammered Tsuchime finish releases food easily while slicing and cutting.

This knife features a Damascus layer that does not only makes this knife easy to clean but also provides stability, as it supports the core. The Shun Premier Santoku knife is light, durable, and easy to use. The VG-MAX is extra thin, lightweight, and durable. So, you get to use this knife for a long time without replacing or repairing it too frequently.

It also features a contoured Pakkawood handle that makes it comfortable and easy to use. You also get a firmer grip with this handle. The handle fits in so perfectly that controlling it becomes effortless. The knife is versatile and can be used for multiple functions. However, it is best used for cutting and slicing in a down and forward motion.

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Pakkawood handle for comfort
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It is very sharp but not include any sheath

05. Shun DM-0702 Classic 7-Inch Santoku Knife

Shun DM-0702


The Shun DM-0702 Santoku knife is a multipurpose knife for cutting, dicing, and mincing. It features a  7–inch blade that makes it easy to control and penetrate through thick food items easily.

The DM-0702 blade is made out of high-carbon stainless steel, which makes it durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. The blade is also coated with 16 layers of Damascus, making it rust-free.

Just like most shun knives, the DM-0702 knife features a Pakkawood handle. However, its handle is D-shaped-this doesn’t make it any less comfortable to handle.

  • Easy to clean
  • Water-resistant Pakka wood handle
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Sharpness may degrade over time

06. Shun Premier 5.5-Inch Nakiri Knife

Nakiri Knife


If you chop a lot of vegetables, the Shun Premier Nakiri knife is just the perfect match for your kitchen needs. It features an extra thin blade, which is perfect for cutting food items, especially vegetables. Its hammered finishing releases food easily when cutting, preventing it from sticking to the knife.

This knife also features a Pakkawood handle for a firmer grip. The walnut color of this handle adds to the appeal of this knife, making it a perfect addition to your cutlery collection. The blade is also layered with Damascus, which makes it resistant to corrosion and easier to clean after use.

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handle
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Hand-hammered finish to release food easily
  • Very short blade

07. Shun Cutlery Classic 6.5” Nakiri Knife

Nakiri Knife


This knife is a combination of contemporary beauty and function. The VG-MAX steel is coated with 68 layers of Damascus, which makes it corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. You can wash it with your hands and dish soap.

The Classic 6.5” Nakiri Knife is perfect for chopping vegetables and will make a nice addition to a vegetarian’s collection. Its edge is razor-sharp, so a slight push will chop your vegetables and give you the perfectly sliced salad.

To top it all up, this knife features a Pakkawood handle that makes it easier to maneuver. This knife is versatile and durable, so you can perform a ton load of kitchen functions without having to worry that it will get damaged.

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable Pakkawood handle
  • Durable and versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • It is relatively expensive

Why should you choose the Shun knives?

Are Shun Knives worth it

There are so many reasons why Shun knives are impeccable and of high quality. They are made of premium materials that ensure super sharp edge, long-lasting durability, and the Pakkawood handles for firm grip and comfort. If you want to complete your kitchen work professionally it will never be wrong to choose a Japanese knife.

Are Shun Knives easy to sharpen?

Yes, shun knives are easy to sharpen. Shun knives come with a variety of whetstones and a three-piece sharpening system, which includes a bamboo stand angled at 16 degrees, a whetstone, and honing steel. All these make sharpening easy.

The honing steel helps realign the micro edge of your knife by gently pulling your blade across its micro-ridged stainless-steel rod at the proper angle. You can also use the electric sharpener to make your knives razor-sharp again.

Are Shun Knives worth it?

Yes, Shun knives are absolutely worth it. Shun knives have an appealing design that makes you want to spend all your money on them. However, they are super effective in slicing and dicing food items too.

Shun knives are made out of the finest steel in the world. Their blades are made with the VG10 and VG-MAX steels that make them durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. They are also versatile and offer excellent performances for chefs and anyone who loves to cook.

Are they real Damascus?

Shun knives make use of real Damascus steel to enhance the durability of its blade. Some come in more layers of Damascus than others, as their durability differs. The Damascus coating also makes the blade easier to clean, sharper, and more durable.

Damascus steel also gives Shun knives the appeal and luster that makes people want to purchase it just for how beautiful it looks.

Were Shun knives made in Japan or China?

Original shun knives are made in Japan. Any shun knife with the Chinese label is most definitely fake. Shun knives are handcrafted in Seki City, Japan. Seki City is famous for making samurai swords. And that is why the efficiency of this knife doesn’t come as a surprise to many.

Shun knives have been in production for over a hundred years in Japan. Over the years, skilled artisans in the Shun factory located in Seki City, Japan have been making high-quality Shun knives.

Are Shun knives available in  Single or double Bevel?

Are Shun knives available in  Single or double Bevel

Shun knives come in both single and double bevels. However, most shun knives have double bevels. The Shun Classic Pro Series and Dual Core Yanagiba are single beveled, while every other shun knife is double beveled.

What blade materials does Shun use for their knives?

Shun mostly makes use of VG-MAX and VG10 steel to make their blades. Why? Because this steel is good for edge-retention. The steel used to produce their blades is durable and corrosion-resistant. So, you get to use your knife for the longest time possible. In most cases, Damascus is used as a protective layer for appeal and added durability.

Do Shun Knives come with a Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, Shun Knives come with an unlimited warranty. However, this warranty comes in a special condition. The warranty only works for the original purchaser and cannot be transferred, unless stated in certain conditions.

The warranty does not cover knives that have been altered or damaged from lack of proper maintenance, loss, accidents, or theft.

Can any left-handed person use Shun Knives?

Shun knives can be used by a left-handed person. The Pakkawood handle is usually convenient and gives users a firm grip. The length of the blade also makes it easier for any left-handed person to use.

Quite a number of shun knives are suitable for left-handed users. So, they don’t get a cut or an improperly sliced meal. Shun cares for all its customers and provides the best features that everyone will appreciate. But before buying a knife for a left-handed user, always looks at the edge bevel.


Shun knives offer quite a number of high-quality knives. Choosing one might be quite challenging and we sure are glad we’ve been able to make a review of the best 7 money can buy.

Shun knives are usually pricey, and they sure are worth it. The brand is famous for making some of the best knives in the market, so trusting them wouldn’t be difficult.

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