How To Sharpen Knife In Few Minutes Without Sharpener

How To Sharpen Knife In Few Minutes Without Sharpener

Using some regular home elements you can easily sharpen your knives without spending any invest in the expensive sharpener. Even when you’re out of your home and stay in the wilderness and need a perfect knife that can save your life but suddenly you discover your knife has lost the edge. But wisely if you use your own gear that you may carry so within a few minutes you will get a razor-sharp blade if you know how to sharpen knife without sharpener?

Not only that even you can sharpen any size of knife include the ceramic knife. When you cut a lot of tomato/turnip and squash then your knife loses the real sharpness edge. And maybe you know dull knives are not very secure to use and it takes more time for cutting. But all the time maybe you haven’t a sharpener around of you. But if you know some trick how to sharpen a knife without sharpener so you will easily make your knife razor-sharp using some home materials.

How To Sharpen Knife Without Sharpener? Top 5 Effective Methods

Today we will talk about some easy knife sharpening methods but without any regular sharpener. These are really very easy knife sharpening tricks and no need any expensive materials for sharpening. You will easily get it in your home or you can use it daily?

Maybe you are really so excited to know what are these? Everything we will explain in this post what are these common materials and how you can apply it for making a super sharp knife. So without delay let’s start how to sharpen a knife with household items!

01. Sharpen Knife With A Coffee Mug

how to sharpen knife without sharpener

We are starting with this because it’s one of the most common ingredients that use every family. And it’s really a homemade sharpening stone which is very effective for sharpening all knives from kitchen to pocket knife. Because most coffee mugs are made from ceramic and it’s one of the best materials for sharpening. But the main question is how to sharpen a knife using a coffee mug? Simply turn it upside down and place it a flat stable surface and use the mug bottom for sharpening.

Hold your knife and insert it on the mug bottom and try to keep 30-40 degrees angle. Because it ensures a perfect sharpness! So finally, move your blade forward and backward for at least 4-6 times. And continue it until you feel the real sharpness and hold the same angle.

02. Sharpen Knife Using A Car Window

how to sharpen knife without sharpener

Maybe it’s a little bit weird but the car window is a great honing device. This trick might very helpful on a long road trip if you haven’t enough element to sharpen the knife. But the questions about how to use a car window to sharpen a knife?

You just open the window in halfway or little down and .simply place your knife against the window edge. And finally, pull front and back using 10 degrees angle. You continue the sharpening for 7-8 times and obviously you have to sharpen the blade both sides.

03. Sharpening Knife Using The River Stone

River stone for sharpening knife

Maybe you know about it if you already used some sharpening stone or whetstone! We mentioned the river stone, but actually, if you have a fresh stone in your home so you can move with it. But this easy sharpening trick is especially for them who spend a lot of time in hunting, camping, hiking even fishing.

Because you will easily get a fresh stone on the riverside. And you may apply this method while you see, you need a perfect blade for cutting rope or fishing hook. Even you can sharpen your Machete using this trick. But how you can sharpen a knife using a river stone? It’s really so simple! But it would better to say before sharpening you should clean the stone.

And put the stone a place to stay then insert your knife on it and gives little bit pressure. Then pull it back and forward but the angle will depend on your knife blade side. Because if your knife edge goes deeply so you should first use of 90 degrees and then for a delicate edge you should hold 45 degrees.

If you sharpen a small size knife like a pocket knife so 3-5 slides are enough. But if you have a large knife which has a thick blade so gives a little bit of pressure and use 5-7 slides for both sides.

04. Sharpen A Knife With A Belt

how to sharpen a knife with a belt

Here is another method for sharpening and you will easily get it. Because maybe every day you use it, and you can sharpen with it when you out of the home. But this trick only works when you have a leather belt other plastic or artificial leather doesn’t work for sharpening a knife. So the common question is how it’s possible to sharpen a knife using a leather belt?

But before you tell the method we would say never try this on expensive belt simply you can use your old belt if you stay at home. But without any extreme situation never try to use your new belt. First, lay your belt on a perfect surface because it will make your sharpening so easier. Place your knife on it and maintaining 10-15 degrees angle and pull front and back for at least 3-5 minutes.

This can be a daunting task specially for sharpening! But for the best performance, you can fold the belt and use the folding edge. But for this trick, you have to hold the belt with one hand. Hence it might be really very helpful in the outdoor situation.

05. Sharpen Knife Using Another Knife

Spine a knife for sharpening

This trick is really very easy if you already have two blunt knives. But using one knife you can sharpen your other knife without spending much time. First, you have to hold the knife with your right hand which you want to sharpen. And hold another knife that will help you for sharpening and it will be on your left hand.

And slowly you have to pull the knife back and forward against the dull knife that you hold in your left hand using 15-20 degrees angles are recommended. Maybe it will be a hardship job! But it will be very easier if you already used a knife sharpening steel in your kitchen. Because it’s a similar way to sharpen a knife using a sharpening steel.


We hope above sharpening methods was well informative and it will help you when you want to sharpen your knife at home or wilderness. Sometimes knife sharpener doesn’t work pretty well especially electric sharpener. But some common strategy and materials can help you for knife sharpening within few minutes.

We hope now maybe you know how to sharpen knife without sharpener? These 5 sharpening hacks only for extreme moment when you have no modern traditional sharpener. It’s only a short term case, but for a long term sharpening, you have to use the safe and secure sharpening method!

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