How To Sharpen Fillet Knife With Effective Ways

How To Sharpen Fillet Knife With Effective Ways

The fillet knife is not only important for the professional fisherman or fishmonger! Because there are many home chefs like the best fish fillet knife. The good reason of fillet knife is perfect for cutting or cleaning fish because it has some features which aren’t getting in other knives! The fillet knife is very lightweight, and easy to use because most fillet knife has a very flexible curved blade that can handle any big or small size fish! But the main question is how to sharpen a fillet knife?

Of course, there will be some great opportunity for sharpening filleting knives! Because it’s thinner and flexible blade is difficult to sharpen than other regular chefs knife. But if the blade gets the perfect sharpness so its blade will easily handle any fish and it will make sure for getting the delicate meat without bones or skin.

How To Sharpen Fillet Knife? Easy And Effective Methods

Typically for sharpening fillet knife, there are some ways you can sharpen your knife without spending much time. A perfect razor-sharp fillet knife ensures decent fish cleaning without much effort. And after use, after use knife loses the edge and the reason you have to put more pressure on your wrist.

But a professional fisherman can easily sharpen their knife. But the problem is how unprofessional home cooks can sharpen their fillet knife at home? In this article, we will discuss how to sharpen a fillet knife with some easy methods. Below these methods will make your knife razor-sharp like factory sharpness if you follow the step carefully.

01. Electric Sharpener For Fillet Knife Sharpening

how to sharpen a fillet knife

The electric knife sharpener is one of the most popular sharpening methods in this modern era. Because it provides the best sharpness than other processes with ease and easy! And a good reason for using the electric sharpener these have 2 and 4 sharpening stage that ensures a perfect sharpness even if you do not understand your knife comes out the sharpness or not!

However, simply put your knife on the first stage of the sharpener to remove the blunt edge. Because of the electric sharpener first stage has diamond grinding stones that especially for complete the sharpening first step. But when you pull your fillet knives into the sharpener never gives big pressure on the blade. Because fillet knives blades are not very strong like other kitchen knives.

Hence after complete, the first sharpening step put your knife on the second stage. It would better to say, the most electric sharpener has 20 degrees angle sharpening features that ensure the best sharpness and no need no select the sharpening angle manually.

So if you already continue your sharpening in the second stage simply pull your knife for 4-5 times. The sharpener second stage makes sure a stain finish edge and sharpness blade for a long-lasting fishing adventure. Even most electric sharpeners have 100% diamond abrasives wheel for fast sharpening process and extended the blade longevity.

02. Use The Sharpening Stone For Filleting Knife

how to sharpen a fillet knife

The sharpening stone is very popular especially for sharpening fillet knife. Maybe it’s not convenient as electric sharpener but it will make your knife wicked sharp and shiny like a new. But before choosing a whetstone you should know about it! Because there are many whetstones which are especially for a kitchen knife that has a thick edge. You can select the DMT Diamond sharpening stone or Sharp Pebble premium whetstone. Because these stones are especially for fillet knife sharpening and also these are cost-effective.

However, it doesn’t matter if you use Waterstone or oil stone but if you use the water stone so you can soak it underwater for 5-10 minutes. Or if you don’t do this so you can use water as Liquid while you sharpening. Now time to sharpen your fillet knife using whetstone and put your stone on a steady surface.

First, start slowly and strike your knife edge using 12 to 15 degrees angle and then boost up your speed. But not very fastly, because maybe you get hurt in your fingers from the knife-sharp edge. The best way to wear safety gloves. Finally, hold your sharpening angle and motion for 8-10 slides each side of the blade.

But you can change your angle and sharpening position if your hands already getting pain. If you learn more about how to sharpen fillet knife using the sharpening stone so may look this video. We hope you will get some advance idea here.

03. Sharpening Rod For Fillet Knife Sharpening

Knife sharpening rod with vegetable

It’s a little bit difficult sharpening process than above two and especially it’s an expert sharpening method. And maybe it’s not an ideal choice for beginners who want to sharpen fillet knife for the first time. However, now you should know how to sharpen fillet with a knife sharpening rod. For sharpening fillet knife with a rod, it’s a little bit different than a kitchen chefs knife sharpening process.

Because you have to hold the rod in your right hand and use your left hand to hold your knife and gives a little bit pressure and pull forward using 20 degrees angle. But the sharpening position is not very important, you can change your hand while sharpening.

But you should slowly slide the sharpening rod because it will give your knife more extra sharpness. If you perfectly do this so your knife will easily handle up to 50-60 fishes. But if you really don’t know how to sharpen a fillet knife with sharpening rod so check this video.

04. Accusharp Tool For Filleting Knife Sharpening

Accusharp for razor sharp fillet knife

After complete some difficult process now time to take something easy with Accusharp tool and knife sharpener. Even it’s not only easy sharpening process you can carry this portable tool in your tackle box or backpack when going out for fishing. It’s very easy to use simply place your knife edge on the table or steady surface and hold it tightly.

And then apply Accusharp tool sharpener “V” shaped part on your knife and start sliding the tool over your fishing fillet knife blade. Repeat the same process for 4-5 times. Even you can check the sharpness with a piece of paper. Most of the great features of this tool you can apply your all chefs and kitchen knives and it’s small size makes it very portable while you go for outdoor journey. Check this video if you do not understand how to sharpen a fillet knife with Accusharp knife sharpener.

Extra Tips For Sharpening Fillet Knife

The fillet knife is a great knife for cleaning any small or big size fish. Because it’s lightweight, flexible and easy to maneuver. But only for proper maintenance the knife gets rusted and doesn’t perform well. But if you take care of it so it will serve you for a long time without any complication. Maybe the sharpening is a little bit difficult of this knife because the blade is very thin and flexible.

But already we have talked about some sharpening process that you can apply on your fillet knife. Some are easy and some are a little bit difficult to use. But if you look in a knife when you purchace so you may easily get a easy knife sharpening tool. And no need to buy any extra sharpener.

For example, if you choose the Rapala4 Soft Grip fillet knife so you will get a free single-stage fillet knife sharpener. It’s very easy to operate like Accusharp sharpener and very secure. Even not only that you can carry it anywhere.

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