Professional Chef Knives | Which 4 Types Of Knife Brands Are Best?

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Cooking is an art that can be mastered only by chefs. And personalities who know how to create art with a proper amalgamation of everything. In the amalgamation, the professional chef knives hold a significant position as these help them cut their ingredients in a palatable shape that is also responsible for a rising hunger among the others. This is why professional chef knives are preferred by every cook.

But don’t worry about this block set price. Sometimes few people do think chefs block sets mean an only high price. But be positive! You will get a lot of knife set under $200 and some others under $100. But you have to find out, which you prefer? And are you curious to know what are the best chef knives in the world? Don’t worry, because here in this article I have explained why most people love Professional Chef Knives and why you also should be a lover of it.

As there are numerous professional kitchen knife brands, so it’s impossible to deal with all of them. Therefore, here I have taken the best Japanese chef knives, Wusthof chef knife, shun classic chef knife, and Mac knives as examples. These are one of the best kitchen knife brands! Let’s begin!

1: Worldwide Most Popular “Japanese Chef Knives”

Japanese Chef Knives

Japan is one of the most popular knives manufacturers. They provide all kinds of chefs, kitchen, and especially sushi knife. Here are some reasons why I follow them?

Strong material: The knives are made of an amalgamation of pure high carbon steel, hard steel, and soft iron. And the materials all-together make the knives super stronger. Thus, they’ve left the least possibility of their being corroded or cracked. And Japanese steel pocket knives are one of the best popular knives especially for traveling.

Proper angle: Japanese knives, basically contain an angle of 15-degrees while the typical western knives contain a 20-degree angle. Such thinness of the knives helps the chefs slice foods with more ease deflecting the cut-away.

Sharpness: The Japanese knives are sharpened and crafted with hands instead of the machine. The methods of sharpening and crafting are adapted from those of the making of the samurai swords. So, from this perspective, you can consider the knives a by-product of the samurai swords.

Perfect blade:  Also Japanese knife makers provide the best quality of chef knife. The knives contain such blade separately, which is master in carrying out the respective task. For example, some knives contain Yanagiba BA Blade, which is perfect for thin slicing of sashimi. However, other blades contain another type of blades, which are suitable for some other tasks. So, you are to first decide your task for what you will buy a Japanese kitchen knife.

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2: Most Trusted “Wusthof Chef knife” For High Performance

Wusthof chef knife

This Wusthof chef knife is made from German and it has a full-tang blade to maintain balance. And to the chefs, there is no substitution for this knife in case of slicing, chopping, and dicing. Do you love a white handle chef knife?  You will get some of the models that have white-handle. And the matchless features of this Best Chef Knife follow here. And I think probably this is the best chef knife in the world!

Sturdy material: This one of the best professional chef knives is made of high carbon steel just like the Japanese kitchen knives. The material is so hard that you can’t crack it with the pressure of your hands. Besides, this carbon steel is an expert in resisting corrosion and stain as well that increases longevity.

Super blade: The blade of this knife is sharpened adopting “Precision Edge Technology.” Under the technology- a blade is measured using a laser before sharpening, then computers estimate the exact sharpening angle, after that precision whet the blade on a whetstone, and at last, the knife is conferred a final polish adopting a particular disc.

If you have a Wusthof sharpener in your kitchen, so that is really better to sharpen for this knife.  But if you haven’t so you can use any other sharpener. But you should take very good care when you sharpen this blade.

Therefore, the performance of a blade attached to the Wüsthof chef knife is simply magical. You can use this particular knife for cutting meat, slicing vegetables, and many other kitchen related jobs.

Comfortable handle: Each of the knives contains a handle made of pure polymer. For this reason, the handle is not only long-lasting but also comfortable enough to hold and work with it incessantly for a long time. Probably Wusthof is one of the most popular cutlery brands those who produce the best professional boning knife along with chef knives.

3: High-Quality “Mac knives” Mac knives

Mac knives are another type of mostly desired professional chef knives. Which are also a combination of impressive features that have forced us to keep it on our list?  And probably this is the modern chef kitchen knife set ever. So, let’s explore the Mac knives.

Super sharp blades: The blades used in this best chef knife are super sharp. They are so sharp that chefs cut tougher to the toughest food ingredients with it effortlessly. For example, with it, you can cut celery, carrot, chicken legs, and wings consistently to create a uniform slice. And a big reason also you can Sharpen Your Knife easily if you have a special Mac knife sharpener. But if you have not any Mac knife sharpener. So you can use the best quality electric knife sharpener. Because that will save your knife blade.

Perfectly distributed weight: The knives are quite exceptional to the typical western and Asian knives in the sense that its weight is distributed equally on each part. Therefore, while using Mac knives, chefs feel that the knives are under their control and so they can move these faster to cut more stuff.

Cozy handle: The handles of the knives are also praiseworthy because of their solidness and effortless grip. The handle is neither excessively rough to hurt your palm or slip of the hand nor excessively soft to get stuck in your grip uncomfortably.

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4: Incredible Sharp Edges “Shun Classic Chef Knife”

Shun Knives

Shun knife, which is now one of the top-rated knives to the professional chefs. And originally belong to the clans of the Japanese best kitchen knife brands. But it has been able to establish own name distinctively because of owning several mind-blowing features. If you want to buy Shun knives? So you have to look out for some important features.

Outstanding materials: The Shun knives are made of VG-10 steel, Pakkawood that is a composite hardwood used for making handles, and faux Damascus cladding. The combination of the materials functions so excellently that it has taken the durability and longevity of Shun knives to another level.

Unique blade shape: The shape of the blades is divided into three different parts for fulfilling three different tasks. For instance, the acute point is an expert in piercing, the flat part is skilled in faster chopping, and the belly unit works amazing for slicing. Such different shapes have provided the knives with ultimate uniqueness.

Lightweight: It may appear to one that the knives are heavier because of their containing a collection of three different materials, but the matter is not like that. Instead, the knives are basically hammered until they become thinner and so these have a lightweight feature as well.  This knife is really great, especially for the fastest work. And it works as a perfect Boning Knife. Thus, both the professional chefs and you are enabled to work with these for quite a long time without being tired.

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Final Thoughts About Professional Chef Knives:

A knife is very necessary for every professional or home kitchen. Because you can’t start something cutting without a great quality of the knives. And a dull knife is really much annoying for cutting. There are a hundred knife models and brands on the market. But every brand maybe is not perfect for your daily work.  In short words, I tried to introduce 4 most populated knife brands At present.

They have their own featured with their model. As you have already seen that the four types of professional chef knives? So you have all the qualities required to seek attention not only of the professional chefs.  But also of the common housewives and cooks. This is why most people love to professional chef knives.

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