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What Does Knife Sharpening Cost? (Get The Best Idea)

If you are thinking about your knife sharpening cost? As you chop off vegetables and hit bones in meats it is obvious for one to face knives getting blunt. Because Blunt knives are not only annoying to work with but it is also unsafe. However, the question will arise that how much money you need to keep in your pocket to get a knife sharpened? Will sooner or later arise in your minds. The answer lies upon your preferences. Sharpening knives can be done in two ways.

You may hand over your knives to professionals that sharp your knives. They charge money, according to the type of knife you give them and how deflected the edge is. And the other option is to purchase a chef knife sharpener. You may yourself sharp your knives without needing to visit any professional. I will be going through regarding knife sharpening cost. However, initially, I will go through specs of information by which you can confirm your knife is blunt and it needs sharpening.

How To Confirm Your Knife Is Blunt?

If you have a knife set? So you have to think about sharpening for them. But how you will know your professional or kitchen knives are dull? So just hold your knife at a safe distance carefully away from your face. Study the edge of your knife.

If you observe unevenness, defection, and not a smooth edge, then it is time to get it sharpened. And if you have no personal knife sharpener, so you have to rush to the sharpening company. And the list will show you how much you have to spend on your knives? But the price depends on which types of knife you want to sharpen?

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“How much for a professional knife sharpening cost? The table below shows you the type of knives and the charge that is taken by professionals for sharpening”

What Does Knife Sharpening Cost? Here is a small table

Type of knife The price charged for sharpening
Pocket knives $2.00 first blade
Additional blades $1.00 each
Knives sized 4 inches $4.00
Knives sized 6 inches $6.00
Knives sized 8 inches $8.00
Knives sized over 8 inches $9.00
Extremely dull blades $1.00 per inch

According to the information in the table above, it can be well spotted that if you go to a professional to sharpen the edge of your kitchen knives, the range would be starting from $4 and can go up to $10. Now the number of times you will need sharpening will depend upon your usage and the care that you take.

I suppose you sharpen your knives thrice in a month, the cost per knife can go up to between $25 and $30. The whole thing sounds way too costly and not effective spending. Going to professionals for sharpening is suitable for the emergency requirement. But doing it on a regular basis sounds unsatisfactory and alarmingly costly.

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Purchasing A Knife Sharpener Is Cost-Effective?

The amount of money that you will be spending on sharpening your knives by professionals every month can be spent in an effective alternative way to buy a knife sharpener with that money. Sharpening by yourself will save both your time and money that will be spent unnecessarily behind professional sharpening.

Owning a straight-edged knife is an advantage as you can sharpen it yourself by using a manual sharpener that costs only for $20. It is really very less than a professional chef knife. Just by purchasing once the number of times you can sharpen without going to a professional is numerous! So you can easily save your $30 every month, happily. Knife sharpeners are indeed handy and they do not take up much space in your kitchen. They come with different features and costs. There is a total of four types of sharpeners that you may go for:

 Which Methods Are Available?

 1- Whetstone:

Whetstone is made up of fine-grained stone that is used for sharpening the edges of a knife to smoothen it. Whetstones are used by chefs most of the time. To sharpen a knife with whetstone you need to be experienced about it. There was a lot of knife sharpening system. But it is really a cost-effective professional knife sharpener. And do you think what is the best knife sharpening stones for a knife? A straight and 3000 to 5000 grit sharpening stone or a diamond sharpening stone may be the best choice for you!

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2- Sharpening steel/rod:

Sharpening honing steel is made up of stainless steel that is coated with ceramic or diamond. This can be used to realign deflected edges of a knife. This system is a little bit difficult to use for a beginner. But many professional people used it for their all knives. Even it performs better with a ceramic knife. But if you apply it for your knife, so first you should know how to sharpen a ceramic knife?

3- Manual sharpener:

Manual knife sharpeners have different slots with different coarseness that is V-shaped. The surface of the V-shaped chambers is covered with grinding coarse surfaces that smoothens the knife. The coarseness of each slot differs from each other so that the desired sharpness can be achieved. Sharpening is done by stroking the knife inside the chambers. It is cheap and handy amongst all the sharpeners listed. But only for outdoor uses, you can use a portable pocket knife sharpener to make your knife wicked sharp.

4- Electric sharpener:

The Electric knife sharpeners are the most effective one amongst all the sharpeners listed. However, it is costly and can cost up to $100 depending on the quality and brand that is purchased. The electric sharpener obviously runs smoothly, because it works by an automatic motor. When it is switched on, there are wheels embedded in the slots that move in a circular motion. So the electric sharpener is one of the best knife sharpening system.

These wheels are quoted with grinding the material that does the job sharpening a deflected knife. Each slot provides different sharpness like the manual ones. A user just has to apply light pressure for inserting the knife in the slot and lightly bringing it backward. It is perfect for home kitchen users and not for chefs as long knives cannot fit in the slots.

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To conclude, for cost-effectiveness and to save yourself from the unnecessary chaos of going to a professional it is better to purchase a sharpener. However, there is a need for choosing professionals if the edge of your knives is badly dull and if the knife you use has serrated edges. Other than these two situations, you may purchase a manual sharpener that as previously mentioned can be purchased by spending a little amount of money.

Purchasing an electric knife sharpener would be the best option for a home kitchen user. The sharpness that it provides can last more than a week. And you will not need to be tensed about sharpening, again and again, using a sharpening steel. Electric knife sharpeners might be expensive, but it is worth it!

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