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What Does Knife Sharpening Cost? (Get The Best Idea)

If you are a regular knife user, who is constantly chopping off vegetables and hitting bones to cut out meat, you may begin to notice the sharp edges going blunt. The apparent questions that must have crossed your mind are: what does knife sharpening cost?

Do prices vary by the type of knife? Below we will explore the knife sharpening cost and other determining factors.

There are two methods to choose from when trying to figure the cost of sharpening knives, which are:

  1. Taking it to a professional, who will charge a token after sharpening your knife. The cost depends on how bad the edges are or, how blunt they are.
  2. By purchasing a knife sharpener: which may be an easy go-to option, if you constantly need to sharpen your knife.

Before we go into knife sharpening cost, let’s check out how you can find out if your knife is blunt/needs sharpening.

How to confirm your knife is blunt?

If you have a knife set, using them when they are sharp is key to achieve a perfect cut or slice. While most of them may look sharp from a distance, you need a clear confirmation. So how do I accomplish this?

In a standing or sitting position, carefully hold your knife at safe distance, away from your face. Study the edges and check if it’s even.

If you observe unevenness, defection, and a blunt edge, then it is time to get it sharpened. You can either take it to an expert knife sharpener or simply buy a knife sharpener to avoid unreliability.

Asides from being a regular knife user, I constantly look out for knife issues, facts, and new ones in the market. So how do we determine the cost?

“The cost of  knife sharpening is determined by the type of knife to be sharpened. Also, the type of sharpening method used is a determining factor”

What does knife sharpening cost? Here is a table outline

Type of knife The price charged for sharpening
Pocket knives $2.00 first blade
Additional blades $1.00 each
Knives sized 4 inches $4.00
Knives sized 6 inches $6.00
Knives sized 8 inches $8.00
Knives sized over 8 inches $9.00
Extremely dull blades $1.00 per inch

According to the information in the table above, the cost of going to a professional to sharpen the edges of your kitchen knives is high, the range starts from $4 and can go up to $10.

The number of times you will need to sharpen your knives depends upon your usage and the care you practice.

For instance, if you sharpen your knives 3 times in a month, the cost per knife can go up to $25 or $30.

Obviously, it’s too much, because it’s a knife that is in constant use. Except for emergency cases, Going to a professional for every knife sharpening task is not ideal.

Is purchasing a knife sharpener cost-effective?

The analysis in the table above clearly shows that going to a professional for every knife sharpening task is not pocket-friendly. Alternatively, you should plan or budget to get a knife sharpener, as it will cut costs in the long run and will serve whenever it’s needed.

Thereby, saving time for meal preparation and other tasks. Additionally, owning a straight-edged knife is beneficial as you can sharpen it yourself. All you need to do is get a manual knife sharpener that costs only $20.

It is less than a professional chef knife. This will save you more cost, compared to going to a professional knife sharpener every time you need to sharpen your knives. On average, you can easily save  $30 every month.

Knife sharpeners are indeed handy and they do not take up much space in your kitchen. They come with different features and costs. Here are four types of sharpeners that you can go for:

 Which methods are available?


Whetstone is made up of fine-grained stone that is used for sharpening the edges of a knife to smoothen it. Whetstones are mostly used by chefs. Sharpening a knife with whetstone requires experience.

Even though there is a lot of knife sharpening methods, Whetstone is a cost-effective professional knife sharpener. You can read more here about how to sharpen a knife with stone.

However, if you seek to know the best knife sharpening stones for a knife? A straight 3000 to 5000 grit sharpening stone or a diamond sharpening stone may be the best choice for you, due to the top-notch sharpness it gives.

Sharpening steel/rod

Sharpening honing steel is made up of stainless steel that is coated with ceramic or diamond. This can be used to realign deflected edges of a knife. This practice quite difficult for a beginner, as you will need to understand how steel and rod work to sharpen blades.

Also, you need to know the right format to hold the knife for effective sharpening. The good part is: once you figure out how it works, it’s an easy process to navigate.

Many professionals use this method due to its effectiveness. It functions better with a ceramic knife too. Check out this guide on how to sharpen a ceramic knife. But if you properly implement it for other knives, you will get a good result.

Manual sharpener

Manual knife sharpeners have different slots with different coarseness that is V-shaped. The surface of the V-shaped chambers is covered with grinding coarse surfaces that smoothens the knife.

The coarseness of each slot differs from the other, which makes the desired sharpness to be achieved. Manual sharpening is done by stroking the knife inside the chambers.

It is cheap and handy amongst all the sharpeners listed and easily used too. it is beginner-friendly with fewer risks when carefully handled. However, it is best for outdoor use. You can use a portable pocket knife sharpener to make your knife wicked sharp.

Electric sharpener

The electric knife sharpeners are the most effective one amongst all the sharpeners listed. However, it is costly and can cost up to $100 depending on the quality and brand that you purchase.

The electric sharpener obviously runs smoothly, because it works with an automatic motor. When it is switched on, there are wheels embedded in the slots that move in a circular motion. The electric sharpener is one of the best knife sharpening systems.

These wheels are quoted with grinding the material that does the job of sharpening a deflected knife. Each slot provides different sharpness like the manual ones.

All you have to do is to apply light pressure while inserting the knife into the slot and lightly bringing it backward.

It is perfect for home kitchen users and not for professional chefs as long knives cannot fit into the slots. It is also easy to use, no matter your culinary skill level.


In conclusion, for cost-effectiveness and to save yourself from the constant visits to a professional it is better to purchase a sharpener.

However, there is a need for choosing professionals if the edge of your knives is badly dull and if the knife you use has serrated edges. Other than these two scenarios, you may purchase a manual sharpener that requires little effort to plan and spending a little amount of money.

Purchasing an electric knife sharpener would be the best option for a home kitchen user. The sharpness that it provides can last more than a week.

And you will not need to go through sharpening sessions, over and over, using a sharpening steel. Electric knife sharpeners might be expensive, but it is worth it!

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