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How To Use Electric Knife Sharpener For Different Knives?

Knife, probably one of the most important tools for everyday cooking. But for safe cutting and slicing just need a super sharp knife which has a better edge. So for all kinds of cooking knives sharpening is very important. Many people don’t know how to sharpen a knife? Other people try to sharpen their knife on a whetstone sharpening stone.

Maybe it is a professional method for sharpening, but would be difficult to understand the sharpening angle. However, the knife sharpening is very easy if you know how to use an electric knife sharpener? Because it is very easy to use and safe for sharpening. And no need to select a manual sharpening angle.

Before Sharpening You Should Know Which Knife You Have?

Before your kitchen knife sharpening, you should know what kind of knife you’re using? Because if you have some different knives, so you should use an electric knife sharpener that actually made only for those particular knives.

For example, the ceramic knife. You can’t use any common knife sharpener to sharpen a ceramic knife. You may also use the Kyocera electric knife sharpener. Especially it is made only to sharpen ceramic knives. Same as the sharpener it is very important to know how to sharpen ceramic knives? However here are some common knives that use the professional and home cooks.

Chef knife: The chef knife is one of the most popular knives for cooking at home and restaurants. It has an 8-inch long premium quality blade that can handle a lot of vegetables, foods, and fruits. Especially the Dalstrong and Wusthof are one of the most popular chef knives.

Fillet knife: If you sometimes clean fish so maybe you know what is a fillet knife? Actually the fillet knife for cutting fish and some fillet knife can handle the meat as well fish. It has a long 6-inch to 12 flexible blades. That you can use for cutting any large or small fish.

Santoku knife: The Japanese Santoku knife is very popular for slicing vegetables. It has 6-inch to the 8-inch flat blade which is perfect for slicing or chopping.

Boning knife: Boning and fillet knife is very similar. But it is not very flexible like a fillet knife. Because especially the boning knife for meat. But if you use this knife before so you can use this knife for filleting fish. It is very sharp and the most boning knife has an 8-inch blade that you can use for slice meat, chicken, turkey.

Paring knife: Maybe you’re already familiar with a paring knife. Because it is very famous for peeling fruits. Maybe it is not very long like other regular knives. But it is the ideal choice for peeling fruits and small vegetables.

Meat cutting knife: Actually this knife for cutting meat, grill, BBQ, brisket, and large fish. Because it has a very large blade between 8-12 inches with a Granton edge that ensures non-stick cutting and slicing.

How Do You Understand Your Cooking Knife Needs Sharpening?

Maybe you’re ready to sharpen your knife? But how do you understand your knife needs sharpening? With some common tests, you can test your knife sharpness. But it will better to say if you’re not a professional so never use your finger to see the sharpness. Use two common tests.

Use paper: The paper is one of the best materials for testing knife sharpness. First of all, you take a paper and fold it or you can use a single paper. And hold it up above, and use your knife down through the paper. If the paper cuts smoothly so you should understand your knife has proper sharpness.

Use a Tomato: It is another easiest way for testing knife sharpness. Simply take a tomato and try to slice it. But never give big force to slice. Because if your knife has proper sharpness, so it will cut smoothly. But if it’s not happening so that means your knife needs sharpening.

How To Use Electric Knife Sharpener?

how to use an electric knife sharpener

Already above I have talked about some knife that people use for regular cooking. And how you can understand your knife needs sharpening? However, now time to talk about how to use a reliable electric knife sharpener to make any knife wicked sharp?

If you’re interested to use an electric sharpener, so you should know about its different stages. Because most electric knife sharpeners have different sharpening stages for a razor-sharp edge. Here are the electric knife sharpeners different stages and the instruction of how to use an electric knife sharpener?

The first stage: The first stage for removing the dull edge. Because this stage has special diamond abrasives which will remove the deep blunt edge. Even the first and second stage has a sharpening angle that will give your knife razor-sharp edge. But it will not ready for work. Because this is the first step for sharpening. But carefully you should sharpen the knife. Because electric knife sharpener is not an ideal choice for sharpening the serrated blade. It can handle only a straight edge.

The second & final stage: After using the first stage now time to sharpen your knife with the second and final stage. Especially this stage for polishing and finishing the edge. Simply hold your knife and pull on the stage. And slowly pull backward, but do not give big force on the blade.

Do the same thing for 5-6 times and then cut some paper or slice a tomato. If the knife cuts very smoothly so that means it reaches the right sharpness. But if you don’t think, so do the same process for the next 2 or 3 times. I hope this final sharpening process will make your knife wicked sharp.


Maybe now you know how to use a knife sharpener? Because it is not very difficult to use like other manual sharpeners. Maybe the electric sharpener is a little bit costly. But it will give you the very fastest and safest knife sharpening experience. If you’re a home chef and if you have a kitchen knife set? So that means you have a lot of different knives.

But surprisingly you can use an electric knife sharpener. And no need previous sharpening experience. If you just follow some common instruction so you can easily handle an electric sharpener. And finally, you’ll get a super sharp knife for your everyday use.