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How to Use an Immersion Blender? Best Effective Methods

You might be knowing how to use a food blender or food processor but didn’t know how to use an immersion blender? Well, using a hand blender is quite easy and simple. Unlike regular blenders, which come in jar types, a hand blender is basically a stick-like appliance with the blender blades at its bottom.

Since these blades are inside a wide-mouthed bottom area, they avoid any spillage or splatter, making them very convenient to use.

So, what exactly do you use an immersion blender for? Why it’s so popular and how to use an immersion blender? We know these questions are lurking in your mind, but that’s okay because this article will answer them all. So let’s get started

How Does an Immersion Blender Work?

With your regular smoothie blender, you may be accustomed to putting fruits or vegetables, etc. into your blender and then turn on the machine. With an immersion blender, it’s quite the opposite. Here is how:

  • Prepare the container with the food items you need to blend, like fruits or vegetables.
  • Next, into this container, you insert the blender.
  • Turn on the blender, and it blends everything for you.
  • The wide-mouth bottom at the end of the blender ensures less splatter.

An immersion blender is not limited to just fruits or vegetables; you can make soups to smoothies, to puree with it. The biggest benefit is that it’s super easy to clean, unlike a blender, which, if left unclean or unwashed for long, may end up with dried food chunks and bits sticking to the corners. Now you might be amazed by an immersion blender, so here are some more details related to its usage.

Uses of an Immersion Blender

You can easily use an immersion blender, just as you would use an electric beater or whisker. It instantly blends everything for you and even uniformly, and assures that your food still tastes yummy.

You can even use it to make sauces, batter, mashing boiled veggies, etc. Whether it is to puree a soup, or blend some fruits, or even simply to make a quick smoothie, an immersion blender can be a great choice. It makes your cooking and cleaning job a lot easier and quicker. Even it’s small and easy to store too.

Imagine that moment when you’re hungry, your stomach is growling, and you don’t have enough energy left to prepare food; a hand blender can come to your rescue. It is literally a life-saving and time-saving product.

Benefits of Using an Immersion Blender

Benefits of using an immersion blender

Apart from saving a lot of time, being easy to clean, and a favorite product for so many people, an immersion blender has several other benefits, making you want to get one for yourself right now.

  • They have an ergonomic and compact design, making it easy for users to use and handle.
  • They blend your food items quite evenly to give you the best consistency you desired.
  • It’s quite easy to use a hand blender since they fit into your hands very easily with a sturdy grip.
  • It has easy to remove parts, which helps in cleaning it in minutes.
  • You need just a bug container to use it for all purposes.

Especially during pureeing or while preparing soups, an immersion blender does a fantastic job. You can simply smooth the soups right on the stove itself, rather than transferring them to a bowl, blending them, and straining them. All that hassle can be done in one single step with the help of an immersion blender.

However, let us now look at how to use a hand blender to prepare soups, smoothies, and chopping. I hope you’ll get some new and helpful ideas that can help you to use your blender in several ways. So let’s see..

How to Use a Hand Blender in Soups?

The best thing about using an immersion blender for soups is that it seamlessly filters all the chunky bits and pieces to give you thick, creamy, and delicious soup.

  • Prepare your soup by first adding in the fruits or vegetables and let it simmer and boil.
  • When it’s time to puree, simply insert the blender into the dish bowl, and use it while keeping the soup on the stove itself.
  • To avoid splatter, only pull out the immersion blender once you have turned it off.

How to Use a Hand Blender for Smoothies?

Next comes smoothies, our favorite drink on any given day at any time.

  • Add milk and other ingredients into the container or beaker like a jar.
  • Insert the blender and turn it on.
  • The blades can puree your smoothie’s contents into the silkiest and creamiest consistency in no time.

How to Use a Hand Blender for Chopping?

That’s right; you can use a hand blender for chopping too. Here is a small brief about it.

  • Add the required ingredients into a wide-mouthed bowl.
  • Insert the blender and turn it on at a low speed. Make sure to move it up and down to avoid turning it into juice.
  • If you increase the speed, the ingredients may get too liquid type.
  • Maintain the consistency of the ingredients by using the blender at slow speeds.

By chopping them up and down into a fine consistency, you can now easily consume your greens by including them in wraps, salads, sandwiches, etc.

Can I Use a Hand Mixer Instead of an Immersion Blender?

You can use hand mixers as substitutes for immersion blenders in some cases, like beating or whisking egg whites and whipping cream. But for other purposes like blending soups and properly blending bread dough to the right texture, you’ll need an immersion blender itself.


Finally, I would say that an immersion blender is a fantastic product that you can safely invest in to reap the most benefits. Whether it is to make a good hot soup, fluffy pancakes, thick and fine smoothies, or chopping, your immersion blender is your single-handled solution.

Its compact, sleek design makes it easy for you to carry and keep anywhere you want, unlike food processors or blenders. So just go for it.