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How to Sharpen Steak Knives? Easy and Effected Methods

When you are purchasing a new set of knives, then there are countless specifications, variations, and small details that may impact the end product. One of the most important features that you need to consider for steak knives is the blade. The blade is the part of the knife that performs work. To tackle any food, you will always think about its blades. While discussing steak knives, we may have a question about how to sharpen steak knives?

Using a dull knife can cost you more and also waste your time. Therefore, you should follow some of the steps to sharpen the steak knife. It only takes some moments and you will soon be back to the ribeye within no time. So let’s see what methods are available to sharpen a steak knife?

What Are Steak Knives Used For?

A steak knife is a knife that is designed specially to cut the meat of the steak easily without shredding or resorting to the meat. It is an ability that prevents users from spending more time in cutting. Steak knives are very powerful than an average table knife. They are the best tool for cutting chicken breasts and chops. A good steak knife performs various jobs such as:

  • Cutting cooked meat
  • Cubing cheese
  • Halving
  • Splitting cherry tomatoes
  • Coring an apple

How to Sharpen Steak Knives?

Sharpening a steak knife is a little bit different than a straight-edge knife. You need to follow these steps to sharpen steak knives:

  • Purchase the steak knife sharpening tool
  • Locate one side of the knife with the beveled edges
  • Now place the sharpening rod in serrated scallops
  • Match the diameter of the gullet by moving the rod
  • Now sharpening the first gullet and check out for the burr
  • Continue sharpening groove on the knife’s blade

What Does a Steak Knife Look Like?

There are the top 3 types of blades that you consider while choosing the steak knife. The three blades you can choose for a steak knife are:

Hollow Edge

This style of knife blade comes with measured indentations along the edges. While cutting vegetables and meats, an air pocket is created among the slice and hollow edge. It prevents the foods from sticking with the blade and gives you finer slices.

Serrated Edge

The serrated edge makes it easier to cut crusty cuts such as bread and roasts. These blades will always stay sharper than that of the straight one because of small exposed edges. The cut made by the serrated edge is like a tear while cutting the meat fibers and has a clean cut of the straight edge.

Straight Edge

Straight edges of steak knife allow smooth clean cut and will never tear the meat’s fiber. The blade will require more sharpness as compare with the serrated edge. It is easy to sharpen straight edges than serrated blades.

What Makes a Good Steak Knife?

Steak knives are one of the best pieces of cutlery. You will use it while you are preparing your food, or you are eating your favorite dish. No one wants cutlery that is of low-quality while they are eating. However, if you want to know more about steak knives, you should read my best steak knife set entire post here.

Some of the things that makes a good steak knife are:

Steak knife having a serrated edge

The serrated edges of a steak knife enable you to cut all types of meat easily. But some people claimed that a serrated knife may damage the fiber of meat. But the choice is yours. If you less care about utility and more about appearance, then go with the straight edge knives. But if you want to purchase a knife that cuts meat instantly, then go with the knife with a serrated edge.


Most of the people prepared a forged blade. It provides more control as well as allows more pressure. An alternative to forged plates is stamped knives that cut from the steel. Forged knives are more sturdy and durable because it allows longer timespan without any flimsy feel.

Look at the knife

Remember that look of the steak knife is another thing that considers by most of the customers, family, and friends. Steak knives do match with other cutlery of your kitchen and give impressive feelings to your guests and family members.

Should Steak Knives Be Serrated?

In general, the serrated edge knife works better than plain edge knives. For cuts and slicing hard and tough surface, serrated steak knives are best to perform a job. In these places, serration tends to cut and grab the slices easily.

The main purpose of the serrated knife is to perform a job for harder materials because they required a good bite to slice through. But on the other hand, for the softener material, serrations may catch easily as well as end up unraveling and unwinding the material instead of cutting it properly.

How to Care For Your Steak Knives?

In many households, steak knives are treated differently than other knives. They are tossed in dishwashers and drawers with other silverware.

Try these steps to take care of your steak knives:

  • Always wash knives by hand whenever you can. Be sure to wipe them thoroughly
  • Take notice of the symptoms of dull knives. If your knives are not performing well, then sharpen your steak knives.
  • Never throw them in drawers.
  • Invests in some knife storage and place steak knives in them properly.


Everyone is bound with their personal preferences in terms of cutting meat quality knives having sharp edges. Knives are the best tools to cut down foods into a fine pieces. But if you don’t want to sharpen your knives yourself, then you can send them to a professional sharpening company. You would never worry about damaging steak knives.

It might be difficult to bring sharpening as your knives earlier had but you can make it reliable and sharp enough to perform very well. Hope you will follow these steps and get an answer to your question about how to sharpen steak knives? Follow these tips and sharpen your serrated knives like a professional.