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How To Sharpen Knife With Stone? Complete Guide For Beginners

Sharpening a knife is very important if you are using that on a regular basis. A dull knife is very dangerous because it needs a lot of pressure and can easily slip from hand. However, if you are using a sharp knife, you can do a much better job very fast. If you want to do your work more precisely and accurately, you need to learn how to sharpen a knife with stone or anything else which would very easy for you.

How to Sharpen Knife With Stone?

Sharpening the knife with the stone is one of the best and traditional ways. If you want to sharpen your knife fast and without any effort, this method maybe not for you. You should use an electric knife sharpener which will very safe if you are a newbie and it will save you a lot of time. However, this method gives you complete control over the knife blade. Let me tell you about how to sharpen a knife with a stone.

  • First of all, the stone must be according to the blade of the knife. The type and grit of the stone also matter a lot
  • Choose the right angle to sharpen your knife. If you want to sharp any straight edges, then the most reliable angle to sharpen the knife is 20 degrees
  • Slowly move the knife on the stone forward and backward. Do it at least 5 times from each side. But actual sharp depends on your blade edge and materials
  • Now, flip your knife and do the same in the opposite direction

Types of Sharpening Stones

There are many types of stones in the market. Those different stones are not perfect for all blades. But you have to know what kind of knife you have and which knife you want to sharpen with a stone. Below I have talked about some different types of stones that are available on the market and any professional and home chef can choose it if they are interested to use it. Let’s discuss all types of stones.

Water Stones

Suppose you are looking for a water stone, then you must look for a Japanese stone. Japanese are known for manufacturing one of the best knife sharpening stones. These sharpening tools are manufactured with a combination of different materials. Water stones were not very popular before, but now it’s very popular for sharpening knives these days in the western world as well.

Aluminum oxide is used in the manufacturing of these stones. The water is used to remove the swarf from this stone, and it is a bit softer than many stones. In general, you can sharpen your knife and increase your cutting speed with this. However, the only drawback is that it will not last long as compared to other stones. But it would effective for all kinds of kitchen knives such as butcher knives, carving knives, chef knives, even you can use this stone for a whole kitchen knife set.

Oil Stones

These are only the most popular stone in the western world, and people use oil stones for a very long time now. There are three types of materials; one of them is used in such stones, including silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and novaculite.

The stones made with novaculite provide an extreme finish to the blade. If you want to cut fast along with the fine blade edge, always use oil stone which is made of aluminum oxide. The color varies from orange to grey etc. if you are wondering how to sharpen a knife with stone at a cheaper rate, the oil stones are a perfect choice. But you have to purchase extra oil.

Ceramic Stones

Choosing a ceramic stone to sharpen your knife is not easy. There are chances that you will not get the same quality every time. Some ceramic stones are very hard, while others are very soft, which is disturbing for some users. However, some knives can be sharpened by ceramic stones much faster as compared to others.

But actually, ceramic stones are only used to polish the blade after deep sharpening which would be perfect especially for fillet knife, utility knife, paring knife, small meat cutting knife, steak knife, or a boning knife.

Diamond Stones

The diamond stone consists of a metal plate with small diamonds attached to it. These are mostly used in big factories or industrial areas. Every diamond stone is designed with a specific pattern, and not all those look the same.

You will get two types of these stones. The one with a hole while the other has a continuous surface. Both are good to capture the swarf of your knife. The surface than any other tool of these stones are usually flat that helps to sharpen your knife faster. Still, if you want to buy a diamond stone, must consider your knife’s quality.

How to Sharpen Knife on a Sharpening Stone?

There are a lot of easy and fastest ways to sharpen a hunting and kitchen knife. But sharpen stone is one of the most popular ways and it’s a cost-effective way. Because you don’t have to break your bank to buy a knife sharpening stone. But the problem is most people don’t know how to use a sharpening stone? But here I have talked about the proper way to sharpen a knife on a stone which will help you a lot, just correctly follow the step. Let’s talk about it.

Step 1: Soak the stone underwater

Before sharpening any knife on a sharpening stone, you should soak the stone underwater for the best result. The stone must be soaked for about 5 to10 minutes in the water. Usually, water is very useful, according to some stone’s quality. The blade swarf will not get attached to the stone after the soaking process.

Step 2: Place your stone on a damp cloth

Don’t try to sharpen your knife as soon as you remove that from water. Take a damp cloth or towel to absorb the extra moisture of your sharpening stone. If you don’t do that, there’s a chance that will slip when you start sharpening your knife.

Step 3: Choose the right angle of the knife

A regular sharpening stone has two sides with different textures. The one side is somewhat course compared to the other. First of all, choose the right angle. The standard angle is 20 degrees, but you can start with 16 degrees to find the perfect angle for your knife. But the actual angle depends on the edge, and you should follow it.

Step 4: Hold the knife against the stone

After that, the lower side of your knife must be on the upper side of the stone with the proper angle. Holding the blade against the stone is the most crucial point to get considered. Suppose you are going to cut the stone. The handle that came into your mind is the right one in this case.

Step 5: Sweep one side of the blade across the stone

Apply gentle pressure on the knife and sweep the left side of the blade across the stone. The movement matters a lot if you want to get correctly sharpen knives. By applying very small pressure, you will notice the lade swarf on your sharpening stone. Maintain the exact angle and sweep that until you get your desired results.

Step 6: Turn the knife over and sharpen the other side

Lastly, turn the side of your knife to get it to sharpen from the next side. Follow the same method that you did before. The process will be the same every time in case a damaged or slow knife. And when you think your knife reached a better edge then you can test your knife on a tomato or a piece of paper. If it cut smoothly that means it reached its final sharp.


If you are confused about how to sharpen a knife with stone, I tried to answer all your questions. I hope in this article, you will learn about different stones and how to sharpen your blade with such stones. I hope my research will answer all of your questions.