How often You should knives be sharpened?

How often You should knives be sharpened?

Do you want to know how to sharpen a knife at home? And how often should sharpen a knife? This question is frequently seen buzzing amongst all the people who handle the chores of a kitchen. Getting a knife to use it is bound for you to face it, getting blunt at numerous annoying times. And today we will talk about the best way to sharpen a kitchen knife very easy and fast.

Unfortunately, there was no correct answer to this question. Knife sharpening cost and how often should it be sharpened depends on a few factors, including upon how often it is used. We will be going through an overview of these factors. And the number of times a knife will need sharpening to overcome these factors. The factors include:

When Your Knives Needs A Sharp?

Do you think, how to get a razor edge on a knife? It is known to all of us that chefs have the need to use their knives daily every time as they are making their living out of cooking food. And if you are a chef, so you need a professional Knife sharpener. Only for fear of sharpening some people love the Japanese Santoku knife. Because this knife need sharpening after a long duration. Sharpening steel should have a presence in your kitchen. Sharpening rod will be required for quick edging of the bluntness of your knife that will give you a temporary sharpening to complete the chore for now, if you are in a rush.

Using other sharpeners is time-consuming during work hours. At the end of the day, you may use a whetstone or an electric sharpener to keep your knives sharp and ready for the next day. Sharpening with a whetstone or an electric sharpener does provide your knife the ability to perform in a swift way for a long time. But as the tasks of cutting meat and vegetables are done after every minute or two, it is obvious to lose sharpness every day. Requiring the use of sharpening rod/steel.

For users that do kitchen chores at home, using a sharpening rod once a week is fine. However, if the kitchen tasks that you do is heavy then using sharpening rod becomes ineffective. So, using a whetstone, mechanical or electrical sharpener will provide you the perfect sharp edge you require after grinding. The sharpness provided by these sharpeners will go a long way, and sharpening can be done after a week.

How You Understand Your Knives Need Sharp?

If you don’t chop off your food items into precise molecules at the shortest time provided, then there is no need to get into the chaos of sharpening knife regularly. However, this does not mean that working with an annoyingly blunt knife is fine. There is a required amount of sharpness that you need to hone your knife for completing the necessary tasks of the kitchen. The required amount of sharpness needs to be determined by performing some test.

How often should sharpen a knife? Just use some little test

* Testing using your thumbnail:

Testing using your thumbnail

Run the edge of the nail of your thumb by being careful by applying light pressure. If you notice that your nail is not being able to skate down with ease, your knives will need sharpening. Do not take this test if you are not fully confident. There are more two other options that are much safer.

* Testing sharpness using tomato:

Testing sharpness using tomato

Try cutting a tomato with your knife. If the knife does not get inside the flesh of the fruit, then definitely your knife has the blunt edge. And it needs to sharpen your knife. By saying the knife should get inside the flesh of tomato, it is meant that it should cut through with ease without squashing the tomato.

* Test sharpness by cutting a paper:

Test sharpness by cutting a paper

If your knife gets through a paper easily with no slicing action, then it is enough sharp already. But if you are not happy with that. So you can use a good knife sharpening stone set.

The Hardness And Quality Of The Blade Material:

Do you really know how to sharpen blunt knives? So it is better to invest in purchasing a high-quality knife that will hold a sharp edge for a long time. High-quality knives are made up of hard and high-grade steels so that they don’t get deflected with just slight use. These kind of knives are high in terms of durability also.

Sometimes many people think about more method about sharpening a kitchen knife? Because they find more ways for sharp their knife. Cutting bones or making your knives run down onto surfaces of tough materials like ceramic plates or glass beads. These kinds of surfaces cause deflection of the edge of your knives causing it to get blunt quickly and you will need to sharpen it a numerous time which will make you annoying.

It is better to slice vegetables or meat on plastic boards. Plastic or wood cutting boards are relatively less coarse and hard compared to the ceramic ones. It is recommended to not shove in knives inside dishwashers as contact with surfaces of other utensils damages the edge of a knife in a bad way.

It is better to wash the knives separately with care. Furthermore, it is better to not sharp unnecessarily. As when a knife is sharpened, some of the material is removed from the blade to reach a sharp edge. Sharpening or grinding too often will cause the material to be taken off to early and you will have to purchase a new knife again which is also annoying. Hence, sharpen your knives only when you need to, overdoing won’t help. But for sharpen ceramic knife, you really need very care. Because it’s blade is different than others knives. And it’s so fragile.

Final Word

To conclude, Now what are you thinking about how do I sharpen a knife fast and easy?  Having a sharpened edge depends on how well you maintain your knives as well. Taking care of edges in the methods mentioned above will help your blade provide you service for a long time. The amount of sharpening required for a chef and a home cook user differs because of the differences in tasks. The more the duration of the task in the kitchen is, the more sharpening you will need.

You always need to keep a balance between sharpening when blunt and sharpening unnecessarily. To know when it is time to sharpen, make your knife go through the tests mentioned above with precaution of course! By saying to not sharp unnecessarily, we do not mean to get the task done with a blunt knife.

Using a blunt knife is not safe as it causes the point to get missed and mistakenly you may cut your fingers instead. Keep yourself safe from injuries by maintaining a balance and performing tests as previously mentioned. So we hope the above information will help you to make a decision How often should sharpen a knife?

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