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How Long Do smoothies Last? The Ultimate Guide

Fresh items are always best but sometimes making a double batch is perfect to save time and budget. A fresh smoothie is easy to make and are nutritious. It has endless benefits, however, what we do if we have leftovers smoothie that we never want to waste? So, here the question arises in your mind that how long do smoothies last? In this article, I will explain each and everything. I hope you will enjoy it a lot. So, let get started.

Why Smoothies Are Healthy?

Smoothies are loaded with delicious vegetables and fruits. The healthy drink tends to be loaded with healthy fiber. It can help to fill the gap between suggested fiber intake and normal fiber intake. Smoothies are healthy because it helps in lowering the risks of chronic disease and increase body health.

The green smoothie is the best way to get a daily basis recommended servings of veggies and fruits. You may feel difficulty in eating fruits throughout the day but consume them in the form of a drink is much better easier.

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Do Smoothies Need To Be Refrigerated?

In general, delicious smoothies keep longer than juices. Juice will keep for 12 hours by using the below method. On the other hand, smoothies will keep preserving for up to 1-day. You only need to use your nose and eyes to tell whether it looks dark brown or smells off.

Smoothies can easily preserve. You only need to pour the smoothie into Mason jars and the refrigerator.  Fill the jar to the top for preventing air from being trapped inside the jar as air will soon oxidize the healthy nutrients in green smoothies. At the end seal your Mason jars and store them in the refrigerator. Read more details here.

How Long Do Frozen Smoothies Last?

A better rule of thumb to store smoothie as well as smoothie ingredients is simply to keep it in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days and in the freezer for about 2 months. For this, you only need to make a smoothie of your own choice whether strawberry smoothie or Cinnamon Roll Smoothie.

As you know, the liquid expands on freezing, so ensure to fill the freezer cup by leaving ½ inch space from a rim. Seal the top with the lead and freeze for 2 months. Remove your frozen smoothie from the freezer and then pack it in your lunch bag. The smoothie will be cold still and perfect for taking cold sip.

How Do You Know If a Smoothie Has Gone Bad?

For this purpose, you need to look at the smoothie and smell it. If the smoothie develops odor flavor or molds, then you should never drink it. The smoothie ingredients may turn brown after exposure to air for a long time. The brownness will get in the blended smoothie if you made banana smoothies. When you check, ensure to shake it well. Sometimes the smell may be trapped and released when you shake it very well.

How To Store Smoothie For Later?

You can store smoothies for later by following these steps:

Step 1:  Always prepare the double batch so that you will have a healthy and quick option to store in the refrigerator. You will have one option of drinking a smoothie for now and you drink it later also.

Step 2: Store your smoothie in an airtight lid glass container. Fill the jar to the top to minimize the oxidation process.

Step 3: Seal the container tightly and then store it in the refrigerator. Try to use a Ball Mason jar that has a BPA-free plastic lid to get a better taste.

Step 4: Try to add lemon juice also. The vitamin C present in lemon juice will prevent oxidation and you will enjoy happy drinking.

Do Frozen Smoothie Lose Nutrients?

Honestly speaking, freezing is the best way to retain the nutrient content of veggies and fruits. However, sometimes nutrients start to break down while frozen. It also loses some water-soluble nutrients like vitamin C and B. you will lose some nutritional value but it is negligible.

It is better to make a healthy smoothie every morning if you have willpower. But if you don’t, then it is the best way to start the day off with eating healthy and nutritious fruits.

How Long Do Smoothie Last Out Of The Fridge?

According to the Food & Drug Administration of the United State, the perishable items that may be supposed to be refrigerators such as smoothies and juice can be left out of the fridge for 2-hours. It is best practice to keep the smoothies inside the fridge to have a good and fresh taste.

How Do You Keep Smoothie Fresh For Lunch?

In the blender, puree some favorite fruits with milk and make a smoothie. Pour the smoothies into the containers and freeze until it ready to pack. Pack your lunch along with a frozen smoothie. It will act as the best ice back and time to enjoy lunch.

How To Keep Your Smoothie Last Longer?

Some of the healthy tips to keep smoothies last longer are:

  1. Keep smoothies in the refrigerator. It will expand more freshness of the smoothie until 1 day that is not so bad.
  2. Add some lemon juice to your smoothies. It comprises vitamin C that acts as the best anti-oxidant agent and keeps the nutrients available for a long time.
  3. Ensure o have mason jars with plastic BPA-free lids.
  4. Try to keep the extra smoothie in ice cube trays and make smoothie ice cubes. It is easier to blend them later on.


At the end, tasty smoothies are going to have a better taste and will be nutritious if it is fresh. The green pigment called Chlorophyll present in the leafy greens can keep smoothies fresh for up to 2 days. I recommended above to ensure you in keeping green smoothies in the refrigerator for 24 hours for maximum nutrition, taste, and freshness. Use quality containers to preserve smoothies in the freezer for a longer time. I hope you will get better knowledge about how long do smoothies last.