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Does Blending Destroy Fiber? Everything You Should Know

If you are a fitness freak, you must be aware of smoothies and shakes’ importance. Well, smoothies are a balanced and nutritious diet to maintain your health by providing you a fresh energy drink. Some people think the fruit itself is enriched with vitamins and minerals. And it’s a very common question that every smoothie lover wants to know does blending destroy fiber?

So, you must be thinking about blending and its consequences on your smoothie. I’m sure you will be confused at the same time either to take the smoothie or fruit itself. Let me get out of you from this confusion by explaining some simple facts lets dig in together to eliminate the misperception.

Does Blending Destroy Fiber?

If you are a smoothie lover, you never need to worry about blending some fruits or veggies to kick-start your day. The blending is not that harmful because it provides an incredible combination of many vitamins and minerals together in a single go. While on the other hand, blending can destroy the fibers that could be beneficial for the digestive system and the cardiovascular system’s excellent working.

Does Blending Fruit Release More Sugar?

Does Blending Fruit Release More Sugar

Fruit sugar is not harmful to your health. If you are a fitness lover and going gym regularly, then fruit sugar is very beneficial to add your regular diet. At the same time, added sugar in a smoothie is not helpful as it can spike the blood glucose level and add some sugary food to level the sweetness in your drink.

Does Blending Destroy Protein?

Its very debate able while blending destroy the protein or not? Most people think that eating fruit is healthier than having smoothies. The same situation is relatable to veggies. Let me remove your confusion and reveal to you the fact that blending doesn’t destroy the protein, but provides the extra protein in the form of varieties of food combinations making the perfect and nutritious smoothie.

Does Blending Oatmeal Destroy Nutrients?

Are you a big fan of fibrous and nutritious food? Then you must be aware of the importance of blending oatmeal with milk. So, this is the best meal that you can have for your breakfast. Start your day with this diet without getting worried about the devastation of nutrients. Because this is pure energy and nutritious food for you if you add some dry fruits topping on it, and blending doesn’t harm this.

Does Blending Destroy Probiotics?

Does Blending Destroy Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial food ingredients present in your diet. If you make your smoothie with Yogurt or protein powder, you live a very healthy lifestyle. Blending doesn’t destroy the probiotics if they are added in the end process of the blending procedure. Probiotics remain intact in your drink to let you make the delicious and energetic booster.

Does Freezing Smoothies Lose Nutrients?

However, many people talk about the drawbacks of frozen fruits. I also heard that frozen fruits could lose insoluble vitamins like Vitamin B and C. When you blend the fruits and veggies, they become healthy with the addition of many types of nutrients and vitamins from varieties of food items. If you are health conscious, you should avoid frozen food and prefer fresh and organic food to get a yummy drink.

Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight?

The answer is very simple, and you don’t need to get worried about it. Because its real overnight drink can’t be as perfect and healthy as the fresh smoothie can be. It’s very hard sometimes to spare time for yourself, but I would suggest you keep your lifestyle healthy and make yourself fit. You should take a fresh and cold smoothie to start your day with a new perception.

Does Freezing Destroy Fiber?

Does Freezing Destroy Fiber

Well, this is again a misconception. Freezing doesn’t destroy the fibers, and you can make a smoothie with frozen food as well.  Let’s suppose you are a mango lover. Then, you must be freezing the mangoes to enjoy your smoothie in the off-seasons. That’s why I explained to you that freezing doesn’t cause any harm to fibers; instead, you can have your smoothie with your favorite blended food items anytime.

How Long Do Smoothies Last in the Fridge?

If you are a working woman/man? And do not try to get panic by overthinking while freeze smoothie is good or not? Let me tell you that you can keep your smoothie in the fridge for 1 or 2 days after making it.

Airtight the jar and forget about the consequences. Your drink is readily available for you whenever you want. The partition of water and blending material is expected. Just shake well before use to get the desired taste and smoothness.

Can You Freeze Green Smoothies?

When talking about green smoothies, something unique and beneficial comes in my mind, and if you came to know that you can freeze the green smoothie for some days, that would be not a bad option for you. What you have to do for that? You can preserve your smoothie in a zip-lock or airtight jar for seven or six days. Its taste won’t turn sour, and you can enjoy your cold and refreshing drink. But first, you should know which fruits will give you a real taste?


Now, it’s very easy to convince you about the importance of smoothie and its effects on your health. If you want to attain a healthy lifestyle, then make your habit of starting the day with the right blend of fruits and veggies to provide extra nourishment to your body for doing your day-long activities. Besides, this will improve the functioning of your vital organs for staying fit throughout your life. So, let’s start the day with a new and different dose of energy booster daily.

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