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Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight?

If your question is “do smoothies lose nutrients overnight” then the answer is yes, they do, unless you take some preventive measures like storing them in a refrigerator. It’s important to know the basics of storing smoothies since they are practically an important part of our lives.

Smoothies contain all the greens and nutrients you need to meet your dietary goals in the form of a drink, making your life easier. So here’s all you need to know about storing them without losing those much-needed nutrients.

Why Do Smoothies Lose Nutrients Overnight?

To better understand the logic behind storing your smoothies in the right manner, we must understand why fruit smoothies lose nutrients. Here you can read another resource does really smoothies lose nutrients?

Basically, when the fruits, vegetables, nuts, or other food ingredients you use in your smoothies are in blended form, they are exposed to oxygen since the food particles are broken down. Therefore, when oxidization occurs, the smoothies may rot and, in some cases, even become poisonous for consumption.

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Keeping your smoothies fresh for days

To keep your smoothies from losing nutrients overnight, here are some quick tips and hacks that you can follow to keep them fresh and yummy. The most vital thing is to refrigerate them. This will reverse the oxidization process and thus help in the slowdown of spoilage of food particles.

To halt the spoilage process temporarily, you can add anti-oxidants to your smoothies. Lemon juice and orange juice being the powerhouses of citric acid are great anti-oxidants that will keep your smoothies fresh and lasting. Another tip you should follow is to always store your smoothies in an airtight container with an airtight lid.

How Long Do Smoothies Keep Their Nutrients?

If you store them properly, as mentioned above, then smoothies can keep their nutrients for about 24 hours, unlike juices with a shelf life of 12 hours only. Still, it’s important to keep your eyes and nose open if it turns dark or gives a funky smell, does not drink it.

How long do smoothies last out of the fridge?

If you kept the smoothies out of the refrigerator, it might only be as good for up to 4-12 hours. It also depends on the room temperature; in summers, it might start rotting soon, but it might stay fresh for 12 hours in winters. But still, it’s suggested to refrigerate it properly.

How long do homemade fruit smoothies last in the fridge?

Homemade fruit smoothies can last up to 3 months if you’ve stored them properly in the freezer. You might want to know how to store smoothies for a long time as you are on a diet plan and prepared it beforehand to save time.

So, in that case, you need to store it for about 2 days in the fridge. And then you can transfer it into the freezer. The smoothie will be good to drink for as long as 3 months when you’ve kept it in the freezer.

In case you are not sure about whether it is safe for consumption. A good trick is to look out for any foul smell or discoloration in the smoothie. If it has turned brown, it’s definitely a sign that you need to throw away the smoothie or risk getting food poison.

Does freezing lose smoothies nutrients?

In some cases, the smoothie contents may separate when you store them for longer periods, especially if you refrigerate it overnight and then take it out the next day. When this happens, you simply need to give your smoothie a good shake, and it’ll be alright.

How To Store Smoothies For Later Use?

How To Store Smoothies For Later Use

While we have already discussed the most common ways of preparing a smoothie ahead of time and storing them. Here are some other ways to store them without spoilage or losing nutrients.

  1. Mason jar trick

In this trick, simply pour your smoothie into an airtight mason jar after preparing it. Then follow the same trick of storing it in the fridge for 2-3 hours and then transferring it to the freezer. It would be very effective to keep your smoothies fresh.

You can take out your smoothie, give it a quick shake and enjoy it any time you want. If you don’t like it so cold, you can thaw it for a few minutes and then drink it up.

  1. Ice cube method

The ice cube method is another popular method to store your smoothies conveniently. Once your smoothie is prepared, pour it into an ice tray by evenly filling each space. Put in the fridge for 2-3 hours, then move them into the freezer.

When you want to drink it, transfer the ice cubes into a mason jar and refrigerate them for about 1 hour till the smoothie is ready to drink. If you want to make it more delicious, you can add these ice cubes to your blender and mix them by adding some extra milk. And your yummy smoothie will be ready in minutes. You can also try the same method with an airtight bag and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Does Blending Destroy The Nutrients?

Although blending does lead to some nutrients loss, it is not as bad as the juicing process. While blending, the food is actually broken down further, which means that even in a liquid state, you get to consume a whole lot of nutrients. And the minor nutrient loss can be considered negligible.

The more you store your smoothie, the more nutrients you’ll lose. This is why smoothies are recommended to be consumed as soon as possible once you have prepared them.

It should also be noted that blending does lead to losing some of the fiber content? So it is not healthy to replace your whole meals with a smoothie. It is better to consume smoothies as a side drink or snack rather than substituting them as alternatives for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Lastly, we would say that the more you store your smoothie, the more nutrients are lost. Even with the blending effect, some nutrients will be lost.

However, smoothies are a great way to give your body the required vitamins and minerals, especially when you lead a busy life. Even though you won’t get the full richness of consuming a raw fruit or vegetable when you drink a smoothie, it’s always better to consume some nutrients than not having them at all, in the form of a smoothie. We hope our comprehensive guide about do smoothies lose nutrients overnight post helped you a lot to know everything about it.

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