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Disadvantages of Smoothies: 9 Facts You Should Know

Smoothies help to lose weight, stay healthy, improve the mind, maximize digestion and guarantee excellent sleep quality. Not only does it moisturize your skin, but it also controls your appetizers and junks cravings. But it has some downsides that you should know before making.

01. Need Expensive Appliances Like a Blender for Making Smoothies

Without a doubt, smoothies are costly to produce. You need expensive kitchen appliances like a blender for convenience. It doesn’t mean that you can’t smash your fruit with your hand. But since you want excellent results, a blender is required.

If you’re a smoothie lover, you will agree that smoothies are super easy and fast to make with a blender. In fact, you need a versatile blender with high speed and power to blend frozen fruit and ice cubes. To get a machine with great performances might cost you a fortune.

02. Need Extra Ingredients That Might Costly

downsides of smoothies

Smoothies are a perfect way to fill up different nutrients in just one meal. Mostly, you can make some refreshing drinks with various fruits, ice, and water. Regardless of your choice and taste, investing in fresh fruits and vegetables for smoothies might require spending more than expected. 

If you want to add extra nutrients to the drink, add some ingredients that might costly for you. These are; nut butter, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut oil, coconut milk, acai powder, maca powder, and many more.

03. It Does Not Keep Fresh for a Long Time

Even though natural vegetables and fruits are used for the smoothies, they still don’t last for an extended period. If you plan to make smoothies ahead of time and still expect it to maintain its freshness, think again. Smoothies can last for only 24 hours.

Meanwhile, putting your drink in the refrigerator can last up for 1-2 days. On the other hand, refrigerators can sustain your smoothies for up to 3 months.  Even at that, oxidation can cause your fresh drink to go wrong. So, it is better to make fresh juices for immediate consumption.

04. Smoothies Contain a Lot of Calories

With smoothies, you tend to eat less. That’s because it serves as meal and snack replacements. Since smoothies are packed with protein-fruits vegetables, it’s beneficial to weight loss. But, overconsumption of sweetened smoothies can lead to weight gain.

Often, smoothies from smoothie shops contain 200 up to 1000 calories. That’s huge, right? After all, the smoothie is made from fruits that naturally contain sugar.

Also, adding unhealthy sugar ingredients like fruits juice, ice cream, honey, and yogurt to your juice can produce many calories. So, for users who are more concerned about shedding unwanted pounds, you need to be careful.

05. Smoothies Do Not Provide You With a Lot of Fiber

Are fruit smoothies bad for you

According to research, fiber is beneficial to our bodies. It cleans the digestive system, helps with satisfaction and a healthy diet, and protects you from chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. Besides, it controls blood sugar and lowers blood pressure.

Naturally, fruits feature adequate fibers that provide you with the most significant health benefit. Unfortunately, the fiber in fruits may seize up and crumble during the blending process. So, it’s better to chop the whole fruits without juicing them.

06. Smoothies Will Make You Feel Hungry Sooner

Often, people think smoothies provide maximum satiety, but it is unsatisfactory. Unlike meals that are chewed, the smoothie is a liquid meant to be swallowed. Moreover, smoothies digest faster than foods. So, you can be sure you’re going to feel hungry sooner with a smoothie.

Whether you make smoothies for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you might not feel satisfied like natural meals. Unless your smoothie is thick, fully packed with healthy vegetables and fruits, the more you drink, the less complete you feel.

07. Premade Smoothies Are Full of Sugar

If there is one thing disastrous about smoothies, it’s the fact that it leads to high blood sugar levels. Most delicious smoothies sold in restaurants are made with unnecessary sweeteners and sugar. Undoubtedly, some individuals prefer delicious premade smoothies to homemade drinks.

Besides, the fruits used in smoothies purchased in restaurants are not fresh. So, they need extra preservatives and sugar to keep them in good shape. All smoothies’ ingredients naturally contain a large quantity of sugar, so adding more sugar to the drinks has diverse effects on your body.

08. Smoothie Making Is a Time-Consuming Process

How Much Smoothies Should You Drink Every Day

Mostly, people enjoy making smoothies rather than cooking other healthy meals. Users that regularly make smoothies will testify to the claim that healthy smoothie making is a time-consuming process. More often than not, preparing drinks up to two or three times a day requires much effort and time.

No matter how fast you are making smoothies, you might find it tricky to peel the fruits and cut them before blending. Of course, you want your drink to contain adequate nutrients, mixing it all is even more challenging. It doesn’t stop there! It’s also time-consuming when it comes to making the drink away from home.

09. Hard to Clean the Smoothie Making Components

Are you planning to start making smoothies because you think it’s effortless to clean their components? Reassess it! Getting every ingredient such as vegetables and fruits clean is even more difficult than you ever consider. Carefully, you need to clean the blender after use to avoid hurting yourself.

If you have ever tried washing the appliance a few hours after use, you will understand how hard it’s to get it all cleaned up. Making a smoothie is easy, but the question is, are you ready for its making and cleaning process

How Much Smoothies Should You Drink Every Day?

Smoothie consumption in a day depends on your wants. A smoothie made with 100% fresh fruits and vegetables is perfectly healthy for all individuals. More importantly, as recommended, stick to a 150ml smoothie portion size made with 80g of fruits per day.  


Without any debate, a smoothie has lots of benefits to the body. However, keep in mind some things you must not leave out of consideration. Nevertheless, if you use fresh ingredients and avoid premade smoothies, you are on the safe side. Also, avoid relying more on smoothies and neglecting healthy food. Regularly consuming smoothies is terrible for your body.

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