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Disadvantages Of Smoothies – Everything You Need To Know

What, do smoothies have disadvantages too? You might be shocked after hearing it, but yes, it’s true. There are certain disadvantages of smoothies, which we will be discussing in this article. It’s hard not to love smoothies; whether you’re looking to gain weight or even lose weight, one fresh glass of smoothie is an excellent solution.

You can add enough calories to your smoothies, and just a serving would give you more than enough protein content without actually eating much. And if you’re looking to lose weight, then also the same applies.

Just drink a fresh green smoothie and fill up your tummy. It will keep your stomach full and helps to avoid the problem of constantly eating, which leads to weight gain in the first place. If you thought smoothies were the healthiest thing in the world, you’re surely in for a surprise. Because here are some disadvantages of smoothies that you need to know. So let’s started

Why Are Drinking Too Much Smoothies Bad For You?

Most smoothies are usually blended fruits and vegetables, combined with milk, water, nuts, nut butters, etc., depending on their flavor, consistency, and thickness. While most basic smoothies have these, not many people like such a basic taste, especially if they want to gain weight or lose it.

Therefore, to make these smoothies tastier, one may add extra components, including nuts, nut butters, sweeteners, herbs, spices, etc. Some smoothies even contain yogurt or cottage cheese, or even cooked beans. Those looking to build their muscle strength or gain weight may even include protein powders or similar protein supplements in it.

Imagine how many nutrients you would get when you consume it all as a blended smoothie. Sounds fascinating, right? But it’s not quite so. Smoothies are not good for you because they contain high levels of sugar because of these added elements. Consuming such high amounts of sugar daily can cause diseases like diabetes, liver disease, and other heart diseases.

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Is it better to drink the smoothie or eat the fruit?

Another disadvantage of smoothies is that they do not contain enough fiber as required by the human body since they are in a blended state. Through blending, any insoluble fibers contained in the fruit or vegetable are broken down.

Hence it is best that you do not depend on smoothies entirely for your fruits and vegetable intake. It’s always best to consume them in their original raw form to get all the nutrition. Remember that a smoothie is never a substitute for raw fruit.

Does Blending Destroy Nutrients?

Even though blending does destroy some nutrients due to oxidization, it still contains enough nutrients; hence you do not need to worry about your smoothie not being nutrient-dense. However, to ensure maximum freshness and maximum utilization of those nutrients, consuming the smoothie in no longer than 48 hours is recommended.

Which thing never should you mix in a smoothie?

It’s added sugar that you should avoid mixing in your smoothies. Most smoothies contain high levels of sugar content, which are extremely harmful to the human body. The more sugar you add, the less nutrient-dense it becomes.

It doesn’t matter if you think you have not added sugar. Nuts, nut butters, yogurt, protein powder, and even honey are the major sources of added sugar, which is really unhealthy for the human body when consumed in large amounts.

You should avoid some other items in your smoothies: fruit juices, flavored yogurts, ice creams, canned fruit, and even sweeteners. They will make your smoothies go from being a healthy one to a dessert with high sugar levels.

Break These Smoothie Bad Habits

Now that you are aware of the disadvantages of smoothies that can cause health issues to your body, you probably have a lot on your mind regarding what exactly you should add to your smoothie and what you should not. Read on to know more about the smoothie habits that you need to break right now.

  • Do not substitute smoothies for your daily meals – be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’s never healthy to entirely substitute these daily meals with smoothies. Instead, you can try the smoothie as a morning or evening snack or drink it on the go at short intervals.
  • Don’t overload on the fruits/vegetables – the healthier choice is to stick to only one serving of a fruit/ vegetable per smoothie. This will ensure that both the base ingredients and the liquid components are perfectly balanced.
  • Go less on added sugar – as we mentioned above, even honey is an added sugar and can increase your sugar levels when consumed regularly. Therefore, make sure that you use sweeteners or other sugar substitutes only if they are necessary.
  • Don’t add everything into one smoothie – research well how many extra calories you need per day or how many calories you need to tone down, and then add each ingredient based on this. Do not go overboard by adding a wide variety of things like dates, peanut butter, etc., to your smoothie. Try to keep it minimal in the range that meets your calorie requirements.
  • Do not add fruit juice to the smoothie – fruit juices are powerhouses of sugar content, and you need to say a big no to these. Instead, you can add other healthier substitutes like water or green tea. If you want you can read the full article here about smoothies for more resources.

Is it bad to drink smoothies every day?

Don’t drink a smoothie every often – we don’t need to explain this again. The whole article is about the disadvantages of smoothies, so you mustn’t go overboard by drinking one every other day. Tone down the frequency and gradually bring it to a low. Also, keep in mind to add more healthy ingredients to eat rather than those which increase the sugar level.


Although smoothies are quite popular and loved by many, in the long run, it could cause several problems, that is why you need to care about your smoothie intake. I hope this article gives you all the information you need on the disadvantages of smoothies.

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