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Disadvantages of Smoothies

Disadvantages of Smoothies (7 Facts You Should Know)

Smoothies are known as one of the healthiest meals you can intake. But is that really true? Of course, it’s better to drink a smoothie than to eat a burger, but there are some facts you should know. Here are 7 disadvantages of smoothies, based on facts that you should know.

Although smoothies are known as healthy beverages, there are some disadvantages because of some ingredients that are used in making smoothies. By taking these ingredients in an improper amount lead to a negative impact on the body.

7 Disadvantages of Smoothies You Should Know

Of course, smoothies are very popular and healthy drinks. But it has some bad sides that you won’t like. And here we have talked about why a smoothie isn’t a good drink for you. We hope before drinking or making smoothies you should keep that in mind. Here are those 7 facts you should check before eating.

01. Making Smoothies Requires Extra Ingredients That Might Be Costly

Are smoothies unhealthy

If you have ever taken a smoothie recipe book, you’ll see that almost every smoothie requires you to buy at least three or four ingredients, even more. If you want a cheap smoothie with cheap ingredients, it won’t have much effect.

But, if the smoothie requires almonds, coconut milk, acai powder, or something similar, it might be beneficial for your health, but its price will go through the roof very quickly. It’s great to eat healthily, but the question is, how much money can you afford to spend?

02. Smoothies Contain a Lot of Calories

Unlike popular belief, the fact that you take your calories in liquid form doesn’t mean that smoothies contain a lot of them. If you aren’t careful with the ingredients, a single smoothie can have over a couple of thousand calories!

Of course, you shouldn’t even think about those store-bought smoothies, as they are usually full of sugar. Don’t use juice as a base, too.

Instead, use coconut milk or regular low-fat milk. Also, make sure to pick your proteins right. Use nuts, chia, or powder, but use only one because they are rich in protein and calories.

03. Smoothies Do Not Provide a Lot of Fiber

Juicing fruit removes fiber from the fruit, which is why you shouldn’t use juice as your base for your smoothies. Even if it’s 100% fruit juice, the fiber is gone in the process of juicing. That is why doctors recommend blending whole fruits and putting them in your smoothie.

Still, some of the fiber and nutrients get destroyed in the blending process, so it’s still a better choice to eat whole fruits instead of blending or juicing. If you blend, you won’t get the smooth texture in your smoothie that you might’ve wanted, as all the pulp remains inside.

04. Smoothies Will Make You Feel Hungry Sooner (It’s Liquid)

are smoothies bad for you

Since you’re taking in your food and calories in liquid form, your organism will digest it a lot faster. This means that many ingredients won’t be digested properly and will actually go to waste. Research suggests that our bodies don’t register liquid calories as accurately as with solid food we have to choose.

That means that you’ll get a hefty amount of calories into your body without the body registering them. When you combine that fact with the liquid form of smoothies and faster digestion, it’s easy to see how smoothies can make you feel hungry much sooner than solid fruit or veggies.

05. Premade Smoothies Are Full of Sugar

If you want to eat healthier, forget about those store-bought, premade smoothies. You don’t even have to look at the ingredients of those smoothies to understand that they aren’t fresh. Therefore, they need a lot of preservatives and sugars to keep the smoothie from going bad.

The fruit in those smoothies is neither fresh nor healthy. It has to be made in a way that allows it to be on a shelf for a certain period. They usually contain a lot of added sugars, making them unhealthy instead of the opposite.

06. Making Smoothies Would Be Time-Consuming

If you plan to start to eat smoothies because you think it could save you some time for meal preparations, think again. Making your smoothies can be extremely time-consuming, depending on what ingredients you’re using.

You have to peel the fruits first, remove the stems, clean the nuts, take out the seeds, etc. Then, you need to blend it for a while to make sure all the nutrients are used. Of course, if you want the smoothies to be healthy, you also need to keep track of each fruit or veggie’s calories, making it even more time-consuming.

07. It’s Hard to Clean the Smoothie Maker’s Components

If you ever had a smoothie maker, you’ll know just how tricky it can be to get everything clean. The fact that you’re blending fruits and veggies into liquid form means that the liquid can get into all the tiny spaces, making it quite hard to clean, especially if you don’t do it right away.

It’s also tricky to clean the blades, as they can be very sharp, so you need to be very careful not to hurt yourself.

The container is usually shaped like a bottle, making it hard to clean the insides with a regular sponge. Ultimately, cleaning all the components is time-consuming as well, so you should keep that in mind, too.


As with any other thing in life – too much of a good thing makes it a bad thing. Smoothies are generally a healthy meal, but there are several things you should keep in mind when eating them.

Use only fresh, natural ingredients, and keep in mind how many calories you’re putting in each smoothie. Avoid premade smoothies, as they are loaded with sugars, and make sure you keep eating solid foods too. Smoothies can replace a meal sometimes, but making it a regular thing can cause more harm than good.

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