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Disadvantages Of Air Fryer – 10 Biggest Problem Of Air Fryer

An air fryer is a modern machine that makes our everyday lives easier. Most air fryers have helpful and versatile features. But do you know what the disadvantages of an air fryer are? Yes, it has some disadvantages that you won’t love.

Despite these disadvantages, you’ll be happy to know most air fryers have some advanced options which are not available in other traditional cooking machines.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Air Fryer?

Today in this post, I will talk about only the disadvantage of the air fryer. A professional quality air fryer has a lot of features, but which features are not ideal for you? Many new amateur cooks don’t know how to operate an air fryer.

That’s why they should know how to use air fryer properly and which things they should consider before buying. I hope after you know about the advantages and disadvantages of air fryer, then you’ll feel free to use them. So, let’s see what the disadvantages of an air fryer are.

01. Not Ideal For Large Family

The air fryer is a smart cooking machine in our modern world. Also, while it’s ready to serve you crunchy food, it’s better for families of two to four. But if you want to cook for a large family of more than eight people, it would not be an ideal choice to use an air fryer. Most air fryers don’t have the capacity to cook that much food at once. But surprisingly, an air fryer is a perfect choice for less than 4 family members. You can even cook different foods at once with some special air fryers.

02. Long Cooking Duration

The air fryer cooks fast, but it’s not super fast if you compare them with conventional frying. For example, most deep oil fryers and other conventional fryers take a maximum of 5-10 minutes. But if you have a good quality electric air fryer, then it can take 15-25 minutes.

Most air fryers have a preheat option, and that’s why you have to wait around 3-5 minutes until it comes to heat. But oil fryers/deep fryers do not have these issues. If you don’t know how to cook with a deep fryer, you shouldn’t use it, because it can cause injuries from the hot oil. So, be careful if you decide to use a deep fryer.

03. Cooking Capacity

Earlier I explained an air fryer isn’t an ideal choice for a large family, because it has a very small cooking space. If you want to cook a lot of foods at once in the cooking basket, all of the foods can stick together. But surprisingly, some smart air fryers have a different cooking basket for separating foods with some extra features so that you get only the best tasting healthy food.

04. High Temperature To Burn Foods

The air fryer creates very high temperatures that can reach up to 400F. This very high temperature is great for fast frying. Unfortunately, some air fryers don’t have an alarm option.

That’s why if you lose your focus on your cooking, your food can burn. But on the other hand, there are some digital electric air fryers that have a feature that will alarm you when your food is cooked and ready to eat. And in this type of air fryer, there are no worries about burning your food.

05. Space Consuming And Bulky

Most air fryers are a little bit bulky, and that’s why they are not perfect for carrying around. And a large-sized air fryer is a space-consuming machine in your kitchen. When you remove all of the components from the air fryer for cleaning, you will need a large space on which to arrange them.

After each cooking session, you need a large space to store everything. Finally, a large air fryer isn’t an ideal cooking machine if you don’t have much counter space in your lovely kitchen. Instead, you should avoid it or choose a small-sized air fryer that will perfectly fit in your kitchen.

06. It Takes Electricity

Maybe you know without electricity it’s not possible to use an air fryer. Inside an air fryer is an electric coil that produces very high temperatures for fast cooking. It has another electric fan that circulates hot air around the inside of the machine and food. Due to this, you can’t use it outdoors or in a home kitchen without electricity. And it can be a costly matter for someone.

07. It Is a Little Bit Expensive

If you want a professional and digital electric air fryer, you have to spend more than 100 bucks. While you can find many air fryers for under $100, you won’t get any special features like a Blue LED touch screen, dishwasher safe basket, or different cooking elements. Maybe $100 is costly for some, but that is the price point if you want an ideal air fryer that is durable and will serve you for a long time.

08. Technical Issues

It is an electric machine and comes with a digital control system. Sometimes you can run into technical problems. It has two knobs that control time and temperature.

If you were to drop your air fryer, you might find technical problem such as its touchscreen system will no longer work well. However, to save your air fryer from any problems, after each cleaning you should use all the cooking components only after they are fully dry. If you use a wet cooking basket, that can cause a big problem.

09. It Is Difficult To Clean

After completing the cooking process, some foods can get stuck in the basket. And it can take a long time to clean. You have to use hot water with detergent and a brush to clean them properly. Hopefully, you’ll get some special dishwasher safe air fryers. But if your foods are stuck deeply within the cooking element, you will have to handwash for deep cleaning.

10. Extra Accessories

With an air fryer, you’ll get some basic cooking accessories like a basket or pan. But if you want to cook something different, you have to purchase extra cooking elements that will be the perfect fit for your cooking.

For the extra cooking elements, of course, you have to spend money. If you see other traditional cooking systems they don’t have expensive cooking elements like an air fryer does. But, air fryer cooking is very safe compared to other conventional cooking methods.


Ultimately, I would say air fryer is a great modern machine that only serves to make your everyday life easier. Maybe it has some poor features, but it doesn’t end there. It still has a lot of great features, and that’s why it has gained a lot of people’s confidence.

Maybe already you know the disadvantages of the air fryer. But if you consider the good features, then an air fryer will be the best versatile machine in your kitchen for cooking different foods. Finally, I would say an air fryer is far better than a conventional deep or oil fryer. So, feel free to use them for your home kitchen or restaurants.

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