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Different Types Of Kitchen Knives – Top 20 Knives For Cooking

Knives are essential items used in the kitchen. There are some different types of kitchen knives listed below, ranging from meat cutting knives; butter spread knives, and electrical knives, each with unique features and capabilities. Knives in homes are used for various purposes like; Cutting meat and vegetables, chopping, butter spread, and jam spread.

These knives are made of high-quality material, and they are durable and sharp. These knives make work effortless and less hectic as they are sharp and easy to handle. Quality knives make your cooking experience safe and inspirational. Cutting and cooking are an art, and with these knives, you will improve your art of cooking.

Here are some different types of kitchen knives

There are a lot of kitchen knives for cooking. These knives can save you a lot of time and effort if you know how to use them properly.

Even many people don’t know how many different types of kitchen knives are available in the market?

But in this article, I have listed all types of cooking knives uses from restaurant to home cook. So let’s see what kind of kitchen knives are available for cooking?

01: The Chef Knife

Women know the struggle of cutting and chopping in the kitchen. There are many things which are needed in the kitchen.

One of them is a chef knife. It is commonly used in the kitchen for cutting, chopping, peeling, and slicing vegetables, food, and all other stuff needed for cooking. Usually, it is made up of stainless steel, having dimensions of 7.9-10 inches.

The best thing about a chef’s knife, it is easy to use. Any professional and home cook can handle this knife easily.

It is an essential item for the kitchen. It has both curved and straight blades that can chop and mince the food precisely.

The blade of the chef knife is sharp that provides easiness for cutting. Sometimes it would very expensive and sometimes you’ll get a chef knife under $100.

02: The Santoku Knife

As a Japanese-style chef knife, it’s very popular among chefs and cooks. But it’s slightly shorter than other regular knives, but this tool is highly popular for slicing.

This knife called the Santoku knife which means “three virtues” which is best for slicing, dicing, and mincing.

Due to its wider blade with beautiful Dimple your all slicing job will easier ever than before. Even with its cutting edge, it precisely cut the chicken and vegetables.

But its special feature is its unique blade appearance. No matter what you’ll cut with this knife. Because its Dimple design will create a small bubble in your item while you use it. Really a perfect knife to save you time and effort.

03. The Utility Knife

Maybe the Utility knife isn’t people use for regular kitchen job. Because it’s only best for small chocs like pelling your fruits  or slicing thicker and smaller vegetables.

It’s available in 4-inches to 7-inches blade which is not ideal for heavy use like chopping or slicing big fruits and vegetables. But you can slice your small fish and boneless meat.

04. The Paring Knife

Paring knives are the best proof that you should never judge a knife by its size. This small kitchen tool has very sharp and thinner blade.

It is a very small knife which is only 3-4 inch with a small pointed tip. You can apply this knife for pelling fruits and veggies, or trimming excess fat with ease.

05. The Boning Knife

The boning knife is one of the unique knives with various features. It is used to trim or cut the meat from the bone.

However, other knives failed to do this thing, but a boning knife cuts the meat more precisely. There are many meat and fish which are very difficult to debone with the common knife.

Boning knife makes things easy for their users with boning. It also trims and slices the meat more precisely.

For home chefs to professionals, it is one of the useful knives for boning and slicing the meat and fish.

With effortless work, you can slice the food more precisely. If you want to slice your meat or chicken very easily then you should choose this knife.

06. The Fillet Knife

Food makers or chefs use a single knife for cutting and slicing the meat, vegetable, and fruit. As a result, it makes things messier and more unrefined.

For cutting the fishes, a chef requires the best sharp edge knife with effortless cutting. A fish fillet knife is one of the best knives, especially for fishes. It is easy for slicing meat without loss and cutting the fish more precisely.

The best thing about this knife is made, especially for cutting the seafood, large and small fish. It is easy to use, flexible in handling and cutting the fish without losing meat.

07. The Electric Knife

From the manual to the automatic world is moving towards progress day by day. The manual knife is being used for many years which cause some damages and cuts to the human and requires a lot of efforts and time.

To save time and efficiently working, the electric fillet knife is one of the best options. It can cut a large amount of meat, fish, even bread and slice them within a short period.

For cutting a huge amount of meat, it reduces your cutting work. Easy to use and handle. It is easy to carry anywhere like a picnic, for a BBQ party. And no worries to sharpen the blade, simply release the blade and add a new one for a fresh start.

08. The Butcher Knife

There are different varieties of food, meat, and vegetable, with boneless meat and larger tough foods. It requires an immense amount of energy and hardness of a knife to cut it down. The butcher knife is best for cutting and slicing the harder meat and vegetables into small pieces. With its sharp edge and wide blade, it slices the boneless meat precisely.

The boneless meat and tough vegetable are very hard to slice with a common blade. But a good butcher knife can help you a lot for this job. It creates easiness and efficiency in slicing and cutting down hard and stiff food. If you interested you can read my depth review to know which is the best butcher knife for meat?

09. The Large Meat Cutting Knife

The knife usually cuts the food and peel the cover precisely. But for cutting the large meat, you require a long sharp blade which cuts the meat more precisely and gives you the sliced chicken you wanted. This kind of knives called a meat cutting knife. That helps to cut your meat into small and thinner slices.

Many knives of the kitchen require great effort, particularly in meat. But the large cutting knife makes things easy and feasible. It is easy to use and safe to handle.

10. The Vegetable Cleaver

With the different quality of food and meat user requires different knife and cleaver. The vegetable cleaver is one of the best instruments to cleave and slice the meat and vegetables precisely. It also can be used in bone cutting and many kitchen tasks.

To cut the tough vegetable and boneless food, vegetable cleaver would the best choice. It has a sharp edge with a thick blade that slices the vegetable precisely. Even it is easy to use and handle.

11. The Meat Cleaver

A large size of meat requires an immense amount of energy to cut. Chef at restaurants needs the meat cleaver to save time and effortlessly cutting and slicing the meat. It is one of the essential items in the kitchen. But the problem is it’s a little bit heavy than a regular kitchen knife.

It slices the meat precisely. And it is easy to use and efficient in handling and obviously very safe. The meat cleaver with sharp edges which slice the meat into small pieces. And perfect for breaking any large meat bone.

12. The Slicing Knife

In the kitchen needs various things for cooking, and to embellish your food, the chef slice the salads into thin slices. It is one of the essential items in the kitchen. To make more delicious food and make it tastier. A slicing knife is best for the kitchen to slice the meat and fish and get the desired piece according to your need. I would say you can get it free if you wish to buy a knife set for cooking.

The best about the slicing knife is that it can refine your meat into a more diligent way. You can cut vegetables and fruits with this knife.

13. The Bread Knife

The bread knife is one of the best options for you to make the slices of bread. A bread knife slices your bread in a more refined way. There are various options to slice the bread, but they waste more bread during cutting due to irregular shape. Hence bread knife is the best choice to slice the bread perfectly.

The bread knife makes slices of your bread into a more exquisite manner. The knife slices the bread without wasting the bread so that you can get thin and perfect bread for your breakfast.

14. The Steak Knife

Like other knife steak knife has its purpose. It is mostly used in preserving steak juice ever. And it cuts fewer steak and preserves the flavor of meat, vegetable, and fruits. It has sharp nano teeth and easy to use.

A good steak knife is one of the useful instruments for cutting the steaks of meat without making it worse. It is easy to use. A safe instrument for cutting the meat, fish without deteriorating the shape of steaks.

15. The kitchen Shears

Known for various things, it is one of the essential instruments for cutting the vegetable, which has flower-like broccoli, trimming dough, and cutting the edges of the chicken. It saves time and provides easiness and efficient working for users.

The best thing about the kitchen shears is it cuts the extra material from the chicken and vegetables. It is easy to use and safe for refining vegetables.

16: The Sushi Knife

With its sharp edge, it will float over the fish without any effort and slice the fish diligently. It is more useful for gliding over the fish to make sushi or sashimi. It is one of the essential items for the home chef and restaurants.

The sushi knife slice the fish in a more diligent way. It is most useful for cooking dishes like sashimi. It is easy to use and safe to handle.

17. The Oyster Knife

This knife is specifically designed for opening the oyster effortlessly. It reduces the chances of any injury while opening the oyster. Really one of the useful items for the kitchen.

The oyster knife creates easiness to open the oyster. A common knife increases the chances of slipping through the hand and causing the injury. But with its strong grip, it creates feasibility for the user.

18: The Cheese Knife

Generally, most people love to eat cheese with bread. But they irritate due to the irregular slices of cheese. The cheese knife is one of the most necessary things during breakfast on the table. It slices the cheese into a more refined way. A cheese knife is used to hold the cheese while attached to the blade, which is used to slice the bread.

It is one of the best essential items in the kitchen. It usually slices the cheese into a more diligent way. And it is easy to use and safe. It makes your food and bread more delicious with refined food.

19. The Carving Knife

It is one of the most refined items in your kitchen hardware. The most useful item for slicing the beef with sharp edges blade. It slices the food without wasting it. A carving knife is really a great tool especially for preparing cooked meat.

For cutting the large meats and slice them into a more diligent way, the carving knife is the best option for you. It cuts the meat and slices them into a more refined way. One of the essential items for the kitchen. It is easy to use and safe for handling. It cuts the meat without tearing it

20. The Tomato Knife

The tomato knife has two faces for cutting the food effortlessly. It is one of the essential items in the kitchen. And it has a strong grip and easy to use. You should use a tomato knife for perfect cutting and thin slicing for lunch and dinner.

The best thing about the knife is depending on the type of vegetables and fruits you are cutting with ultra refine blade.


Knives are essential kitchen items used within households and restaurants. Various knives are needed to perform various operations like cutting, slicing, chopping, and peeling. The different knives have different jobs to do. From cutting the larger meat to smaller pieces to holding the cheese and slicing the bread.

Each knife has a different task to perform. In this list, there are twenty knives with each with their specialty and work. I hope now maybe you how many different types of kitchen knives are available in the market which can help for your everyday cooking.