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Dalstrong Shogun Chef Knife Review With Ultimate Guide

The Dalstrong Shogun chef knife is the most popular and versatile knife for your meal prepping endeavors, whether you are an aspiring professional chef or a beginner just learning to cook.

It is very popular because no matter where you’ll use it. It can handle, slicing, dicing, mincing, and other regular kitchen jobs. This knife is a truly exceptional chef knife, capable of slicing through anything on your chopping board with precision and control.

History Of Dalstrong Knife

Dalstrong Knives is a company that is still young, but it has made a good reputation for itself. Since its start in 2015, the company has looked into innovative ways to make long-lasting kitchenware.

Dalstrong Knives is a company that pays attention to every detail of its knives to ensure that they are perfect. Their knives keep improving, and customers increase as the bought products work very well.

What You’ll Get From This Review?

Cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs everyone love the Dalstrong shogun chef knife for its outstanding look and performance. This knife will never disappoint you, because it’s using more than a thousand professional chefs for regular use. But if you’re a cooking enthusiast and interested in Dalstrong shogun chef knife you should know something about it before investing money in it.

In my Dalstrong shogun chef knife review, I have talked everything about this knife. Which features are useful and which features are not good. Even I explained very deeply how you should care this knife for last longer performance. If you really want this knife for kitchen purposes, really it will be an ideal investment.

Overview Of Dalstrong (Shogun Serious) Chef Knife

What Materials Are the Blades Made From

Dalstrong knives are made using Japanese super steel, which has a 62+ Rockwell hardness. The metal is then tempered with liquid Nitrogen to make it harder, stronger, and more durable.

Other blades are made with High Carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel. This metal will produce a thinner blade that you can use for precision cutting, and it will create an edge that is rust and water-resistant.

58+ Rockwell hardness High Carbon German steel is also used. Titanium nitride is used to coat Dalstrong knives. Titanium nitride creates a black surface that doesn’t reflect light; it is corrosion-resistant and nonstick.

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Handle Design and Comfort

The handle of Dalstrong Shogun Chef Knife is made out of G-10 material. This material makes it resistant to high temperatures. The material is also waterproof, and it provides a firm grip when in use. This is important to reduce accidents.

The handle has an ergonomic design that will ensure you don’t hurt your palms. This will come in handy when you are dealing with tough foods that require a firm grip. You will also be able to use the knife for a longer time.

How Long Is This Chef Knife?

There are several different models, and they vary in length. The blade is straight at the top and curved on the lower cutting side.

Generally, the Shogun Chef Knife has a blade of 8 inches. Some models are 6 inches, while others are as long as 14 inches. The length of your blade will depend on the use you intend for it.

Is the Knife Available in Different Sizes?

Yes, there are several sizes to select from, ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches. The length of a knife has a lot to do with its intended use.

If you want to cut hard foods or meat, then you should get a big knife. You should get a giant knife if you prepare food for many people, but you could use the 6-inch blade for a small group.

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Is This Chef Knife Good for Balance?

The blade is well balanced from the cutting tip to the rest of the framework. Dalstrong Shogun Chef Knife is hand sharpened to 8º-12º on each side. The weight of the blade and handle are also made to be friendly to the hand.

All these aspects come together to provide a blade that is easy to use and does precise cuts. A knife like the Shogun series will make your kitchen experience better.  A good balance gives you more efficiency, comfort, and safety.

Is the Knife Rust-Resistant?

Yes, the Dalstrong Shogun series knife is rust-resistant. The knife is made using stainless steel. This is an alloy that is naturally resistant to rust. In addition to that, the blades are coated with titanium nitride and tempered with liquid Nitrogen.

Titanium nitride and tempering it will prevent the blade from reacting with acids and getting corroded. It will also prevent rusting if the edge makes contact with water.

What Are Cutting Degrees Available?

The blade has cutting degrees of 8-120 and 14-180. This presents the user with a choice depending on the knife’s use. If the knife is for slicing, then you should use the one with a lower cutting degree. It will give cleaner and more precise cuts.

If you need a knife to cut hard foods, then go for a higher cutting degree. It will offer you sharpness and strength, but it will not be exact.

Is the Knife Full- Tang or Half-Tang?

The Dalstrong Shogun series knife is full tang and made to last long. This implies that the back portion of the blade extends to the entire length of the handle. The backside is then pinned onto the handle to make it easier to hold.

A full tang knife will allow for increased force through the handle to the food you are cutting. Full tang also contributes to the balance of the knife. It makes the handle heavier than the blade; therefore, it is easy to manipulate and use.

What About the Safety Feature?

The Shogun series knife is designed to be safe for the user. There is a space under the handle that is not sharp. This will allow you to use the handle freely without risking a cut.  The tapered bolster is also designed to protect the fingers. The handle is also designed with ridges, and the material used provides a good grip on the hand.

This is to ensure that the knife does not slip out of your hand or cut you accidentally. You have to be careful when using blades of this size since a cut might be severe.

Durability and Usability

Dalstrong knives are made to be as durable as a knife could be. The chef knives are made of a set of materials that are corrosion resistant and high quality. The metal is tempered with liquid Nitrogen to give a more robust and highly durable blade.

The blades are coated with Titanium nitride, which increases the toughness of the knives. The knife’s usability has also been emphasized in its design. The balance between the blade and handle ensures the use of minimal force when cutting.

Is It a Damascus-Style Knife or Not?

The blades are made with Damascus steel. Damascus style offers advantages in both looks and performance of the knife.  A Damascus-style blade will hold its edge for a long time because of the rigid core.

It is also more stain-resistant, durable, and flexible. It will stay sharp even after repetitive use in cutting hard foods. Make sure you maintain the knife well and keep it out of your dishwasher.

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Does Anything Free Come With It?

Yes, the Dalstrong Shogun series knife comes with some complimentary gifts, including a Perfect fit embossed sheath and VIP membership card.  The Dalstrong’s badge, feedback note, and manuals are also included. The sheath will allow you to store the knife without damaging the cutting edge. It will also prevent accidents in storage since the sheath will hold on to the blade.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use this knife for cutting meat

Can I Use This Knife for Cutting Meat?

Yes. The Dalstrong Shogun series knife is a high-performance raw meat cutting knife. This knife features a highly sharp blade which allows for effortless cutting, slicing, and dicing. You can easily use this knife to trim briskets or cut through any raw meat without it sawing through the flesh.

Its military-grade handle is fitted with a perfect grip that guarantees maximum precision with every cut. With this knife, you don’t have to worry about stains. This is because it is coated with chromium which makes it stain resistant.

The product also features a mirrored polish that facilitates perfect cuts with each slide. This, together with its High-quality German blade, makes it perfectly suitable for cutting meat.

Is This Knife Nonstick?

Yes. The Dalstrong shogun series chef knife is nonstick. The knife has an 8-inch blade perfectly tapered to precision. The blade also features Tsuchime curtail finish hammered on its surface to minimize sticking. The curtail finish forms small air pockets that prevent food from sticking on the blade, enhancing its nonstick properties.

The nonstick property makes this knife any chef’s favorite as it reduces one chance of cutting themselves while removing stuck food from the blade. The Tsuchime curtail finish also makes the knife easy to clean after use. You can clean the blade by simply wiping it with a piece of cloth.

How Thick Is the Blade? Can I Use It for Making Sushi?

The knife has a relatively thicker and heavier blade compared to other Dalstrong knife series. Even though it features an ultra-sharp carbon steel blade that can slice small pieces, the blade is not the best choice for making sushi commercially. I would like to say if you need a knife for making sushi, then you can read another article about sushi knives.

The ideal task for the blade in your kitchen would be production purposes. However, you can use the knife to make sushi at home for a small family without any problem.

The knife is perfectly designed to give you an easy time. Its military-grade handle ensures perfect precision with every cut. The blade also has Tsuchime curtail finish that will prevent the meat from sticking on it.

Where Is This Knife Made?

There are a lot of unfounded claims regarding the origin of Dalstrong Knives. A lot of people believe that these products are manufactured in Japan which is not true. Dalstrong blades are made in China. The company uses a modern manufacturing facility located in YangJing town.

The town is well known to be the leading city of knife craftsmanship for over 15 centuries. The material used in manufacturing the knives is, however, imported from Japan. The knives are made by craftsmen trained in Japanese knife-making techniques.

They take time to hand polish and hand finish the knives to achieve the market’s high standards. Their mastery coupled with hardening steel’s high technology processes is what makes Dalstrong’s blades the marvel they are.

Could a Non-Professional Use This Knife?

Could a non-professional use this knife

Dalstrong Shogun chef knife is a knife made for everyone! This product is perfectly designed to offer its users an easy time in the kitchen, whether a professional or a novice chef.

The knife is shipped with a sharp, ready-to-use blade. If well maintained, the blade can retain its sharpness for a long time, saving you the hassle of sharpening it, especially for entry-level chefs.

The only limitation with this knife is the handle size. It’s not an ideal product for anyone with small hands. This is because the knife has a relatively large and heavy handle, giving anyone with small hands a difficult time.

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Could a Left-Handed User Handle This Knife?

The Dalstrong Shogun chef knife is made for right-handed users. Left-handed users are advised to use the shogun series S as a close alternative to the shogun chef knife. The shogun series S features an octagon handle that is well designed to serve left-handed users.

Its military-grade handle comprises G-10 Garolite, red rosewood, and impervious fiberglass material. This unique blend of the material increases the handle’s durability and makes it a low-maintenance handle.

The handle is tapered larger towards the hand tail, which facilitates seamless tactile feedback making it easy to use the knife with your left hand.

Honing Steel or Whetstone, What Should I Use for Sharpening?

Whetstones are the best sharpening tools for chef knives. The entire process of sharpening a knife using whetstone could take up to 40 minutes. Even though working with them can be time-consuming, it gives excellent results.

Using whetstone also offers you options in terms of choosing the blade angle. This is invaluable, especially when working with several knives sharpened at different angles. The result of using a whetstone is always a razor-sharp blade regardless of the material of the blade.

It is also effective in bringing back dead blades compared to honing steel which acts as a complement to sharpening tools. Whetstones can be used to sharpen other cutting tools, including garden tools.

Can I Clean This Knife in a Dishwasher?

It is not advisable to clean your knife in a dishwasher. Doing so will indeed reduce its lifespan. This is because dishwashers tend to be too abrasive and can damage the knife handle if continuously used. Dishwasher detergents can also cause corrosion on metallic parts of the knife.

The blade can also lose its sharpness if banged around the dishwasher surface. In extreme cases, a knife can slice the interior of the dishwasher, exposing it to rust.

You should clean your knife immediately after use. Avoid soaking it as continued stay in water can cause rusting. Use a dry cotton towel to wipe it dry before returning it to storage.


Dalstrong Shogun chef knife is the ideal chef knife for anyone who values standards in the kitchen. This product is made to last a lifetime while giving you the best food preparation experience.

Its elegant design makes it a versatile knife that can perform several tasks both at home or in a commercial setup.

The knife has a durable stainless steel blade supported by a military-grade handle that guarantees you optimum comfort and perfect precision. Take your chef game on another level today by getting yourself a Dalstrong shogun chef knife.

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