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Can You Put Wax Paper in an Air Fryer

Can You Put Wax Paper in an Air Fryer? (Complete Guide)

Cooking and baking using different types of paper is one way to enhance the flavor and taste of your food. Amongst the popular cooking papers include wax paper. Using wax paper gives your food that crispy edge while optimizing its flavor and overall quality.

In cooking equipment, wax paper can be used interchangeably with options such as parchment paper and aluminum. However, its limitation is that it is easily susceptible to heat.

Thus, at high temperatures, it quickly melts. So, the question remains, can you put wax paper in an air fryer? This brief but in-depth guide can help you answer this question.

Should Use Wax Paper in Your Air Fryer or Not?

At high temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, wax paper can easily melt. In this case, wax paper is not always the best option for all cooking applications. For example, it does a great job rolling out pastry and cookie dough, preventing sticking during storage.

It can also be used to line cake pans, allowing the cake to absorb the heat instead of the paper. However, it is not the best option for cooking applications directly exposed to heat or heat absorption.

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What Is Wax Paper?

Wax paper is produced using a thin coat of wax to make it water-resistant, greaseproof, and non-stick. This design makes it a perfect option for cooking and wrapping food items. Unlike parchment paper and foils, wax paper can be used for room temperature, hot and cold applications.

For example, you can use it to line cake and fudge pans during baking. You can use it to roll out pastry dough or to knead bread on your countertop to prevent sticking before baking or frying. Alternatively, you can use wax paper for cold food storage.

Benefits of Using Wax Paper in the Air Fryer

An air fryer can very easily accommodate wax paper without damaging it. In fact, using wax paper in an air fryer comes with numerous benefits. These include;

  • Super crispy taste
  • It prevents food from tearing
  • Promotes air circulation when cooking
  • Creates a non-stick surface for food
  • Easy cleanup
  • Protects wear and tear on baskets, pans, and racks due to minimal scrubbing
  • Non-toxic food-grade material

How to Use Wax Paper in the Air Fryer? (Easy Steps)

How to Use Wax Paper in the Air Fryer
Here’s how you can easily use wax paper in an air fryer;

Step 1: Preheat the Air Fryer

You can preheat the air fryer, but don’t add the wax paper yet. Make sure the heating point is under the paper’s maximum capacity. Doing so prevents burning or melting the paper before you even add the food.

Step 2: Make Sure the Wax Paper Is Safe

Wax paper is highly susceptible to high heat. Thus, you have to prevent it from coming at close contact with your air fryer’s heating element.

Start by cutting the wax paper according to the size of the air fryer basket. Place the wax paper at the bottom of the cooking basket. But, avoid covering the whole portion of the cooking basket to allow air circulation around the food.

Step 3: Add the Food

Place your food items on top of the wax paper in the air fryer. Ensure the food weighs down the wax paper to prevent it from moving and easily melting or burning.

But, avoid weighing down the wax paper to prevent it from sticking in the heating unit. When done cooking, let the cooking basket cool down first and wash it in your sink or dishwasher.

What Paper Can Be Used Instead of Wax Paper?

Wax paper is not always the best option for some foods in an air fryer. In this case, you can replace it with other types of paper. These include;

Aluminum Foil

An aluminum foil is perfect for an air fryer. However, you need to leave enough space to promote airflow. When using aluminum foil in the air fryer, make sure to not cover all holes in the basket or tray to allow for even cooking.

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is suitable for air fryers. However, it has to be prepared for use in one. In this case, you have to cut it properly and pre-perforate it to make the air fryer safe. The perforations help to promote optimal air circulation.

What Can You Cook in the Air Fryer Without Wax Paper?

Is It Safe to Use Wax Paper
What makes the wax paper a good option for air fryers is its greaseproof and flavor-promoting properties. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not produce good quality food without wax paper.

You can continue to cook pretty much anything in your air fryer without wax paper. You can prepare French fries, chicken, or even muffins.

However, to maintain flavor and easy clean-ups, you need to opt for alternative options. These include perforated parchment paper or aluminum foil.

Does Wax Paper Make Food Crispy?

Amongst the benefits of the wax paper include making food super crispy. When appropriately positioned in an air fryer basket, wax paper promotes air circulation and even cooking. Therefore, as it allows the best cooking in an air fryer, your food will certainly be super crispy.

Is It Safe to Use?

Using wax paper is relatively safe when done right. However, due to the dual-sided wax coating, the paper is not heat resistant. Therefore, at high temperatures, it can easily melt or catch fire.

To prevent this fire hazard, it is recommended to avoid using it to line baking sheets in hot ovens. Additionally, you should avoid placing wax paper directly in contact with an air fryer’s heating element.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, you have to take special care when using wax paper in an air fryer. Nevertheless, putting wax paper in an air fryer is one way to achieve great flavors and texture in your food. In addition to the food quality, the wax paper makes life in the kitchen much easier.

For one, it allows for easier clean-up after cooking. You no longer have to struggle with food residues, and grease build-up on your cooking baskets! Additionally, with minimal scrubbing, you can ultimately prolong the longevity of your cooking baskets and pans.

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