Best Sushi Knife Reviews With Buyer’s Guide In 2021

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When you are thinking about delicious sushi to make at home, so of course you need the best sushi knife to make them professionally. Probably there are no food lovers who don’t know about sushi or sashimi. Because it has large popularity in the world from Asia to Europe even now it has taken place in the USA. Actually, sushi is a part of Asian food and it comes from Japan since the 8th century.

And sushi is a similar food of sashimi, but they both have different ingredients and flavors. And both are very popular and delicious. However, if you are a food enthusiast or home cook and try making sushi for you or your friends and family? So you need a high-quality super sharp sushi knife which you can easily cut tuna or salmon for making sushi or sashimi.

Best Sushi Knife Reviews

In the market, there is a lot of professional sushi knives that you can purchase for making sushi. But keep in mind common kitchen or chefs knife is not perfect for sashimi/sushi. Especially Japanese sushi knives are very popular with professional chefs even home cook. Because it’s very long, sharp and easy to maneuver.

However, you’ll find different types of sushi knives those are made from the USA and Germany. But especially Japanese sushi knives would a little bit expensive than others. But their superior quality ensures you can use them for year after year without any big problem. In this dynamic world, some people find low and mid-budget sushi knives.

I can understand it, people love sushi and sashimi and they need a high-quality knife. But the price will be close to their budget. Think about both of them I have collected some knives for making sushi and the price is very reasonable. These knives can use enthusiasts, home cook, even professionals.

But only some unique Japanese knives are a little bit expensive because those are only made for commercial or professional use. Sushi and sashimi knife everything I will explain in this best sushi knife reviews. So why we are waiting, let’s get closer to them and see what they are offering?

01. Yoshihiro Shiroko – Best Sushi Knife In The World


If are you interested to spend a higher price for buying the best sushi knife? So probably it is the best knife for you! Even this knife is the first choice of all professional sushi chefs. And would be a good choice for serious home cooks who love sushi. This is the Japanese Yoshihiro sushi knife that comes with a long blade with a beautiful design that will catch the attention of anyone.

Blade Material And Design

This beautiful handmade sushi knife is 10.5-inches long that ensures thin fish slicing for making sushi and sashimi. And this is one of the most traditional Japanese knives that especially made for making sushi with fast and easy. The high-quality grind shaped blade is made from White Steel #2 and Hardness Rockwall 62-63. And a blend of iron that gives the blade of maximum edge retention.

This knife flat grind (Shinogi), on the front and concave grind (Urasuki) and plane rim (Uraoshi) on the back all blade designing feature gives the knife an excellent look. And with minimal effort, it can perform well for slicing any boneless fish for making sashimi.

Handle Comfort And Overview

It has a simple but Traditional Japanese Wa-style premium handcrafted D-shaped Rosewood handle. which is very lightweight and perfectly fit in any hands for seamless use. And its Shitan bolster ensures well balanced and Stability. This premium sushi knife high-quality Magnolia wooden sheath that will protect the blade when not in use and that you can easily store in your kitchen.

For the best performance, Yoshihiro says, to use only hands for washing and use knife oil. And for sharpening use only water sharpening stone. However, this traditional sashimi knife might seem expensive but it is one of the best sushi knives ever. And the right choice to give someone else as a gift but recommended only for professional chefs/cooks.

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  • Premium white blade made from Hardness Rockwall 62-63
  • Beautiful traditional Japanese D-shaped handle
  • Very lightweight for easy maneuvering
  • Extra protective sheath for secure storage

  • Expensive and not perfect for beginners

02. Mercer Culinary – NSF Certified Sushi Chef Knife

More than 30 years of Mercer providing high-quality cutlery which is more than 90% in North America. For their unique design, premium materials, which is the first choice of all home cooks, chefs, and food enthusiasts. And hopefully this knife you can use for sushi and other vegetable slicing with ease and easy. Especially those who want the best sushi knife under 100 dollars? It would an ideal choice for them.

Blade Material And Design

This Mercer Culinary Asian Yanagi sashimi knife is only 10-inch long which is perfect for the home chef. Because Mercer all kitchen knives are very popular with serious home cooks, beginners, and chefs. Even especially their chicken boning knife and fishing fillet knives are very popular.

However, for superior performance, Mercer used for this knife German stainless steel. That ensures a rust-resistant blade and never blunt easily. But for good results never be washed in a dishwasher. Because intense heat and detergents might cause handle damages. If you own this versatile knife you will be able to cut different fruits and vegetables and thick meat slicing. And this taper ground and stone finished blade will help you when you need a delicate fish for perfect sushi.

Handle Comfort And Overview

Think about professional and home cooks the Mercer carefully used a beautiful Santoprene slip-resistant handle. And after many high inspections, the world’s best public health organization called “NSF” gives it a certification. Because of this sushi chef knife has met their all criteria. So that means it is really a good knife for commercial and home use.

Even whose hands sweat very easily and used different knives but nothing was comfortable. So they can use this knife with a firm grip. You have two great opportunities, first of all, this is very affordable. That’s why no need to spend a hundred dollars to buy the best sashimi knife. With this versatile knife, you can do different kitchen cutting and slicing jobs. It’s would be the best sushi knife for beginners.

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  • German stainless steel makes it versatile, rust, and corrosion-resistant
  • Beautiful taper-ground blade design with stone finish
  • A perfect sashimi knife for beginners
  • Very sharp and no need daily sharpening
  • Good looking non-slip Santoprene handle

  • Not dishwasher safe

03. Dalstrong Phantom Series – Best Knife For Cutting Sushi


Whenever it comes to talk about kitchen or chef knife it never possible to forget the Dalstrong knife. Because Dalstrong has a large reputation for chef knife, fishing knife, good kitchen knife set, and many different regular kitchen knives.

Even I would like to say, already there are more than thousands of home cooks love this cutlery brand only for peak performance. However, now come to the main features of this blade. This is a little bit different design than other common sushi knives. But how it different? So let’s open this monster and talk about its specifications and design.

Blade Material And Design

It is a very popular and special Phantom series of Dalstrong. This special sushi knife is only 9.5-inch long with a beautiful blade shape. This is a full-tang blade made from Japanese high carbon AUS-8 with 58 Rockwall Hardness. And a single piece of Ice tempered steel makes it more durable and quite rust and corrosion-resistant. Even a blend of Nitrogen cooled for enhanced hardness.

The knife carefully tapered which ensures minimal drag and precise effortless cuts with ease and fast. For maximum sharpness, this knife carefully honed their top expert craftsman using 13-15° angles. Its narrow blade is really perfect when you need super thin fish slicing for sashimi/sushi or other simple fish recipes.

Handle Comfort And Overview

For this special Yanagiba sashimi knife, Dalstrong used a traditional Japanese D-shaped handle. This is a rich black Spanish Pakkawood handle which will perfectly fit in any hands palm for ultimate control. And its end cap added more beauty and counterbalance. Another hand-polished ergonomic bolster shape for a natural smooth grip and safety.

However, this Dalstrong Yanagiba knife overall design and feature really makes it an ideal knife that anyone can use with comfort and confidence. Especially its price range is really affordable than other expensive knives.

Even as a professional chef who cuts a lot of vegetables and slice hundreds of fishes for fish recipes or sushi, they can use this knife. Because it will never rust quickly and no need to sharpen each time. And surprisingly, it has a protective sheath that will protect the blade when not in use that’s why it’s very easy to store.

  • The blade has Japanese AUS-8 steel with ice-tempered technology
  • Expertly honed by 13-15° with nitrogen-cooled for maximum hardness
  • Beautiful Japanese D-Shaped black Pakkawood handle
  • Hand polished edge for last longer sharpness
  • Featured with full tang and narrow blade for thin fish slicing
  • Ergonomic bolster and mosaic pin brass adds comfort and luxury
  • Comes with affordable price and protective sheath

  • Not a ideal choice for a left-handed user

04. Lucky Cook 10″ – Best Budget Sushi Knife


This is really a good opportunity for learning cooking with Lucky cook knife to improve your skill. This is a single bevel knife for sushi and sashimi, for joyful slicing and raising. And with this knife, you can take your skill to the next level until becoming a professional chef. Even you can use this knife for cutting raw meat like butter.

Blade Material And Design

This is one of the best sushi knives for cutting rolls and vegetables. Which is 10-inch long that you can use as a perfect knife for filleting fish. The knife crafted with a long and narrow asymmetric blade which is made from premium grade stainless steel. It’s featured with special single right sight bevel and super sharp and that cuts anything in the kitchen.

Handle Comfort And Overview

The knife has a simple and elegant handle which is made from light brown wood. It is made from natural wood and completely safe for ecologically and offers a comfortable grip. And this is very lightweight and very easy to maneuver that’s why you will never feel uncomfortable using it.

Especially new cooking learners can grow their skill with this knife. And it has a very beautiful packaging box which makes it a perfect gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary, or mother days. Even you can give it a fishing man who loves different knives for filleting. Of course, it’s features and design will impress him! And for buying no need to invest a big amount, because it’s available at reasonable prices!

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  • A perfect sushi knife for new cooking learner
  • Comes with beautiful packaging and affordable price
  • Light-weight and easy to use
  • Beautiful light brown natural wooden handle
  • A versatile tool for a great kitchen purpose
  • The perfect knife for any occasion as a gift

  • Not comes with any protective sheath

05. Kyocera Ceramic Kyotop – Damascus Steel Sushi Knife



Every professional and home cooks know Kyocera knife brand is very famous especially for ceramic knives. Because they have a lot of different ceramic knives from small to large. But now they made a good sashimi knife.

This knife is different than other sushi knives. Because it has a Damascus blade which is really pretty nice to see. It might seem expensive, but its fancy design and features will never disappoint you! Let’s go and open this and see what are they offering?

Blade Material And Design

Kyocera is a very popular and most expensive Japanese sushi knife. And this knife has an 8.25-inch long ceramic blade. And its Japanese traditional Damascus pattern gives it a striking look! whereas, this is a ceramic knife so nothing worried about rust and corrosion. Even after using this knife you can clean it very easily. But ceramic knives are really very hard to sharpen. You can check here how to sharpen a ceramic knife?

And for lightweight design, it’s very easy to use but not recommended for frozen foods and chopping. Because it is a ceramic sushi knife and not perfect for other heavy-duty jobs. Surprisingly this ultra-sharp Japanese Kyocera sashimi knife holds the edge up to 15x than steel blades. As a result of each time, you can slice your boneless fish/meat, and fruits with ease and swiftly.

Handle Comfort And Overview

The knife featured with a black Pakkawood handle with 3 stainless steel rivets which make it more durable. The handle is quite straight and square. But it is very nicely finished which will perfectly fit in small or big hands. This beautiful Advanced Ceramic Kyotop Damascus sushi knife packaged in a black gift box. You can give this knife to someone who loves sushi roll or sashimi.

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  • The KYOTOP Series also featured with hot-isostatic pressed (HIP)
  • Razor-sharp blade and retain the edge for a long time
  • Black Pakkawood handle with 3-rivets
  • Very lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Hand-finished and polished

  • Not perfect for frozen fruits and bones meat/fish

06. Kai Wasabi Black – Japanese Sushi Knife


People also find the top-rated and cheap sashimi knife which can use for a long time without any problem. But especially it’s difficult to find a sushi knife that will be very affordable. Because most sushi knives are very expensive! But how is it, when you got a Japanese knife that you can use for making sushi or sashimi? Its price looks very cheap but it has premium features like other sushi knives!

Blade Material And Design

This is the most popular Japanese Kai Wasabi 8.1/4-inch Yanagiba knife. If are you a sushi lover and want to make sushi for your friends and family? So with this knife, you will get an ultra-thin slice for a perfect sushi dishes. They carefully used Daido 1K6 high carbon stainless steel that provides excellent edge retention.

It has a very unique and single side bevel blade that offers a 45-degree edge. Maybe it would be difficult to sharpen, but this particular edge design ensures very delicate wasabi and fish slicing. But this large sushi knife is not a perfect choice for left-handed use. Because it has only a right-side bevel.

Handle Comfort And Overview

The knife has a western-style handle with bamboo power and polypropylene instead of wood. But the handle is not rounded it has square shapes and it’s very lightweight. You should store this knife very carefully because it has no protective sheath.

This is a completely dishwasher safe, but for best performance recommended hand wash only. You will see a lot of different knives for sushi. But in the lowest budget, it is one of the best sushi knives. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to make sushi, so you should start with this knife.

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  • Perfect Japanese style Yanagiba knife for ultra-thin slicing
  • Made of Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel
  • Very unique and single-sided bevel blade design
  • The handle is very sturdy with an attractive finish
  • Very affordable and ideal for beginner
  • Dishwasher safe

  • Not an ideal choice for a left-handed user

07. Simple Song – Traditional Japanese Gyuto Sushi Knife


Here is another good Japanese sushi knife at a reasonable price. A top-grade real sushi chef knife with premium materials and well balanced. Traditional Japanese style with a crazy sharp blade that provides wicked performance. And this is a great versatile kitchen tool that you can use for various cutting and slicing.

Blade Material And Design

This is an 8-inch sushi knife made from very high-quality 420HC stainless steel with heat-treated for maximum hardness and edge retention. These premium materials are also used for kitchen knives. Because they are premium, rust, and corrosion-resistant. It is very durable because it comes with a full tang blade design, with a traditional Japanese single bevel edge.

The ground edge bevel is 15° edge which is extremely sharp for slicing fish to making sushi or fish-related food. The knife another side is fully flat. However, this knife is perfect for any fish and boneless meat slicing. You can use this knife for your home kitchen or restaurants. Because this knife can handle all types of kitchen jobs that you really need for everyday cooking.

Handle Comfort And Overview

This Japanese Gyuto sushi knife has a special name most chefs called it a “Beef-Sword” Because it hasn’t only a razor-sharp blade! So that any home sushi lover can make sushi with this knife at home, therefore, they used a comfortable Rosewood handle which is really beautiful. And this handle has a very nice and solid natural feel with decent weight and balance because it’s not very heavy.

With this knife, you can perfectly slice any apple and other fruits or vegetables and obviously fish/meat too. The knife look and features might seem very expensive but you will get this in the lowest budget. Because this best budget Japanese chef knife provides dependable edge retention and optimum balanced precision with ultimate sharpness.

  • One side single bevel edge for decent fish, meat and fruits slicing
  • Stainless steel with a blend of chromium for a rust-free blade
  • Heat-treated for excellent hardness and sharpness
  • Rosewood lightweight handle for balance and comfort
  • Full tang construction

  • Need proper care and maintenance

08. PAUDIN Nonstick – Best Sushi Knife For Beginners


Already you know about some knives that you can prefer for sushi making. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sushi chef or home cook. But you should start with a good knife that you can easily handle which can be a Japanese sashimi knife or other brands. However, here is another large sushi knife made from PAUDIN cutlery. And it comes with a beautiful appearance and affordable price.

Blade Material And Design

This is an 8-inch long nonstick sushi knife that ensures a crazy sharp blade for perfect fish slicing. Its premium German high carbon stainless steel for reliable performance and with a 15 degrees side bevel that creates smooth and fresh cuts and slice in your kitchen. The German steel 5Cr15MoV (1.4116) ensures the blade will never rust or dull quickly.

This sashimi knife not only makes slicing easy! The knife special black and white waved pattern on the blade which gives it ordinary looks. And for the waved pattern anyone will fall in love with it! This starter sushi knife helps anyone in-home or restaurants to reduce drag and stuck while cutting or slicing any boneless meat, fish, even fruits and vegetables.

Handle Comfort And Overview

For effortless cutting and balance, they carefully used an ergonomic handle. That offers a lightweight and comfortable grip. Its handle endcap adds more stability that means it will never break easily if it falls from hand. If you really love fish or meat-related foods then it would a perfect knife for cutting meat. Maybe it has not free protective sheath, but it has a very beautiful black packaging box which makes it a perfect gift for any occasion like Birthday, Mother’s day or wedding anniversary!

  • Made from German stainless steel with 56- Rockwall Hardness
  • Ergonomic handle design with excellent balance and optimum grip
  • It reduces drag and stuck while you need to cuts and slice
  • Beautiful waved pattern on the blade
  • Comes with affordable price and gift box

  • Not available any free protective sheath

09. JapanBargain 1560 – Extra Large Japanese Sashimi Knife


This JapanBargain sushi knife is a really very long knife in my best sushi knife collection. But good news it’s long but not heavy, you can handle this knife very easily. However, this knife comes from Japan Bargain, and it’s affordable too like my other sashimi knives.

Blade Material And Design

This is a good Japanese sashimi knife which is 11-3/4 inch Long (300mm). Maybe it’s really long than others. But with this knife, you can’t handle only sushi or sashimi. Even you can fillet a large salmon with it. Because the blade made from Japanese high carbon stainless steel so that rust and stain aren’t obstructed of its performance. This long sashimi knife has only one side single bevel edge which provides really decent fish slicing.

Handle Comfort And Overview

Just like other Japanese sushi knives, it has a very comfortable wooden handle which gives a good balance and grip. This handle design ensures it will never slip from hands palm and especially a great choice for right-handed operation. Even its plastic bolster adds beauty and ensures safe cutting. This knife big length and feature makes it a perfect versatile tool for the kitchen purpose.

  • Molybdenum rust and stain resistant
  • Made in Japan
  • Wooden handle gives maximum comfort and grip
  • Very easy to sharpen on a whetstone

  • Very large need handling very carefully

10. Nego Sashimi Sushi Knife – Free Sharpener


With a limited budget, it is really a good sushi knife! Because it has two essential sides these are good prices and a free special pocket knife sharpener. With good customer reviews and unique clean design, this master chef knife is made from Nego knife manufacturer.

Blade Material And Design

It is a full tang and 9.5-inch long sushi chef knife. For superior performance, they used German high carbon stainless steel to prevent the knife from wear, rust, and stain. In the kitchen, it cuts any meat, fish, or ham. And when you are going to slice, the blades hollow edge ensures the item will never sticking on the blade. Hence you can complete your cutting job very fast and easy!

This forged blade edge 15° angle and it’s really very sharp and holds the sharpness for a long time. But if you want, you can use their free sharpener every day. Because it’s very compact and easy to use. And after using this knife you can easily clean it with water and soapy cloth and then dry safely. The knife is completely dishwasher safe. But you should use only your hands to clean for the best result.

Handle Comfort And Overview

For easy maneuvering, this long blade crafted with a black ergonomic ABS handle that offers a comfortable grip and balance. And its finger protective bolster gives a safe and fast cutting. Because it has a special finger protective guard. The knife of the handle endcap and triple rivets have added more longevity and durability.

The knife’s design and features are really very rare with a small budget. Even it comes with a nice looking black packaging box. That you can give someone else as a Wedding Anniversary, Graduate, or birthday gift! And if you love sushi roll then you can start with this knife for making sushi and sashimi. Because it’s a perfect knife for a starter.

  • Premium German stainless steel for rust-resistant blade
  • Hollow edge for fast and easy slicing
  • Ergonomic handle design with finger protective bolster
  • Beautiful gift packaging with a free sharpener
  • Affordable and dishwasher safe
  • Full tang and well balanced

  • Super sharp edge but not available any protective sheath

How You Should Choice The Best Sushi Knife?

best sashimi knife

If you want to buy a knife for making sushi at home or a new cook want to learn how to make sushi? So you should carefully choose a sushi knife. Because most sashimi or sushi knife is very expensive. And for a beginner, you should choose a knife which you can handle easily.

But already if you used some sushi knives and now want to purchase a professional quality knife then you should consider some features. Below I have talked about some features which are very important and essential. Because if you don’t know about it then you can make a mistake and may invest your hard-earned money in a wrong knife.

Blade Size And Materials

Typical sushi/sashimi or Yanagibas knives are very long than other chef knives. It would 8-inch to 12-inch or more. The longer knife ensures easier cut and thin fish slicing. And for a razor-sharp blade, most sushi knife brands use very high-quality metal. Especially stainless steel and German 56+ Rockwall Hardness are common of them.

But in the market, you will find only top quality Japanese sushi knife. And especially Japanese knife manufacturers used their own Japanese steel that’s why the Japanese sushi knives are very popular with the professional chef and home sushi lovers. However, these materials ensure a sashimi knife will quite sharp and never damage easily. And you will get rust and a corrosion-resistant blade that you can use for a long time.

Dual vs Single Bevel

Most sushi and sashimi knives are available in two different features. But most professional sushi knife has only a single bevel. That means the knife one side is quite sharpened and another side might either concave or flat. A sushi chef can perfectly slice a fish with one side edge.

Even any right-handed user can use it. But it would difficult for a left-handed user. Or you have another option, choose a dual side edge knife so that you can use it in both hands. But for only sushi and sashimi single side edge is far better than dual. Because it helps for ultra-thin fish slicing, and most sushi knives are made for right-handed users.

Full Tang And Half Tang

There are two different tangs available full and half. specially full tang knife blade comes through the handle and it’s very durable. So here is no weak point. But half tang knife is not very strong like full tang. It is very lightweight and easy to handle. But keep in mind sometimes for harder use it can break between handle and blade.

Comfortable Handle

Most sashimi knives are very razor-sharp and long. But for handling a long blade need a top grade handle which will give you optimum grip and comfort. If you confidently hold the knife then you can easily balance it and it will help you for the fastest cutting and slicing.

Typically sushi knife has a long wooden handle. And special Japanese sushi knife has a very beautiful looking D-shape rounded handle, which offers the proper weight and balance. Maybe handle materials are less important than a blade, but it helps for a non-slip grip and maneuver. And triple rivet and full tang knife is more durable and provide last longer performance.

How Many Types Of Sushi Knives Are Available

Usually, three kinds of sushi knives are available. And they have different features, designs, and prices. You can prefer these knives which you really need. Because sushi and sashimi have a little bit of difference. Here are small details about different knives for making sushi.

Yanagiba: Especially this Yanagiba knife used for sushi and sashimi. It has a very long and thin blade with one side edge and very sharp. Sightly concave back and tip point ensures your food will never stick on the blade. This knife creates a smooth motion for thin fish slicing.

Deba-bocho: A Deba knife has a very short blade but it very strong. Typically it used for cutting fish and meat through bones. This knife is not very important for making a sushi roll. You can use it for cutting fish before sushi preparation. Even you can use it as a small meat cleaver. And it’s available in Japanese and western style.

Usuba-bocho: A Usuba knife featured with a flat blade with a single edge people used for peeling and cutting. But commonly they are popular for chopping and slicing. But mostly used for cutting vegetable preparation for sushi dishes.

How You Should Take Care Of Your Sushi Knife?

Most sushi or sashimi knives are very special and expensive. So you should take good care of it. Otherwise, it can be damaged very quickly. But if you take a little care of it, so you can use them for a long time without sacrificing its performance. Here are some tips about how you can maintain it for the last longer performance?

  • If your knife is not dishwasher safe, so never put it in the dishwasher for cleaning. You can easily clean them with a soft cloth and detergent by your hands.
  • After using your expensive sashimi knife carefully store in a sheath. But if you haven’t any knife sheath so you can use a magnetic rack.
  • Never use any sharpening steel or electric sharpener. Because sharpen your sushi knife on a whetstone. Because this is one of the best professional methods.
  • Never use your sushi knife to cut any frozen food or tough bones. Because sushi knife has a very ultra-thin edge for smooth boneless meat and fish slicing.
  • When you use your sushi knife to cuts any acid sourced fruits like lemon or others. So after use, you should carefully wipe the blade, you can use knife lubricant to prevent rust.

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Japanese sushi is now a worldwide popular food. Many people have tasted it in restaurants, friend’s homes or the Asian party. But when you want to make it in your home, so you need the best sushi knife! Because with a regular kitchen knife you can’t slice fish which will perfect for sushi dishes.

All the time sushi knives are not very expensive. Because already I have talked about some affordable sushi knives that you can use for your home uses. But if you are interested to invest money on an expensive sushi knife, so definitely you should choose a Japanese sushi knife. Because this is one of the most popular sushi chef knives that prefer all kinds of professional chefs!

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