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10 Best Smokers Under $300 With Buyer’s Guide In 2020

There are no people who don’t love juicy smoked meat flavor! Because it’s delicious, nutritious, and easy to cook especially when you have a great smoker. But sometimes smokers would be very expensive if it is electric. So within a limited budget, you have to find out an ideal grill smoker. And the actual question is which is the best smoker under 300? Surprisingly, I have picked some smokers that will be matched with your budget. And finally, you’ll be able to cook delicious smoked meat in your backyard or for an outdoor party.

Especially when you cook a lot of meat for your friends, weekend or any other parties so the electric smoker grill plays a very important role. Because here are nothing worried about, temperature, control, and gauges. And many people think electric meat smokers are very big and heavy that difficult to carry for an outdoor journey. But the same thing won’t happen to you every time. The Charcoal meat smokers are not very convenient like electric. But it is very affordable than electric smokers.

However, in this best smoker reviews, I have carefully chosen some best budget smokers that you can use for your home or restaurants. And think about your carrying I have chosen some smokers that you can easily carry while and where you want. The budget is also very important when you want to buy a smoker for fried meals.

That’s why you should know what is the best smoker for the money? And for you here I have collected the best affordable smoker. Therefore if you have a low budget so it will be a great opportunity for you! So let’s see what is the best smoker under 300?

01. Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smokerbest electric smoker under 300


Who is interested in electric meat smokers, so probably there is no one who doesn’t know about Masterbuilt smoker. Because they’re popular and trusted, affordable and durable. And also comes with some extra and important features that will give you the best safety and save your time. And I would like to say it is really completely different than other electric smokers. Even there are already around four thousand peoples are happy with this Masterbuilt digital electric smoker.

However, if you’re a beginner or just trying to compete with someone? So this masterpiece smoker is the right fit for you. Because it comes with a digital control panel to maintain temperature and power. And it will relieve you of the thoughts of the charcoal or propane. Because you just simply turned on the plugin and set your time and temperature then it will do the work. So this great machine means it creates very smooth and simple smoke to cook your meals.

To give you different smoke and frying experience it comes with vegetable and fish smoking rack, chicken stand, rib rack, and sausage hanger. And all rack you can easily remove from the smoker for maintenance and cleaning. It will good to say this is a 30″ electric smoker and it looks like a beautiful small bar fridge out of the box. Even it has no unnecessary design or element only for easy cooking. That’s why anyone can handle it very easily. And it is one of the best electric smokers under 300 dollars with some smart features.

  • Best bbq smoker for beginners and professional
  • Comes with digital control panel
  • Different frying and smoking racks
  • All racks are easy to remove for maintenance and cleaning
  • Perfect wood chips without opening the door
  • Very durable chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Very small and portable for carrying

  • The display is difficult to read during daylight hours

02. Cuisinart COS-330 Affordable Electric Smoker

If you love cooking so maybe you already familiar with Cuisinart. Because they have different cooking tools that will make your life easier. However, the Cuisinart COS-330 electric smoker would be an ideal collection to taste meat, fish and other fried meals. Definitely it is all use budget-friendly and easy to use. You’ll happy to know it is the best electric smoker under 200 dollars.

For better fry and smoke, it has a 1500-watt heating element that produces high temperatures from 100°F to 400°F. This convenient and versatile smoker has a very large 548 square inches internal cooking space. Which is enough for a small family or a weekend party. And it includes three removable durable chrome racks. That you can use for a smoking whole chicken, birds, or a large piece of meat. And the whole rack and trays are easy to clean.

Without any previous experience or training, you can operate this versatile grill smoker. Just simply load your foods and turned on the plugin and set the temperature. And for monitoring interiors temperatures it has an analog thermometer, water trays, and wood chips.

So nothing worried about perfect cooking because there is no need for managing messy charcoal. And finally, for opening the door it has a nice heat-free burly grab handle. So that you can easily open and close the door after cooking. This home electric smoker is perfect for smoke and fried pork, chicken, seafood, fish, vegetables, and beef. So now don’t worry about your budget. Because it is the best electric smoker under 200 dollars. I hope later you’ll enjoy your smoked food at home or backyard.

Cuisinart is a very popular name for kitchen gadget. They provide different cooking tools and gear. But personally I love their professional quality cooking knife set. They’re really superior and top grade. I hope if you read my 10 best kitchen knife sets reviews so you’ll know more about them.
  • Very strong removable rack
  • Roomy 548 square inches interior cooking space
  • Very lightweight and easy to move
  • Heat free chrome spring outdoor handle
  • Perfect choice for a gift to beginners or grill master

  • No temperature controlling display

03. Smoke Hollow 26-Inch Best Electric Meat Smoker

This is a very small size, electric smoker. That is perfect for a small family or party. It is a 26″ smoker which is made from Smoke Hollow brands. Personally I would like to say if are you looking for a small and portable best budget electric smoker? So it can be the right choice for you! Maybe it is a little bit expensive electric smoker than others, but its performance and durability will impress you!

It comes with a 1500-watt heating element that produces adjustable temperature control. And its full dimension is 35.5” x 19” x 16.5” with 35 pounds and four legs. Maybe it does not looks very stylish, but it is very durable. That you can use season after season if you take care of it properly. It has two stainless steel meals cooking grates, a water pan, and a wood chips pan. So now you have everything to start a meat smoking game.

There are a lot of professional electric smokers that are available in multiple racks. But it has only two racks, but these are very durable and anywhere you can fry a big cut of meat or vegetables. For opening the door it has a very stylish spring handle. That ensures you’ll never feel the heat when you open the door to see the foods. After every uses remove two pans and cooking grids for cleaning. And for better performance use just hot soapy water and a soft cloth. Finally, allow air to dry. If you have a mid-range budget so you can prefer this. Because it is really the best electric smoker under 300 dollars.

  • 1500-watt heating element and adjustable temperature control
  • Full range and perfect heat indicator
  • Cools touch side handle with latch system
  • Budget-friendly and portable
  • Easy to maintenance and cleaning

  • The legs have no weel
  • No digital electric control panel

04. Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker


This is a super durable and portable stainless steel smoker that comes from Char-Broil. It featured with double insulated walls and doors, especially for heat resistant. It’s special features maybe it’s heavy-duty door latches. Because it’s durable materials ensure you can use it any situation without losing heat and smoke.

And for its four legs, you can stand it anywhere. So if you have a very small place in your home you can choose this small budget electric smoker. Even it can be ideal for outdoor camping or traveling. Because it is very lightweight and portable only for its two side handles.

For cooking your different fish, vegetables, and meet it has durable four smoking racks with a removable wood chip tray. And its hassle-free wood chips ensures you’ll get delicious and perfect meals. Even it’s locking latch glass door ensures the smoke will never get out from the smoker. However, this Char-Broil analog electric smoker is a great machine for those who want a variety of meats for a small family or a group. It’s convenient to cook and easy to operate.

  • Portable smoker for camping
  • All beginner-friendly
  • Removable wood chip tray
  • Large smoking capacity
  • Stainless steel locking latch door
  • Easy and portable side handle
  • Double-wall, insulated construction

  • It doesn’t comes with any digital control system to maintain temperature and smoke

05. Weber Smokey Mountain Best Smoker For The Money


Compact design, premium feature, with the cheapest price. It is a 14-inch charcoal black smoker made from Weber. It is one of the top-rated smoker for the money. Because already more than two thousand people are happy with this smoker. Maybe it has no electric digital control but you can use it very easily. Its two cooking grates wide space for smoking large meat items. And the silicon temperature grommet especially for monitoring the interior temperature of the smoker.

The Weber Smokey Mountain is really the best portable smoker. Because it has a very special handle on the top with the lids so that so you see your food cooking situation. And its rust-resistant metal legs will fit in any situation. It comes with very easiest fuel door that you can easily open for loading charcoal or wood. But hopefully, this black smoker produces the heat very widely so that your all items cook perfectly and you get the real taste.

I will say those who are interested in the outdoor journey with friends and family. And if they can’t manage the electricity so this Weber smokey mountain smoker can be an ideal choice for them. Because anywhere and any situation they can use it without a big problem if they have enough fuel that means wood or charcoal. It is really a great machine that will serve you professionally and it is one of the best smokers under 300 dollars. So with a limited budget, you’ll get a premium quality portable smoker that you can use at your home or outdoor.

  • Portable and durable
  • Very nice black design
  • Plated steel strong cooking grates
  • Rust-resistant metal legs
  • Comes with a lid thermometer
  • Top-rated and affordable

  • No digital control system

06. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker


When you want the best smoker under 300 dollars so Dyna-Glo vertical offset charcoal smoker can another smart choice for you! Especially it comes with different sizes and features that you can check and choose which will be better for you? And for protecting this smoker from rain and dust it has a very beautiful black Dyna-Glo premium cover.

Dyna Glo smart smoker comes with a premium temperature indicator. And it has a very wide 1176 square inch cooking space. You’ll be happy to know this professional offset smoker can cook almost 80 LBS of meals at once. Probably this feature makes it really different than other backyard bbq smokers. Even not only that this smoker dual doors ensure no heat will lose when you add more charcoal or wood. That means it is really a commercial-grade smoker that anyone can use for delicious fried.

This top-rated competition bbq smoker has rally very large cooking space. Because it has super durable six adjustable cooking racks there you can cook vegetables, meat, or a full chicken. Surprisingly it has a better charcoal chamber for ideal burn efficiency.

And for maintaining actual temperature and flavor it featured with stainless steel temperature gauge with maintenance “Smoke Zone” indicator. If you really love BBQ so just purchase and load your all favorite foods. And then after a few minutes open the door and see the new delicious BBQ world. It is really the best bbq smoker for the money. So why are you waiting for the old smoking system, try something new and different?

Dyna-Glo have very high quality affordable grill for home and outdoor party. You may also read the best gas grills under 300 dollars.
  • Offset design for large cooking space
  • Extremely top-rated and affordable
  • Dual door design with charcoal and wood tray
  • It has a very strong carrying handle and four legs
  • Easy temperature gauge to ensures you the right temperature
  • It is water-resistant and comes with Dyna-Glo premium cover

  • The thin box metal can create an issue in winter

07. Smokehouse Big Chief Best Price Electric Smoker


This is the USA made affordable electric smoker which is come from Smokehouse. And this company has a large history since 1968. After many straggling, they have become a great company from “Little Chef To Big Chef”  This is a 450-watt big chef smoker that includes five grilling racks. And this special machine can cook more than 50 LBS of meat or fish once. So if are you ready for a big barbeque party, so it would be the best backyard bbq smoker for you!

It is really a great machine for a big family or meat enthusiast. It includes top load version removal different racks that allows you can load your grills in your home kitchen and another one-trip rack transport for outdoor parties. This big chef electric smoker non-adjustable heating element produces 165 degrees Fahrenheit of heat for slow cooking. Because of that, you’ll get the perfect smoked flavor of fish, meat, or chicken.

This big chef smokers everything are removable that’s why you can clean all racks, and water pan very easily after each cooking. And it has a perfect recipe book there you can see a lot of dishes and cooking instructions. Probably it will be really very helpful for new cooks.

Another free 1.75 pounds of bag Chunks hickory wood fuel that will add more smoked smell. It is really a very lightweight and portable smoker. Even its lowest price makes it the best electric smoker under 200 dollars. So if you love smoked foods so it will be a good match for you!

  • Made in the United States
  • Free cooking instruction book with 1.75-pound of bag wood chips
  • Dishwasher safe super durable drip pan
  • Aluminum construction for outdoor use
  • Easy to use and cleaning
  • Smoke up to 50 LBS of meat or fish

  • No better temperature control

08. Bradley BTDS108P 990223 Digital 6 Racks Electric Smoker


If you have a smart budget so it is an ideal smoker for you. Because it is one of the best electric smokers under 500 dollars. And if you look at the first time so you’ll think it is a large size of fridge. But it is an ideal machine for smoked food. It is made from very high-quality materials, and it has 6 Bradley digital interior cooking racks.

Especially its digital control for temperature, time, and smoke. And the blue display is very attractive than other electric smokers. It’s multiple cooking racks for fried meat, vegetables, pork, chicken, and fish. Which are very durable and easy to setup. It can provide more than 8 hours of smoke, and it can create up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit temperature for perfect cooking.

It is really very large size, cooking smoker. Because it is 33-inch long and 24-inch wide with a large smoked area which is enough to fry a lot of meat and other foods. This smoker has different wood chips. Because it has a very special rounded wooed chips that create a nice smoked smell. It doesn’t matter where you’ll use it? Because within 10 minutes you can install it. And finally, it will ready to serve you the best performance to taste the delicious fried meat or fish.

  • Fully digital temperature control
  • Everything is easy to install and setup
  • Easy adjustable 6 cooking racks
  • Up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit temperature
  • 500 smoking element watts
  • Fully insulated interior
  • Very beautiful and excellent performance

  • It is expensive than others. But it is a prime choice

09. Smokin-It “NSF” Certified Electric Smoker


This is an extremely durable electric smoker. Because it is built with stainless steel and its special design only for easy carrying. This certified smoker machine has a 120-volt single-phase. And its 400 watts of the heating element creates 100F to 250F degrees of temperature. It can cook more than 22- LBS meals at once. Maybe this professional electric smoker is a little bit expensive, but it is certified by “NSF” that’s why you can use it for your restaurants or home uses.

For the best-smoked cooking experience, this smoker has 3 stainless steel racks, smokebox, drip pan. And all cooking components are very easy to assemble and maintain. It has a very long 12-foot power cord that will help you for the long-distance cooking. And in the internal cooking space is insulated with fiberglass that ensures you’ll lose no heat for cooking.

This smoker has 4 wheels so that you can easily move it without big force. Especially its door is really very easy to open and close. But it is completely airtight so nothing worried about heating lose. And if you want to lift your smoker on the car it has a new side strong handle. Finally, I would like to say if you want a super durable and the best electric smoker under 400 dollars? So, of course it is a perfect choice for you!

  • 400-watt heating element with LED indicator light
  • Certified By NSF for commercial and home use
  • Wheels and handle for easy handling and carrying
  • Vey long power cord with convenient plugging
  • Very large smoke cooking capacity
  • Very high-quality stainless steel construction

  • No better sensor to maintain the temperature

10. Old Smokey Electric Inexpensive Grill Smoker


If you love smoked food and want to buy an affordable smoker? So you can choose it because Old Smokey is a best smoker under 300 dollars. But it is not a low-quality smoker. Because Its 1250 watt heating element can maintain heat level for perfect grilling. And it is very lightweight only 24 LBS and 15.5 x 15.5 x 29 inches of dimension. This compact electric smoker specially made for grilling fast and easy.

It could be the right choice for those who love fried turkey, chicken, brisket, porks or any kind of seafood. It is very easy and safe to use. Because this smoker controlled by a heat thermostat to help you set a wide variety of cooking times. And it adds suitable wood chips to enjoy different flavors. You’ll be very happy to know this electric smoker doesn’t require water. Because of this lid on the top seals that don’t lose moisture. So you can avoid use water.

This best budget electric smoker has multiple handles. These handles are specially designed with heat resistant materials to keep your hand safe and easy carrying. The smoker’s everything is very easy to assemble and you can remove all cooking materials for maintenance and cleaning. Maybe it looks very simple, but it has a better mechanism, higher durability, cheapest price, and better carrying option. It can be a great choice for new cooking enthusiasts or professionals. And it is all user budget-friendly. Because it is a best smoker under 200 dollars. So you can start your cooking with it.

  • Very small and easy to use
  • Simple startup and easy to assemble
  • You can use anywhere you want
  • Great quality and affordable
  • Controlled by a thermostat with 2 cooking grids
  • No require water and easy to  clean

  • The smoker gets hot very quickly when in use

How You Should Choose The Best Smoker for The Money?

best smoker for the money

When you interested in smoked foods and want to buy a smoker for backyard or outdoor parties. So, of course, you need the best quality smoker that would be electric or charcoal. And many people find the best smoker under 300 to 500 dollars. It is really a smart budget to buy an ideal electric smoker or charcoal smokers.

But before buying an expensive smoker you should know some features. Because everyone finds the best one for the last longer uses without any complication. So let’s see which thing you should consider and which is the best smoker for the money?

Temperature Control

Temperature control is very important for electric and other smokers. Because some smokers don’t have a better control panel. But it really helps to set up the temperature and time. Some professionals can handle which smokers haven’t any digital control system. But if are you a beginner or want to love easy cooking setup? So you should choose a smoker which has a digital temperature control system. For this system I prefer only a blue LED control system. Because in daylight you can see the display very clearly.

Cooking Area

Actually, it will depend on you. Because if you have a lot of members for eating smoked foods, so you should choose the smoker that has a large cooking area. Especially if you want to fry at once a lot of meat, fish, seafood, and vegetable so large smokers are best for you! For the large cooking area, you can choice Bradley Smoker 6 racks digital smoker. Because its large cooking space there you can cook a lot of meals.

Great Quality And Multiple Grates 

When you invest your earned money on grill smoker so you have to choose the right one that will serve you for a long time. Some smokers don’t work perfectly in winter. Because it needs a long time for heating. But above I have listed some smokers that have stainless steel which is completely corrosion resistant.

And nevertheless stainless is a very premium quality material so any cold season can’t damage it. And which smokers have multiple cooking racks so you have a great opportunity for cooking different foods using different racks. Because if you have pork, beef, fish, vegetable, chicken so you can easily use multiple racks.

Dimensions And Weight

Portability is not very important who use their smoker at home. But it’s very important those who love travel and like to taste outdoor smoked food. And most of the time they carry their smoker with them. Some smokers are very heavy to lift and very big. But the dimension depends on you.

If you have a very small family so you can prefer a small size smoker. Especially big size smokers have a big hight and width. But if I talk about the weight so under 50 pounds of smokers are ideal for carrying anywhere.

Easy Assemble

If are you a newbie on smoking and if you don’t know how to set or assemble all the racks and other components? So you should avoid some smokers which are very difficult to set up. But especially most electric smoker hasn’t this trouble. Because of their all racks, water pan, and wood chips even the temperature control is very easy to setup. And only assemble is not enough. Because you should look at how you can remove them from the smoker for cleaning? You should keep in mind assemble and cleaning is a big part of smokers.


Some electric and charcoal smokers have long legs. And other some smokers have very strong wheels. That’s why you can move your smoker without a big force. Even some smokers have a very special heat resistant durable handle. So if any smoker has wheels in the legs and handles to lift so you can move it very fast if the weather is bad.

Conclusion On The Best Smoker Under 300 Dollars

People love smoked meat, fish and chicken! But when they’re interested in fry at home then need the best smoker. There are many kinds of smokers are available in the market. But electric and charcoal smoker is one of the most popular. The electric smoker would be expensive than charcoal but it is very easy to use.

For buying the smoker the budget is very important. Because it can reach up to 500 dollars. But in this best smoker under 300 dollars reviews post, I have collected some electric and charcoal smoker that anyone can purchase for backyard, home, restaurants, or outdoor smoked food party. But actually it will depend on you and your budget which is the best smoker for you?

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