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Best Skinning Knife Reviews With Buyer’s Guide In 2020

Deer skinning is really so exciting hobby! isn’t it? But after killing a Deer or other animals need the best skinning knife to prepare for getting the meat. So that perfect deer skinning knives are really so much important! Because a super sharp skinning blade will make your job so much easier!

But only some professional hunters can identify the best quality skinning knives which can be used for deer. Because they have already used it for many large skinning games. Also skinning and cleaning is the most important part of any hunting. But it will be successfully done when you have a super-sharp knife that is perfect for skinning.

Best Skinning Knife Reviews

If you are a beginner, and willing to buy a good skinning deer hunting knife? So you should know some features of it. Today through this best skinning knife reviews post I will introduce the best quality knife for skinning the Deer. Because skinning and cleaning are very important for the large hunting game. And for skinning any deer you can’t use other knives that are made for another work.

If you use a super sharp small blade, so that will help you for perfect skinning. And dull knife does not perform well. So, after many hours of research, I have listed the top-rated skinning knives that are very easy to use and very affordable to purchase. And you will know through this post which knife you can use for long-lasting with a rust resistance blade. So let’s begin!

01. Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger Full Tang Skinning Knife


The Old Timer is a very popular and trustworthy knife making company Since 1904. And the 152OT Sharpfinger full tang fixed blade skinning knife is one of the great inventions of their company. So how it is if you get a super sharp lightweight fixed blade? Probably there are no people who can’t miss this opportunity! Also, it has 7 inches (18cm) overall length by 3.3 inches (8.4 cm) super sharp blade. And its weight is only 3.1 ounces for perfect balance.

Strong blade material is also very important. And so that, they have used reliable perfect 7Cr17MoV and high Carbon S.S with user-friendly saw cut handle slabs. The concave spine toward the handle provides a perfect thumb or forefingers rest. So that will increase the leverage and maximum blade control. If you really looking for the best skinning knife, so it’s a great match for you! Because from deer skinning you can use it for any other outdoor chores.

And this knife company thinks about their customer safety, they provide a protecting chestnut brown fitted leather sheath. And this perfect carrying sheath designed only to easily slide over any belt. So confidently the blade will not slip with the security of the heel. Finally, it might be a great decision if you hunting with the Old Timer full tang best skinning knife. That will help you with outdoor activities as well as skinning. And for proper maintaining, you can use the knife sharpening stone kit. So that the knife will give you superior performance for your next uses.

  • Perfect fixed blade for fishing, hunting, and surviving
  • High-quality materials 7Cr17MoV and S.S Carbon
  • The perfect brown leather belt sheath
  • Comes with affordable price
  • Handsome design with comfortable large handle

  • No Gut hooks system available in this knife

02. Buck Knives 113 Ranger Deer Skinning Knife


Are you really love the best skinning knife? So this knife can change your hunting experience. Because there is no hunting knife company who can compare their blade with the Buck 113 ranger skinning Knife. They provide a beautiful luxury design, high materials, and ensure long-lasting use. Buck 113 Ranger skinning knife is a very common name for professional hunters. And Buck knife brands are very trustworthy in the USA. And it would be the best hunting knife for deer hunters! Because this knife specially made only for hunting.

The 113 Ranger skinning knife comes with 7-1/4 inches overall length and 3-1/8 inch blade. Also, Buck ensures the best metal for their knives with Buck’s own expert. And they used 420HC high carbon steel for this beautiful skinning knife instructed by Paul Bos.

That will ensure long-lasting durability. And there is nothing worried about your blade rusting. Because it’s great edge retention, and that is corrosion resistance. Probably it’s one of the best skinning knives in the world which is perfect for Deer skinning game. The beautiful design and versatility give you really an excellent skinning experience.

And this Ranger 113 skinning hunting knife has a luxurious natural wooden handle. Which is has taken one step forward than other common skinning knives. Because the American Walnut handles with perfect Brass Bolster fits that will feels comfortable in your hands.

And it has Black Leather Sheath with a compact belt loop that allows to carry on your belt for easy access. There are a lot of best skinning knives available in the market. But it is not a common knife which you are thinking about. Definitely, it is a very rare and beautiful skinning knife, which is enough to make you happy!

  • 420HC high carbon blade
  • Beautiful natural wooden handle
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Black leather sheath
  • Good looking classic knife
  • Comes with affordable price

  • It’s not an ideal choice who wants a longer blade

03. Folding Utility Cable & Deer Skinning Knife By Klein Tools


Do you love folding skinning knife or utility knives that you feel good to use? So this a great choice for you! The Klein Tools comes with folding utility knives, especially for outdoor use. And this trustworthy old company making premium quality professional grade tools since 1857. And now they are a very biggest and populated knife and tools manufacturers in the United States.

Many people don’t know how to sharpen a hunting knife? But fortunately, this knife comes with some extra features that will relieve you of sharpening anxiety. Because you can change the blade when it needs sharpening. This knife specially designed for cable skinning, but you can use it for small or medium deer hunting games. Because with this folding knife you’ll enjoy all kinds of skinning without required sharpening. The replacement heavy-duty hawkbill blades made from superior quality 440A stainless steel.

This professional folding utility skinning knife has a rubberized handle. That will give you the best comfortable feel and perfect grip; so nothing worried about slipping from hands. And the replaceable blade holds very safely by a captive screw. This knife thumb stud for easy opening and the knife perfect clip for easy and secure carrying. It’s really a great tool for both cable and deer skinning, without spending large money.

  • Best sharpest knife for various outdoor use
  • You can easily replace this skinning knife blade
  • Separately, you can purchase the blade (2-inch and 2.5-inch)
  • Using thumb stud which allows, you can open it with your one hand
  • Pocket clip keeps knife readily available

  • This is better for cable skinning. But you can use outdoor skinning very smoothly

04. Mossberg Fixed Blade Skinning Knife With Gut Hook


The Deer Gut hook knife is one of the most popular skinning knives for small or medium hunting game. Because Gut hook knives have a great opportunity, those other knives haven’t it! Most of the time you need an extra knife while you gutting. It’s really simple the gutting, just hook it to the underbelly of the deer and need to pull. But if you going first time skinning so off-course you have to know the right way how to properly skin a wild creature.

The Mossberg knife company has made a fixed blade special deer skinning knife that has a gut hook feature. This is all hunter’s first choice, to use a Gut hook knife. This finest knife has a small 3-1/2 inch blade. And that is made from premium stainless steel. And that is designed only using for several times without sharpening. This knife blade is also featured an Anti-Glare finish. Which makes the real sharpness and rust-free blade for long-lasting use without losing cutting power.

And another good side of this knife, is much lighter and shorter than many other hunting knives that make it very easy to handle. And it includes a good looking black Mossberg knife sheath. That built to handle the demands of serious hunters and makes it a safe carrying.

This popular knife beautiful design and unique shape make it the perfect skinning tool for the deer with ease than the other larger skinning blade. And when you come to purchase a gift for outdoorsman or hunters; you can’t go wrong with this perfect skinning knife. Not only that another good reason of this beautiful knife good which makes it a perfect gift box for Friends Birthday or Anniversary! And never feel worried about the price, because it’s one of the best deer skinning knives for the money!

  • Gut hooks feature
  • Finger hole for better grip
  • Small size and very lightweight
  • Comes with black Mossberg knife sheath

  • Very small size handle

05. Benchmade 15016 Hidden Canyon Best Skinning Knife For Deer


This gorgeous knife has built only for Hunt. So off-course you should put this full-tang, fixed blade with your others hunting knives collection. This knife is made from Benchmade company who is the familiar name of the hunting gear industry. Because this is one of the most popular U.S.A knife manufacturers. And Benchmade is a confidential name who also rushed for Deer skinning knives. This small knife has a very sharp blade. Because that’s made from “CPM-S30V STEE” for maximum edge retention and corrosion resistance. So there is nothing worried about the blade performance.

However, through only the best knife handles, it’s possible to get a perfect grip. And the best side of this Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016 Knife has a beautiful looking stabilized wooden handle. And that made from durable composite material; which is far better than other wood. That will very perfectly fit in your hand when you go for skinning or any outdoor chores. This knife comes with a well sharpen blade but you can carry a small knife sharpener that you can use for your other knives.

This small fixed blade provides high enhanced stability when it uses. And this knife leather belt loop sheath for easy access, that will ensure the safe and secure carrying. Finally, it will good to say this slim, compact size, and lightweight beautiful design knife is perfect for your EDC blade collection.

If you use hunting and field dressing knife so you need portable sharpener. And you may read full reviews here which is the best sharpener for knife?
  • Manufactured in U.S.A
  • Knife blade built with CPM-S30V steel
  • Stabilized material wooden Handle
  • The full-tang fixed blade
  • Lanyard hole for versatile carry
  • Beautiful leather belt loop sheath

  • Price is little bit higher than other knives

How To Choice The Best Skinning Knife For The Money

best deer skinning knife for the money


Also, handle helps any knife user for perfect balance. Because maybe your knife is perfect for cutting. But your knife handle is not good for grip. Hopefully, today most field dressing, skinning knives have good handle curves and palm swells handle for perfect grip. Some rubber handles offer an excellent grip, but plastic and wood not so bad. Yet sometimes water may damage the wooden handles.


The perfect razor-sharp blade is very important when you skinning. Because other hunting knives can’t perform well while ready to do it. So of course, need a small but super sharpest blade. If you do not use the right skinning blade so you can’t penetrate deep into the flesh. Though today’s most field dressing or skinning knives are made from high-quality stainless steel and rustproof materials. That will give you a perfect skinning experience.


It’s not a great idea to use a large blade for skinning a deer. Because the large skinning knife is much difficult to handle. And small deer skinning knives perform better for any large or small hunting game. And a good reason most skinning blade is very less size than other hunting knives. So for just skinning the deer you should a lightweight small sharpest knife.


The sheath is very important especially for a fixed blade knife. Because it protects the blade and it ensures the knife for safe carrying. There are many types of sheaths are available in the market with different knives. They are some leather, plastic, and Kydex. Many people love leather and Kydex sheath because it’s very beautiful and tough. But it will better to say, the leather may damage in the wet conditions. But these are not mandatory, to use it’s your personal preference which you will feel good!


Deer hunting a great passion, if your country allows this! But without the best skinning knife others knives do not perform well for small or large hunting games. So off-course you should put the best skinning knife in your backpack before going the Deer hunt. Do you think, how you will find the ideal skinning blade? And the reason above, I have talked about the best field dressing skinning knife.

I hope this deer skinning reviews post will help you to choose the perfect blade for deer skinning. And in this post, you will get some razor-sharp knife whose no need to sharpen. Because of all kinds of knives made from high-quality professional-grade materials. Already I have mentioned there are some knives available that you can change the blade when it needs sharpening after a lot of use.

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