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Best Skinning Knife Reviews With Buyer’s Guide In 2020

If you are a hunter so maybe you know how important a knife for skinning. Because without the best skinning knife it would hard to gutting or field dressing. Your skinning knife might a folding or fixed blade. But you have to ensure your knives have enough sharp which will perform well. Especially deer skinning is one of the most exciting hobbies. But for this game, you can’t use any regular hunting knife.

Because they both are not the same and have a little difference. The hunting knife has a very long and thicker blade which would a little bit heavy and the skinning knife has a very small size blade with a razor-sharp edge. And this knife isn’t heavy and has a special narrow tip or featured a gut hook.

Best Skinning Knife Reviews

If are you interested to buy a good skinning knife? So you should know about it. Because there are a lot of knives for hunting and skinning, but you have to choose the best once for your hunting game. However, in this best skinning knife reviews, I have introduced some high-quality knives such as a folding knife, fixed blade knife, and a gut hook knife. Even surprisingly you’ll find some knife which doesn’t require any sharpening like, Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Blade.

Even personally I like this particular item. Because it is a very lightweight, portable, affordable, featured replaceable blade and very easy to use. And this knife especially made for skinning. But without it, you’ll discover some attractive models which can impress you. So let’s see which is the best knife for skinning?

01. Buck Knives 113 – Best Hunting Knife In The World

Best Value

If are you really looking for the best hunting knife? So this knife can change your hunting experience. Because perhaps, there is no hunting knife which you can compare with the Buck 113 ranger skinning knife. Every hunter will love this knife because it is durable, stylish, and comes with a good price range. If you really enjoy hunting so it would a perfect knife for deer hunting.

The 113 Ranger skinning knife comes with 7-1/4 inches overall length with a 3-1/8 inch blade. This beautiful knife specially engineered for the skinning game that’s why it has a narrow tip with a wide curved belly for smooth skinning. Also, Buck provides the best materials for all hunting knives. And for this special model, they used 420HC high carbon steel for rust and corrosion-resistant blade, and everything instructed by Bucks’s knife expert Paul Bos.

Its premium materials and highly engineering ensure great edge retention and longer durability.  Perhaps it is one of the best hunting knives in the world. Because a trustworthy name ensures everything when comes to talk about the performance. Its luxurious feel and versatility will give you really excellent hunting experience.

Best Overall

This Ranger 113 skinning hunting knife comes with a beautiful natural wooden handle. It gives the knife more attractive looks and offers the best comfort and grip. The American Ebony handles Brass Bolster makes it more durable and nicely fits in any hands.

For your easy carrying, it has Black Leather Sheath with an integrated belt loop that allows you can attach with your belt for easy access. There are a lot of good knives for hunting, but it’s different than others which you can use for yourself or give someone else as a nice hunting gift.

  • 420HC high carbon blade
  • Beautiful natural wooden handle
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Black leather sheath
  • Good looking classic design
  • Perfect for gift

  • The handle doesn’t allows 4 finger grip

02. Outdoor Edge – Best Deer Gutting Knife

Best Value

Sometimes finding the good quality deer gutting knife is a thoughtful work! Even it more difficult if you never used a hunting knife. And many people don’t know how to sharpen a hunting knife? So how is it when you get a replaceable hunting knife for dressing a deer which is very easy to use and carry? A good side of this knife, you can simply change the blade not the knife.

The Outdoor Edge company has produced a replaceable folding hunting knife with 3-inch Razor-Lite EDC 4 blades and 3.5-inches total 6 high-quality replaceable blade which is only 0.6mm thickness. And this outdoor edge folding deer gutting knife made from Japanese premium 420J2 stainless with hand-finished extreme shaving sharp for stain-free blades. So never feel worried about the blade sharpness and performance.

The user-friendly folding design which makes it extremely durable and portable without sacrificing the cutting power. And premium material makes it rust and corrosion resistance so feel free to clean it anytime. And after heavy uses just change the blade which is very easy through the push button and no tool required. It is really a perfect knife for hunting, (skinning and gutting) fishing, camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activities.

Best Overall

This lightweight deer skinning hunting knife has a sturdy Grivory handle with rubberized TPR inserts and the integrated pocket clip for easy carrying. However, this knife is not only for skinning but you can use this for other regular jobs as a great pocket knife. It’s available in multiple colors and a reasonable price.

  • Engineered for one-hand opening
  • Includes 6 high-quality blades
  • Very lightweight
  • Belt clip for easy carrying
  • Push-button for easy replaceable
  • Blade made from Japanese 420J2 stainless
  • Double molded Grivory handle  have rubberized TPR inserts

  • The blade get dull too fast

03. Elk Ridge – Best Deer Skinning Knife

Best Value

Are you looking for the best hunting knife for gutting deer? So Elk Ridge hunting knife set is a great surprise for you! This company manufacturing knife since 1982 and now they’re a big company in the United States. However, it comes with 2 high-quality blades one is a hunting knife and another one is a gut hook knife. It is really a beautiful hunting knife set available in the market.

The Elk Ridge comes with 2-piece (model ER-300CA) beautiful knife one is straight, and another one featured a Gut hook. And both items are ideal who spend a lot of time on bird or deer hunting. These knives are completely full-tang featured with a 7-inch straight blade which is perfect for skinning and 6-1/2-inch for gutting.

Both knives have been built with black 440 stainless steel and a blend of carbon to extend the edge retention and brighter look. The skinning knife has a trailing point shape and another Gut hook knife has a lanyard hole for easy carrying. Both blades are really very beautiful and it will catch the attention of everyone!

However, these knives only blades are not beautiful! Because they’re crafted with green Camo ABS handle. But only 7-inch straight skinner has finger grooves which allow affixing extra cordage. And Gut hook knife has the same handle material but it is a little bit shorter than another. But for the best grip, it has a special finger hole that ensures easy to control. Both knives have different sizes handle for different jobs. But Elk Ridge used the same material with a non-slip texture that ensures the best comfort and balance!

Best Overall

These premium deer hunting knives have great user-friendly black nylon dual carrying sheath for easy and safe carrying! Obviously these knives are much beautiful and it’s designed makes it different than other hunting knives. It’s a great opportunity to use the Elk Ridge hunting knives for the multipurpose hunting jobs like skinning and dressing. And its lowest price makes it more attractive so that anyone can purchase it as a perfect gift for Birthday or Anniversary.

  • Very beautiful design
  • The blade made from 440 stainless steel
  • Includes black nylon high-quality dual carrying sheath
  • Very Affordable
  • Manufacturer from the United States
  • Comes with Camo ABS handles for the best grip

  • The gut hook knife has a small handle,  but you can use the finger hole for a nice grip

04. KA-BAR BKR7 – Best Hunting Knife


For perfect hunting, if you want the best hunting knife under 100 dollars? So the KA-BAR BKR7 compact utility knife would an ideal purchase. Because it comes with a good price range, durability, longevity and nice looking. Even not only you can use it for hunting, as well as it can handle, camping, skinning and other outdoor activities.

It has a very attractive looking black blade which is made from 1095 Cor-Van steel for superior performance in any situation. And the blade is extremely super sharp because it’s super thin than others. Featured a long clip-point shape and 20-degrees angle edge for effortless cutting and slicing anything such as wood or bamboo.

KA-BAR all hunting knives have very special handle even in it. It has a glass-fiber-filled nylon handle which is extremely durable and it will fit in any large hand. With this knife, they provide high-quality Kydex nylon sheath that ensures you can carry it anywhere very safely. Especially this utility knife designed for soldiers and adventurers that’s why they made is very lightweight and sturdy. Maybe it would a little bit expensive, but it’s an ideal choice for the money.

  • Made from 1095 Cor-Van steel
  • Nice black blade wit clip point shape
  • Durable glass-fiber-filled nylon handle
  • Lightweight and very sturdy
  • Comes with Kydex nylon sheath

  • A little bit expensive than others

05. Gerber Vital 31-002736 – Best Field Dressing Knife


If you imagine in the last 10 years so you’ll see the surgical blade knives have become very popular. Because some knives are really very difficult to sharpen and it’s more difficult if they are folding knives. But here is no sharpening issue with this Gerber Vital folding knife.

This is not a single blade folding knife. Also, you can change the blade any time no need to change the knife. This folding knife overall length is 6.9-inch with the 2.8-inch exchangeable blade. It is very safe for cutting or skinning deer because it featured with EAB technology. Possibly the item would an ideal for those, who don’t know how to sharpen hunting knife?

This Gerber vital folding knife has a highly visual orange rubber handle. Because if you put the knife anywhere, so you’ll easily spot it for its brighter looks. The handles large finger choil and big width offer a solid grip and comfort. It is one of the safest folding knives available in the market for its smart Mash Exchange-A-Blade options. You can use this modern hunting knife season after season. And include your purchase you’ll get some free blades. That will perfect for large skinning or field-dressing game.

  • Super sharp surgical exchangeable blade
  • Safety switched push button
  • The highly visible orange rubber handle
  • Finger choil large width for solid comfort and grip
  • Very lightweight, safe and portable
  • Include 6 replaceable free blades

  • Not perfect for heavy-duty

06. Mossberg All in One – Best Gut Hook Knife For Deer


The deer gut hook knife is one of the most popular skinning knives for small or medium hunting game. Because Gut hook knives have some good opportunity, which is not in other knives! Most of the time you need an extra knife or tool during gutting. But if you carry this knife so it would help you for skinnings and gutting.

However, it’s not a very long size hunting knife. Because this is only 6 3/4 inches long with a 3-1/2 inch blade. It has really a very beautiful blade shape with Anti-Glare finish. And high-quality stainless steel ensures you don’t have to sharpen the blade regularly.

This beautiful knife is very lighter and shorter than other hunting knives so that anyone can handle it very easily. It has a very small size handle which is really beautiful and held securely with two screws. Whereas the handle is very small and not perfect for the four-finger grip. And for this, the blades have a finger hole so that you get a maximum grip for the best performance. And it includes a good looking black Mossberg knife sheath to build the professional hunters demand.

This knife is really a premium choice for hunting purposes. Because especially its build quality will impress any hunters and enthusiasts. Even when you go to purchase a gift for outdoorsman or hunters you can’t go wrong with this skinning knife. Because it’s would a perfect gift box for friends Birthday, Anniversary or who love hunting.

  • Gut hook feature
  • Finger hole for maximum grip
  • Small size and very lightweight
  • Comes with black Mossberg knife sheath

  • Very small size handle

07. Havalon Piranta Z – Comes With Extra Blades

Best Value

Havalon knife company has produced a beautiful large folding knife, especially for skinning and field dressing. There are many people loves the folding knife for skinning and gutting! Because it’s very easy to carry anywhere in a pocket or backpack without any carrying sheath.

This deer skinning knife comes with  2 ¾- inches blade with a blade replaceable feature and includes 12 extra blades. So why are you looking for an old hunting knife for skinning? So say Hello new generation Havalon Piranta Z hunting knife which will make your job easier.

All blades are extremely razor-sharp because they used surgical super-sharp 60XT stainless steel. That helps for effortless skinning and when you look the blade doesn’t work well just change it and add a new once for a fresh start. These crazy sharp blades are really an ideal choice for skinning or field dressing.

However, for best comfort and balance they used Blaze orange ABS plastic handle with rubber side panels for maximum grip and comfort. Maybe the handle is a little bit large than others which is 4.25-inches long but it will perfectly fit in any hands. This long handle includes multiple carrying options. Because it has a pocket clip and lanyard hole for easy access.

Well, while you skinning no need to feel worried about your safety. Because they engineered a “Liner lock safety” feature that means your knife will never close automatically! And it is very convenient to open just simply use your thumb stud for the fastest opening. After opening this knife it gets up to 5 inches long which is ideal for successful large skinning games.

Best Overall

You can use this knife season after season without any complication. Because there is no manual sharpening required. And when you finish your free blades you can easily purchase these blades for new skinning. Even if you are a new hunter and never used this kind of skinning knife? So it would be a great choice for you if you manage deer skinning by yourself. This knife beautiful looks and reasonable price makes it a perfect gift for friends and family even for other serious hunters.

  • Very lightweight
  • Rubber sided comfortable grip handle
  • Beautiful color with a user-friendly folding design
  • No need to sharpening
  • Surgical 60XT super sharpest blade

  • This knife pocket clip is not reversible
  • Not ideal choice for left-hand users

08. Benchmade 15016 – Best Deer Hunting Knife


This knife specially designed only for deer hunting and off-course you should put this fixed blade to your other hunting knives collection. This is a Hidden Canyon Hunter fixed blade knife that comes from most popular knife manufacturers Benchmade. I think if you are a professional hunter so maybe you are already familiar with this name.

This knife designed for various jobs such as hunting, skinning, camping, and many others. That’s why they used a different blade style which is made from American CPM-S30V steel. And the blade has a very wide belly with a drop-point shape which makes it very beautiful and versatile. After each uses you can clean the blade with warm water and a soft cloth and no worries about rust and corrosion.

This Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016 Knife comes with a beautiful looking handle that looks wooden. But actually it’s a composite handle which looks beautiful and far stronger than natural wood, even there is no damaging issue from water. But it will give you the same comfort like wood even handle has one finger groove for a superior grip.

This knife comes with a well sharpen blade but you can carry a small knife sharpener that you can use for other knives while need sharpening. This full tang blade has a very nice looking leather sheath and lanyard hole for versatile carrying options. This is really a nice tool for various jobs and provides enhanced stability which you can add with your EDC knife collection.

  • Manufactured in U.S.A
  • The blade made from CPM-S30V steel
  • Stabilized material wooden handle
  • Full-tang fixed blade
  • Lanyard hole for versatile carry
  • Comes with beautiful leather sheath

  • Price is little bit higher than other knives

09. Old Timer 152OT – Best Fixed Blade Hunting Knife


The Old Timer is a very popular and trustworthy knife making company Since 1904. And the 152OT Sharpfinger full tang fixed blade knife is an ideal choice, especially for skinning. Because it is very affordable, lightweight, super sharp, and has a special narrow tip. Also, it is 7 inches long with a  3.3 inches wicked sharp blade and extremely lightweight which is only 3.1 ounces for perfect balance.

They used 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel which makes it extremely durable and razor-sharp with a narrow field for effortless field dressing. It has a very small size saw cut handle that will perfectly fit especially in small hands. It is very durable because this is a full tang blade and the handle secured with nickel-plated compression rivets. The handle is a little bit curved to ensures the best comfort and grip.

If are you looking for the best affordable skinning knife so it would a perfect choice for you. Which you can use for hunting game or small outdoor chores. It comes with a protecting chestnut brown fitted leather sheath.

And it’s only designed for easy and safe carrying. Finally, I would like to say this is really very small and lightweight which you can use for various works or as a small EDC knife. If you maintain this small blade and sharpen properly then it will give you superior performance for a long time than an expensive blade.

  • Perfect fixed blade for fishing, hunting, and surviving
  • Made from high-quality materials 7Cr17MoV
  • The perfect brown leather belt sheath
  • Comes with affordable price
  • Super durable handle

  • It would hard to hold with a big hand

10. Klein Tools 44218 – Skinning Knife For Deer & Cable


Do you love folding skinning knife or utility knife? So this item would a perfect choice for you! The Klein Tools comes with folding utility knives, especially for deer and cable skinning. Many people don’t know how to sharpen a hunting knife? But fortunately, this knife comes with some extra features which will relieve you of sharpening.

Because it has a replaceable hawkbill blade which is made from 440A stainless steel. Use this folding skinning knife for a long session, while need sharpening just changes the blade and get back to the work. And for safe uses, they used a captive screw so that the blade doesn’t come out as long as you opened it.

This professional folding utility skinning knife has a rubberized handle with an official name. whereas this is a rubbery handle that’s why you’ll feel very comfortable and never slip from hands even in wet. And it featured a special Lockback mechanism that ensures it will never close suddenly. For opening the blade just use your thumb stud, and the handles has one side pocket clip for easy and secure carrying.

However, this knife specially designed for cable skinning, but you can use it for small or medium hunting games. Because with this folding knife you’ll enjoy all kinds of skinning without required sharpening. I would say it’s really a great tool for both cable and deer skinning, and no need to spend a hundred dollars to purchase.

  • Best razor-sharp knife for various outdoor use
  • You can easily replace the blade
  • Separately, you can purchase the blade (2-inch and 2.5-inch)
  • Using thumb stud you can open the blade
  • Pocket clip for easy and safe carrying

  • You need purchase blades separately

Types Of Skinning Knife

There are some different knives available for skinning. Especially three types of blades are very popular for skinning. These are fixed blade, folding blade, and Gut hooks. Here is a good example of them.

Fixed blade: The fixed blade is one of the most popular for hunting and skinning. Because they’re extremely durable and versatile which you can apply for different works. Even most professional hunters recommended the fixed blade, and it’s easy to sharpen on a good sharpening stone. And the fixed blade is easy to clean and especially that’s used for large hunting game.

Folding knife: Nowadays folding knife is popular especially for lightweight and compact design. They are very easy to carry and no need any extra sheath and some folding knives have blade changeable features. And surprisingly this kind of knife doesn’t require any sharpening.

Gut hooks: Gut hooks knives featured a hook for opening the animal’s abdomen without slicing organs. For this purpose, the knife featured a hook which is a part of skinning. And some gut hook knives have a small finger hole for maximum grip but would hard to sharpen.

How You Should Choice The Best Skinning Knife?

best deer skinning knife for the money


The perfect razor-sharp blade is very important when you skinning a deer. Because other hunting knives can’t perform well they have a different blade and edge. For perfect skinning need a small but super sharpest blade.

If you do not use the right blade so you can’t penetrate deep into the flesh. Though today’s most field dressing or skinning knives are made from high-quality stainless steel and rustproof materials. And some skinning knives have a special clip point blade and some have replaceable blade features that doesn’t require sharpening.


Also, handle helps knife user’s for perfect balance and comfort. Because maybe the knife is perfect for cutting but it’s not perfect for grip and balance. But nowadays, most field dressing and skinning knives have good handle such as wooden, plastic, rubber. Some rubber handles offer an excellent grip, but plastic and wooden handles are not bad. But sometimes water may damage the wooden handles. But you have to choose the best one which will never slip from your hand and you’ll feel comfortable.


It’s not a good idea to use a large blade for skinning a deer. Because the large skinning knife is difficult to handle. And small deer skinning knife performs well for any large or small hunting game. But actually size depends on your and your deer or other animals. Because a rabbit and deer skinning both are not the same. But most skinning knives are a little bit smaller than other hunting knives.


The sheath is very important especially for a fixed blade knife. Because it protects the blade and it ensures a safe carrying. There are many types of sheaths are available in the market with different knives, such as leather, plastic, and Kydex. Many people love leather and Kydex sheath because it’s very beautiful and durable. But the leather may damage in the wet conditions. But these are not mandatory to use, it’s your personal preference which one will good for you.


Deer hunting a great hobby, if your country allows this! But without the best skinning knife, you can’t use other knives for field dressing or gutting. So off-course you should put the best field dressing knife in your backpack before going the hunting. Do you think, how you’ll find the ideal skinning blade? Due to this reason above I have reviewed some knives which you can use for deer and other animals for skinning.

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