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Best Portable Blender Reviews And Buyer’s Guide In 2020

If you love to travel, morning exercise, camping, or hiking and you don’t want to sacrifice your health or smoothie then a blender can help you a lot. But a large blender is difficult to carry and it’s doesn’t work without electricity. Alternatively, you can choose the best portable blender. Because in a single-serve blender you’ll get everything like a big blender even they’re easy to set up and clean.

Even your lovely small blender easily you can put in your backpack or luggage. It’s really a space-saving gadget for traveling which specially made only for good health. And they’re available with a compact but durable design specially for carrying, and you can charge them through a USB charger. Most portable blenders are very reasonable than a large, even I would say you’ll get a lot of amazing blenders under $100.

Best Portable Blender Reviews

In this best portable blender reviews, I have collected the most top-rated and affordable blenders which are very compact, sleek design, durable, and super easy to use. If you really want to enjoy your drinks anytime and anywhere, so of course a small personal blender can play a vital role in your life to keep you healthy.

But before buying a portable blender how do you understand it will give you the best performance for a long time. Because in the market there are a lot of different manufacturers who have been making blender before and now.

But surprisingly in my reviews, I have explained everything that is very important for everyone and most people expected about it. Each product I have explained severally with their own advantage pros and cons so that you can easily understand which personal blender will be best for you! So without delay let’s see which is the best travel blender?

01. Ninja Master Prep – Most Powerful Blender


This is the most powerful blender in my best small blender list from Ninja. This is a very small blender, but it has a powerful 400-watt motor to blend frozen fruits into delicious smoothies, crushes ice into snow in a few seconds, or chops fresh ingredients. This Ninja food Processor is really an amazing addition for the kitchen, which you can use for making your regular drinks or give someone else as a gift!

It comes with a 400-watt power pod, pitcher splash guard, 48 ounce Pitcher, stacked blade assembly, 16-ounce chopper bowl, chopper splash guard, and chopping blade assembly. Surprisingly, you can quickly switch between 48-oz pitcher to 16-oz when you need smoothies or shakes only for yourself. And the pod features a smart one-touch pulse button for easy and ultimate control.

So the easy blending function means you can easily make your all favorite creamy smoothies, milkshakes, slushes, or other drinks in seconds. Because it has no difficult function which is hard to understand. With it, you can make any creamy or sticky meals but no worries to clean it. Because all removal parts are dishwasher safe, but you should carefully clean the blade because it’s very sharp.

  • 400-Watt blending power
  • One-touch pulsing button
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Stacked blade technology

  • The pitcher is not very durable

02. Hamilton Beach – Top Personal Smoothie Blender


If you want to carry your shakes or smoothie at the office, morning walk, even travel then the Hamilton Beach personal blender might a great purchase for you! Because it comes with a very compact design that means it doesn’t take a big space to store and 14 oz travel cup for blend and go. And it has some additional features which will catch your attention.

This blender is not only extremely affordable even it is one of the most top-rated blenders in my personal blender reviews. No need to spend tons of money on large blenders when one simple touch push button can do.

Because the Hamilton Beach single-serve blender has a very easy and simple on/pulse button. This allows you to make soft smoothies or drinks but it doesn’t matter which fruits or ingredients you choose to use. Make your favorite milkshakes, icy drinks, smoothies, and others which you really love.

Sometimes if you need to carry a blender for the long journey but you’re tired to carry extra cups then the Hamilton Beach portable blender would the right choice for you! Because it has an amazing detachable travel mug with a lid that means you can easily drink directly from the jar. Even it amazingly fits in most car holders. It’s really a fast and one-touch blender with an efficient 175-watt motor. You can use it for your home or office, even you can give it to your friends and family, of course, it will make them happy.

  • Efficient 175-watt motor
  • Compact design and BPA free
  • Comes with 14-ounce jar and lid
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Affordable and top rated

  • Less powerful motor

03. PopBabies P20 – Best Single Serve Blender


If you do hard work in your home or office, but why you’ll sacrifice your health when a portable small blender can give you a healthy life. This is another USB Rechargeable personal blender in my list that comes from PopBabies.

It can handle ice, seeds, nuts, even would be a good blender for frozen fruit. So why you’re worried to make your favorite shakes or smoothies if you’re not at home. Just carry it with you and make your favorite drinks when you want.

It has a 175-watt motor that can rotate approximately 22000 rpm and featured a 4000mAh battery. So that means if you fully charge it then it will run for a long time it doesn’t matter where you’re traveling. Even it can blend while it charging and this feature really likes a plug-in blender.

However, you don’t have to worry about its quality. Because it’s built with Food Grade material and it is BPA free FDA, CE and RoHS approved. This is a great blender for worldwide traveling or it would be a lovely gear for campers, students, fitness, or yoga fans.

  • 175-watt motor base
  • 4000mAh battery
  • 304 Stainless steel blade
  • Free ice cube and tray
  • BPA Free, FDA, CE & RoHS approved

  • Never use it to make bullet-proof coffee

04. OBERLY Mini Blender – BPA Free & FDA Certified


Sometimes a small blender can give a large blender result. For example, the OBERLY blender can deliver 10-12 cups of delicious smoothies or other drinks per charge. So why you’ll spend more than $100 on a blender when you’re getting an affordable and versatile juicer machine. And this battery-operated blender you can easily charge from your laptop, power bank, or car charging point. Within 2 or 3 hours it will get fully charged.

It has a 175-watt motor with 2000mAh Lithium battery for last longer performance and 304 stainless steel 6 blades for effortless crushing ice and blending fruits and veggies. You can make you and your friend’s all favorite recipe but it will never disappoint you. And it does not take too much space to store in your kitchen, even the carrying bag or luggage. So why you’ll carry a large blender or multiple mugs?

However, When nothing is important than your health so why you’ll sacrifice your daily protein? Everywhere carry this lightweight small blender even your college, gym, office, evening, or morning walk. Just put your favorite fruits and use the push button then it will give you the most delicious and creamy smoothies, protein shake, and other drinks whatever you like. After each use, you can easily clean it but no need to remove all parts. But never use extremely hot water which can damage the pitcher.

  • BPA free and FDA certified
  • 2000mAh USB Rechargeable battery
  • Includes ice tray and a detachable cup
  • 304 stainless steel blade
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It can serve 10/12 cups per single charge

  • It might take more than 1 minute to blend frozen fruits or crushing ice

05. Maxi-Matic EPB-1800 – 17 Piece Set


With the lowest budget, it would be a great collection of those who need different blending parts for blending different ingredients or for serving. Because this is a 17 piece personal blender that might catch any protein shake or smoothie lover. This affordable versatile blender comes with a great number of cups and lids, two types of blades, and different other parts.

Many people want an affordable and small portable blender but with that, they want to blend all tough ingredients like nuts, herbs, ice, and others. Surprisingly this Elite blender can handle all because it has a powerful motor and 2 different stainless steel blades. That you can easily change for frozen fruits or making sauces or other liquids.

Its 16 oz drinking cups, 16 oz blending cups, and one 8 oz grinder cup means you make any drinks whatever you like or your friends. And each cup featured very comfortable foam grips that ensure you can strongly hang the cup while you are moving. Another spill-proof travel lid, anti-slip rubber feet, and simple one push-button everything makes it very convenient, and versatile. If you are really looking for the best individual blender, then it might an excellent purchase for you.

  • Comes with 17 piece blending parts
  • Powerful 300-watt motor
  • All parts are BPA free
  • Spill-proof travel lids
  • Non-skid rubber feet ensure stability

  • Containers are plastic they might crack with hot liquids

06. BELLA 13330 – Personal Size Rocket Blender


You know smoothies are a great way to get all the nutrients and fibers from your fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. It’s a delicious way to enjoy your breakfast and best of all, it’s quick and easy. The Bella Rocket blender comes with 12 separate pieces including 700-watt motor. 8 oz and 5 13.5 oz BPA free blending tumblers, 1 blending blade, 1 grinding blade 2 storage lids, 2 lip ring, and 2 shaker tops.

With its powerful 700-watt motor blending blade for making delicious smoothies, and the grinding blade for making your own spices or coffee. The Rocket blender is the bee’s knees of multifunctional blenders and at an unbeatable price to boot.  In a nutshell, simply toss your ingredients into the cup, twist on your blade of choice sync to the base, and blend like a champ. When it’s done twist off from the base and enjoy.

And all pieces are dishwasher safe for quick cleanup. Or simply take your smoothie to go its 13.5 oz tumbler and comfortable sip lid. Bella’s Rocket blender makes blending a cinch, give a try for yourself, and blend the best out of a blend situation.

Finally, I would say the Bella available with different kitchen products such as slow maker, large air fryer, coffee maker, toasters, electric kettles, espresso machines, and juicer. So choose the right one which you really need as well as blender.

  • 700-watt power base
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • 2 different blades
  • 5 blending tumblers

  • Not available any pulse option

07. La Reveuse – Best Travel Blender


Perhaps the La Reveuse travel blender is the most beautiful blender on my list. Because it comes with a very unique design and attractive silver color that makes it more gorgeous which can take the attention of anyone. Any smoothie lover can pick this great portable blender in a gym bag or travel bag or would a great choice for the office.

It’s very compact but very powerful because it has a 300 watt motor with 4 Leaves high-speed stainless steel blade to mix any normal or frozen fruits. Not only that also crush ice, vegetables, even carrot, or your other favorite ingredients.

Its 2 travel bottles mean you can carry it with your favorite drinks no need to change the bottle just blend and drinks from the same bottle. Surprisingly it features a pulse technology like an expensive blender. Simply put your vegetable or fruits into the bottle and push down the cup and less than 15 seconds it will give your favorite and healthy drinks.

It has two 18 oz BPA free blending bottles, 2 x Sip & Seal travel lid, 1 x Blade attachment, and a user guide to give you the right instruction. Hopefully, it has very smart overheating prevention and automatic function maybe these features are not available in other small portable blenders. This blender is really very easy to use with one simple twist and easy to clean with only water.

  • 300 Watts of power
  • All parts are BPA-free
  • Overload protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Available in different colors and design

  • Don’t use your hand to clean the blade

08. Tenswall 380ML White – Battery-Powered Blender


Many people spend money on a blender to make baby food. But this Tenswall small blender can make food for baby, green fruit smoothie, juice, milkshake, protein shake, and others. You can carry this battery-powered blender at the office, gym, college even for outdoor activities. Because it has a 4000mAh rechargeable battery and a single charge can give you more than 15 cups of juice or smoothies.

Its powerful different 6 stainless steel blades for fast mixing of fruits or vegetables so that less than 20 seconds you get your desire result. Because the blades rotate around 22000 rpm and it operates a tiny 120W motor.

Maybe this motor power is not so high, but it’s enough for this small blender. When you need a cup of smoothies or milkshake just load your ingredients into the bottle and a simple double click can give one cup of healthy drinks.

It has a great self-cleaning feature like my other models. You just need to put some clean water into the bottle, then press the button like blending. But never use your finger into the bottle during the motor working. The blending cup is made from food-grade non-toxic material so nothing worried about its quality. Start your day with a healthy juice or smoothies with TENSWALL portable blender.

  • 4000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Simple one-touch push button
  • Great battery performance
  • Available with a travel lid
  • The cup built with food-grade and non-toxic material

  • Does not have much capacity

09. Ayyie Multifunctional – Best Personal Blender

Many people think a small blender won’t give very soft and textured smoothie and protein shakes. They think only large and expensive blenders can serve better, that’s why they spend a lot of money on a large blender. Even if you think it, then the Ayyie personal blender might a great example for you, how a small blender can give the most effective result like an expensive large blender.

This personal blender made from very safe food grade PP and high Borosilicate glass, even it’s BPA free and non-toxic. These safe materials mean you can make any drinks for you, friends, or for a baby. It has a very convenient Bipolar charging with USB so that you can easily charge this blender from your Laptop, Car, or power bank.

Its Rechargeable 2000 mah battery (2 pieces) when you get fully charged then it can give you 10 to 15 cups juice. And its small 6 SUS304 stainless blades can pulverize all fruits. But your every ingredient has to cut very small sizes less than 1-inch for the best result.

It’s super easy to use just a simple double click is enough to make your favorite drinks. And surprisingly it features an auto shut off function. After 50 seconds it will automatically shut down and then you have to restart again if needed. After each use, you can clean the blender very easily with water, no need to remove all parts but don’t start it without water or any ingredients.

  • 2000 mAh two batteries
  • Auto shut off function
  • Built with safe food-grade material
  • The different indicator flashes light
  • Includes travel lid
  • Easy to use and clean

  • Maybe it’s perfect only for fruit or ice

10. Mialoe 380ml Blender – Rechargeable Blender


Here is another small juicing matching in my best personal blender list from Mialoe. That would be a great collection for office workers, college students, and travelers. Because it works from a 2000mAh rechargeable battery that you can easily charge from your regular gadget like Phone, Laptop, or Car via its USB port. Especially its travel lid makes it more convenient for carrying.

It’s very easy to use even any kid can handle this. Because it has a simple push-button and for mixing your fruits and other ingredients it has six blades in 3d. But I would say for the best result you should cut your fruits into small pieces and use an ice tray to make a small ice bar.

There are a lot of good portable blenders that create heavy sound. But surprisingly the Mialoe doesn’t create heavy noise, and it’s available at an unbeatable price. The reasonable price would be perfect for low budget users or for college students who are still not earning.

This mini blending machine features a smart safety protection device. That means it will automatically shut off if overloaded with fruits. For cleaning, you can remove the cup’s body and bottom, or use clean water then start it for 15 to 20 seconds. Finally, I would say make your all favorite drinks with Mialoe portable blender to keep yourself healthy even it can make baby food.

  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly PP & ABS material
  • BPA free & available in different colors
  • Six blades in 3d for mixing
  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Features a smart safety protection device

  • Very small juicing capacity

Why A Portable Blender Is Important?

Stay healthy: Everyone love traveling or some people do hard work at the office or gym. Than regular foods, green smoothies, and milkshakes can fulfill your body calories. And a portable blender can give you this opportunity to keep you healthy! You can carry the whole blender or just carry the bottle. Because most blenders have a very compact bottle with travel lid that you can pick in your bag or luggage.

Save money: At the end of a hard working day, no one feels better to eat their dinner. Due to this, many people spend a lot of money on street food which can make anyone sick. But a glass of green smoothie or protein shake can fulfill your body vitamins and minerals instead of dinner which you don’t like to eat. And after drink one glass of protein shake no need to spend money on other foods. Because smoothie or shakes will keep you healthy and prevent all disease.

Enjoy everywhere: A large blender means you have to use it at home but a personal portable means you can enjoy your healthy drinks anytime and anywhere. I Would say, for only a blender why you’ll sacrifice your health? Because you don’t have to carry any plug or other different cups. The most portable pocket-size blender comes with a rechargeable battery and a single charge can make 15 to 20 cups juice or smoothie. Even you don’t need any extra cup just blend and drink from the same bottle.

How You Should Choose The Best Portable Blender?

personal smoothie blender

Before buying a portable blender you should consider some features. Because of a personal portable especially for carrying. So you should choose those blenders which you’ll feel free to carry. And it will serve you anywhere to keep you healthy. However, here are some features which you should consider so that you can enjoy your drinks anytime and anywhere.

Motor Power

The motor power is very important for every large and small blender. Because a powerful motor can crush ice even frozen fruits very quickly. But a lower motor cannot do the job and take more time and give only non-textured smoothie even shakes and no one likes those drinks. So well power is very important especially if you wish to blend something tough like ice, seeds, nuts, or other ingredients.

In the market, you’ll get a lot of different blenders with different motors. You’ll get 150-watt motor to 400-watt motor in a portable personal blender. But for a single-serve portable blender, only 150w to 200w is enough to make your all favorite drinks.

And high powered blender would be a little bit expensive than low powered. So before buying make you have a smart budget. But in here my opinion is the portable blender is very affordable than other regular blenders.

Battery capacity

Most portable blenders work with a rechargeable battery, so battery capacity is another important factor for single-serve portable blender. But I would say portable blender has a great feature that you can charge anywhere if you have a regular gadget like, Laptop, Powerbank even it works with a Car Mobile charging port.

However, most portable personal blenders available with 2000mAh battery and up to 4000mAh. But before buying you should look at which blender provides the best performance. Because some blender’s battery can get fully charged in just 2 or 3 hours. And a single charge can give you up to 15 cups juice or other drinks whatever you. So good battery power can give you more extra drinks when you don’t have any device to charge your blender.

Number of to-go cups

A single folk may not want to carry a lot of different cups when only a single bottle or cup is enough. But if you’re interested in making morning smoothie for your family then one cup each person might be nice. So you should choose a personal blender that comes with different bottles with go-to lids. But actually it’s your personal preference how many people you want to serve with a blender.

Bottle size

A portable blender means the bottle will be very small so that you can carry it anywhere. And for drinking no need any extra bottle even cup, just blend and drink from the same bottle. But a bigger blending bottle means you can make more than one cup smoothie at the same time or you have to blend again. But if you interested to share your smoothie or juice with your friends or family then a little bit big size bottle would be great for you!

Cleaning option

Personal portable blenders are very easy to clean by hands or their own cleaning feature. Most portable blenders you can remove all parts for cleaning. But only for cleaning the blade, you should handle it very carefully.

Because small blender’s blades are very thin and super sharp because they are made from 404 stainless steel. But I would say stay safe and use the blender self-cleaning feature. Just put clean water into the bottle and then start it for 15 seconds, no need to remove the hole blender for washing.


best travel blender

 Can I travel with a portable blender?

Yes, you can travel anywhere in a car or plane and you can carry a blender with you. But a travel blender is a little bit different than regular blenders. Because it’s very compact so that you can put it anywhere like a travel bag or luggage. And you should use the cordless blender. Because you can charge it via a small USB port from your Laptop, Car, and power bank.

What is the best travel blender?

For this question, I would say all small blenders are good for traveling. But you should avoid large blender even extra cups and bottles. Because you can blend and drink from the same bottle and, those extra parts are really very difficult to carry. But actually it’s your personal preference which blender you want to carry? But only for personal use the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender might a great purchase. Because it’s affordable, beautiful, and very compact which is perfect for traveling.

What is a good power range to crush ice?

You’ll get a personal blender with 150 watts and up to 500 watts. But a 150w blender can crush ice and other toughest ingredients like seeds, nuts, or frozen fruits. Because small personal blender has various blade designs to give soft and textured smoothie and protein shake even sauces.


Every people love to travel and their health. But sometimes for the long traveling, the human body doesn’t get proper vitamins and minerals. In the outdoor, you’ll never get a healthy smoothie very easily. Because you need a blender to make your favorite drinks. But the question is only for a personal blender why you’ll sacrifice your health?

Think about all travelers I have collected 10 best portable blenders which you can carry anywhere. Because they are very compact and comes with one or two bottles which are enough for single or two people. Now I hope you don’t have to sacrifice your health if you go for a long journey. Even you can enjoy your drinks at the gym, office, college, even morning walk.

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