10 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners With Buyer’s Guide In 2019

10 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners With Buyer’s Guide In 2019

Do you love hunting, fishing, biking, camping, hiking, and many outdoor activities; so a good pocket knife is also very important for you! But after a lot of works may your knives lose the real sharpness, and when your knives lose the edge, so you have to apply more pressure to do any easy work. But what you will do while you stay from your home or city. So a best pocket knife sharpener can plays vital role when you out of the field.

Because it’s never possible to carry a heavy whetstone or electric sharpener. And when you stay in a wilderness so a knife shop is far away from you. But a portable pocket knife sharpeners are very easy to carry for compact design, lightweight, and very easy to use in any situation.

The 10 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners Reviews

Today through with this post we will explain which is the best portable knife sharpener which you can use for your pocket knife. We have collected the top-rated 10 best pocket knife sharpeners these are very user-friendly, small size, especially for your pocket, beautiful design and all, comes with a very affordable price.

We hope after reading this pocket knife sharpener reviews post you will understand which is the best one for you. And why you should take a portable sharpener? Even you will find some sharpeners here you can use not only for your pocket knives. Because these sharpeners have some extra features which you may apply for your outdoor tool or gears. So let’s go and see what are offering these pocket knife sharpeners?

01. Gerber Bear Grylls Field Pocket Knife Sharpener


Do you love survival gear? Maybe you have a lot of important outdoors camping materials. So how it is if you have an iconic tool, which is using the famous guy! There are no people who don’t love “Bear Grylls”! And who wouldn’t take a Bear Grylls’ name as a guarantee especially when comes to talk about the quality! If you are a survival expert or any outdoor lovers, who love to spend time outside so it’s a perfect choice for your pocket knives.

Because after a lot of time usage of knives lose the edge. But this Gerber Bear Grylls Field pocket knife sharpener comes with very essential features which need in extreme situation. It is really so beautiful portable knife sharpener, and it’s encased with very hard plastic cover.

Also, the handle made from grippy rubber that feels smooth and much comfortable. The secure and soft handle will ensure for holding it in a wet or cold situation. It has two sharpening rods with Diamond coating, and that’s used for serrated knife blade section. Including for the knife-edge, you have to use first Carbide section and then the ceramic inserts.

This Bear Grylls field pocket knife sharpener (model 31-001270) is a simple tool. But this small knife sharpener feature makes it more useful in any situations. Even this sharpener can handle survival, camping, hiking, and all kinds of hunting knives from small to large. Of course, you will love this field pocket knife sharpeners, because it tasted by the world’s best survival expert; and Probably it is the best sharpener for pocket knives.

Product Features

  • Dimensions 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Total Weight 2.3 Oz
  • Steel Type SS416 Grit 400Coarse Carbide
  • Priorities of survival guide
  • Coarse carbide insert
  • It has grippy rubber handle for secure handling in any situation
  • Pocket size, easy to carry
  • Comes with very affordable price
  • Very durable plastic cover
  • Specially made for survival knives
  • Sharpens fine and serrated edges

  • It has no exact sharpening angle

02. AccuSharp 001C Knife Sharpener For Pocket Knife


Are you looking for best knife sharpener for pocket knives? So we hope this compact pocket knife sharpener will solve all your confusion. This professional AccuSharp 001C small knife sharpener made from premium materials and anyone can use it within just 10 seconds.

Also, it can sharpen all kitchen knives, cleavers, and any other cutting tools including hunting knife. And a good reason you can use it for your serrated knives. If you are not interested to use a big sharpener so definitely you can use it instead of electric sharpener or whetstone. Because instead of these sharpeners it will give your knife razor-sharp and new look. Because it has a special “V” shaped sharpening notch which is crafted with diamond-honed tungsten carbide.

So you can easily use it for your household or professional kitchen knives. Because this special USA company hasn’t made it only for outdoor uses. It has been build in such ways so that anyone can use it without much effort and very quickly. However, if you are hunters, fishermen, gardeners so you can easily carry it anywhere as needed.

Other good features the unique ergonomic handle will fit for both right- and left-handed users. And it has a full-length guard that will protect your fingers from the blade while you sharpen. This large handle made of brushed aluminum finish, and this frame with an over-molded rubber grip.

This sharpener has another good feature which is very important! Because it’s not required any sharpening angle even it perform pretty well without any messy oil or liquid. AccuSharp small knife sharpener will never get rust, so you can easily clean it with soap and water or in your dishwasher.

Product features

  • Dimension 5 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Featuring a unique, ergonomic handle
  • Full-length finger guard protects
  • AccuSharp Knife and tool sharpener
  • Aluminum and matte finished frames
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Framed with over-molded rubber grip
  • Made from the USA
  • Very easy to use for both right- and left-handed users
  • Comes with low price
  • Very easy to use and carry
  • A company achieving an Award Since 2014
  • No need to use any oil
  • Available with multiple colors

  • Probably not perfect for your steak knives, that have nano teeth

03. Victorinox Handy Pocket Knives Sharpener


Do you love the smart way to sharpen your knives? So, Victorinox Portable knife sharpener is the perfect match for you. Because it’s a smartpen system sharpening tool. The Victorinox pen knife sharpener specially made it for Swiss Army Knife, facet knives, and for some outdoor tools. So why you endure a dull knife? But there are many people who don’t know how to sharpen a pocket knife? But with this sharpener, anyone can hone their knife within a few minutes and very quickly.

Because this sharpener is very simple and easy to use, just simply remove the cap and pull your knife through the provided ceramic notch. If you already an owner of this sharpener, so you can sharpen your knives in elegant way. And a good reason, this portable sharpener you will never feel uneasy to carry. Because this Victorinox sharpener specially made it for travelers who can carry it on their pocket or backpack.

So if you really love biking or hiking and other outdoor activities, so it might be your best knife sharpener for your pocket knives! And it comes with very affordable price and maintenance and cleaning is very easy. Because it’s outdoor plastic cap will protect the ceramic rods when it’s not used.

Product Features

  • V-shaped notch and ceramic rod finisher
  • Durable plastic pen-shaped case
  • Height 18 mm
  • Length 230 mm
  • Weight 40 g
  • Pen system and easy to carry
  • Affordable price
  • Ceramic v-groove and oval rod
  • Very easy to handle

  • It has plastic clip not metal

04. DMT F70F Diamond Mini Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener


The knife is very important when you stay outdoors. Also, there is a lot of pocket knife available at a very affordable price. Same thing DMT (Diamond Machine Technology) company build a knife sharpener with user budget-friendly that anyone can use it for their pocket knives.

DMT F70F Diamond mini sharp sharpener has diamond technology to give your knife wicked-sharp. Also, it has a folding handle to protect the diamond stone when not in use. It’s Lightweight and ultra-portable handy key chain you can easily attach with you zipper pulls or backpacks.

Sharpen your knives with this diamond sharpener fast and easy, and no need any messy oil or expensive liquid just sharpen dry or use water. And this is an ideal choice to sharpen various knives include Pocket Knife, Utility Knife, Scissors, Poultry Shears, Paring Knife, Axe, folding knife, fixed blade, fillet knife, and many multi-tools. And its compact design is easy to carry. Finally, this tool comes with the cheapest price and this is one of the best compact knife sharpeners you can use for various knives!

Product Features

  • Superior Diamond Sharpening Stone
  • Ultra-portable, key chain sharpener
  • Handy size: 5 1/2″ (140mm) opened
  • Size 2 11/16″ x 15/16″ x 3/16″
  • Fine diamond (25 micron / 600 mesh) for super razor-sharp
  • User budget-friendly
  • Made from the USA
  • No need any oil or liquid
  • Durable construction will provide years of extreme performance
  • Folding handles will protect the stone when not in use

  • You have to hold it for a long period of time

05. Alpha Tek Pocket Hunting Knife Sharpener


Are you looking for the best hunting knife sharpener which you can easily carry in your backpack, pocket, or toolbox when you out of the field? Because when people going for hunting they use a lot of different knives from small to large. But after several usages most knives become dull. So you should look for a small knife sharpener which will give you instant sharpening. So that ALPHA TEK company has builds a hunting knife sharpener that you can easily carry anywhere.

This pocket hunting knife sharpener is the first choice of all hunters and hikers. Because of the compact design and effective sharpening feature that you can apply for your all knives, including small kitchen knives especially fish fillet knife. Because it’s thin and flexible blade is perfect for this sharpener. And this sharpener has a nonskid special base for stable sharpening.

The sharpener ceramic and carbide grade includes a ceramic rod with non-slip rubber feet plastic holder. And another features 2 tungsten carbide cutting head whose angels ensures for a perfect cutting edge for every time. It is very easy to operate and quickly re-sharpen any kind of knife-edge in the blink of Eye. And hopefully, it’s really very affordable and provides long-lasting durability!

Product Features

  • 2 Crossed Tungsten Carbide Coarse Rods
  • 2 Crossed Ceramic Fine Rods
  • The Extra-Fine Ceramic and Coarse Carbide (1,500 Grit)
  • Non-Skid Rubber Base
  • Weight 4 ounces
  • Made from the USA
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick and easy to sharpen

  • Hard to hold in your hand for a long time

06. Work Sharp Guided Field Pocket Knife Sharpener


If are you thinking about the best knife sharpeners for the outdoor activities? The work sharp company manufactured a sharpener that can use various people for their knives. Because this sharpener is best for the shop, home, or outdoor use.

It’s a first angle guided 5-stage sharpening system with robust design and compact size that provides special razor-sharp for any knife. It’s really an ideal versatile sharpening tool that can handle some outdoor tools alongside the kitchen knife. This is the proudest American company because this tool was engineered and assembled by very hard-working Americans.

Wark sharp is a part of Darex, who build the sharpening materials over more than 40 years. This sharpener Diamond plates, ceramic rods, and special sharpening guides provide an easy sharpening solution for any knives and outdoor camp tools.

Even if you wish so you can sharpen your swiss army knife. Its different types of sharpening features will give you a better opportunity to sharpen knives easily. The Work Sharp guided field pocket sharpener is one of the most affordable and top-rated sharpener for knife sharpening.

Product Features

  • Grooved surface for sharpening fish hooks
  • Includes  Coarse diamond, fine diamond, ceramic hone, and leather strop
  • Dimension 6.8 x 1.5 x 1 inches
  • Weight 2.56 ounces
  • Many sharpening features
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made from a proud USA company
  • You can use for many types of knives and tools
  • Very compact and easy to use

  • No handle available to hold

07. Smith’s PP1 Best Sharpener For Pocket Knife


If you want to know which is the best pocket knife sharpening system? And how to get a pocket knife, razor-sharp? So say hello the world best pocket knife sharpener which is made from Smith’s brands. Smith’s become the world’s fastest-growing supplier of great sharpening material. This Pocket Pal multi-functional knife sharpener is a great choice for hunters, backpackers, hikers, and fishermen who want to ensure their blades have enough sharpest edge.

Smith’s PP1 portable knife sharpener comes with some excellent features. It has a special diamond coated rod that’s specially designed for sharpening serrated and small gut hooks. Another pre-set carbide blades for restoring the dull edge, and ceramic stone shaped for final razor-sharp. The ceramic stones provide a smooth polishing edge and it can be used serrated or straight blades.

Even if you have a lot of ceramic knives so you can apply this sharpener for these knives. But it will perform pretty well for a small knife. If you want to know more about how to sharpen a ceramic knife you can follow the expert instruction.

Also, this sharpener carbide section provides quick edge setting capability for damage /dull knives. And the good reason carbide blade and ceramic stones, both are replaceable for extended sharpening life. This pocket pal portable knife sharpener is 3-1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide, and its weight is just 1 ounce. Always try to clean your sharpener with a small soft cloth after use or any towel to dry. It is one of the best sharpeners for pocket knives with extremely top user ratings.

Product Features 

  • Ceramic Pull-Through slot: FINE (800 Grit) and Diamond Rod: MEDIUM (400 Grit)
  • Measures are 3-1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide
  • Reversible and Replaceable Carbide and Ceramic Stone
  • Carbide blades for speed up sharpening & Ceramic finishing stone for a razor-sharp edge
  • Very easy to use and carry for outdoors
  • Comes with the affordable price
  • Very lightweight and small, which makes it best compact sharpener
  • Comes with a lanyard hole
  • Very easy to clean and dry

  • Never used water for washing

08. Lansky BladeMedic Pocket Knife Sharpener


Here is another most popular compact knife sharpener. Its small size, beautiful design, user-friendly features will catch your attention if you are a hunter, fishermen, hiker, or any survival expert who loves outdoors liveliness. Because when you go outside so will never feel uncomfortable to carry it. It has a better diamond Tapered small sharpening rod-like smiths portable knife sharpener that we have already mentioned above.

The diamond rod especially for restore the gut hooks and serrations blade. Also, the sharpener ceramic finishing section for polishing the edge using three or four Strokes. Including all professional hunting knives will restore the edge.

And the right sharpening angles are 22. 5º to 45º all-around angle. This top-rated compact knife sharpener works very quickly and the size is very convenient for any pocket to carry. It’s overall design, features, durability, work efficiency, and price ranging makes it the best knife sharpener for pocket knives.

Product Features

  • Diamon Tapered Rod
  • Dimension 8.4 x 3.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight is 8.8 ounces
  • Be used for Gut Hooks
  • The 600-grit diamond rod and Tungsten carbide 1000-grit
  • It’s long diamond tapered rod is perfect for sharpening serrated knives
  • Affordable and compact
  • All metal is for long-lasting durability
  • Extremely top-rated

  • Can handle only small and midium size blade

09. Spyderco Triangle Pocket Knives Sharpening Stone


The Spyderco Triangle pocket knife sharpening stone is one of the most top rated sharpeners in the market. There are no people who love dull knives. Because for use a dull knife needs more pressure on your wrist and may cause injuries. But all sharpener is not good for outdoor blades or your home kitchen knife. Because if you do not use, a right sharpener so you can lose your knives sharp. But hopefully, you can use this sharpener for your kitchen knife and outdoor knives!

This USA company Spyderco made it with some feature that includes, 2 sets of high alumina ceramic stones, sharpens plain and flat edges. And you will get a free bonus instruction book and DVD to learn the right sharpening technique. This all material snap into the own contained within ABS plastic base.

After just reading the practice book, then you can easily sharpen it without facing any complication. Sometimes are you feel worried about injuries for sharpening. Don’t bother with it! Because this sharpener has special brass safety rods which will protect your hands while you sharpen.

It’s crafted from premium quality materials for built maximum performance and durability. And a good reason this entire system design for getting a razor-sharp blade and no required oil or any expensive lubricants. Probably it is one of the best and top-rated pocket knife sharpening stone available in the market.

Product Features

  • Comes with a higher premium quality material
  • It has 2 sets of premium quality alumina ceramic stones with sharpens plain and flat edges
  • Dimension 9.8 x 9.8 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight 1 pounds
  • Self-contained ABS plastic base
  • Free learning book and DVD
  • Made in the USA
  • Including brass safety rods to protect your hands
  • Provide high performance and long-lasting durability

  • Little bit expensive than other pocket knife sharpeners

10. Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Multifunctional Pocket Knife Sharpener


There are more than hundreds of knife sharpening company. They all are good in their own respective qualities! But if are you confuse what is the best knife sharpener for pocket knives? And so SHARPAL company manufactured a great quality small knife sharpener. This old company provides the garden, sports, workshop, and kitchen products over more than 18 years. And Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 sharpener is a great invention of their company.

This sharpener has some extra features which are not available in other products. It has an Emergency Whistle that will help you to save your life in an emergency survival situation. And it’s very important to build a fire for instant warmth to save yourself from any danger or extreme cold when you’re outdoors.

Moreover, a good reason this sharpener has a great feature to build a fire anywhere using a handy fire starter section. This 6 functions portable knife sharpener is a great choice, especially for campers, hikers, hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor activities. This versatile and life-saving tool overall features makes it the best pocket knife sharpeners with cheapest price.

Product Features

  • Dimension 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight is 1.44 ounces
  • Emergency whistle
  • Firestarter
  • Tapered diamond rod (Medium 400 Grit)
  • Special Ceramic blades for fine honing
  • Tungsten carbide blade for quick edge setting
  • For extreme situation it has life saving features
  • Orange color pack makes it easy to spot
  • Soft rubber coated design for a comfortable grip
  • Multi-tool sharpening system
  • Each sharpener comes after 10000 times company final tests

  • Sometimes fire starter doesn’t work according to reviews

Why You Should Carry A Pocket Knife Sharpener?

Without a razor-sharp pocket knife, its looks like a Gun without bullets; because when you out in the field you need to sharpen your pocket knife for your next job, but after cutting a lot of tough materials your knives lose the real sharpness.! Today in the online and offline market you will get a lot of knife sharpeners for pocket knives but it’s doesn’t matter which you need to carry! Because most pocket knife sharpeners are very small, lightweight and very portable. That you will never feel uneasy to carry in your pocket or backpack!

And when a knife gets dull people found the sharpener but sometimes they make a mistake and choose the wrong sharpener for pocket knives. But you should keep in mind it’s never possible to carry a big and heavy sharpener in the wilderness. But you will be happy to know if you pick a right sharpener so it will extend your knife edge retention and durability for the last longer.

So if you got a portable sharpener that you can carry with you so why feel hesitant to sharpen your knife yourself? Maybe you are not a professional but a versatile pocket knife sharpening features you will easily able to sharpen them. Even after several of practice, you will look the difference and finally, you can hone your knife like a professional.

Finally, if you stay in a military exercise, camping, or hiking to complete a successful outdoor adventure everywhere need the best quality pocket and sharpener. Because a best pocket knife sharpeners ensure always a razor-sharp knife when actually you want.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Pocket Knife Sharpener

best knife sharpener for pocket knives

When you go in the market or purchase a pocket knife sharpener from online, so you should look at some features. Because all pocket sharpener will never perform well for all the knives or tools. Also, there are more than a hundred companies making the world most popular portable sharpener that you can use for your pocket knives or other outdoor tools. So which you should consider?


The Multifunctional portable knife sharpeners are the most popular and extremely convenient. Because you will able to sharpen various kitchen knives, gardening, or outdoor tools. And there is no need to buy any single sharpening tool.

If you have a Multifunctional portable knife sharpener so you can easily sharpen your edge blades and serrated knives. Though most knife sharpener manufacturers providing the sharpeners that have a well versatile sharpening power. So really it’s a great opportunity to use portable and multifunctional pocket knife sharpeners for multi-purpose.

Compact Size:

Size is the most important for pocket knife sharpeners. Because pocket sharpener is used especially for outdoor and big size sharpener is difficult to store. So you should choose that sharpeners are lightweight, compact, and you can easily use it when you want. But you have to make sure your sharpener is your pocket size. So the actual dimension is very important.

Right Angle:

If you have no previous knife sharpening experience so it would be difficult to handle. Because a professional guy easily measures the right sharpening angle. But if you’re are a newbie so you need to do practice for a few minutes or choice a sharpener that featured with own angle which will ensure for getting a perfect edge. Even if you look above so you will discover some sharpeners are very easy to use and no need to select the sharpening angle manually.

Sharpening Stage:

Typically pocket knife sharpeners have 2 sharpening stages. The reason a couple of stage because of you no need to use different sharpeners even using these you can sharpen you multiple knives including kitchen and gardening. But these two stages provide different features. The first stage for removing the blunt edge and second stage for finishing and polishing the edge.


Same the size, weight is very important for sharpeners that you will apply for your pocket knives. If your sharpener is bulky, so you can’t feel good to carry it. If you are are a hiker or a biker so of-course you should choose the lightweight sharpener that you can easily carry in your pocket or backpack.


A good pocket knife sharpeners have a lot of features and ensure it will work in any outdoor adventure. A good sharpener should have very sturdy construction which will serve you for a long time. Even it should work in any extreme survival situation.

And a small metal quality sharpener is the best that has a small box to put it, but you can prefer high-quality plastic. Because it’s very lightweight than metal and very easy to carry. And the best quality sharpener caps/box will save your sharpener when you are not using it.


Although pocket knife sharpeners are very affordable even if you compare with your knives! This is a great sharpening tool, than any other expensive sharpening process. Sometimes it would be a little bit expensive if has some good features. But you should never look at the price! Because if you have multifunctional sharpeners so you will able to sharpen your all knives include kitchen and hunting!


So what do you think which is the best knife sharpeners for pocket knives? Also, portable knife sharpeners are very important when someone out of the field for a long adventure. So knife and sharpeners both are very essential because one is complementary to another.

Everyone tries to find the best one for their pocket knife! And already we have explained the 10 best sharpeners which you can use for your all knives. Even earlier we have introduced some sharpeners that have special features that can save your life in extreme situations. We hope now you’ll find the right one that will perfect for your outdoors roam or camping tools.

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