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Best Personal Blender Reviews In 2021

The world is rapidly changing and most people in the world become more health-conscious to live a healthy life and stay fit. So, instead of regular meals, people are focusing on healthy fruits, smoothies, shakes, and other drinks. However, if you have a blender then you can easily make it by yourself. But first of all, you have to know which is the best personal blender that server very well?

Blender is one of the best and most demanded kitchen accessories that can do the chopping, crushing, mixing, pureeing, and many others. If you have it then you don’t have to sacrifice your health. A small smoothie blender comes in very compact sizes that’s why it’s very easy to use and carry.

Best Personal Blender Reviews

Are you interested to know what is the best personal smoothie blender? Then my small blender reviews will help you a lot to know which model will best for your needs? Here I have collected the top 10 best compact blenders for smoothies which are very demandable on the market.

I have explained which features are important for a personal blender and why a personal blender is important for a healthy life? There are a lot of blender manufacturers on the market. And they provide very high-quality portable blenders which you can carry anywhere.

But before buying a single-serve blender you should know which features will best for you, like battery performance, RPM, blending capacity, wattage, blade, and cups materials. Everything is important when you spending your hard-earned money to buy a small smoothie blender. So now time to open the box and see which compact blender is best for you? Let’s begin.

01. Ninja Nutri Pro – BPA Free And Dishwasher Safe


The Ninja Pro is very popular only for its advanced appliances and features. It is one of the best and top-rated personal-size blenders for daily use. The industry is overcrowded with the countertop and personal blenders. These blenders are very user friendly only for its impressive features.

Ninja Nutri pro compact personal blender features a 900-watts mixing power that enables the blender to pulverize fruits and vegetables. With super fast mixing power, the blender can easily blend the fruits and vegetables into a smooth and silky beverage. This is the best blender because it can crush ice so you can also make lemonade and slushie iced tea on a sunny day.

The blender features the twist-on spout lids that make it easier to make the beverage. It comes with 24 ounces and 18 ounces cup that always ready to fulfill your household needs. For simple and instant cleaning, the removable parts of blenders are dishwasher-safe. So, this blender is ready to help you any time to make smoothies, juice, and ice shakes.

The Ninja Nutri Pro blender also comes with a 10-second recipe book that contains many recipes for soups, dips, sauces, and smoothies. Additionally, the blender also contains 3 distinct blender containers and a lid that is durable and sturdy. All of the components are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. If you like healthy drinks and you have a very low budget then I would say probably it is the best blender for smoothies under $100.

  • Very strong and powerful motor
  • Super easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • Unique FreshVac Technology
  • Powerful pump
  • Extra containers
  • Dishwasher safe

  • Would be heavy

02. NutriBullet N89 – Best Personal Blender For Smoothies


NurtiBullet is the best personal blender for smoothies that can blend everything with a smooth consistency. The blender is so powerful that can pulverize anything into a creamy soft smoothie. You don’t have to worry about the precutting any tough ingredients as well as overloading the blender with frozen fruits.

This small blender creates a great vortex that blends food with sustainability and consistency. The drive socket of the blender is made of metal with great durability. The blender features a pre-program setting but also lacks the manual function. The soup heating feature of this blender is great which may be not available in other single-serve blenders. It can run on the preprogrammed blend setting that is easy to use. And the blender lacks with manual functions.

It can be operated easily and work with 900 watts powerful motor. You need to load the blender with foods like seeds, hard fruits, kale, and nuts. Then its super optimized motor can blend tough foods into nutritious shakes and smoothies.  The blender also offers powerful stainless steel blades that create cyclonic action to break tough ingredients. These jars also come with high-performance and BPA free plastic cups that are durable and long-lasting.

All of the cups and lids are hand washable and also dishwasher safe. You will enjoy blending experience without the hassle of cleaning. However, finally, I would like to say the package comes with 1 cross blade, 2 sippy lids, 1 care instructional manual, 2 lip rings, and many other important parts. Maybe the blender is very small but it is one of the most powerful blenders for smoothies that you can use for yourself or give someone else as a smart gift.

  • Fast blending speed
  • Powerful and sleek design
  • Fits well in any kitchen
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Dishwasher safe

  • No on and off switch
  • Only one blade

03. Magic Bullet Blender – Top Rated Personal Blender


If you like smoothies with many tough or frozen ingredients, then you need to invest in a blender that comes with enough motor power. Some of the best blenders have many versatile features. Magic bullet blenders are very popular because it can make shakes and smoothies even other drinks very quickly. Probably it’s the most top rated and best small blender for protein shakes.

Maybe it’s a very small blender but you can use it for many cooking purposes. Because with its super durable cross blade, you can easily chop onions or may mince garlic without stinky hands and tears. You would chop the fresh herb with this compact blender just like a professional chef.

You can make any delicious frosty and icy smoothie with frozen vegetables and fruits. It is the best way to add healthy nutrition to diet without worries. Even the Magic bullet can make the delicious frozen margarita. You only need to add liquid, ice, and other important ingredients into the blender and enjoy delicious frozen cocktails.

  • Small and compact design
  • Microwave safe cups
  • Blends leafy greens very well
  • Three blender cups
  • Not noisy
  • Grint dry ingredients

  • Maybe the cup isn’t very durable

04. PopBabies – Best Portable Blender For Protein Shakes

Best Value

The Popbabies portable blender might the best and great example of convenient for its unique design. Users can easily blend and drink smoothies or any drinks from 14 oz jar and to-go cups. It is the best travel smoothie maker even it would perfect for making protein shakes.

This model comes with an ice-cube tray and funnel that is easily portable from one place to another. Due to lightweight, you can take a bottle or drink along with you. PopBabies mini travel blender built-in lithium battery and can easily be charged with USB. So, you can say this blender is easy to use anywhere you want.

The device runs at 22,000 RPM that’s why it’s very powerful and fast. It can blend frozen fruits and ice within a few seconds. The blender can blends nuts, beans, and veggies because it has a strong power capacity. The package is made with safe material and operated with BPA free battery. And you’ll be happy to know this blender is CE, RoHS and FDA approved.

You can put the blender into your backpack when you are ready to go for a trip or picnic party. You can make smoothie and juice when you’re in your room and only have a smoothie travel cup in the bag. The lid of the blender cups is durable and will never leak.

Best Overall

You can easily make dips, salad dressings, sauces, and milkshakes anytime. Even you can also blend hot food items but at a limit of 100 degrees centigrade. The battery of the blender can last for 4 to 5 days maximum if you use it 2 or 3 times a day. This special portable and single serve blender would be a great choice for the biker, gym lover, office worker, and students. Even you can give it to someone as a special gift.

  • Comes with mini ice cube tray
  • Portable battery-operated blender
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Portable blender bottle
  • Battery life up to 4 to 5 days
  • Portable USB blender
  • Made from safe material

  • Not good for people who want hot blended foods

05. COSORI 10-Piece – Best Personal Blender Under $100


If are you finding the best personal blender under $100 then my next blender would be an excellent collection for you. Because, COSORI is the best kitchen accessory brand that is well-known for its excellent design, durability, and affordable price range. With the super trend of drinking smoothie, the COSORI blender is always ready to compete in the blender market. The product feels well-built quality because of the nice and durable material that is used to manufacture it.

The blender boasts the patented 6 stainless steel blade system that also provides a hidden sharp edge, hole blade, and blunt blade. The motor of the blender has been upgraded to the superpower of 800 watts. This power enables the blender to crush ice perfectly and other fruits whatever you like to make your favorite drinks.

All cups that included with the blender which are dishwasher safe and BPA free. The blender can be used easily with a three-button operation. It also features a pulse mode. It can effortlessly crush half-inch ice cubes within few seconds. And it features overheat as well as overload protection that gives good peace of mind every time.

There is pulse feature; soup function and variable dial speed that makes the product awesome and easy to use. The speed adjustment of the blender is okay and it can pulverize everything due to sharp steel blades. The blender also comes with the brush that is required for hand cleaning because of the height of the container. But the travel bottle, lid, and pitcher are dishwasher safe.

  • Very reasonable price
  • Sturdy and nice construction
  • Range of premium feature
  • Easy hand cleaning feature due to brush
  • Six steel razor blades

  • It’s compact but would be a little bit heavy

06. Hamilton Bleach – Best Affordable Personal Blender


It is one of the best affordable personal blenders for smoothies that comes with very impressive color. And this compact blender specially designed for travelers. That’s why it’s very easy to carry in a backpack or luggage.

The blender is made from BPA free plastic and the weight is less than 2 pounds. The dimension of the blender is only 12 inches, and it’s available in slim and compact sizes. However, this personal-size blender comes in various colors and 14 ounces of travel cups. It offers nice and awesome construction.

Hamilton beach brand is well known on the market for kitchen and home appliances. The brand produces the best model design that gives you the best blending experience. The small size blender packs the superior 175 watt motor with stainless steel blades. These blades are good to blend all kinds of fruits or vegetables.

Portability is another feature of this compact travel blender. The device is a combination of blender and cup that enable you to carry it with you at any time. The dishwasher friendly blending jar and other parts are easier to clean and wash. All of these features make it one of the best small blender for smoothies and frozen fruits.

  • Sturdy base
  • Quiet shield
  • Super-versatile
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Strong blades

  • Doesn’t comes with extra bottle or cup

07. Cincred Countertop – Best Single Serve Blender For Frozen Drinks


If you want to add freshness and sweetness in your smoothies, then the Cincred single-serve blender might an excellent choice for you to make delicious smoothies or shakes. It is very easy and fast to process veggies and fruits. You’ll only need to load the ingredients into the cup. After adding the ingredients, simply on the power button and get your desire smoothie.

The blender all-sided design which gives you the best way to blend veggies and fruits. The cup can be perfectly placed without examined. With this beautiful blender, you will enjoy milkshakes, smoothies, and other drinks whatever you like. The blender cups are made of Tritan material that is normally used for infant items. The cups are safer to use and the blender is very lightweight, so it can easily be store in a purse or bag.

Cincred blender also features a stronger and smooth running motor that combines with stainless steel blades to make crushed ice and juice. With a special 3-D structure, its performance is highly improved. Due to superb performance, the blender is always ready to give tastier and smoother juice. It is very easy to clean the cup, and you can easily remove the cups for cleaning.

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for smoothies and cold drinks
  • Fast and instant cleaning
  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple functions
  • High and efficient speed blender

  • Absence of extract cup
  • Sport bottle is very small

08. G-Ting 450ml – Rechargeable Small Juice Mixer


G-Ting is a new blender in the appliances market. They provide superior quality portable blender for their targeted customers. The simple and sleek looking portable blender is used for smoothies and shakes.

The G-Ting mini blender has a small screen display that helps to show information regarding the performance of the blender. It will tell you when you have to recharge the battery and how long you have to wait.

If you are looking for the best blender that can blends fruits, protein shake and prepares smoothies, then this blender works exceptionally well. You can easily mix the smoothies, fruit juice, shakes, baby formula, and many others.

The jar is made from durable and sturdy glass and safe from any harmful material. This blending machine comes with six 304 stainless blades as well as steel lids that prevent from rusting. This 16 oz blender also uses intelligent safety protection induction so it will never hurt your hands while blending.

If you are a person who is always in travel, then this blender will be an amazing blessing in disguise for you. You can easily carry the blender anywhere with you. And you can also charge the blender by USB port using a laptop or power bank.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • A great, stylish, attractive and simplistic design
  • Digital display for a status show
  • Handy travel jar
  • Suitable for travel

  • Little bit heavier

09. OBERLY 13 oz – Budget-Friendly Small Blender

Best Value

OBERLY was based on a simple and amazing vision to provide the best and durable blender for their customers in a small budget. So that any smoothie or protein shake lover can easily buy a small blender for a good healthy life.

It is a small but powerful blender. Because the blender comes with a powerful and strong battery that can easily produce 10 to 12 cups in one charge. You simply charge the blender through a USB port before use. Just add ingredients into the jar and then blend it for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then it will give you tasty and healthy drinks which you like.

The portable blender features USB and beautiful structures everything makes it a great kitchen appliance. The blender is simple in design and safe to use for many purposes. It comes with a single button operation that makes the blender quick as well as easy to use.

It is really an excellent portable blender for smoothies because you can easily carry it from one place to another. The blender is made from durable and last-longer material. Even it has built with BPA free as well as food-grade materials that feature six stainless blades. The blades help to crush ice in a well-defined way.

Best Overall

This perfect and compact design blender is ideal for the gym bag, purse, or briefcase. This cordless travel blender is easy to store when it is not in use. And it’s easily portable as well as offers multiple functions. This smoothies blender can crush ice, seeds, and frozen fruits. You can easily get delicious shakes and smoothies in only 30 seconds. As I discussed above this blender is portable so it would perfect for camping, fishing, and outdoor purposes.

  • Comes in various color
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with 6 blades
  • Offer multiple functions
  • Blend within 30 seconds
  • Use for indoor and outdoor purposes

  • Very small blending capacity

10. Mialoe Fruit Mixer – Best Single-Serve Blender


Here is another small juicing matching in my best compact blender list from Mialoe. It would be a great collection for office workers, college students, and travelers. Because it works with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery. That you can easily charge from your regular gadget like Phone, Laptop, or Car via its USB port.

Especially its travel lid makes it more convenient for carrying. It’s very easy to use even any kid can handle this. Because it has a simple push-button and for mixing your fruits and other ingredients, and it has special six blades in 3d. But I would say for the best result you should cut your fruits into small pieces, and use an ice tray to make a small ice bar.

There are a lot of portable blenders that create heavy sound. But surprisingly the Mialoe doesn’t create heavy noise, and it’s available at an unbeatable price. The reasonable price would be perfect for low budget users or for college students who are still not earning.

This mini blending machine features a smart safety protection device. That means it will automatically shut off if overloaded with fruits. For cleaning, you can remove the cup’s body and bottom, or use clean water then start it for 15 to 20 seconds. Finally, I would say make your all favorite drinks with Mialoe portable blender to keep you healthy.

  • Very compact and available in different colors
  • Made from safe food-grade materials
  • 2000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Super sharp 3-D blade
  • Available at a reasonable price

  • Warm water can damage the pitcher

Why A Personal Blender Is Important For A Healthy Life?

Are you interested in the compact size and best blender for making personal smoothies? Then personal blenders are a great appliance for a healthy life. The personal blender is better for you if you are living alone or have small storage.

A growing number of individuals recently found that personal blenders are perfect for making healthy dressings, protein shakes, and smoothies.

Who Should Buy A Personal Blender?

Personal blenders are perfect and better options for those people who hate to continue cleanup but always love the delicious tasty smoothies. By using a personal smoothie blender for one person, you can easily make the process of smoothie manageable.

Personal blenders come in handy for various purposes like pureeing sauces, and chopping nuts. The word personal is confusing by many people. But you should keep in mind a mini blender is enough to give you healthy drinks when you want.

Why You Should Buy A Personal Small Blender?

The personal word refers to size. the blender can holds the best for a morning smoothie. And it ready to go in only less than half a minute. You should buy a good personal blender because it always ready to make smoothies and icy shake.

Many blenders require transferring the smoothie into glass or cups. But personal blenders allow taking the smoothie along with you. And you can blend and drink from the same bottle. It will reduce the number of dishes that you will need to wash after making smoothies.

Personal blenders are smaller in size than countertop blenders, that’s why they are easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about cleaning many different parts. Because the single server blender is very simple in design. Even the cups of personal blenders are dishwasher safe.

The Personal Blender Care And Maintenance

Whether your blender is something that you need to bring for special occasions and you may use it for smoothies. Then a little maintenance will keep the blender running very well for a long time. Ensure to use the blender correctly and also avoid chopping the hard foods. You should clean the blender after each use and keep the blender in better working condition. You may need some little maintenance like fixing the leak and replacing a switch.

How You Should Choose The Best Personal Blender?

best personal blender for smoothies

You have got big choices in front of you when you are in the market for purchasing the best personal blender. The option may be somehow overwhelming.

As you know that knowledge is power. You can easily make the right decision while you have all the needed information. For that purpose, I have compiled this amazing guide. Here is what you should know while choosing the right blender for your need.

The motor power

To ensure proper functionality and longevity, the useful and reliable personal blender should come with motor power ranges from 300 to 900 watts. You should buy the blender that provides you better blending experience. And if you love frozen or icy drinks, then you should choose a blender that comes with a powerful motor. So that it can crush ice and other frozen items very easily.

The blades

Blades are the most important parts that make blending activities more accurate and reliable. Always choose the blender that offers sharp and sturdy blades so that all of the ingredients are easily blend. And if you don’t like to wash the blade, then you should choose a blender that has a dishwasher safe blade.

Blending speed

The blenders come with multiple speeds. They are designed to help in both blending and cooking as well. Personal blenders have only featured one speed and come with pulse or operated continuously. Many models also provide additional presets. They are designed to perform various tasks like soup pureeing, smoothies and ice crushing, etc. But I would say most personal blenders will give you tasty and soft drinks in less than 1 minute.

Blending capability

Some blenders feature automatic programs for various blending tasks. These programs can be adjusted between pulsing and mixing to tackle ingredients instantly. Before buying any blender, you need to check the reviews of the blenders and check what kind of program is offered by a portable blender.

Especially for a portable blender, you should choose a mixer that has a very small blending capability that will right only for you. For a small and portable blender, I recommend only PopBabies single-serve blender. Because it’s very compact and durable and you can carry it anywhere.


Blender’s pitcher is made from plastic or glass. Glass is quite decent and cheaper. It is also dishwasher safe and is compatible with hot and cold contents. Low quality and thin glass may shatter easily and make it risky to use but thick glass is a little bit heavier.

So many manufacturers choose the best quality plastic. Some of them are expensive and some are not so dishwasher friendly. But you should choose the right one that will fit you.

Blender design

Before purchase, you should select the best one that is perfect for your needs. The most necessary thing that you should consider while purchasing the personal blender is focusing on the task that you will be performed with your blender. Blender design isn’t very important, but some compact design can help you a lot if you love to travel.

Blending cups

Some personal blenders feature with extra blending cups. These cups are available in different sizes. The number of cups enables the users to choose among different sizes for different family members. You will be able to enjoy the best time with your family if a blender has multiple blending cups or you have to purchase it separately.

Number of to-go cups

A single person may not need multiple cups that they will need to store. If you are making smoothies for family, then one cup for each person would be nice. While you buy some additional cups for blenders but it will be convenient to obtain what you need in an all-in-one kit.

Noise level

The blender can spin approximately up to 20,000 RPM or more. These blenders can revolve at a speed of 280 miles per hour. The combination of blades, motor, and processed ingredients may produce some noise. More power of blender means blending will be louder. High-performance blenders made from high-quality material that can reduce noise. You always look for the manufacturers that promote sound absorption features.

Durability and portability

The blender’s weight depends on the size and quality of the blender. There are many types of personal blenders in the market. These devices are big as well as small. Some of them are lightweight and some are heavyweight. The blenders with larger sizes are difficult to portable from one place to another. You need to choose a product that can easily handle and portable.

The blenders are made from glass and plastic. Glass jars are very durable, but it would be a little bit heavy for a weak hand. But Plastic blender jars offer durability as well as it’s very lightweight.

Cleaning process

Personal blenders with conventional design can effectively self-clean. You will need to pour some water and dish soap into the pitcher and run it at a higher speed. This process makes cleaning easier and cleans the blade without any hassle. Some models have dishwasher safe features but some are lacking with it. So, you need to choose the blender that gives you a better blending experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

best personal blender for frozen fruit

Which is the best personal blender for ice?

Some of the best and reliable personal blender for crushing ice is Magic Bullet Nutri personal blender, Nutri Ninja Pro, and Cuisinart CPB 300. Not all blenders can properly crush the ice.

Some of the best budget personal blenders may crush ice evenly, but some would unable to do it. So, it depends on the power of the motor and blades. Powerful motor and blades can easily crush ice within a few seconds.

Which personal blender is good for a green smoothie?

Ninja Nutri pro compact personal blender feature 900-watt mixing power that enables the blender to pulverize fruits and vegetables. With super mixing power, the blender can easily blend the fruits and vegetables into a smooth and silky beverage.

This is the best blender because it can crush ice and other frozen fruits so you can also make lemonade and slushie iced tea and other drinks on sunny days. This blender is good for green smoothies. For simple and instant cleaning, the removable parts of blenders are dishwasher-safe. So, this blender is ready to help you any time to make smoothies, juice, and ice shakes.

How a personal blender does is different than other blenders?

Most of the personal blenders can hold 1 to 2 servings at a time. Some of these blenders feature a container that just doubles as a portable cup for different drinks like smoothie, shakes, and juices. Personal blenders usually crush ice so if you are the person who wants to make cold drinks, then this option will better. With a personal blender, you can easily make cold smoothies after a hard workout. You can also make afternoon smoothie and mint margarita by using personal blenders.

What is the quietest personal blender?

Hamilton Beach Professional blender is one of the coolest and best quietest blenders for smoothies that comes in super impressive color. It is the best blender that is designed for travelers. And it is made from BPA free plastic.

The weight of the blender is less than 2 pounds. The dimension of the blender is only 12 inches. This blender is available in a slim and compact size. And it offers nice and awesome construction. This personal blender comes in various colors and 14 ounces of travel cups.

A personal blender might expensive?

You just have to spend only $25 on a new personal blender or maybe more than $500. Pay more on purchasing a blender means that better results and versatility will be achieved by you. So, you can say that high-quality blenders are usually expensive but they need more care and maintenance.

How to crush ice in a blender?

You need to pour a cube of ice into a jar and it will pulverize easily into snow within few seconds. But you should put the ice into small sizes for the best result.


Owing to the best personal blender for crushing ice comes in handly always, despite which one is chosen by you. But there is one interesting thing that you should consider it the power of the motor and speed of the blades.

When it comes to picking the best personal smoothie maker then you require choosing it carefully. You can choose any small blender from my review. But if you are confused, then Ninja pro or NutriBullet N89 personal blender would the best one for making the best cold drinks and shakes.