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10 Best Knives To Cut Cheese With Fast & Easy In 2021

Do you love cheese and many times you use it to make different healthy foods? So, of course, you’re very familiar with a cheese knife. Because a good knife helps to cut any soft or factory hard cheese. There is a lot of best knife to cut cheese, but you should use the right one! Because when you try to cut very soft cheese then you should use a lightweight long thin knife so that it does not stick to the knife.

And for very hard cheese a cleaver is the best choice to cut or break any big cheeses piece. There are really more than hundreds of different types of tools and knives for cheese cutting and slicing. But it is so difficult to know which tool is perfect for different cheeses? Here in this best cheese knives reviews post, I will talk about the modern and reasonable tool that you can use for slicing or cutting any cheese. Let’s go and open the cheese cutting knife box and see what they’re offering?

01. LUNAR Premium Universal Cheese Knife Set

This is a 6-piece best cheese knife set which is made from Stainless Steel. And this set includes 4 high-quality cheese knives and 1 cheese spreader and a cheese fork. And 4 cheese knives are Pronged Knife, thin knife, heart knife, and chisel knife. Especially the beautiful fork you can use to slice firmer cheeses or use it to serve your guest for BBQ. And the spreader for spreading soft or crumbled cheese or other tough foods.

However, all knives and other cheese tools have a beautiful polished handle that will perfectly fit in any hand. This inexpensive cheese knife set is a premium feel that you can give your friends, family, wedding party, or any other occasion as a gift. Because it comes with a beautiful packaging box. And after your uses, you can put your knives and other cheese slicing tools in this box.

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  • The beautiful cheese knife set includes knives, fork, and spreader
  • Made from premium stainless steel
  • Elegant design with soft finished handle
  • Perfect cheese knife set for a gift
  • Very easy to use and affordable

  • Hand wash only

02. Prodyne CK-300 Best Knife To Cut Cheese


This is a great versatile cheese knife that you can use for different foods. This is a stainless steel cheese knife and overall 10-inch long with a 5.5-inch blade. And this special cheese knife design for a unique surface blade with a super sharp lifetime serrated edge. Because this different open surface blade reduces friction when you apply it for cheese and other foods from sticking.

This knife is suited for all kinds of cheeses for a perfect slice that gives thin and thin cheese pieces every time. And surprisingly you can use it for fruits to peeling and vegetables. And this premium-grade cheese cutting knife crafted with a durable bakelite handle that has 3 rivets that ensure long-lasting performance and comfortable grip.

When you need a versatile tool that you can use for cutting and slicing different foods. So it would be the best knife to cut cheese for a multipurpose slicing job! And differently, this is the best budget knife. So why you’re looking for an expensive knife to cut cheese?

  • A great tool that can use for cheese and vegetable
  • Very unique one surface blade design to reduce cutting friction
  • Lifetime super sharp serrated edge
  • Made from stainless steel
  • It has a very durable bakelite handle

  • Not ideal for very hard cheese and frozen butter

03. GikPal Best Hard Cheese Knife


This is a professional grade cheese knife set from Gikpal. And this set includes one cheese plane cutter and one fruit veggie knife. And both tools made from superior quality food grade 430 stainless steel which is quite corrosion and rust-resistant and very safe for health and easy to use for home and commercially.

The knife and plane cutter both sunning design with a round shape handle which gives a watertight seal guaranty. And this special stainless steel polished handle offers a non-slip grip and easy to hold. Hence both slicing and cutting tools perfect for soft and hard cheese, cake, harm, and any other sticky foods like tomatoes, eggs, and pies.

However, this cheese knife set is completely dishwasher safe and it looks simple but very stylish. And take a very small place in your kitchen to store. Because they’re portable and durable that’s why you can carry them for an outdoor party. So with versatile tools, you can do your slicing job with very fast and easy. And this different cheese knife set reasonable price makes it more attractive for home use or a gift!

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  • Ideal for home and professional use
  • Made from 430 stainless steel
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • watertight seal with a nonslip grip
  • Dishwasher safe

  • Only the cheese knife don’t use for harder use

04. Laguiole By Flying Colors Cheese Knife Gift Set


Probably this is one of the best cheese knife set ever. Because it’s unique design and premium features that will catch the attention of anyone. This set includes a 6-inch cleaver, 6-inch serving knife, and 6-inch spreader. Your all cheese cutting and slicing tools everything you will get in one package. All tools are made from stainless which is dishwasher safe but for best performance use your hands for cleaning.

Each knife has a better ABS plastic handle which gives them a luxury look that would seem too expensive. But this top-grade cheese knife set is very affordable that you can collect for you or give someone as a special gift! Even for the easy store, it has a beautiful gift box. And this cheese knife set available in multiple colors which is enough to impress any cheese lovers!

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  • Beautiful knife set with a gift box
  • Made from premium Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe and reasonable
  • ABS plastic handle for comfortable grip and balance

  • Very small size handle

05. Cutco Traditional Cheese Knife


Cutco is a familiar name with professional hands. Because they have a lot of different kitchen and chef knives. But this is a 5-inch beautiful cheese knife which is made from high-quality 440A stainless steel. Especially its unique design that helps for cutting soft cheese and butter and any food will never stick on the blade. And hopefully, its “Micro-D” serrated edge that you can use for cutting hard cheese.

This is really a beautiful knife to cut cheese that has a propylene handle by Kraton. The black comfortable handle offers the best grip and balance to cut cheese, vegetables, and other daily fruits. It might seem this is a very expensive knife to cut cheese but keep in mind it is a versatile tool that you can use for multipurpose cooking jobs. Even already there are many people who are happy with this professional cheese knife!

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  • You can cut hard and soft cheese and butter
  • Made from 440A high carbon stainless steel
  • Micro-D serrated edge
  • Your foods will never stick on the blade
  • Beautiful Polypropylene handle for maximum comfort & balance

  • This is a expensive cheese knife than others

06. BlizeTec Knife For Cutting Soft Cheese


Your all necessary cheese knife and slicer you will get here in this 4 in one cheese knife set. In this cheese knife pack, you will get 3 superior quality cheese knives and one serving fork to handle any hard, semisoft, firm, and crumbly cheese. This set specially designed for cheese enthusiast that comes from 420 stainless steel. And it could be a perfect choice who loves different types of cheese. Because with this premium cheese knife set you can handle your all delicious cheese to introduce different foods.

However, these all cheese knives and tool sleek performance and design make them very attractive and for lightweight design, it’s very easy to handle. Because they are only 5.82 oz and 5.3 inches long. For a compact size, you can store them in your kitchen or cabinet.

They all have premium stainless steel soft finished handle. And this cheese knife set is very easy to maintain but recommended only hand wash for last longer performance. This cheese knife set comes with a beautiful package and you can give this set anyone as a birthday, mother’s day, or wedding party gift!

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  • 4 in 1 package with a reasonable price
  • Lightweight and very easy to maintenance
  • Made from 420 stainless steel
  • This is an ideal cheese knife set for a gift
  • Perfect for all occasions

  • Not dishwasher safe

07. Freehawk Elegant Stainless Steel 6-Piece Cheese Knives Set


Especially a serious cheese enthusiast wants different cheese cutting and slicing tools. And hopefully, this 6-piece cheese knife set has everything that you really need. This set comes from the Freehawak cheese brand and it includes Pronged Knife, Heart Knife, Chisel Knife, Thin Knife, Serving Fork, Spreader Knife. And for better performance, all knives and tools made from premium quality kitchen-grade 304 stainless steel.

With this cheese knife set, you’ll enjoy your all soft and hard cheese. Because this set has all the necessary tools for cutting, slicing and serving. These all cheese cutting masterpieces will impress you when you’ll open the box and use them later. And it comes with a beautiful box that makes it a perfect gift for Christmas, mother days, anniversaries, and birthday.

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  • Made from kitchen-grade 304 stainless steel
  • Rust-resistant and very easy to clean
  • Comes with beautiful gift box
  • Available in different colors and size
  • Comfortable and attractive design
  • Lightweight and easy to store

  • This set isn’t ideal choice those who love wooden handle

08. RSVP International Best Knife For Cutting Cheese


Many times for cutting big cheese need a wooden cheese board. But with this package, you will get one large marble cheese board and a color matching cheese knife. Which is come from the most popular RSVP International kitchen cutlery manufacturer. And they produce a lot of different types of kitchen, cooking, and home products. And their all products are very affordable so that anyone can purchase for their home, and a good example of this marble cheese knife set!

However, it has a very high-quality stainless steel cheese knife which is 7-1/2-inches long and that you can use for cheese slicing. And the knife has a color matching marble handle that will perfectly fit in any hand. The marble cheese board is a little heavy because it is rounded and 10-inches long. But it will fit in any home or outdoor place. Because the bottom of the board crafted with rubber that ensures it will never move while you slice the cheese.

  • Color matching board and cheese knife
  • Large rounded cheese board
  • Ruber fit ensures the board will perfectly fit in any place

  • Very heavy cheese board

09. La Cote 6 Piece Best Cheese Knife Set


This is a large cheese knife set made from the La Cote Homeware cutlery brand. And this set has 2 hard cheese knives, 2 soft cheese knives, and 2 cheese cleavers. This cheese knife set would be a perfect choice for your next cheese and wine party.

Because this set includes all the necessary cheese knives that you really need to complete a successful party. All tools made from Japanese stainless steel with a professional signature handle.

Especially the handles are looks pretty cool! Because they are made from unique Pakka with different colors. And each handle has a smooth glossy finish with phenolic thermosetting resins that give the right weight and balance.

And all knives handles are very long than other cheese knives, that’s why it will fit in any hands and provides the best comfort and grip. This beautiful premium cheese knife set you can use for shops, home and that would be a perfect gift box!

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  • 6-pieces cheese knife set
  • Made from premium Japanese stainless steel
  • Different colors and sizes
  • Beautiful Pakkawood handle
  • Comes with a beautiful gift packaging box

  • Doesn’t comes with any matching fork

10. Vinkesso Professional Cheese Knife Set


Beautiful stunning design with satin fished tools that help for cutting any hard or soft cheese. You will get 4 high-quality tools with this set these are, spreading knife, crumbly-cheese knife, hard cheese knife, soft cheese knife, and a serving unique fork to handle your all favorite cheeses. And each knife approximately 5.5-inch long. These are one of the best knives to cut cheese!

This is a 5-pieces cheese knife set made from Vinkesso. This set gives enhance and eye-catching looks that can handle any cheese party and a big celebration. All of them are made from high-quality 420 stainless steel that offers effortless cutting and slicing. And you will feel the razor-sharp and shiny blades that will smoothly cut your yellow or white cheese and butter.

However, each knife design for cutting and slicing. And the high engineering ensures it will not never lose the performance and look. And the rounded handles are ideally and balanced because they are very lightweight and durable.

Each knife overall feature, design & shape, and size any cheese lover will fall in love for this cheese knife set. And it is a perfect gift box for housewarming, wedding or anniversary, food lovers, or friends and family.

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  • Top quality 5 tools with a single purchase
  • Eye-catchy design and shape
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Made from 420 premium stainless steel
  • An ideal cheese knife set for a gift

  • The handles would be short for some people

What Kinds Of Cheese Knives Are Available?

 best knife to cut block cheese

It doesn’t matter if you buy a single cheese knife or a cheese knife set! But you should know all about the cheese knife. Because especially if you choose a cheese knife set, so you will get different types of cheese cutter and slicer. And if you see them for the first time so maybe you won’t understand how to use those tools? ? But if you know about them so you will able you use them properly. Here are some regular and professional cheese knives.

Cheese Cleaver: Usually a cheese cleaver means a wide and flat and very heavy blade that use for cutting and breaking big and hard cheese.

Perforated Knife: A cheese slicer that has some small holes which are punched in the blade. And this tool especially uses for semi-soft cheese. And that tool ensures the cheese or butter will never stick on the blade.

Chisel Knife: It is a very flat and wide blade that uses for breaking a big hard cheese. Then you can use another small cheese knife for slicing and cutting.

Pronged Knife: It has two prongs on the tip that helps for cutting or breaking big cheese blocks.

Cheese Forks: Maybe you already know about it. A cheese fork has two big prongs with a handle. It helps to hold the cheese by your left hand while you cut big hard cheese.

Cheese Spreader: This is a very familiar name who has already cuts some cheeses. And it has an alternative name that people called a butter knife. Usually, they’re very short and flat and use for soft cheese for spreading.

Flat Cheese Knife: This is very similar to the cheese cleaver style. And another alternative good way to serving semi-soft or hard cheese.


Cheese is very delicious and healthy and you can use them to make different foods. But when you have a big chunk of cheese so you need some different and best knife to cut cheese! Because it’s never possible to use an old tool or other knives to prepare cheese. But I hope in this cheese knife review post you know which is the best knife to cut soft and hard cheese?

And when you interested to purchase a new cheese knife so you should carefully choose them. Because some poor quality cheese knife or set would cause your anxiety. But hopefully, I have explained step by step which knife works better for hard and soft cheese? And here are some cheese knives that would be a good choice for some people who really love cheese and butter-related foods.