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7 Best Knives For Cutting Meat In 2021

Do you know which is the best knife for cutting meat? A good meat-cutting knife means an easy and effortless way to cut raw meat, chicken, beef, even large bread. People use different knives for cutting meat such as an electric knife, boning knife, butcher knife, and many others.

But especially for cutting raw meat, there are some special knives that are a little bit longer in size and can easily handle a large piece of meat. These are the special knives having lightweight to get an easy balance. So, you can easily use them in the kitchen or butcher shop.

Which Is The Best Knife For Cutting Meat?

Here I have reviewed some knives that may consider as the best meat slicing knife for the kitchen. Many people think that a meat-cutting knife may be very expensive. But surprisingly, without breaking your bank you can easily purchase a knife that can be used for slicing meat, beef, chicken, or smoked salmon.

For example, the Sunnecko Meat Slicer is a perfect and versatile knife for you. Because you can use it for all kitchen jobs including carving or slicing. Even it comes with a good price range that will be met your budget and criteria as well.

But other than this model, some other slicing knives come with good looking, durability, safety features, and beautiful packaging. Even they’re very reasonable in price that you can give these knives set as a gift to someone else. So without consuming your time, let’s see which is the best knife for slicing meat?

01. Dalstrong Shadow Black Series – Best Overall

Performance & Durability

The knife is a “Shadow Black Series” of Dalstrong. It features a 9-inch forged blade that is made from high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X steel. Even they added vacuum heat treatment for superior performance and edge retention. So you will no need to worry about the performance of the knife if you invest money in it.

This is a hand-polished blade by bladesmiths and Nitrogen cooled to enhance overall durability and flexibility. The knife also features a Titanium Nitride non-reflective coating that prevents the knife from rust and corrosion. Even you never worry about the stickiness of foods on the blade if you use it for carving or big roasted steak.

Comfort & Usability

It has a unique-looking handle that is not available with other models. It also has a stylish Fiber-Resin military-grade G10 handle for ensuring a nice grip and comfort even with a dry or oily hand. To help you more, it comes with a beautiful fork that you can use for serving and a matching sheath for saving your space.

Final Verdict

However, this is an “NSF” certified knife for cutting brisket, BBQ, meat, fish, and chicken. Finally, I would like to say it is really the best meat cutting knife that you can use for yourself or give someone else as a  Birthday, Christmas or Wedding gift.

  • NSF certified knife
  • Comes with a fork and matching sheath
  • Made from high-carbon 7CR17MOV-X steel
  • Bladesmiths hand-finished blade
  • Nitrogen cooled to enhance durability and flexibility
  • The durable military-grade G10 handle
  • Not very affordable

02. Zelite Infinity- Best Large Meat Cutting Knife

Performance & Durability

This is another long meat cutting knife because this is a 12-inch knife. The knife has a beautiful Granton Edge that is manufactured by Zelite Infinity.

This is a “Comfort-Pro Series”, especially it’s very popular for both professionals and home cooks only for its brighter outlook and performance. However, the brand used high-quality German ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel to make the blade rust and corrosion resistant as well as non-stick.

The 56 Rockwell Hardness of knife ensures to have an excellent performance for cutting poultry, roasts, hams, beef, brisket, and other large cooked BBQ or raw meat.

Comfort & Usability

When you use this amazing meat carving knife for the first time, of course, you’ll love it. Because it has a good-looking black rounded handle with a rare Tapered bolster for safe cutting, slicing, or carving. The full tang construction for durability and endcap added beauty and balance.

Final Verdict

This long meat trimming knife comes with a Premium Packaging box to give someone else as a gift who really loves BBQ or meat-related foods. Or you can use it as a filleting knife whereas it’s very large and sharp.

  • Comfort-Pro Series of Zelite Infinity
  • Made from German high carbon stainless steel
  • Beautiful black rounded handle
  • Full tang with Rare Tapered Bolster
  • Traditional 3-Step Honbazuke hand-finished blade
  • A perfect gift choice
  • It’s a long knife need handling carefully

03. Sunnecko Meat Slicer – Best Versatile

Performance & Durability

If you love cooking and want a versatile knife that you can use for different cooking, cutting, slicing, mincing, chopping, carving, and filleting then this item would be a smart choice for you. Because it has a very super-thin blade which is only 2mm thin and 8-inch long.

It’s really a perfect cooking knife under $100 for chefs and home cooks. Even it would be great for enthusiasts who love cooking.

However, if you want to have easier and effortless kitchen work then having this knife in the kitchen is a perfect choice. It is so because this forged blade made from Japanese VG-10 cladding 36 layers provides maximum durability and performance.

And 2 mm narrow blade with a trailing point would give you a super-thin slice for your sandwich or other foods. Even the brand also used Japanese sword-making methods only for superior performance so that you can handle anything for your everyday cooking easily.

Comfort & Usability

It has a very unique ergonomic stainless steel handle with G10 rivets. It is really very durable and offers the best comfort and grip in any hand’s palm. I think for the small or heavy-duty job it’s really a well-made handle. Even the company Logo added a nice look, which will catch your attention.

Final Verdict

It comes with a beautiful package and a good price range. Especially in this price range, probably it is the best Japanese cooking knife which you can use for your home or restaurant.

  • Best versatile knife ever for kitchen purpose
  • Made of Japanese VG-10 Damascus stainless steel
  • 2mm super thin blade
  • Narrow blade with a trailing point
  • Hand mirror polished
  • Ergonomic forged stainless steel handle with G10 riveted
  • It has no bolster

04. Mercer Culinary – Best Top Rated

Performance & Durability

This is the best top-rated meat slicing knife which is manufactured by Mercer Culinary. This long knife is perfect for handling a large piece of meat or would be effective for carving and bread. Even in the lowest budget, I think it’s an excellent purchase for kitchen purposes.

However, this is a 14-inch long Granton Edge Slicer for home chefs, professionals, and food enthusiasts. So any person can easily use it any time in their kitchen or outdoors. This long meat cutting knife comes with a wicked sharp blade and is recommended to use it very carefully.

Because it’s made of superior Japanese non-staining steel for versatile kitchen jobs. It is very easy to maintain because the blade is completely rust and corrosion-resistant. But to extend the performance, you should avoid the dishwasher. Because intense heat and detergents can reduce its performance and longevity.

Comfort & Usability

The ergonomic handle design gives non-slip grip and comfort. Because it has a durable handle that is made from Santoprene for well comfort and polypropylene to extend durability. The Textured finger points offer slip resistance grip and a Protective finger guard for your safety.

Final Verdict

This is a wicked sharp knife and it is an “NSF” certified knife for commercial and home use. Even it comes at a very reasonable price, and is available in different sizes and designs. It’s really a perfect meat slicing knife for the money.

  • Made from the highest quality Japanese steel
  • Certified by “NSF” for home and restaurants
  • Beautiful Granton Edge
  • Protective finger guard and Textured finger points
  • Round tip for cutting bread or meat
  • Never wash it in a dishwasher

05. Victorinox Swiss – Best “NSF” Certified

Performance & Durability

This is a 12-inch long meat chopping knife from Victorinox. This popular knife would be good for carving meat, roast, grill, steak, or a large turkey. If you love smoked food and want to slice every piece effortlessly then it can play an important role in your steak party.

However, it has a nice Granton Blade which is straight and sharp that’s why you can use it for home and restaurants. Due to this sharpness and easiness, Victorinox built it in such a way that everywhere it performs well.

The high carbon stainless steel blade of the knife can be used only for a smaller and thinner slice to get fast and easy work. The long European Granton blade is only for minimizing friction and prevent your foods from sticking.

Comfort & Usability

The knife features an ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle that offers a non-slip grip even when it is wet. This soft handle ensures good balance and weight. The handle guards of the knife are best for your hand safety.

Final Verdict

This is a dishwasher-safe meat cutting knife, but they recommend hand wash only. It will give you the best result and you just wash the knife with a soapy cloth and dry it immediately.

The Victorinox Swiss Army professional meat carving knife is certified by “NSF“. It means this knife is safe for home and commercial use.

  • 12-inch Granton Blade
  • Made from high-carbon stainless steel
  • Narrow shape with a round tip
  • “NSF” certified and dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle
  • Top rated and budget-friendly
  • Made from Switzerland
  • Very long knife not perfect for beginner

06. TUO Cutlery – Best Beautiful Knife

Performance & Durability

This is a Fiery Series knife from TUO Cutlery which is 12-inch long. Even surprisingly this series was selected as the world’s best kitchen knives by “” in 2016. The special Gantone edge blade is carefully designed for de-boning, filleting, skinning, and trimming.

Even the extra-large blade also helps for carving roasts, ham, prepping, or cutting large fruits like watermelon. For cutting a lot of different items, the knife used German high carbon stainless steel which makes it rust, wear, even corrosion-resistant.

Comfort & Usability

It has an ergonomic Pakkawood handle which is extremely beautiful than other items. The unique handle design will be a perfect choice who love colorful knife for their lovely kitchen. However, this is a full tang blade that ensures longer durability and stainless steel endcap for the right balance and weight.

Final Verdict

There are many reasons why I have put it in my best meat carving knife collection? The reason is it’s beautiful, reasonable, made from premium materials, and comes with a nice gift package. Even a home cook or a food enthusiast will fall in love while using it for the first time.

  • Made of German high carbon stainless steel
  • Rust, wear, and corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic Pakkawood handle
  • Perfect gift choice for Chrismas or Birthday
  • It’s a little bit heavy

07. MAIRICO UltraSharp – Best For Low Budget

Performance & Durability

This is MAIRICO UltraSharp meat carving knife which is 11-inch long. It is made from premium stainless steel for cutting, slicing, and carving with minimal effort.

Use this knife for brisket, pork, turkey, smoked salmon, and roast even it will be an ultimate bread knife. As it is very lightweight so even a beginner can handle it easily. I think in the lowest budget range, it’s really a good item for cutting and slicing which is come with a wicked sharp blade.

Comfort & Usability

However, for well balance and weight, the knife features a full-tang handle with a triple rivet function. It has a very small finger protective bolster to save your finger from the blade spine. It has really a perfect size handle that will fit in any hand.

Final Verdict

If are you looking for the best affordable knife for slicing which will be lightweight, and easy to handle, then it will be a great purchase for you. Because this knife comes with lots of amazing features and reasonable price.

Even you can give this meat carving knife as a gift to your friends and family or an enthusiast who loves meat-related food. In fact, it’s a perfect choice for learning new cooking and it comes with a beautiful gift package.

  • Very lightweight and easy to handle
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Full-tang blade with triple rivet
  • Perfect for a thinner slice
  • Small finger guard for safe cutting
  • Reasonable and comes with a gift box
  • Sometimes the blade can bend for heavy-duty work

Why Do You Need a Special Meat Cutting Knife?

best knife for cutting raw meat

Most kitchen knives have an 8-inch blade which is perfect for small cutting, slicing, mincing, or dicing. On the other hand, a meat cutting knife has a very long blade of length between 10-inch to 12-inch. It’s long because you can use it for different work i.e. for preparation as well as after cooking.

For example, before preparing juicy beef brisket, you can use a long sharp knife and after complete your smoke or deep frying, a long meat slicing or carving knife will be an ideal tool for thin slicing. Even I would like to say, with this knife you can easily slice a big turkey or a large smoked salmon.

Difference Between Meat Slicing and Carving knives

Both meat slicing and carving knives have a little bit of difference because they have different blade types and edges. But you can use both knives for a single job such as carving or raw meat slicing.

Meat slicing knife: A meat slicing knife has a very long and narrow straight blade and the overall length is 12-inch to 14-inch. Most slicing knives have a Granton edge for a comfortable ultra-thin slice. You may use it for meat, fish, beef, pork, poultry, and other meat-related foods. This knife is the best and effective choice for slicing vegetables or fruits.

Carving knife: On the other hand, a carving knife has a narrow and tapers razor-sharp blade with a rounded tip. Users mainly used this knife for roasted meat and steak, BBQ, brisket, lamb, or harm. If you need super thin meat for your sandwich or other foods, then this knife might helps you a lot. Because carving knives are very popular only for thin slicing.

What Kinds of Knives are Available for Cutting Meat?

Boning knife: A boning knife is also used in the kitchen for cutting meat into small pieces. Especially it helps a lot to remove the bones of poultry. A good boning knife is 6 to 8 inches long with a narrow blade.

Carving knife: The carving knife is very popular especially for cutting cooked or smoked meats. It has a very straight blade, and some of them come with a Granton edge for superior performance. The carving knife is 8 to 15 inches long that can use for cutting meat, beef, chicken, large fruits, even bread.

Butcher knife: The butcher knife is very popular among professional chefs and home cooks. Because it helps a lot to separate meat from large pieces. It has a 10 to 15-inch blade which is available in two different blades between straight and curved.

Meat cleaver: The meat cleaver is a common name among professional butchers. Most cooking enthusiasts and home cooks are not familiar with it. Because a meat cleaver is very heavy to use, and need professional technique.

Best Knife For Cutting Meat – Buyer’s Guide

best meat slicing knife

Before buying a knife for cutting meat you should know about all of the features that it offers. Because you should know which knife’s features would be perfect for you or which are not? As there is a lot of meat carving and slicing knives available in the market.

So it will be difficult to choose the best knife and all knives won’t match with you. So which thing you should consider? Let’s see

Blade materials

A good meat cutting knife is made from different materials such as high carbon stainless steel, stainless steel, Japanese steel even German Rockwell Hardness.

These materials are really extremely top-graded for professional kitchen knives. But high carbon stainless steel forged blades are very popular even most professional chefs recommended it. These blades are extremely sharp, rust and corrosion-resistant.

Blade design

There are different types of blade design available, these are;

Plain edge blades: Most kitchen knives are available in Plain edge blade, especially it is designed for cutting or slicing through soft foods easily.

Serrated edge blades: These types of blades have very nano teeth for cutting thick and hard food where a straight blade can’t perform.  You can cut a large bread or vegetable that has very thick skin.

Hollow edge blades: These blades have special indentations above the blade which creates small air bubbles to enable easier cutting and slicing. Even it ensures no food will stick on your blade during use.

Granton blades: Granton edge blades are very similar to the hollow edge that creates small air pockets to prevent food from sticking. A santoku knife is a great example of a Granton edge blade.

The handle

The meat slicing knife’s handle is made from wood, plastic, rubber, or stainless steel. These materials are very durable and provide last longer performance. But comfort actually depends on you because wooden handles are very attractive and colorful but sometimes warm water and intense heat can damage it.

But the plastic and rubber handle offers a nice grip and comfort even when wet. The plastic handle is lightweight and very durable and water won’t damage it all. You should find those knives which will fit in your hand and you’ll feel comfortable even if you work for a long period of time.

Safety feature

If you are a beginner then it’s important for you to have a knife with Bolster or Finger Guard. Because maybe you don’t know the techniques to use most of the knife. That’s why may you encounter some unexpected injuries.

But if your knife has a safety bolster or finger guard, then it can save you from blade injuries. So before buying a knife, you should look at this feature if you’re a beginner.


Most meat cutting knives are longer than regular knives it would be 10-inch to 14-inch. But you should choose only those knives that will fit you and your items. A  small size knife would easy to balance than a large blade. But if you already used different kitchen knives, you can go for what you prefer.


You know that lightweight knives are very easy to handle than heavier ones. But the weight of the knife actually depends on the blade materials, size, and handle. Stamped blades are lighter than forged, and it is affordable.

You should choose those knives which you can handle easily. Even if you use them for a long time, then you’ll never feel uneasy or any pain in your wrist.

Frequently Asked Questions

best meat cutting knife

What kind of knife is best for cutting meat?

It will depend on you that for which purpose you want to slice the meat. If you want to cut smoked or cooked meat, then you should try a carving knife. Because this knife is specially designed and made only for these jobs.

Even most carving knives come with a special fork that can use for serving. On the other hand, you can use a butcher knife, boning knife, and long meat cutting knife also for cutting purposes. But besides all of these, you should know what you want to cut and for which purpose.?

Do you cut meat with a serrated knife?

For cutting raw meat or cooked meat, you will no need to use a serrated knife. Because a straight blade performs very well for cutting and slicing meat. It can give you a thinner slice if you need it for Burger or breakfast.

A serrated blade can damage your meat quality because it has small teeth on the edge, and it can affect while applying to raw meat.

What is the best meat slicing knife?

First of all, you should know which thing you want to slice? Because people slice meat, fish, vegetable, and large fruits. If you want to slice meat, beef, or chicken then you can choose a butcher or carving knife.

On the other hand, you can choose a large meat cutting knife that will be 10 to 14 inches long. With that knife, you can slice vegetables, fruits, bread, and meat easily.


If you really love grill, smoke, or BBQ, then you need a tool for cutting and slicing. But a special carving or slicing knife can play an important role in this game. Many people use a common short knife for slicing or carving but if they use a meat slicing knife, then they can slice their favorite meat, beef, or fish effortlessly.

Due to this, I have reviewed some special knives and now after reading this informative article you know which is the best knife for cutting meat? I think this is really a versatile knife that can use for meat, beef, chicken, pork, bread, fish, veggies, and fruits even your all favorite foods.

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