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10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Reviews In 2019

Without a Best electric knife sharpener, there is no way to sharpen your knives very safely and quickly! Also, a razor-sharp knife is very important for every kitchen from home to professional. When you have a perfect knife then you will feel comfortable in making different foods or slicing vegetables.

If you start your day with a blunt knife for making food, so sometimes it might be a cause for your injury. Because dull knife edge is not suitable for cutting. But don’t be disappointed, and no need to buy a new kitchen knife set! If are you look at the electric knife sharpeners, so it will make your knives razor-sharp and gives new shine like new.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews

So to get your tension relieved of I have listed a number of the top and low-cost electric knife sharpeners. And this knife sharpening tool provides different features according to your requirements and needs. And they vary in prices and features that they provide. So choose the right one that is perfect for you. And I have make it easier by listing down their PROS and CONS as well.

Today this best electric knife sharpener reviews post will help you to know how does an electric knife sharpener work? And electric sharpeners means not a high price at all the time. And think about a few low budget user’s I have collected some best budget electric knife sharpeners. That provides a great sharpening performance and take low electricity. Also, the easiest knife sharpener is really all user-friendly. Because there is no need for any professional experience.

01. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV Electric Knife Sharpener


The most professional chefs like the Trizor XV electric knife sharpener. Because it has an amazing feature of converting 20-degree angle factory edge for home knife also include the XV’s 15 degrees angled edge for maximum performance. Also, the 15 degrees angled professional sharpener will make your daily knives sharp and shine with a faster and quicker way. And the edge will go for a long time without a single sharpening.

Because all the professional and serious cooks love the 15 degrees angled knife for a perfect experience of slicing. And that is why you should choose the XV’s 15° electric power knife sharpener. Also, this advanced 100% diamond coded sharpening is great for straight edge and serrated blades.

However, it has 3-stage (‘V-shaped’) Edgeselect knife sharpening system for the maximum and versatile angle for a best sharpest edge. The sharpener 1st and 2nd stage with 100% diamond abrasives for the knives basic hone and getting the clean edge. And the 3rd stage-crafted with a premium patented flexible abrasive to polish and prolong the life of the serrated blade.

Finally, this popular sharpener comes with Trizor edge flawless ultra-sharp 15-degree XVsharpening technology. So that will give your knives wicked sharp approximately 1 minute for first time sharpening, but resharpening will complete approximately 10 seconds if you follow the right instruction. Maybe the price is a little bit higher than others sharpener, but it will give you a real professional sharpening experience ever.

  • Sharpening with both straight edge and serrated blades
  • Contains flawless and ultra-sharp 15-degree XV technology
  • Include 3-staged sharpening V-shaped’ slot
  • A great quality professional tool for a long-time usage

  • This price may be higher for some user
  • Little bit Noise from motor vibrating

02. Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener


If you own ceramic and stainless steel knives, then with your eyes closed choose this Shenzhen Electric Diamond wheel knife sharpener and bring it in your kitchen. And a good reason this is really the best low-cost knife sharpener. And you will be getting all the comforts you need to Sharpen your knives and easily can store it in your kitchen.

However, it has 2 sharpening stages including Diamond Grinding Stone that has two settings which are Fine – #800 grit, and Coarse – #600 grit. This ceramic power knife sharpener has a Diamond sharpening stone so it will give your knives original factory sharpness. And it takes up very little space for storing.


Hopefully, it is a battery-operated sharpener that has a plugin system so you can use the sharpener any time you want. And there is no chance of running out of charge. This compact size powerful sharpening tool is very easy to use and it’s a great choice to learn the knife sharpening. And maybe this is much little size to look, but this machine can handle any ceramic knives or stainless steel blade.

The sharpener one slot does the grinding of the deflected edges when the user guides the knife through the slot with light pressure. And the other slot does the job of smoothening and polishing, making the blade of your knife sharp and shiningly bright. It is really the great knife sharpener available for home use. Because that’s really much compact and easy to use and carry.

  • Universal knife guide slots which ensure perfect sharpening
  • Battery operated sharpener that can lose power
  • Comes with affordable price
  • The sharpener can handle up to 1mm thick blade
  • A great machine for learning the knife sharpening
  • Designed for sharpening ceramic and stainless steel kitchen knives

  • This sharpener is not perfect for non-kitchen knives

 03. Secura 2-Stage Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener


Not Everybody is interested in $100 dollars knife sharpener. But if are you looking for the cheapest sharpening tool; so it might be an ideal choice for you! And if you want something that has the feature of saving power or does not waste too much electricity. So this sharpener is the best choice for you especially for home as well as professional. It’s not very difficult to use, and it might be an ideal choice for beginners.

It is a 2-stage electric kitchen knife sharpener and the 1st-stage works to sharpen and rejuvenate the edge then reshape the blade angle. Other 2-stage for hones and polishing the blade for the finishing sharpening process; and after that, the blade will look new and brighter.

This beautiful sharpener runs on 120 volts only. And the best thing about this sharpener it provides automatic knife sharpening for all non-serrated knives. So this is one of the best knife sharpener machines to sharpen your knives for cutting meat or vegetables.  And really this sharpener can make change your kitchen knife sharpening system. Also, it includes the non-slip suction that holds the sharpener unwaveringly in sharpening place. I think it is the best small power knife sharpener with affordable price.

  • Best automatic knife sharpener
  • very less price than others sharpener
  • It has an effective and fast sharpening process
  • Very small and easy to store
  • Include the suction cups for stability

  • Perform well only for non-serrated kitchen knives

04. Chefman 2-Stage Electric Lightweight Knife Sharpener


A few people think, which is the best effective knife sharpening process manual or electric? So the answer is definitely electric sharpener for knives. For example, the Chefman electric knife sharpener will sharpen your kitchen knives professionally with its Diamond Coated technology. This 2-stages sharpening process is enough to give your knife new sharp and shiny.

This sharpener does the job of sharpening in just a couple of few seconds. Because it has a simple-looking but professional sharpening stage. The 1st-stage for reshapes the blade angle and rejuvenates the knife’s edge. And the 2nd-stage for complete the sharpening process which ensures the perfect honing and polishing of the blade from the kitchen to pocket knives. But hopefully, this lightweight and compact size electric kitchen knife sharpener helps to store it easily either in the drawer.

It has a non-slip suction cup for safety which it holds unwaveringly in place. So the user keeps the knife in the right place and no required to create Any kinds of stroke. I have to say this is a really heavy-duty steel blade sharpener for the low budget! This is not only for kitchen knives, but also it’s used for fishing, hunting, even army knives. It’s made for heavy-duty and can sharpen knives if made up of stainless steel, hard steel, and ceramic. This knife sharpener has most of the professional features.

  • Lightweight and stylish looking
  • Has blade guides that help with the position of knives at a definite angle
  • The sharpener has two slots that have a V-shaped chamber
  • Has non-slip suction cups that keep the sharpener in the right place
  • Best inexpensive knife sharpener
  • No downward pressure is not necessary to achieve spectacular results

  • Do not apply much pressure. Otherwise, the grinding mechanism will stop

05. Linkyo Electric Home Knife Sharpener


The Linkyo electric knife sharpener is one of the handiest sharpeners that you can purchase and you will never go wrong with it. The features that the sharpener provides the best ones for the kitchen knives and its simple and easy to sharpening. Read here more how to use an electric knife sharpener?

It is top-rated, simple, and very safe to use with 2-stage sharpening features. The 1st-stage that starts reshapes the angle and it helps to rejuvenate the edge. Other 2nd-stage for complete the sharpening process which ensures to get honing and perfect polishing blade.

It’s very easy to sharpen because the Automatic blade posting guides will hold the knife very unwaveringly for an ideal cutting angle. And the non-slip suction cup ensures the sharpener firmly in place while its uses. And it’s built with special “STOP” feature which will stop the machine if detected any high pressure

Moreover, the pricing of the sharpener has been done unerringly so that it can purchase anyone who handles a lot of kitchen knife. For getting a good electric sharpener if the mesmerizing features are goals, so the Linkyo quick knife sharpener might be a great choice for your home use! There is a lot of automatic knife sharpeners. But this sharpener is very quick, easy, and safe for use. And this is an extremely top-rated and budget-friendly knife sharpening machine.

  • Quick, easy and safe 2 staged sharpening
  • Automatic angle positioning guides
  • Very affordable price
  • It’s very easy to clean
  • Extremely top rated
  • Comes with great Safety Special “STOP” features

  • Without kitchen knives, it can’t handle outdoor or hunting knife

06. Wusthof PEtec 3-Stage Professional Electric Knife Sharpener


Many people have Wusthof knives and they love to use the sharpener which is made from Wusthof. Because this is one of the most trusted and premium brands. And hopefully, this German-based Wusthof and Chefs Choice company has been producing the best electric knife sharpeners with Precision Edge Technology (PEtec). It has 3 sharpening stages with diamond abrasives to fulfill your sharpening needs. Also, they recommend sharpening the dull knives to restore the razor-sharp for 14 degrees angle.

The 1st stage for blunt knives that edge is completely lose cutting power. And the 2nd stage for honing the edge with diamond abrasive wheels. But the 3rd stage for polishing the knife for final sharp with the stropping disc. Also, the slots have flexible sharpening angle guides, which will help you for the right angle.

And a good reason, this sharpener can handle all Japanese knives as well as western-style knives. Because it crafted with PEtec technology and very easy to use for the right sharpening angle. This sleek design with beautiful gray color electric knife sharpener is the first choice of all professional guy. So are you really a fan of Wusthof knives maybe it will be the wisest decision to purchase it for sharpening your favorite knives.

  • Sharpening slot have flexible sharpening angle guide
  • Sharpen all western-style knives
  • Precision Edge Technology
  • Different 3 stages for knives razor-sharp
  • It can handle all large knives even butcher knife

  • Very expensive
  • Not recommended for thin knife

07. PRESTO 08800 Ever Sharp Electric Knife Sharpener


There are many people love simple and avoid too much-complicated features of electric knife sharpeners. So that the Presto introduce the simple and quicker knife sharpening tool. The Presto knife sharpener has the ability to sharp, almost all kinds of straight knives that include kitchen and sports knives. And it has a 2 stage sharpening system that includes the first stage sharpen the dull knife with a perfect angle which required for quick and easy slicing and chopping.

The other stage involves further polishing and smoothening for the sharpening effect for long-time and increase the durability and strength of the knife edges. This sharpener contains rotating Sapphirite wheels grinding wheel to enable the sharpener to do the professional knife sharpening. And the blade guides position ensures the ideal sharpening angle of the knife for perfect results no need guess sharpening.

This machine is the top-rated, cheap, and strong knife sharpener on the market. And do you think about how to sharpen a knife? So no need to feel worried! Because it’s all kinds of user-friendly and the price is very affordable for low budget sharpener lovers.

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive knife sharpener
  • Extremely top rated
  • Made In China
  • Requires less time to provide perfect sharpening
  • Stylish in looking

  • The serrated knives cannot be sharpened

08. Sagler Electric Compact Knife Sharpener


The Sagler compact electric knife sharpener has the ability to sharpen any kind of straight-edged knife. You can get this amazing knife sharpener with Cheap price. This finest sharpener creates a razor-sharp edge of a blunt knife within a few seconds.

So the durability and strength of the sharpener are long-lasting and you will enjoy smooth slicing of food items. Its two-stage sharpening system will much quickly and easily sharpen any non-serrated knives for a professional result in the convenience of your home.

It has an ultra-hard material Sapphirite coated sharpening wheels that create a razor-sharp edge for a professional result.  After complete two-stage sharpening process, it will give a professional finish to the knife. One stage does the job of perfecting the angle and gives the blade a new edge.

The other stage smoothens the edges further giving the edge a fine polish and brightness. It can sharpen all kinds of straight edge professional knives. If you don’t love big sharpener, so it would be the best compact knife sharpener! Because you can easily store it in your kitchen.

  • Have wheels embedded that are coated with the ultra-hard material
  • Professional and high in quality
  • Stylish looking and is made up of stainless steel
  • Best Inexpensive knife sharpener
  • Portable and lightweight

  • Perfect only for straight and not serrated knives

09. Work Sharp Knife And Tool Sharpener


How it is if you got e versatile electric sharpener that you can use for knives and tools? The work sharp electric tool sharpener can handle all kinds of knives. Many hunters spend a lot of money on the best hunting knives for deer. Surprisingly this sharpener can handle all hunting and survival knives.

And it sharpens not only knives. But also it has the capability to sharpen shovels, axes, scissors, and all the indoor and outdoor tools. So it is able to accomplish for multi-purposes because of having abrasive belts that can rotate for the ability to sharpen edges.

Best features

Also, sharpen not just straight blades, but you can use for your fillet knife, curved knife, serrated knife, tanto blade, fishing hooks and so on. And virtually others shape for the professional blade. This versatile sharpening machine has multi-features which required for different works as well; the Fine (6000), Coarse (P80), and the Medium (P220) abrasive belts. The coarse belt used for extreme heavy-duty sharpening, the next medium is used for general sharpening and the fine belt for complete the sharpening process to make your knife or tool factory sharpness.

But now maybe you think about the belts are really good for your premium blades? But hopefully, the Abrasive belts never damage your knife steel during sharpening. Also, it has another great feature, which is a sharpening guide for fast and effective results. Just required 40° angle for a kitchen knife and 50° angle for the outdoor knife.

But if you think your blade is not getting the perfect edge, so you can easily change the sharpening guide. So the reason it’s very important to know how to sharpen knife ideally? This extremely top-rated sharpener looks big, but it is very lightweight and has a comfortable rubber handheld while you need to carry or sharpen a big tool.

  • Extremely top-rated
  • Has an amazing abrasive belt technology
  • The sharpening process is relatable
  • Can handle all kinds of knives and tools
  • Provides quick and easy sharpening
  • Comes with guides to show the process of sharpening at different angles

  • Not a good choice for beginners

10. PriorityChef Easy Knife Sharpener


If you have special straight and serrated knives so maybe it will escape you from the sharpening anxiety. This different and ergonomic knife sharpener has 2 stages sharpening wheel which is a little bit different than 3 stages. Because it’s very easy to use and you will not be disappointed with the result. Your lovely kitchen shouldn’t be without it, because it’s an ever sharpener which is really perfect for home use.

However, the first stage diamond wheel coated coarse for restore the knife blade angle. Just pull your straight knife on it for approximately 10 times. And the 2nd sharpening ceramic wheel for polishing the knife blade and clean from the spine to the edge. Also, the Diamond is the perfect material for sharpening the knife, because it can cut any types of strong metals. Other hands the premium quality ceramic wheel for polishes the blade clean, smooth, and shine for perfect slicing.

Additional features

It has a user-friendly ergonomic handle that is very comfortable and easy to grip. And hopefully, it has a non-slip cushion at the sharpener bottom so the reason the lightweight sharpener will never slip while you sharpen. This user-friendly electric knife sharpener features will never be finished to explain. It’s very compact that you can store it without compromising your kitchen place, very safe and easy to use.

It will be better to say why you are going to spend the money on a new kitchen knife, with this best budget electric knife sharpener you can restore your knives razor-sharp like a new.

  • Non-slip cushion at the bottom for safety
  • Versatile, safe and very easy to use
  • Comes with very affordable price
  • Top-rated knife sharpener ever
  • Diamond and ceramic wheels for razor-sharp edge very quickly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sharpen straight and hards steel blades

  • Never apply it on your bread knife

Final Thoughts

A knife is the most important part of everyday cooking. And when your kitchen knife moving to dull. So, of course, that is needed to buy a new knife. But it is not the right decision to buy a new knife every time only for sharpen. Because there is a lot of knife sharpening system include electric knife sharpeners.

And if you think manual knife sharpener is difficult to use and that needs more time. So easily you can buy a low-cost electric sharpener. Because electric sharpener means not a high price at all the time. And already I have introduced some best electric knife sharpeners above with the product features and proper using instructions.

I hope this electric knife sharpening reviews post will help you to know more about the knife sharpener. And choosing the perfect knife for yourself depends on your workload. Also, upon the type of knife, you use. If you choose to use serrated knives, then carefully choose the right one. So electric knife sharpeners are so important for every home and professional kitchen now and then.

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