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Best Electric Knife Sharpener In 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Without the best electric knife sharpener, there is no other way to sharpen your knives very safely and quickly! Nobody loves a blunt knife because it’s not very safe and needs more effort for cutting and slicing. On the other hand, a razor-sharp blade will help you for easy slicing, cutting, mincing, dicing anything. It will help in making everything easy to prepare in your kitchen. So now why would you endure a dull knife?

For the fastest cooking, you need a razor-sharp blade but that not means you have to purchase a new cooking knife set. Because you can sharpen a knife and each time you will get a super sharp blade just like a new knife.

There are a lot of ways to sharpen kitchen and hunting knives, but an electric knife sharpener is one of the most popular and very safe methods. Especially if you’re a home cook, then you can easily sharpen your all kitchen knife easily without any professional training.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews

In this dynamic world, you’ll get lots of different electric knife sharpeners in the market. They have different features, size, price range, durability, and performance. But without spending a lot of bucks, you have to find out the best one that will make your all knives super sharp. Electric knife sharpeners are very convenient to use and provide a last longer performance.

Thinking about your convenience and budget, I brought 10 top-rated electric knife sharpeners. These electric sharpeners have different features and prices range.  For buying a sharpener for your kitchen or hunting knives, you will no need to break your bank.

I hope each sharpener will be met with your budget. All of these sharpeners can use for both home and restaurants. Even in this best electric knife sharpener review, I will also explain which is the best sharpener for a ceramic knife? Let’s find out a sharpener that will give you longer durability and superior performance.

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01. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor – 3 Stage Best Knife Sharpener


This is the most top-rated and best knife sharpener from Chef’sChoice. It has a 3-stage (‘V-shaped’) Edgeselect sharpening system for the maximum and versatile angle. The versatile angle of this knife sharpener provides the best sharpest edge.

It’s 1st and 2nd stage features 100% diamond abrasives for the knife’s basic hone and gives a clean edge. The 3rd stage-crafted with a premium patented flexible abrasive for final polishing and finishing.

This chef’s choice knife sharpener can make your knife sharper than buying a new knife because it features a 20-degree angle for traditional home knives and uses 15 degrees for your dull knives to make razor-sharp. I would say that this chef’s electric sharpener will make your daily knives sharp and shiny in a faster and quicker way.

You will no need to wait a long time to get a super sharp edge because only 5-7 strikes of the sharpener are enough to get knives the desired sharpness. It offers not only a razor-sharp blade but will also extend the edge.

Even it will give you super-sharp knives, doesn’t matter what kind of knives you want to sharpen. It can handle all chef’s knife, Japanese knife, European style blade, or other regular knives and save your kitchen’s time.

This popular sharpener comes with Trizor edge flawless ultra-sharp 15 and 20-degree XVsharpening technology. It will give your knives wicked sharp approximately in 1 minute for first time sharpening, but resharpening will complete approximately in 10 seconds if you follow the right instructions given by the manufacturer.

Additionally, I would like to say, if you love knives for cooking purposes and want to know more about it you can read my trusted butcher knives reviews. This guide will help you a lot to choose the best knives.

  • Advanced stropping stage with 100% diamond abrasives
  • Sharpening with both straight edge and serrated blades
  • Contains flawless and ultra-sharp 15-degree XV technology
  • Includes 3-stage sharpening V-shaped’ slot
  • Made in the USA

  • This price may be higher for some user

02. Shenzhen Knives – 2-Stage Small Electric Knife Sharpener

best knife sharpener


If you own ceramic and stainless steel knives, then just close your eyes and choose this Shenzhen Electric Diamond wheel knife sharpener. I recommended you to bring it to your kitchen because of the one good reason that it is really the best low-cost knife sharpener. You will get all the comforts with this, and you can easily store it in your kitchen because this is a small electric knife sharpener and doesn’t take a large space for use and store.

However, it has 2 sharpening stages including Diamond Grinding Stone that has two settings which are Fine #800 grit and Coarse #600 grit. This ceramic power knife sharpener has a Diamond sharpening stone so it will give your knife an original factory sharpness.

The sharpener one slot does the grinding of the deflected edges when the user guides the knife through the slot with light pressure. The other slot does the job of smoothening and polishing, making the blade sharp and shining bright. It is really a great knife sharpener available for home use because that’s really compact, easy to use, and carry.

It is a battery-operated sharpener that has a plugin option. So, you can use the sharpener out of your kitchen at any time. This compact size but powerful sharpening tool is very easy to use and it’s a great choice to learn knife sharpening. Maybe this is much little size to look at, but this machine can handle any ceramic knives or stainless steel blade.

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  • Universal knife guide slots which ensure perfect sharpening
  • Battery operated sharpener that can reduce power
  • Comes with affordable price
  • The sharpener can handle up to a 1mm thick blade
  • A great machine for learning knife sharpening
  • Designed for sharpening ceramic and stainless steel blade

  • This sharpener is not perfect for non-kitchen knives

 03. Secura 2-Stage – Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener


Not Everybody is interested in 100 dollars knife sharpener. So, if are you looking for the cheapest sharpening tool, then it may be an ideal choice for you! If you want something that has the feature of saving power or does not waste too much electricity, then this sharpener is the best choice for you especially for home as well as professional jobs. It’s not very difficult to use, and it may be an excellent choice for beginners.

It is a 2-stage electric kitchen knife sharpener. The 1st-stage of the sharpener works to sharpen, rejuvenate the edge, and reshape the blade angle. Other 2-stage for hones and polishing the blade for the finishing sharpening process. After these two stages, the blade will look new and brighter.

This beautiful sharpener runs on 120 volts only, so will never face any problem during operation. The best thing about this sharpener is that it provides automatic knife sharpening for all non-serrated knives. So this is one of the best knife sharpening machines to sharpen your knives and use it for cutting meat or vegetables.

Of course, this sharpener can make an incredible change to your kitchen knife sharpening system. It includes the non-slip suction that holds the sharpener unwaveringly in the proper sharpening place. I think it is the best kitchen knife sharpener available at affordable prices.

  • Best automatic knife sharpener
  • very less price than others item
  • It has an effective and fast sharpening process
  • Very small and easy to store
  • Include the suction cups for stability

  • Perform well only for non-serrated kitchen knives

04. Chefman 2-Stage – Best Budget Knife Sharpener


Few people think which is the best effective knife sharpening process manual or electric. So the answer is definitely an electric sharpener. For example, the Chefman electric knife sharpener will sharpen your kitchen knives professionally with its “Diamond Coated Technology” This 2-stages electric knife sharpener enough to give your knife new sharp and shiny.

This sharpener does the job of sharpening in just a couple of seconds because of its impressive features. It has a simple-looking design but features a professional sharpening stage. The 1st-stage of the sharpener helps to reshape the blade angle and rejuvenates the knife’s edge and the 2nd-stage helps to complete the sharpening process which ensures the perfect honing and polishing of the blade from the kitchen to pocket knives.

But hopefully, this lightweight and compact size electric kitchen knife sharpener helps to store it easily either in the drawer or on your countertop. You can also portable this sharpener from one place to another.

It has a non-slip suction cup for safety which it holds unwaveringly in place. So the user keeps the knife in the right place and no required to create any kind of stroke. I have to say this is really a heavy-duty steel blade sharpener in the lowest budget!

The sharpener is not only perfect for kitchen knives but also used for fishing, hunting, even army knives. It is made for heavy-duty and can sharpen knives if it made up of stainless steel, hard steel, and ceramic material. This knife sharpener features most of the professional features.

  • Lightweight and stylish looking
  • Blade guide for right sharpening position
  • The sharpener has two slots with V-shaped chamber
  • Non-slip suction cups that keep the sharpener in the right place
  • No downward pressure is not necessary to achieve spectacular results

  • Do not apply much pressure. Otherwise, the grinding mechanism will stop

05. Linkyo Electric Sharpener – Top Rated Knife Sharpener


The Linkyo electric knife sharpener is one of the handiest sharpeners that you can purchase and you will always perfect performance every time you use it. The features that the sharpener provides are the best ones for kitchen knives and it is very simple in design that is easy to sharpening.

It is top-rated, simple, and very safe to use with 2-stage sharpening features. The 1st-stage starts to reshape the angle and it helps to rejuvenate the edge. The 2nd-stage for complete the sharpening process which ensures to get honing and perfect polishing blade.

It’s very easy to sharpen because the Automatic blade posting guides will hold the knife very unwaveringly for an ideal cutting angle. The non-slip suction cup ensures that the sharpener firmly in place while uses. It is built with a special “STOP” feature which will stop the machine if detected any high pressure.

Moreover, the pricing of the sharpener has been done unerringly so that it can purchase by anyone who handles a lot of kitchen knives. For getting a good electric sharpener if the mesmerizing features are goals, then the Linkyo quick electric knife sharpener might be a great choice for your home use!

There are a lot of automatic knife sharpeners but this sharpener is very quick, easy, and safe for use. Besides all of these features, the sharpener is an extremely top-rated and budget-friendly knife sharpening machine.

  • Quick, easy and safe 2 stage sharpening
  • Automatic angle positioning guides
  • Very affordable price
  • It’s very easy to clean
  • Extremely top rated
  • Comes with great Safety Special “STOP” features

  • Without kitchen knives, it can’t handle outdoor or hunting knife

06. Wusthof PEtec – Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

best kitchen knife sharpener


Many people have Wusthof knives and they love to use the electric sharpener which is made from Wusthof. Wusthof is one of the most trusted and premium brands that offer valuable products. Hopefully, this German-based Wusthof and Chefs Choice company has been producing the best electric knife sharpeners with Precision Edge Technology (PEtec).

It has 3 sharpening stages with diamond abrasives to fulfill your sharpening needs. We recommend you sharpen the dull knives to restore the razor-sharp by using 14 degrees angle.

The 1st stage is for blunt knives having an edge that is completely lose cutting power. The 2nd stage for honing the edge with diamond abrasive wheels While the 3rd stage for polishing the knife for final sharpness with the stropping disc. The slots have flexible sharpening angle guides, which will help you for the right angle.

For a good reason, this sharpener can handle all Japanese knives as well as western-style knives. It is so because it crafted with PEtec technology and is very easy to use. This sleek design with a beautiful gray color electric knife sharpener is the first choice of all professional chefs and serious cooks. So if you really a fan of Wusthof knives then maybe this sharpener will be the wisest decision to purchase for sharpening your favorite knives.

  • Sharpening slot have flexible sharpening angle guide
  • Sharpen all Western-style and Japanese blade
  • Precision Edge Technology
  • Different 3 stages for knives razor-sharp
  • It can handle all large knives even butcher knife

  • Very expensive
  • Not recommended for thin knife

07. PRESTO 08800 – Top Rated & Budget Friendly


There are many people who love simple and avoid too much-complicated features of electric knife sharpeners. So for Presto introduces a simple and quicker knife sharpening tool. The Presto knife sharpener has the ability to sharp, almost all kinds of straight knives that include kitchen and sports knives.

The sharpener has a 2 stage sharpening system that includes the first stage of sharpening the dull knife with a perfect angle that required for quick and easy slicing and chopping. The other stage involves further polishing and smoothening for the sharpening effect for a long-time and increase the durability as well as strength of the knife edges.

This sharpener contains a rotating Sapphirite grinding wheel that enables the sharpener to do the professional knife sharpening. The blade guides position ensures the ideal sharpening angle of the knife for perfect results and there is no need to guess sharpening.

This machine is the top-rated, cheap, and strong knife sharpener available on the market. Do you think about how to sharpen a knife? if yes, then no need to feel worried! Because it is perfect for all kinds of user-friendly jobs and the price of the sharpener is very affordable for low budget users.

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  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive knife sharpener
  • Extremely top rated
  • Made In China
  • Requires less time to provide perfect sharpening
  • Stylish in looking

  • The serrated knife cannot be sharpened

08. Sagler Sharpener – Best Chef Knife Sharpener


The Sagler compact electric knife sharpener has the ability to sharpen any kind of straight-edge knife. You can get this amazing knife sharpener at a Cheap price. The finest sharpener creates a razor-sharp edge of a blunt knife within a few seconds.

So you can say that the durability and strength of the sharpener are long-lasting and durable. You’ll enjoy the smooth slicing of food items just in a few minutes. Its two-stage sharpening system will quickly and easily sharpen any non-serrated knives for a professional result in the convenience of your home.

It has an ultra-hard material Sapphirite coated sharpening wheels that create a razor-sharp edge for effortless cutting and slicing. After completing the two-stage sharpening process, it will give you a new and razor-sharp knife.  It can sharpen all kinds of straight edge professional knives. If you don’t love big sharpeners, then it would be the best small knife sharpener for all kitchen and hunting knife.

  • Have wheels embedded that are coated with the ultra-hard material
  • Professional and high in quality
  • Stylish looking and is made up of stainless steel
  • Portable and lightweight

  • Perfect only for straight blade not for serrated knives

09. Work Sharp – Best Knife & Tool Sharpener


How it is if you get a versatile electric sharpener that you can use for both knives and tools? Absolutely, you will enjoy it. So, for that particular reason, we presented the best Work Sharp Electric Sharpener that can handle all kinds of knives and tools. Many hunters spend a lot of money on hunting knives as they need a very effective and easy sharpening machine. Surprisingly, this sharpener would be ideal for both hunters and chefs.

This is a great knife sharpener because it can handle shovels, axes, scissors, and all the indoor and outdoor tools. Even you can sharpen different knives that other sharpeners can’t handle. You can sharpen a fillet knife, curved knife, serrated knife, tanto blade, fishing hooks, and so on with this sharpener. It is able to accomplish multi-purposes, because of having abrasive belts that rotate for the ability to sharpen edges.

It has easy replaceable abrasive belts with different grit e.g. Fine (6000), Coarse (P80), and Medium (P220). The coarse belt used for extremely heavy-duty sharpening, the next medium is used for general sharpening, and the fine belt is used to complete the sharpening process and make your knife or tool factory sharp.

But now maybe you think about the belts either they are really good for your premium blades or not? So, the good news is that the Abrasive belts never damage your knife steel during sharpening. It has another great feature as it has a sharpening angle guide for fast and effective results. Just required a 40° angle for the kitchen knife and a 50° angle for the outdoor knife.

Best Overall

But if you think your blade is not getting the perfect edge, then you can easily change the Abrasive Belts by adding a new one for a fresh start. This is an extremely top-rated sharpener and looks big and heavy in design. But surprisingly it is very lightweight and has a comfortable rubber handle while you need to carry or sharpen a big tool.

  • Extremely top-rated
  • Has an amazing abrasive belt technology
  • The sharpening process is relatable
  • Can handle all kinds of knives and tools
  • Provides quick and easy sharpening
  • Comes with angle guides

  • Not a good choice for beginners

10. PriorityChef – Easy Cooking Knife Sharpener


If you have special straight and serrated knives then it will escape you from the sharpening anxiety. To sharpen straight and serrated knives, priorityChef easy cooking knife sharpener is the best option. This is a unique design and ergonomic knife sharpener having 2 stages sharpening wheel which is a little bit different than 3 stages.

It’s very easy to use and you will not be disappointed with the result. Surprisingly, you will never need to spend a hundred dollars on a new blade set or sharpener because it is one of the most affordable knife sharpeners available on the market.

However, the first stage diamond wheel coated coarse is use to restore the knife blade angle while the 2nd sharpening ceramic wheel is perfect for polishing the knife. Diamond is the perfect material for sharpening a knife because it can cut any type of strong metal. On the other hand, the premium quality ceramic wheel is used to polish the blade for clean, smooth, and shiny perfect slicing.

It has a user-friendly ergonomic handle that is very comfortable and easy to grip. Hopefully, it has a non-slip cushion at the sharpener’s bottom. Due to this, this lightweight sharpener will never slip while you sharpen the knife. However, It’s a very compact sp that you can store it at any place without compromising your kitchen place. It is very safe and easy to use for all kitchen purposes.

  • Non-slip cushion at the bottom for safety
  • Versatile, safe, and very easy to use
  • Comes at a very affordable price
  • Top-rated knife sharpener ever
  • Diamond and ceramic wheels for razor-sharp edge very quickly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sharpen straight and hards steel blades

  • Reccomends only for kitchen knives

How Knives Becomes Dull?

How Knives Becomes Dull

Knives are used to cut soft objects. So, that’s why their edges are much harder than the substances cut by them. With excessive use of the knife, the edges of knives go dull. The main reason for dullness is that these knife edges are thin.

It becomes dull because the edges have been bent with excessive works. When the knife is used for cutting or slicing fruits and vegetables, then they also strike with the solid cutting board. It is another reason how knives become dull with time.

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Knives Sharp?

We all need to eat healthy food whether in the form of meat fruit or veggie. For chopping and cutting these food items, we always need to keep knives sharp enough. Dull knives eventually lead to painful and nasty cuts.

These knives will slip off of an item and make your work complicated. They will also eliminate the joy associated with cooking and food preparation. So, sharpening your dull knives or buy the new ones to enjoy the kitchen experience a lot.

How Often Should A Knife Need Sharpening?

This is a very common question, and everyone tries to find the correct answer. But actually, it will depend on your everyday uses, blade style, and materials. Because people use a knife for different kitchen jobs such as cutting and slicing, mincing or dicing, chopping even for cutting frozen meat.

The sharpening stone is a good way for sharpening all kinds of kitchen and outdoor knives. But this process is time-consuming, not very safe, and stone eats deep metal. But if you use an electric sharpener then it will give you a razor-sharp blade within a few minutes and retain the edge for a long time. There is no need for regular sharpening but if you regularly chopping a lot of vegetables then you should sharpen your knife minimum once a week.

Why Should You Choose an Electric Knife Sharpener?

There are many reasons to choose an electric knife sharpener. They are very quick at work and perform sharpening in just one to two minutes. Some of the reasons to buy an electric knife sharpener are:

  • Required minimal effort
  • Designed to be intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Instant work
  • Quiet easy and effortless operation
  • Electric mechanism eliminates any kind of error

How To Use an Electric Sharpener?

Use the following steps to use an electric sharpener:

  • Place a blade in a provided slot
  • Slide the knife on a slot
  • Pass the blade slowly via machine twice
  • Repeat the steps on finer stones
  • Rinse our knife and dry it

What’s The Difference Between Manual Vs Electric Sharpener?

Manual sharpener overview

Manual knife sharpeners are the famous choice for all those people who prefer a personal approach while restoring the edge sharpness of their knives. Increased control offers better results. Some pros and cons associated with manual system sharpener are:


  • Full controlled process
  • Comes at a cheaper rate
  • Perfect for all kitchen and outdoor knives
  • Take a small place to store


  • Time taken process
  • More involvement of efforts
  • Not work well for waved edge and serrated knives

Electric sharpener overview

The electric sharpener system is the fastest and quick process. It offers instant results. They don’t need to put any effort into a task. It makes a perfect choice for most people. Some pros and cons associated with the electric sharpening system are:


  • Instant method for sharpening blades
  • Perfect result delivery
  • Easy to use
  • No requirement of efforts
  • Work perfectly with all knives


  • Comes in an expensive price range
  • No self-control system

Why Electric Sharpeners Are Better Than Others?

best professional electric knife sharpener

There are many reasons why electric knife sharpeners are better than others. Maybe some are a little bit expensive but all sharpeners perform awesome functions. Even I have explained some reasonable electric sharpeners which are really affordable and offer the best quality sharpening every time. Now let me talk about how electric sharpeners are best than others?

Time-Saving: If you compare an electric sharpener with a sharpening stone then, of course, it is a time-saving machine because it does the perfect job by using a powerful motor and abrasives belt. You just need to drag the blade on the sharpening slot. Even you will no need for any manual sharpening angle.

No Skills Required: If you use a sharpening steel or rod then you have to know everything about it. Because without the right sharpening angle you may lose the blade’s edge. But the electric sharpener has an automatic sharpening function and angle that helps beginners if they don’t know how to sharpen a knife?

Does not Damage Knives: There are many expensive Japanese and European style blade which required high care and maintenance. This care can extend the edge retention and performance of knives. But only electric sharpeners have Diamond abrasives and ceramic polishing wheels which can give you a nice razor-sharp and clean blade.

Keeps You Safe: Only an electric sharpener provides the best safety than a manual sharpener because for sharpening a knife, you just have to hold the handle and drag the blade on the slot. There is no stupid mechanism that can hurt you or your knives. After sharpening, use a tomato or paper to test the blade sharpness.

Suitable for Different Knives: Many sharpeners can handle only kitchen and hunting knives. But an electric sharpener can handle all kinds of kitchen knives, serrated knives, butcher knives, paring knives, fillet knives, boning knife, Japanese knives, hunting knife, pocket knives,  skinning knives, and many others. So if you need to sharpen various knives then an electric sharpener is the right choice for you.

How Electric Knife Sharpener Works?

The main question of how an electric knife sharpener works? is the question that comes to the mind of any person. The electric sharpener provides the user with ease in terms of usage. You just have to switch it on and the adjust abrasives that do the grinding task to smooth out the distorted straight edge of a knife.

So the sharpener motorized on the wheels that spin against the dull knife smoothing out the edges. As we know that it is much Annoying to use dull knives in the kitchen. So a Pro electric knife sharpener will give you the best opportunity to sharpen your kitchen or commercial knives. But there are only a few sharpeners that can handle the sharpness of hunting and other knives.

When the kitchen knives are inserted inside the slot wheels with abrasives then it makes the sharpening task easier. The task of the sharpening process is easy as you don’t need to apply any force to get the work done. With light pressure, you insert the knife in the slots and pull the knife back after inserting slowly so that both sides of the blade are smoothened.

In addition, most electric sharpeners have 3 to 4 different grinding slots. Each slot provides different coarseness to provide variety in sharpness. You can get the required sharpness as you wish. The electric sharpener has the ability to narrow the angle of a knife blade and without any stoppage convert a western blade from 20-degrees to a 15-degree sharpening angle.

It has guides loaded with springs restricting the movement of the knife. Due to this feature, the whole length of the knife blade gets smoothen making great contact with the abrasives at a precise sharpening angle. Furthermore, by sharpening your knife with an electric sharpener, there won’t be daily chaos of sharpening.

How You Should Choose The Best Electric Knife Sharpener?

kitchen knife sharpener

To sharpen your knife if you are interested to buy the best electric knife sharpener then you should consider some features which may give you the best safety and Convenience. In your budget, you should choose those sharpeners that can fulfill your needs. Let’s see which thing you should consider

Sharpening stages

Most electric sharpeners available with 2 or 3 stages for sharpening kitchen and outdoor knives. Three-stage sharpeners have different slots such as coarse, honing, and polishing. This means these features will give you more in getting razor-sharp, clean edge, and better shiny blade but it may be expensive and are ideal for professionals.

On the other hand, two-stage sharpeners are very simple but don’t have much precision like 3 stage sharpener. It provides slightly the same performance and is less expensive. If you are a home cook, then it would be the best choice for you as it is easy to use and maintain.

Sharpening wheel

If you want to choose a durable electric sharpener, the high-quality sharpening wheel is the best option for you. To sharp the edges of knives, you should purchase the sharpener with a sharpening wheel that can be spun at a high speed. To get sharp edges, angle the edge toward the sharpening wheel. 45 degrees is the best angle that is used in sharpening a knife’s blade.

Sharpening abrasive

People love electric sharpener because it has either diamond abrasive, or Sapphirite sharpening wheel. Both features help to deliver a clean and razor-sharp blade. The diamond abrasive is very effective because it’s the hardest material. Even if you have a deeply dull knife then this function will give your knife a previous super sharp edge.

Other hand Sapphirite sharpening wheel is a good alternative of diamond abrasive. It is the same ultra-hard material that uses by the most professional knife sharpening shop. Especially this feature is available with 2 stage sharpener and it’s very affordable. But it will depend on you that what kind of knife you want to sharpen and which feature will be best in your budget?

Angle guide

An angle guide is very important, especially for beginners. Even I would say sometimes professional chefs need a special device to measure the right angle. This function makes knife sharpening easier and popular than a manual. So if you want to use an electric sharpener for your first time, then you should look at it.


While choosing the best electric sharpener, the best design bevel is the main feature. Bevel is the shape of the edges of a blade. Choosing the right angle to sharpen a knife is a very important compromise among durability and sharpness of the edge.

The bevel angles depend on how you will use your knife either for filleting a fish or for chopping vegetables or fruits. From the above examples, it is very easy to check how every task required a unique edge.


Versatility is not very important if you need to sharpen only kitchen knives. But if you want to sharpen several knives in one machine then you should choose a sharpener that have the ability to handle various kitchen and outdoor knives.

Even you should choose a sharpener that can handle stainless steel blades, Japanese knives, or bread/serrated knives. But if you need a sharpener only for a kitchen knife, then you should avoid a versatile sharpener because that would expensive.


The electric sharpener is not very lightweight, because it has a motor, grinding stone, and made from high-quality materials. If you need to carry it from one place to another, then choose a lightweight sharpener.

Unfortunately, without electricity, you can’t use it outdoor. But above I have explained some sharpeners that operate by the battery. That means if you charge them fully, then you can use them outdoor and you will no need any electricity.

Safety features

The electric sharpener is one of the safest ways to sharpen a knife. Because this machine designed to reduce any injury during sharpening. Some sharpeners have a special handle to hold it by hand while using it.

But if the sharpener has a special suction cup on the bottom then it will fit in any situation and will prevent moving the sharpener. That’s why you can sharpen your knife with ease and you will no need to hold the sharpener.

Ease of maintenance

Convenience and ease of maintenance should be the factors to consider while choosing the best knife sharpener. Time-consuming steps, mess countertops, and inconsistent results are the reasons that show avoidance of whetstones. In that particular case, use V. notch or electric sharpener as it gives ease of maintenance of sharpness of knives and faster result.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you sharpen your knife?

A sharp knife will always make your life enjoyable and easier. It helps to cut and slice the food much faster and safer way. Sharpening knives is not so easier. You should sharpen a dull knife every week. If you are a professional chef, then you need to use knives on daily basis. So you should sharpening tools every week. If you don’t use them a lot, then you can do sharpening once or twice a month.

Do professional chefs use electric knife sharpeners?

Some chefs prefer to sharpen their knives by hand. But electric knife sharpeners are the top choice for any professional kitchens all over the world. They offer better professional results in just a few minutes with significant training.

How long do electric sharpeners last?

A good quality diamond sharpeners may last 18 to 20 years. On the other hand, low-quality sharpeners that mat use other materials need annual replacement and maintenance.

Are electric knife sharpeners bad for knives?

Some people believe that electric sharpeners are more aggressive with the sharpening and may damage the blades of the knives. It is important to note that while using electric knife sharpeners, having control over pressure and speed is essentials. High-quality knives having hardness and micro-grain structure can support the edges while sharpening. The soft steel knives offer get lose their blade instantly. So, while using an electric knife sharpener, care should be taken.

Can I sharpen serrated knives with the help of an electric sharpener?

Ans: Yes, you can. The 3rd and the last stage should be adopted as it is a little bit coarse. It also allows finer grit to lightly go on a serrated blade part of your knife.


A knife is the most important part of everyday cooking. So, when your kitchen knife moving to dull of course you will need to buy a new knife. But it is not the right decision to buy a new knife every time only for sharpening features.  If you think to buy a manual knife sharpener, then it would not be a good decision as it is difficult to use and takes more time to sharpen.

So the better option is to buy an electric sharpener that comes with lots of features. The electric sharpener means not a high price at all as its performance is awesome. Already I have introduced some of the best electric knife sharpeners which are available at a reasonable price.

I hope now you can easily choose your sharpener for your kitchen and outdoor knives. And in the end, I would say that the electric knife sharpener is very important for every home and professional kitchen now and then.