Best Electric Fillet Knife With Buyer’s Guide In 2019

Best Electric Fillet Knife With Buyer’s Guide In 2019

Everyday people fillet a lot of fish at home or in restaurants. But it is very hard to do if you use an old fashioned manual knife for cleaning fish. But the best electric fillet knife can save your time. Even it is one of the best ways to fillet any size of fishes. Because electric filleting knives have a lot of features! Which are really very important for any busy kitchen. Not only that you can use an electric fillet knife for different works from fish cutting to curving. You just need simply change the blade.

Well, the fish fried item is very beloved food, especially who is not a vegetarian. And filleting would be very difficult if you don’t have any good knife. So for getting a lump of delicate fish meat without unnecessary bones or skin, the Precondition is a perfect knife.

And hopefully, an electric fillet knife is a great example of a good knife. Because it is very easy to use and very safe for filleting or curving meat. And that’s why it becoming popular day by day! Today I will talk about the 10 best electric fillet knives. Which are available in the market with affordable prices, user-friendly features, and ergonomic design. So let’s see what’s they are offering?

01. American Angler Electric Fillet Knife


Do you know how to fillet a fish with an electric fish fillet knife? But hopefully, our modern technology brings a great electric fillet knife by the “American Angler” company. This American angler electric fillet knife is really the biggest invention, especially for professional fishermen.

Big fish, big bones so never feel worried! Because this electric fishing fillet knife comes with Heavy-Duty PRO series motor boasts 2X more torque. It is the reason this great machine makes it different than any other traditional electric fish cutting knife. Also, it includes Angler Replacement sharpest 8-Inch Curved and Shark blade. So you can easily change the blade according to your fish size.

The advanced Airflow design ergonomic handset will cool it for hours of continuous filleting. This commercial electric filleting knife has 8-feet long foot polarized power cord to produce 110 Volt for perfect filleting. There are a lot of knives for filleting fish. But it could be a smart choice if you love to use some easy and fastest way to fillet a big size fish.

It will better to say if you fillet more than hundreds of fish but the motor will never get a problem. And the super sharp and flexible blade will help you with perfect cutting without wasting the meat. Again it is not very difficult to use and you can be filleting more than hours with effortlessly.

  • 8 inches two replacement blade
  • 8 feet longer polarized power cord
  • Advanced airflow design to keep cool the motor while heavy use
  • Made for heavy use
  • The powerful electric motor boasts 2X more torque
  • Longer blade for handling big size fish

  • Very expensive

02. Mister Twister Electric Fillet Knife For Cleaning Fish


If you own this knife so you will get 2 things. One thing it is very affordable than other electric fillet knives. And it takes low electricity. Mister Twister electric fillet knife is very lightweight and it’s 120 volts motor for filleting any big size fish. Even this knife produces more than 30% to 50% more torque for extra filleting.

However, this knife comes with two different blades options either 7.5- inches and 9-inches. And the blades made from premium quality stainless steel. So nothing worried about rusting even you can use it in saltwater. But the blades need sharpening or change the blade when it loses the teeth. But hopefully, you will get the blades at affordable prices! And you can avoid sharpening it! Because it is a little bit hard to sharpen!

This knife has a beautiful looking green and yellow mixed handle. And special thanks to relaxed handle design which ensures filleting more than a hundred fishes without getting fatigued. It has a special additional feature the safety lock prevents the motor when it switched on but accidentally not in use.

Even the trigger is very well designed and very easy to push. Hence within affordable prices, it is one of the best electric fillet knives. That you can use for filleting fish or cutting any grill even carving a turkey.

  • Fits perfectly in any hands
  • Strong stainless two size blades
  • Engineered with safety lock feature
  • Beautiful well-designed handle for perfect grip
  • Very easy to remove the blade from the handle for washing
  • Comes with very affordable price
  • This knife provides high power and torque without spending much electricity

  • Very short cord
  • It makes little bit sound while filleting

03. Oster Electric Fish Filleting Knife


The Oster Electric fish filleting Knife is a suitable tool for slicing thick meat, fish, and grill. Even it comes with very cheapest price. And especially it is a multi-purpose tool and very easy to use. Because the knife handle is very comfortable to hold. And it’s high-level engineering ensures a perfect grip with an on/off button for easy to reach.

This handle is not only comfortable, but the beautiful ergonomic handle also produces a non-slip grip even if your hand gets slippery or wet. So whatever the filleting situation you’ll be easily able to maintain the grip.

It has a super-sharp stainless-steel 8-inch blade that cuts any meat or fish with ease. This blade specially designed with a tip for carving any tough meats like chicken or pork. And hopefully, you can remove the blade from the handle for washing using the push button. And the power switch button is located on the knife top-bottom for easy access using your thumb. It will help you for easy on or off the switch.

you would be happy to know it has a beautiful looking storage case with a fork. They provide the fork maybe it can be used for handling meat when they are being cut or for cooked meats to slice for serve. This electric fish fillet knife is really a great choice, especially for home uses. Because it is very easy to operate and include a case for storage without compromising your space.

  • Comes with very affordable price
  • It can handle different types of meat and fish even food
  • Including storage case and fork
  • Ergonomic handle design for a comfortable grip
  • Located the power button on the top for easy access

  • Placement is important because the cord is not so long

04. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife


Rapala heavy-duty electric fillet knife is one of the best smart cordless electric fillet knives in my collection. Because it has some amazing features which are enough to impress you! Most electric fillet knives take direct electricity through a cord. But this smart Lithium-Ion featured Rapala knife isn’t! This knife engineered with a high powered motor with an airflow system. And everything generated from a rechargeable professional-grade lithium-ion battery.

So that means if you go out with this knife and if the battery is fully charged so it will give you perfect filleting performance. And hopefully, if it gets fully charged so it will run for a long time around 1 hour and 20 minutes. Even within only 2 hours, it gets fully charged. So this electric fish cleaning knife will add more fun and enjoy your fishing adventure.

This smart fillet knife comes with 7-inch stainless-steel blades, but the blades can’t be sharpened. But there is nothing to worry about it because simply you can replace the blade. Even the blades are dishwasher safe, so you can wash it in a dish or soak in water.

However the Rapala knife comes especially for filleting fish, but it would be very effective for meat. And here is the reason why people love the fish fillet knife. Because they can easily fillet any fish, size isn’t a matter. This knife is a great choice, especially for the home kitchen. Because it’s smart feature is a perfect match for home chefs. But it’s premium features will serve professionally!

  • Stainless steel and dishwasher safe blades
  • Fastest charging features and runs well for a long time
  • It ensures a perfect grip and never feels any vibration
  • Very easily you can replace the blade
  • Include a storage box
  • Its low memory design boosts the charge even discharge cycles for prolonging the battery life

  • Not comes with an ideal safety swiss

05. Cuisinart CEK-40 Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife


The Cuisinart-CEK-40fish fillet knife is a prime choice and that’s why I have put it in my best electric fillet knife collection. Early it will better to say, it is the most top-rated commercial electric fillet knife currently available in the market! Even it has another good feature sometime it is very important! This electric fish cleaning knife can use any left and right-handed users. Because it has a black and very attractive ergonomic handle that provides the best grip and comfort.

However, now come to the main features. It has 7-inch long stainless-steel BPA free blades and that operate a high-powered motor. It comes with two blades for different works one is for bread and another one for carving. Not only that it has a much durable and attractive wood storage tray. That you can use for storage these blades and handle on it. It has a special blade lock feature to keep children safe. Even when you turned on the safety button so it will never cause any accident.

And through a 4-foot cord, the motor works and you’ll never feel any vibrations or noise. But when you need to clean the blade simply press the release button. There are more than thousand of professional chefs and home cooks already familiar with Cuisinart. Because they provide different types of premium quality kitchen products. Even this knife engineered and strict adherence the North American electrical standards. And their hard work today gives an ideal kitchen gadget for everyday use!

  • Comes with best safety features
  • It is very powerful and compact
  • Great knife with the cheapest price
  • Beautiful looking wooden storage tray
  • Versatile cutting power from meat to fish even bread
  • BPA free 2 stainless-steel blades
  • The power button is very easy to operate

  • Not very high-quality metal or plastic on the handle
  • Very small size cord

06. Hamilton Beach Electric Fillet Knife For Fish


This Hamilton Beach 74250 electric fillet knife is extremely top-rated and budget-friendly for any users. This machine really works as the best chicken boning knife. Because this versatile knife can easily handle fish, meat, even Poultry, turkey and bread without much effort. Because it has a stainless-steel blade that operates a powerful motor. Even this package includes a beautiful fork for cutting and serving.

It has a beautiful looking white handle which is very comfortable to hold in any situation and gives an extra grip which needs filleting time. The motor takes 100 watts only and provides high torque for filleting any big size fish even tough meat. And this 7.5-inch blade is no required any sharpening even the blade and fork both are dishwasher safe.

For cleaning, you can easily detach the blade from the handle and recommended washing the blade with hot and soapy water. Include your purchase you will get a beautiful looking compact case where you can store the knife and fork and other components. Hamilton Beach electric fillet knife design and features make it a great tool for any commercial or home use. It doesn’t matter you’re a professional or beginner. Because it’s overall features are ideally built for both people for maneuver.

  • Beautiful handle looking with maximum grip in any situation
  • Very easy to remove the blade from the handle for cleaning or store
  • For your convenience, it has a storage case with the excellent space-saving design
  • The blade can handle meat, bread, fish and cheese even other foods
  • No required any sharpening
  • Very easy to use and maintain

  • The button is not located in the right place. Some people may feel uneasy for that

07. Black & Decker Commercial Electric Fillet Knife


Now slicing is very easy with this electric knife EK 700 by Black & Decker. Even it is very inexpensive like other knives that early already I explained. But inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s not high quality! Even it has some ordinary and versatile features.

Because with it’s 9 inches blade can easily cut big size fish, meat, grill, even slices of thick bread. But only 7 ½ inches blade is covered with serrated and another 1 1/2 inch has tang for produce extra power and flexibility. The blade is made of stainless steel and completely dishwasher safe. And very easy to clean simply push the unlocks button to remove the blade from the handle.

The knife crafted with a beautiful white handle that will fit in any hands. And provide maximum comfort and grip even during any heavy use. It comes with an extra feature but already I have explained it with some special electric knife. It has a safety lock to ensure it will never be turned on by any accident.

And for that, any household chefs can choose it if they have little children. And nothing to worry about any accident if they use the safety lock feature. This knife is very easy to operate like other user-friendly electric filleting knives! And the inexpensive price makes it more attractive to get once for any home or business.

  • The long and sharp blade
  • Dishwasher safe blade and easy to remove from the handle using push button
  • This electric fillet knife has versatile cutting power from meat to fish even bread
  • Beautiful looking ergonomic handle design for best comfort & grip
  • Comes with a safety lock feature to avoid any unnecessary accident

  • A little bit difficult to handle with one hand

08. Toastmaster Most Powerful Electric Filleting Knife

The is a very powerful electric filleting knife from Toastmaster for carving meat, roast, turkey or slice any thick bread. That means it is a ideal choice for a serious cook! Even you will feel the difference while you use it. Because it’s a little bit different than other common electric knives. But all ergonomic design is only for your safety and effortless cutting without compromising the item size. The powerful motor and blade mean you’ll able to cut very quickly and easily.

It has a different handle on the top to add leverage cutting and hand size doesn’t matter!! Even it will save your finger from the items and no need to wear any gloves while filleting. And when you complete your job simply press the eject button. Then the blade comes out from the handle and ready to clean.

Maybe this electric fish cleaning knife most part is plastic! But it runs smoothly and provides maximum performance if you fillet or slice any factory bread for a long time. Maybe this knife is a little bit expensive than others! But its design and versatility have been take it one step forward.

  • Beautiful handle design that fits any hands
  • Easy eject button to remove the blade
  • Powerful motor that includes a serrated blade for cutting fish or meat
  • Convenient power button offers one-touch operation

  • Very small size blade
  • Not very cheap

09. Berkley Electric Fillet Knife For Fish


The Berkley Electric Fillet Knife comes with a simple look! But it’s super sharp teeth can easily handle any big size fish like salmon or catfish. Highly engineering and Berkley advanced technology makes it very durable to perform well in any situation.

Ths powerful 120-volt motor produces high torque to fillet fish as well as meat and chicken. Maybe it’s not perfect for food or bread! But it will give you the best fish filleting experience. With this knife no special feature for household use. Because it’s specially made for commercial use or who fillet tons of fish.

It’s mixed black and red ergonomic non-slip handle that ensures full control in your hand doesn’t matter of big size fish. For a delicate cutting, it has 8-inches stainless steel blade that will give you perfect filleting without unnecessary bones and skin.

Even you can easily maneuver the knife and change the filleting position where it needs to go. Because it has almost 12 feet long cord that will help you to fillet in long-distance. This knife good price makes a great tool that anyone can take for their business.

  • It has a 120-volt motor to provide maximum filleting performance
  • Include a bag for easy carry and store
  • Trigger lock safety feature
  • Comes with a beautiful ergonomic handle that ensures easy to fit in your palm
  • Super sharp 8-inch stainless steel for filleting big size fish

  • It is a little bit heavy

10. Proctor Silex Professional Electric Fish Fillet Knife


There are many reasons why I have put it in my best electric fillet knife collection. Especially if I talk about the price so maybe it is one of the best electric fish fillet knives within a small budget. This knife is not only lightweight and beautiful. It has versatility cutting power of meat, fish, bread, even grill.

It has a very beautiful white ergonomic handle which is very easy to hold in any hands. And it will never slip from your hand whatever the filleting situation. For carving meat and filleting fish it has an extremely super sharp stainless steel blade. Even if any children come too close to the knife but never feel worried! Because it has a safety lock on/off button that ensures it will never be turned on by accidentally.

However, it has another great feature probably other electric fillet knives haven’t! The knife handle is really very comfortable for both left and right-handed users. It is a great machine for cutting foam even any DIY projects. It has an easy touch button for your safety when not working.

And it’s super lightweight and ergonomic design perfect for carving large quantities of meat or bread. I highly recommend using the Proctor Silex electric fillet knife. Because it is affordable, durable, and you can use it for various cutting. And this knife specially designs for convenience! And everything engineered by North American standards. Keep in mind this handy knife is very essential for time-saving for your busy kitchen.

  • The ideal choice for meat, bread, ham or turkey
  • Lightweight design makes it very easy to hold and control
  • This is a great machine for cutting foam for crafting even DIY projects
  • Hand-contoured grip ensures easy to control
  • Perfect filleting and carving machine even slice any large quantities for entertaining
  • The knife will not cut unless is being held down, it’s a great safety feature

  • Makes a little bit noise

Why Should You Look For Electric Fillet Knife For Fish?

If you fillet sometimes or full day it doesn’t matter. But manually it is not possible to fillet tons of fish! Because it is really so much difficult to do and you have to apply more pressure on your wrist. But hopefully, if you have an electric fish fillet knife, so you’ll never feel irritated and you will continue your job with fast and easy.

The professional electric fish fillet knife is very easy to use even it gives you the best safety. And not only that, because old traditional manual fillet knife can handle only fish. But this new generation electric fish filleting knife can easily fillet fish, curving meat, slice bread even grill and turkey. So no need any extra meet butchering knife to slice your beef or chicken. So why you are looking for an old fashioned knife?

Even the electric fish cleaning knife is very sharp than manual and it cuts any item very precisely. It has changeable blades feature so there is no need to sharpening. Even professional electric fillet knife’s blades are dishwasher safe too like the manual. And many people think an electric fillet knife means it would very expensive but it’s not! So there is a lot of good reason why you should look for an electric fillet knife for fish?

Things To Consider When Choice The Best Electric Fillet Knife

best electric fillet knife for big fish

The Electric knife is the best way to fillet fish even carving meat. Because it will save you time and you can complete your job with ease and safely. But before going make sure a purchasing decision you should know about some features about the electric fish fillet knife.

Already I have reviewed some electric knives which are very affordable and most have user-friendly features. Some have advanced features and others have a disadvantage. But I think each of the negative and positive aspects is ideal for different people who are rushing to get these featured knives. But this decision utterly depends on your personal preference and work types. So let’s go and see which thing you should consider before buying an electric fish fillet knife?

The Power

It is one of the most important keys specially for the electric filleting knife. Because both electric and battery operated knife takes power from the motor. A powerful knife will give you the maximum performance without compromising the item size. Even the best quality knife if has a professional-grade motor so it will run smoothly without any problem.

Even a professional-grade knife after serving a long time of filleting job it won’t be too hot. If your fillet and cutting even curving activities are very light? So a less powerful fish fillet knife is ideal to complete your job. But if you fillet tons of fishes so obviously you need the most powerful electric fillet knife. Which will give you maximum performance and longevity!

Blade Size & materials

The blades are the second important part after the motor. Because the motor produces the torque to control the blade for filleting or cutting. The ideal blade size is very important but you can change your blade easily if you fillet a big size fish. But generally for small and medium-size fish 7-inch to 9-inch blade is perfect for them.

And most blades are serrated even curved too some strong and some are flexible and thin. You will be happy to know most electric fish fillet knife blades are made from stainless steel. And they are completely dishwasher safe. So without worries, you can wash with soap or hot water even you can soak them underwater.

Handle Grip

The handle is a great part of the electric knife. Because it ensures the best comfort and grip in any situation. It should be very easy to fit in your hand palm without compromising the hand size. You can prefer the lightweight knife because it will help you for a long time filleting.

But if you carefully check above so you will discover some best electric fish fillet knife which is made for both left and right-handed people. A rubber or plastic handle also provides the best comfort and grip even excellent traction without compromising the situation. So before choosing the best electric fillet knife, you should look at how many hours you will fillet? But for home use small and a lightweight knife is recommended.

Safety Feature

Maybe you know an electric fish cleaning knife is run with the electric current so safety is also paramount. Even the knife is sharp too and another risk of electric shock. There are many knives that come with several safety features & certifications. Some knife safety lock mechanism ensures the motor doesn’t start even when the plugin in the knife.

And other some have blade lock button which allows you can lock the blade when not in use. However, those are really one of the best features which should be in a professional electric fish fillet knife. And who uses the knife for their home kitchen so nothing worried if the children come nearly of it.

The Cord

The cord is important too if you fillet out of the home? Because if the cord is very small so it is perfect for your home uses. But if you do not like short cord so cordless electric fillet knife is the best choice for you! You just simply charge the battery and start your filleting job whether indoor or outdoor. Other hand the Berkley Electric fillet knife has almost 12 feet long cord so it would a great choice if you need a long cord electric fish filleting knife.


Filleting is one of the most interesting jobs and it can bring a lot of fun. But sometimes using a poor quality knife may cause for your injuries. But thanks to the best electric fillet knife to provide optimum versatility that you can use for fish or meat.

In my best electric fish fillet knife reviews post, I have introduced some top-rated and affordable electric fillet knife for fish. That you can use for your home kitchen, restaurant or butcher shop. Even I have explained very specifically so that you can understand easily which will be best for you! Now I hope you may reach a proper buying decision which professional electric fillet knife will better according to your works?

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