Best Deer Hunting Knife Complete Reviews In 2019

Best Deer Hunting Knife Complete Reviews In 2019

In the first history of the world, people used hunts only for livelihood. Because that time it was really difficult to collect delicious foods at everyday. But now in this dynamic world hunting is not only for getting meat, but it’s also a great passion! And especially for hunting a Deer, there are many powerful tools and weapons are available. But using the best deer hunting knife is the world’s most popular and traditional method! Because it used from million years ago! And after catching, a small or big animal needs the sharpest knife to clean and making the meat.

But it’s never possible to use the old weapon/tools to catch the big animals or for clean. Now you may think what animals do hunters hunt? In this big game hunting, people hunt many types of animals, like Deer, moose, Impala, Greater Kudu, Gemsbok, Springbok, Eland, and many others. And after catching this, you need a good strong knife to clean it. Hunting and hunting knives are not new, because it comes from millions of year history.

And now there are many countries allow for hunting. But if you love these deer hunting knives, so first you should know about your country laws for hunting and using those knives. If your government allows Ownership laws, Carry laws, and others knives using laws so you will be entitled to use that. And most of the time people love to use only hunting knives especially for deer than other tools!

Best Deer Hunting Knife Reviews

Today through this post we will talk about the professional quality Deer Hunting knife. If you plan to buy once, so you should know the real things about the outdoor hunting knives. We will explain to you which is the best deer hunting knife that you can use for long-time, and which blade provides extreme performance.

You will find some good knives here, that blade is no need to sharpen and others skinning knife have replacement surgical blade. But we want to say, if you are a not professional to sharpen a knife, so please do not try it by yourself. Because you can damage your high-quality knife blade, or you can try it using an old knife. Hopefully, there are many user-friendly sharpeners available in the market. But it is very good practice to use the best sharpening stone for hunting knives. So let’s begin and keep learning which is the best hunting knife in the world?

01. TAC Force TF-469 Folding Knife For Deer Hunting

TAC Force TF-469 best hunting knife in the world

We starting with this deer hunting knife because there are no people who don’t love folding hunting knives! Because folding knife has a lot of good features. If you compare with folding VS fixed blade knife. The hunting folding knife is perfect for easy carry and a fixed blade knife is ideal for heavy use. Today, the world’s best knife brands TAC Force company makes a high-quality knife whose name is TF-469 Gentleman’s Assisted Opening Folding Knife. And this family-owned company founded in 1982 in the United States.

The TAC Force good hunting knife offers the rapid deployment by EMTs, Fire/Rescue, and first responders. They’re available in a wide range of style from a premium hunting knives to tactical and collectibles to fantasy.

Maybe sometimes you have asked yourself what is the best cheap hunting knife that you can use for a big game hunting? So the answer is definitely TAC Force TF-469 Opening folding hunting knife. Because this top-rated special deer hunting knife comes with some outstanding features. It has attractive Brown pakkawood handle with 4-inch closed length, 3-inch blade length and 3mm thickness of high quality black straight edge blade that is made from stainless steel.

These most common hunting knives offering a simple and classic design with pakkawood covering the handle. So that adds extremely beautiful of nature touch to this luxuries pocket-size compact folding hunting knife. And it has a better pocket clip for safe carry. This beautiful knife overall feature makes it a great value for the money.

  • Manufactured from U.S.A
  • Luxury brown pakkawood handle
  • Top-rated deer hunting knife
  • Handle features a pocket clip for easy and safe carrying
  • Look’s beautiful stainless steel blade
  • Best Cheap hunting knife
  • Blade need sharpening very quickly
  • It is not a folding gut hook knife

02. KA-BAR Becker Bk2 Fixed Blade Knife

KA-BAR Becker Bk2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

It’s not an ideal decision if you go hunting without a perfect knife. You will have good opportunities to work if you carry a Ka-Bar fixed blade hunting knife in your backpack. It’s really different because this is a black hunting knife, we hope it will catch your attention. Because it has not only beautiful looking! You will get some extra features, that other hunting knives can’t do! And this knife has much durable 1095 CRO-VAN steel blade that is perfect for kindling, skinning game, or chopping onions for the campfire grill.

This top-rated fixed blade hunting knives flat blade is five and a half inches long, and the full length is ten and a half inches. This sturdy fixed knife features the drop point premium blade shape with versatile 20-degree blade angle. And it includes a comfortable handle that is made from Grivory, and provide the well-balanced grip for any outdoor chore. And to keep your knife secure and safe carrying it has a premium quality glass-filled nylon sheath. If are you a real hero of big hunting game, so this knife is a perfect choice for you. Because It’s elegant design, versatile works power, and more durability makes it the, most reliable deer hunting knife!

  • Made from Olean New York, U.S.A
  • Specially Designed by Ethan Becker
  • Built for heavy-duty and easy to handle
  • Super sharp blade
  • This is not a reasonable price for some people

03. Buck 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife For Hunting Deer

buck 119 fixed blade deer knife with sheath

We have put it in our best deer hunting knife collection. Because it is one of the best hunting knives in the world! Its overall features, classic looking, versatile works power makes it a premium hunting tool. Because people also find the sharpest and strong hunting knives. Maybe it is not a gut hook hunting knife! But this buck fixed blade also provides extreme performance for any outdoor heavy use. As a good side, this fixed blade knife with sheath is a great choice, especially for hunters. This Buck 119 standard knife has 6″ special blade and overall length is 10-1/2″ and they used the best hunting knife steel 420 HC premium materials that make it more durable for any heavy cutting.

This buck 119 deer hunting knife has a Traditional black phenolic handle that has a better palm swell for a maximum comfortable grip. And this Classic phenolic handles and premium aluminum guard provides a good combination of beauty and perfect balance. This high-quality knife includes an excellent protective leather sheath with fine snap fastener for the secure and safe carry at anywhere. The Buck 119 special fixed blade is one of the most reliable tools that people also used for hunting deers!

  • Made from the United States
  • 420HC Steel blade
  • Probably the best deer hunting knife
  • Built for heavy cutting
  • Beautiful handle design
  • If you love the lightweight knife, so it’s not an ideal choice for you
  • It is not a cheap hunting knife

04. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate hunting knife

Hunting is a great passion for some people, and they really love doing the hunting. But there are no people who do not love Bear Grylls style hunting. And this worldwide most popular “survival expert Bear Grylls” use a knife that is made from Gerber company. This best company making knives and other outdoor gears over more than 70 years. Bear and Gerber company offered a knife that is extremely durable and anyone can use it in any survival situation.

It is not only a single deer hunting knife. Because this knife has some extra and different features that can save your life when you need heat to keep your body warm in any wet or super cold situation. As a good result, this Gerber hunting knife includes a small life-saving fire starter rod and that is locked into a watertight holder.

And this special ferrocerium rod provides a shower of hot sparks. We think it is the best hunting knife in the world! Because this high-quality knife is built for versatility and that can use any hunters, adventurers, backpackers bikers, or hikers. And here are the best features of this knife. Because you can use it for any outdoor use or for small to large hunting game.

Best features

This top-rated hunting knife overall length is 10″ and weight 11.2 Oz and this premium blade have half serrated to do any emergency work of cutting rope and other fibrous materials. This knife is made from Hard stainless steel with full-tang construction for overall durability, which allows for excellent edge retention.

This professional hunting knife includes a very beautiful and lightweight nylon sheath, with premium Military-Grade materials that are mildew resistant so that you can use it for the long term.  And it has a great Velcro closure to keep your knife secure. And a good reason you can use this company own sharpener for this special blade and the name of Gerber Bear Grylls Field Sharpener (31-001270). You can use it for multiple works, but in the hunting world, it is the best hunting knife ever!

  • Made by a Gerber company with Bear instruction
  • Life-saving fire starter rod
  • It has a very sharp blade with ½ Serrated for cutting any rope or fibrous materials
  • This knife handle features two holes for securely lashing it with a stick for use as a fishing spear
  • It’s very comfortable and durable handle grip
  • Built for the versatility of use
  • Knife thumb groove is close to the blade

05. Outdoor Edge Razor Folding Hunting Deer Knife

Outdoor Edge Replaceable Blade Knife

How it is when you get a replaceable deer hunting Knife with a folding system that is very easy to carry. The Outdoor Edge company brings the replaceable blade folding pocket knife that includes 3.0-inch Razor-Lite EDC with 4 blades and a 3.5-inch total 6 high-quality replaceable blade. And this outdoor edge good hunting knife made from premium Japanese 420J2 stainless razor with hand-finished extreme shaving sharp edge. The user-friendly folding design of this knife makes it extremely durable and portable without sacrificing cutting power.

This premium quality knife blades you can change safely and very easily by using the push button.  It is a perfect folding pocket knife choice for hunting, (skinning and gutting) fishing, camping, hiking, or any other outdoors purpose.

This knife blade is also replaceable, but if you do not want to use a new blade so you can easily sharpen it using a simple sharpener. But though this blade is made from premium materials and this is extremely super sharp. And a good reason this lightweight hunting knife has sturdy Grivory handle with rubberized TPR handle inserts and Sturdy pocket clip for easy carrying.

  • Folding system design
  • Includes 6 high-quality blades
  • Very lightweight
  • Belt Clip for easy carrying
  • Best gutting knife for deer
  • Blades change very easily using the push button
  • Blade made from Japanese 420J2 stainless razor
  • Double molded Grivory handle  have rubberized TPR inserts for a non-slip grip even when wet
  • Not perfect for harder use

06. Benchmade – Griptilian 551 Special Knife For Deer Hunting

Benchmade Griptilian 551 best folding hunting knife

This beautiful compact size best folding hunting knife made from Benchmade company. This Griptilian 551 folding knife designed for any hunting and outdoor use. It’s not a gut hook hunting knife! But this premium deer hunting knife has rust-resistant 154CM 58-61 HRC stainless steel blade to hold the edge well. This perfect knife handle is made from high-quality “Glass Filled Nylon” and that offers extremely lightweight for everyday carry. And this small quality deer hunting knife has a good lanyard user-friendly knife hole and standard clip type for the best reversible tip-up clip for a better position.

This Griptilian 551 lightweight design and beautiful handle grips make it comfortable and easy to use. Because long and heavy weight knife is very difficult to use. This good hunting knife drop-point utility blade style and overall functions make it really ideal for everyday use outdoor activities and tactical applications. And this laser cut blade length is  3.45″ (8.76cm) Open length 8.07″ (20.50cm) and 0.115″ (2.92mm) extremely super thickness like human hair. Probably it is the best hunting knife for the money.

  • Made from U.S.A
  • Very lightweight 3.88 Ounces  (110.00g)
  • High-quality glass-filled nylon handle
  • Excellent look’s beautiful user-friendly Ambidextrous design
  • Built with a high quality 58-61 HRC Steel
  • This price is maybe higher some someone

07. MTECH USA MT-086 Fixed Blade Knife

MTECH USA MT-086 Series

This great knife made by MTECH USA company with affordable price. If you love hunting or outdoors surviving so it’s a perfect combination for you. This fixed blade knife overall 12-1/4 inch length with ABS handle features will provide a perfect grip in any wet conditions. And this is an ideal knife for camping, hunting, or survival training. Because this MTECH USA knife has a good 7-inch stainless steel blade. This knife comes with looks beautiful Nylon sheath for easy and safe carry at anywhere.

You should invest in a knife which is very strong and that has a lot of good features for different works. This fixed blade hunting knife is really very durable and versatile. Because this knife specially designed for extreme cutting power and can be used in a wide variety of hunting game. And it also used as a survival powerful knife in any emergency situations.

This perfect hunting blade is 3mm thick which is a little bit thinner than other knives. But it’s a good reason this is made from premium quality materials that makes it more durable for long time use. So already maybe you understand about this knife features! Because it is not only a deer hunting knife, along it can handle any kinds of an outdoor or extreme survival situation.

  • ABS handles with wing walk inserts for a perfect grip in any wet conditions
  • This ideal knife is 12-1/4 inches overall length with 7″ blade which is 3mm thick
  • It includes a black nylon sheath for easy and safe carry in anywhere
  • Fixed blade for harder use
  • Good for hunting, camping, or surviving
  • Comes with affordable price
  • Probably the sheath isn’t so perfect either. But it’s a great value for the money
  • Tang was too small for the plastic handle

08. Elk Ridge Knife Set For Deer Hunting

Elk Ridge hunting and skinning knife set

Are you really loves hunting? Hunting is really a big passion for you? And do you like different types of premium small fixed blade hunting knives? So Elk Ridge knives set is a great surprise for you. This company manufacturing knives since 1982 and now they are a big company in the United States. It comes with 2 high-quality blade one is good deer hunting knife and another one is a gut hook knife that has CAMO ABS handle and both blades are specially made for outdoor hunting use. It’s really a beautiful hunting and the best skinning knife available in the market. And probably it is the best gut hook knives for preparing a deer!

This two knife is an ideal match for anyone who spends a lot of time for wilderness or does like to hunt. And this high-quality blade has a green Camo ABS handle with user finger grooves and a better a lanyard hole that will allow you to easily affix extra cordage.

The elk ridge knives holds on the 3-1/2-inch blade, and the bellied knife has a 3-7/8-inch blade that’s are made from premium quality 440 stainless steel for excellent hardness and edge retention. So the best hunting knife steel makes it more durable and heavy-duty. And a good reason this premium knife set has great user-friendly black nylon dual carry sheath for easy and safe carrying. This knife is really looking much beautiful and it’s designed makes it different than other outdoors hunting knives. It’s a great opportunity to use the Elk Ridge Knives for versatile cutting power when you will get the skinning and deer hunting knife both together.

  • Looks very beautiful design
  • This knife blade made from 440 stainless steel
  • Includes black nylon high-quality dual carry sheath
  • Affordable price
  • Best gut hook hunting knife
  • Manufacturer from the United States
  • This premium knife has Camo ABS handles with non-slip texture
  • This knife handle is a little bit smaller. But you can use the finger hole for best use

09. ESEE Knives 5P Best Outdoor Knives For Deer

ESEE 5P Fixed best fixed blade

There are many reasons why we take this on our best deer hunting knives collection! For example, It’s really a great pleasure when someone hunts with their favorite hunting knife. Because every ESEE knife user knows their blade is made only for extreme use for any outdoor situation. And the reason this company achieved more popularity now and then.

And this beautiful knife was designed by “Military SERE” instructors for the maximum hard use. This heavy-duty fixed blade comes with perfect carbon steel with satisfying ultra-comfortable tan Micarta handle. And this ergonomic handle designed will ensure the safe grip.

These best outdoor knives have beautiful 5.25″ black carbon blade so that this knife lover called it’s a “black hunting knife” These great ESEE 5P fixed blade hunting knives come with a high polymer sheath for the best secure and easy carrying. And a good reason this strong blade is perfect for outdoor camping, shelter building, large game animal catch preparation, or any emergency survival use. If you want to make your black deer hunting knife super razor-sharp, so you can use the best pocket knife sharpener when you stay in outdoors.

  • Heavy-duty knife for any use
  • Looks beautiful black blade, that catches the attention everyone
  • Comes with a protective sheath for safe carrying
  • Comfortable Micarta handle for best grip
  • Best outdoor knives
  • This knife is not lightweight

10. Havalon Piranta Z Deer Skinning Knives

Havalon Piranta Z Special deer skinning knives

Are you looking for best hunting skinning knife? There are many people loves the folding skinning knife. Because it’s not perfect only for hunting, that you can carry it anywhere in your pocket or backpack for faster opening. And Havalon knife company makes a beautiful large folding knife is especially for skinning/field dressing of deer.

This extreme surgical blade/deer skinning knives have a Blaze orange ABS plastic blade handle for maximum grip and comfort. And as a good reason, this surgical super-sharp 60XT blade can be replaced, and there is no need any sharpening. Just to be placed a new blade for a fresh start.

This is really one of the best, sharpest deer hunting knife currently available in the market. This lightweight deer skinning knife handle length is 4.25″ 2 3/4″ blades, and overall length is 7 1/4″ when it’s open. And this professional quality folding knife thumb stud for fast handed opening.

And liner lock for your safety another Lanyard hole and pocket clip. This super sharpest knife you’ll be definitely using, season after season. If you never used these types of deer skinning knives, so of course you should use once if you sometimes go toward hunting!

  • Very lightweight
  • Rubber Sided comfortable grip handle
  • Beautiful color with a user-friendly folding design
  • No need to sharpen
  • Surgical 60XT super sharpest blade
  • The handle is too long

Best Features For A Top Quality Deer Hunting Knives:

Best hunting knife in the world

The Material

There are more than hundreds of the best knife makers. Who provides good quality hunting knives for deer! And everything depends on the company and the hunting knife blades materials are also different. Because they try to use the best hunting knife steel on the blade. But the Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel are also the known names and that materials provide the extreme performance for long-lasting and gives it more durability. Stainless steel provides really superior durability and it works better in any wet or super cold situation. And if you do not take well your knives, so carbon steel blade knife is an ideal choice for you. Because there are no worries for rust.

The Knife Handle

After the cutting blade, the knife handle is very important for any kind of kitchen knives or outdoor hunting knife. Because maybe your knife blade is very strong, but your knives handle is not perfect for grip on the hands. So that before buying any special hunting knife you should look out for knife handles. On the market, you will get many hunting knives that have a high-quality nylon or luxury handle that’s are very easy to use for any cutting. Cause that provides the perfect grip in any wet conditions.

Gut Hook

Only some high quality, unique deer hunting knives have this great opportunity. A special gut hook knife allows you to open the abdomen when you need field dressing without slices any muscle. And that means you will get the best cuts without loss of your meat quality.

Folding Hunting/Skinning Knives

There are a lot of people loves folding skinning knives for easy carry on the pocket. The folding knife is not only perfect for hunting. Because you can use it for biking, hiking, or travel and just put it on your backpack. But the folding knife blade is not ideal for harder cutting, you can use easily it for any deer skinning or field dressing. And it has a great feature, most folding knife blades are replaceable at any time.

Fixed Blade Knife

The fixed blade is one of the most popular deer hunting knives. Because it’s a perfect blade for Deer big hunting or harder cutting and it will give you the best superior cutting power and precision and full tang design knives is preferred. That means the knife steel from the blade is fully extended through the handle.

Ceramic Blade

There are no people who do not love a ceramic knife blade. Because this kind of blade provides the super sharpness than other metal blades. But if you know how to sharpen ceramic knives? Because the ceramic knife blade is very hard to sharpen. That’s been very frangible and the reason the most ceramic knife blade come from zirconium dioxide. So that ceramic blade hunting knives are a little bit expensive because it’s so rare.

Knife Sheath

It’s a very good part especially for carrying knives that will protect you from getting any injuries. And most hunting knives include a high-quality sheath or a plastic pocket clip. Most sheaths have a good belt loop to slide it on your belt. And some others sheath has loops on both top and bottom so that the hunting blade can be strapped to your leg. Keep this mind, without a high-quality nylon knife sheath it’s very dangerous to carry a knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

best hunting knives

Q: What’s a good hunting knife?

A: The 5P by ESEE hunting knife is one of the best beautiful knife ever. And it’s strong fixed blade perform well for both hunting and skinning or sometimes dressing large game. And one of the good reason this special knife you can use for any survival or outdoor use as well as hunting.

Q: What is the best knife for gutting a deer?

A: Definitely best knife for gut a deer is the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife and sometimes Elk Ridge – Outdoors 2-PC Fixed Blade Hunting Knife – Black Stainless Steel Skinner and Gut Hook Blades perform well!

Q: What is a gut hook blade?

A: Which knives forward side is curved upwards, simple that called a gut hook blade knife. The gut hook helps the users to extract out the intestines of animals.

Q: What kinds of knives I need for hunting?

A: Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Knife is an ideal choice for hunting especially deer. Because this premium knife can handle any kinds of small or large hunting game. But if you want a perfect blade for smooth skinning, so you can choose the “Havalon Piranta Z Folding Blade Skinning Knife” or Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Replaceable Blade Tactical Hunting EDC Folding Pocket Knife.

Q: What are hunting knives made of?

A: In this dynamic world most important part of the premium quality hunting knives using the professional hunters, and blade, is made of steel or stainless steel. Because it is best hunting knife steel for small to large hunting blade.


Hunting is a great passion, whether that can be bird or animal. And for good hunting, of course, you need a very high-quality knife. But most amateur people find the best deer hunting knife or for skinning. Without a strong blade knife, it’s the really difficult end the memorable hunting. When people go to the market, then they did not understand which is the best blade for which animals. We hope this deer hunting knife reviews post will help you to know the more about the hunting and hunting gear.

But it’s never possible to get a cheap deer hunting knives at all the time. Because hunting knives are made from very high-quality materials, and the reason this kind of knives are a little bit expensive. But still, some company making knives at a very affordable price and we have already mentioned it above.

That will be a nice pleasure when you will get a perfect deer hunting knife and you will continue your job. And sometimes folding hunting knives play an important role. Because this portable knife is very comfortable to carry or use this for field dressing. Most hunting knives premium blade comes from high quality, unique metal, as a good result that will never rust. But if you really love your knives, so sometimes you can use oil on your knife blade for a few minutes. And then clean properly, and put it on the air for dry, then finally store it in a safe place for next use.

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