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Best Commercial Blender Reviews In 2021

It would a little bit hard to find the best commercial blender. Because in the market you will see a lot of blenders with different features and price ranges. It’s not necessary to buy only portable or household blenders for your home. You can also choose some professional-grade blender for your kitchen.

Nowadays, people give first preference to pro-quality products for their regular use. So, if you wanted smoothies or drinks just like restaurants, or fond of ice cream and yogurt you can use a commercial blender for the best result. Even you can buy these blenders for your new shop to make several smoothies in a day. You will get shocked to see the benefits of these blenders.

Because a professional smoothie blender comes with a powerful motor, durable blade with multiple programs, and large blending capacity so that you can use a blender for a long time or several uses in a day.

However, it’s not a good idea to go for a cheaper blender just to save some money. Because there are many differences between household and commercial blenders. You can’t make a professional dish in a non-professional way. Only professional chefs and cooks know the importance of using commercial blenders. Also, it’s a very common part of a modern kitchen these days.

Best Commercial Blender Reviews

When you are looking for a blender, you must need to consider several aspects. A good commercial blender has a more blending capacity and a powerful motor than a household blender. However, there are hundreds of blenders in the market. But how you’ll get the best one which will best for you.

Furthermore, the specifications of the product also play an important role. For example, some blenders have extra blending speed but the blades are not sharp enough. On the other hand, some commercial blenders have extremely sharp blades but the blending speed is just like an ordinary blender.

However, to find some high-quality commercial-grade blenders I have spent many hours. And finally, I have collected a few models that also use for commercial purposes. Even these blenders would good for a large family. They are very durable and comes at a reasonable price so that you won’t get frustrated. These blenders are based on my personal preferences. But you can choose any according to your requirements. So let’s see which one would best for you?

Best Professional Blender For Home And Restaurents

Image Product Details
Premium choice
Vitamix E310 Vitamix E310
  • 120 Volts power supply
  • 48-oz container
  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
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Best Overall
Blendtec Classic Blendtec Classic
  • 120 Volts power supply
  • 4 pre-programmed cycles
  • 90 oz  pitcher
Check Price
Budget pick
Nutri Ninja Nutri Ninja
  • 1200-watt motor
  • Auto-IQ Base
  • 72-oz pitcher
Check Price
Oster Versa Oster Versa
  • 1400 watts motor
  • 64-oz  BPA-free jar
  • Variable speed dial
Check Price
NutriBullet Combo NutriBullet Combo
  • 1200 watt motor
  • BPA-free pitcher
  • Hassle-free cleaning
Check Price
Arcbt Blender Arcbt Blender
  • 1450-watt motor
  • Self-cleaning jar
  •  Japanese stainless steel blades
Check Price
Cleanblend Blender Cleanblend Blender
  • 1800 watt motor
  • 64-oz pitcher
  • BPA free
Check Price
COSORI Blender COSORI Blender
  • 1500w & 800w power supply
  • Auto-blend base
  • 6 razor-sharp blades
Check Price
Instant Ace Instant Ace
  • 1300 watt motor
  • 10 one-touch programs
  • 56 oz pitcher
Check Price
Homgeek Blender Homgeek Blender
  • 1450-watt motor
  • 10 adjustable speeds
  • 68 oz BPA free jar
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01. Vitamix E310 – Best Professional Blender

commercial blender for smoothies


Are you looking for the best professional blender with advanced features? Then Vitamix E310 Explorian blender would an ideal choice for you. Because the Vitamix E310 is usually used for commercial purposes. It has a large 48-ounce container, which is perfect for a medium or large family. And it comes with variable speed controls, so you can adjust the speed easily to get the perfect texture.

A special temper is also attached to the top. It helps you to blend stubborn or thick material to save your time. Also, It has the ability of self-cleaning, which takes only 60 seconds or less. You just have to add one to two drops of the washer with warm water to clean it. Many additional accessories also come with the actual blender.

One of the best points of the Vitamix e310 blender is equally useful for restaurants and home kitchen. You can easily place it into your kitchen cabinet. Moreover, hardened stainless steel is used to blend everything perfectly with a powerful motor. The overall weight of this blender is up to 10 pounds which is reasonable for a commercial blender. Vitamix e310 will help you to grind all types of nuts and coffee beans into powder for hot and cold drinks. Even you can use it as a bulletproof coffee blender.

  • Self-cleaning feature =
  • Easy to place in a kitchen cabinet
  • Variable speed setting
  • Versatile blending power
  • Not very affordable

02. Oster Versa Blender – Perfect For Smoothies & Soups

commercial blender reviews


Oster is well-known for providing a versatile and amazing blender. Its motor is powered with 1400 watts to give excellent blending speed and capacity. The motor can bear the heavy-loads with a cooling system at the base. With three program settings, you can adjust the speed and blending capability without worrying about over-heating.

It comes with a large 64 oz pitcher which is made from BPA-free material. It will help you a lot if you want to make large batches of drinks for your friends and family. You can adjust its speed to get the desired action and your food will be ready in a few seconds. The blades are quite efficient with 250MPH for incredible cutting and smashing. The sharpness of blades smash the food into a paste and you can enjoy your meals without wasting time and effort.

Moreover, the Oster blender comes in two different colors that you can use for yourself or give someone as a Birthday or Christmas gift. Maybe the Oster blender isn’t very affordable, but it can serve you well for a long time like Vitamix Pro blender. So why you will not spend money on a high-quality smoothie blender that can give you professional results.

  • Sharp and durable blades
  • 1400 motor power
  • Strong and compact jar material
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Featured with cables and recipe book
  • It creates a little bit of noise

03. NutriBullet Blender Combo – All In one Set

best rated commercial blender


If you are searching for a blender with versatile features? NutriBullet is incredible with a blender combo of a single-serving cup and multi-serving pitcher. Even the package comes with extracted blades and a recipe book to give you new blending ideas. You can blend your food with an easy extract program by pressing a button.

Nutiblender has a powerful motor with 1200 wattage to provide speed and excellent blending capacity. You can get smoothies and shakes in a single go. However, its 3-speed and pulse function will allow you to make soups, dips, and sauces of your choice. The best part is the preparation of nut butter quickly and its extraction blades help take out the creamy food easily.

If I talk about its compatibility, you will be having the durable pitcher material that is BPA-free and the blades are made with stainless steel to give the extra blending feature. Thus, smashing and cutting become easy and you can do your work in seconds.

The blender is dishwasher safe while the blades are easily removed to wash with hands. It’s really the best blender for the money. Because you don’t have to buy extra parts for blending or serving. So why you are waiting for?

  • Three precision speed
  • Twist extractor blades
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Compact and durable
  • Unique pulse function
  • Blades are not dishwasher-safe

04. Arcbt Countertop Blender – Beautiful LCD Display

professional smoothie blender


Arcbt professional blender is amazing with pre-set programs and 9 variable speed controller system. Now, smashing or grinding no more hectic because of its pre-set feature. Simply adjust the speed and program to get the required output. Its unique pulse feature for making sauces and dips of variable verities.

Moreover, the blender has an LED display to watch and monitor the programs. The motor is equipped with 1450 watts and its 3-stage, 8-piece stainless steel blades for impressive cutting, smashing, and chopping of the food material. Thus, stainless steel featured blades are enough durable to carry on your required blending level. The blender can be used at home as well as commercially to facilitate the users with the best.

The jar material is BPA-free and pushes the food downward for homogenous blending. You can blend frozen foods, and ice with ease. Its compatibility is apparent from its 5-folds safety features. Hence, the blender is impressive with noise-free, heat-excursion, oil seals, and anti-fall design. The blades with 30 to 60 degrees of sharpness can blend the food according to your need. If you need a large size blender at a small budget, then Arcbt blender is also ready to fulfill your needs.

  • Large 72 oz jar
  • Blades are sharp
  • Comes with durable safety features
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • 32000 RPM speed
  • Beautiful LCD display
  • Not very lightweight

05. Nutri Ninja Blender – Unique-iQ Technology

professional kitchen blender


Also personally, I admire the Nutri Ninja for introducing the commercial and personal blender. Because they are available in various models from small to large and family size to commercial grade. However, now Ninja blender comes with a complete blending set and it has very unique IQ technology, maybe you will never get in other blenders.

Its programs will allow you to choose and set the blending feature according to your need. The blending control is amazing with excellent power wattages and sharp blades. The pitcher has a 72 oz capacity and this size is enough to serve the maximum people at one time. With 1200 watts of motor you can get the smoothies and shakes of your choice. The sharp and easy extracted blades are very feasible in providing quick action.

Furthermore, its 2HP is enough for crushing ice, or other vegetable and fruits whatever you like. I think Ninja offers the best package with a small price range. Because it will give you all the blending opportunities which you will never get in an expensive blender in this price range. The Blender set comprises of small, regular, and jumbo Nutri Ninja cups to use the blender professionally and personally.

  • Has IQ technology
  • Excellent powerful motor
  • Sharp and extracted blades
  • Variable program settings
  • BPA-free material
  • The plastic jar can be affected by hard frozen items

06. Cleanblend 64 Oz Blender – Cooking & Blending Feature

professional blenders for smoothies


Cleanblend is famous for introducing the latest and variable blending features in commercial blenders. Its motor performs efficiently with 1800 watts of power and also ready to serve shakes and smoothies are prepared in a single go. The speed is excellent with amazing blending capabilities.

Moreover, the blender is replacing your 9 appliances and provide you the smooth crushing, cutting, chopping, and grinding with ease. The capacity of the blender is incredible to serve 6 to 8 people at one time. Now, blending coffee beans with ice and milk has become easy and effortless to get the yummy drink.

Its high-quality 8-blade assembly for crushing ice and other frozen fruits that will give you very soft and textured drinks every time. You can use it for your home and restaurant because it’s made from BPA free material for making large batches of smoothies or shakes. No matter how many times you want to use it in a day, but you can stop it after several uses. Because it can give you last longer performance!

  • Perfect for crushing ice and fruits
  • Large blending capacity
  • Speedy and quick motor
  • Sharp and durable blades
  • BPA-free plastic material
  • Easy program settings
  • The blender’s pitcher bottom design is not ideal

07. Blendtec Classic 575 – Best For Hot & Cold Drinks

best professional blender


Blendtech blender has excellent and variable blending features with a one-touch system. You can watch and monitor the whole blending process through an LCD. The 4 pre-set programs and 5- speed control system is the best combination to get the smashed food quickly. You can adjust the blending program of your choice and set the time, your drink is ready within a minute.

If you observe the texture of blades then you will be impressed by seeing the forged and blunt blades with 80 % thickness. These blades are ideal to smash the frozen and fresh food with ease. The forges are engraved with stainless steel material for extra stability and strength. The motor is powered with 1560 watts with 30 to 40 amp. And the one cycle of blending provides an excellent result every time.

The blending jar is compact with plastic material and strong enough with a self-cleaning feature. However, with 90 ounces of blending capacity, the jar is incredible to serve 4 to 5 people and you can blend dry and wet food with ease. It’s the specialty of Blendtech to provide a reliable and comprehensive kitchen essential to serve the people with incredible products.

  • The jar is BPA-free
  • Blades are thick and forged
  • Has a pre-program setting
  • strong and easy to wash
  • Extra spatula
  • A little bit expensive

08. COSORI 1500w Blender – Heavy Duty Smoothie Maker

best heavy duty blender


Do you want a blender with hassle-free working? Then, COSORI has the incredible blenders for making green smoothies and nut butter with excellence. Its blending capacity is enhanced with 1500 watts of motor and you can get the quality and perfection at the same time. The blender works efficiently and stops working if gets over-heat or over-load.

The 6 blades are sharp, and very durable because it’s made from premium stainless material for crushing and smashing. Also, the blade material is rust-free to give you a lifetime user experience. Its speed controller feature is very feasible even a small kid can use the blender to prepare his/her food. Moreover, the steamy hot soups and dips are would easier to make with the COSORI blender.

Furthermore, the 70 ounces pitcher with 27 ounces of traveler cup will let you use the product according to your demands. The easy to wash feature helps reduce cleaning efforts. It’s all parts that are dishwasher safe and its recipe temper will provide delicious and handy recipes to make the food with love.

  • Variable speed control
  • Hardened stainless steel blades
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • Has traveler bottle
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Create heavy noise during frozen fruits

09. Instant Ace plus – Best Smoothie Blender Under $200


Did you ever hear about the cooking blender? The answer may be no, let me introduce the Instant Ace cooking blender. Its 10-in-one feature is all set to make yummy salsa, smoothies, shakes, soups, and nut butter. Even the butter and sauces can be prepared with ease in large batches.

Moreover, the blender is considered to be a powerhouse with 26,500RPM and pre-set featured functions to ring about the desired effects. It can make smoothies and shakes with incredible speed and you can get the totally smashed food without any fiber. Now, get the hop soup by adding a vegetable to the soup mixture. Instant and quick solution for making nutritious drinks.

The two way of working is the excellent feature that you can see in Instant Ace blender. The extraction blades work speedily with 120 volts of power and its efficiency is quite evident through its sharpness and stainless steel material. The frozen food and ice crushing is no more a worry. Choose the program for ready to go action.

  • Dual working system
  • Sharp blades to provide smoothies
  • Heat element to provide soup
  • Beautiful touchscreen display
  • quick in action
  • Glass material
  • Very loud

10. CACAGOO Blender – 10 Adjustable Speeds


CACAGOO is amazing with blending capabilities. You can get the complete and comprehensive features of blending in one device. The smoothies, juices, and shakes are prepared with excellent blending power. The motor is featured with 1450 watts of power for quick and compact action. The food pulp is smashed and the cell wall of the food is broken down into a paste.

It is facilitated with 3 layers features and a 2.35hp motor with 30000 RMP to provide homogenous smashing and grinding. The product has the 8th grade of sharp blades which is made from durable stainless steel. Cutting, grinding, and smashing is no more trouble and its quick action working feature allows you to enjoy your chilled drinks readily.

Its 10 variable speed control feature is fantastic to get a variety of textures. From smoothies to soups the blender is all in one featured product to facilitate the best output. The blender is lab certified with durable plastic material. However, the product is featured with a 2L capacity of jar and recipe book, manual guide, and a tamper.

  • Has self-cleaning feature
  • Durable BPA-free material
  • Powerful and speedy motor
  • Sharp and rust-free blades
  • 10-speed controller system
  • Not perfect for bulletproof coffee

Who Needs a Commercial-Grade Blender?

The commercial-grade blenders are known to blend the dense food particles with ease. You can blend frozen foods with the excellent speed offered by the blades. However, the blades are sharp enough to crush the ice and you can get the yummy drinks simultaneously.

Commercial blenders are being used in restaurants and homes as well. The power wattages of a commercial blender are more as compared to the other blending devices. That’s why commercial blenders are ideal for restaurants where you need a heavy-duty blender with excellent blending capabilities.

Difference Between Commercial And Household Blenders

The main difference between commercial and household blender is power and speed. The speed of a commercial blender may be high as quoted 240mph. However, the power wattages of commercial blenders are high with 1440 watts as compared to the domestic blender where 175 watts are also feasible. Moreover,

commercial blenders are more durable and comprehensive in working. You can get your smashed food quickly due to its blade’s functionality. I would like to say the Vitamix blender would best for commercial use and Nutri Ninja blender for households.

How You Should Choose The Best Commercial Blender?

best professional blender

Buying a commercial blender is a lot more difficult than using the required product. You should look for many factors that could help you in choosing an accurate product for yourself. The blender should be durable and compatible to serve you with the best. You should see the listed features to buy the best commercial blender for yourself.

Blending power

The blending power depends on the sharpness of the blades and speed of the blending device. These two points are very crucial in making your perfect drink from frozen food. The ideal blending speed of commercial blenders may 3.8 peak HP. At this speed, your blender exhibits excellent blending properties to facilitate you with incredible results.

Blade durability and performance

The blades of a commercial blender are sharp to cut and crush the food into small pieces. However, stainless steel material allows you to use the blades without worrying about rust and durability. The performance of the blades is efficient with graded speed and sharpness. The blades have sharp edges with excellent cutting and smashing properties to provide you the smoothies and shakes in a single go.

Types of Controls

Commercial blenders from different brands have a variable control system. Most blenders come with electric control that could be feasible for most users. While touch control is comfortable in adjusting the speed and function randomly. The blenders with multiple programmers are the latest and comprehensive products. You can select the programmer that is already calibrated on the device and watch the magical effects of the blender afterward.

Jar materials

The two types are material are handy in commercial blenders. And most people prefer plastic and glass material in buying commercial blenders. Both materials are durable and the only drawback of the glass jar is that it’s heavy whereas the plastic jar may get scratches because of the frequent blending of frozen food. You will get BPA-free and dishwasher safe blending jar that can save you a lot of time and effort. Even some blenders offer a self-cleaning feature.

Blending capacity

The commercial blenders are famous due to their larger volumetric size. You can find the different blending capacities in commercial blenders. However, the blenders that are common in use may have 65 oz of capacity. You can find the capacity minimum as 46 and maximum as 72 oz. The blending capacity depends on your need.

Blending speed

The power wattage of the blender determines the speed of the blender. The more wattage means the faster and excellent blending capabilities. Some commercial blenders offer 1440 to 2100 power wattages that are more than efficient in providing you the incredible speed. Moreover, the sharpness of blades contributes a big part in increasing the blending speed.


All commercial blenders are durable until and unless you use them with care. The plastic blenders need to be washed quickly after use to avoid a bad smell. Plastic is high reliable material in commercial blenders because it is made with BPA-free material. The glass jar is heavy and you should use the product with some extra precautions. Whereas stainless steel is a more compact and durable jar to serve you with some high-quality material.


The commercial blenders are well-known for providing versatility with quick action. You can set the programs and get the desired results with its sharp blades. The soup, smoothies, and dips are the extra facilitative features of a blender along with juices and crushed food items. You can make salsa and salad with its forged blades while smoothies and dips can be easily made with sharp and durable graded blades.


Some people are very obsessed with kitchen essentials and they want beautiful and attractive tools to be placed in the kitchen. If I talk about the looks of a commercial blender then, you can get the blending jar in variable-sized and looks. The wide and narrow jar size facilitates the constant motion of the blades with excellent results.

The base also plays an important role in the looks of the blender. The touch screen pad with LED lights looks more attractive and comprehensive. The users will prefer to buy the latest and beautiful blender with all the enhanced features.


The price of the blender may vary due to varieties in features and functions. Commercial blenders are considered to be pricy because of their latest and comprehensive features. Most brands offer the blenders at sale prices. If you want to get a high-quality product then you may get the one with a deal at an affordable price.

Blending noise level

The blending noise is very annoying sometimes and you need a blender that has a noise-free feature or has a minimum noise production system. If you have a blender that has a polycarbonate shield then you are successful in getting the noise-free blender. The polycarbonate eliminates the noise level of the blender does give an ultra-smooth and flexible working system.

Cleaning Ease

You can clean the blender in three ways. First, you can wash the blender with dish wash soap and liquid. The second one is washing in dishwasher device. Both are reliable and easy methods of cleaning. However, some blenders have a built-in self-cleaning system. Simply add the few drops of washing liquid and warm water. Press the rinse button for 30 seconds. The clean washed jar is ready for the next service.

Frequently Asked Questions

High quality blender for commercial use

What is the best heavy-duty blender?

The Vitamix and Ninja brands are famous for introducing heavy-duty blenders in the market. These blenders can be used commercially and at home because of their ideal jar size and heavy-duty motor. You can use these blenders without worrying about electric consumption. However, the ease and comfort level is incredible by using these blenders

What blender do professional chefs use?

Vitamix 5200 is an ideal blender which a chef can use for incredible blending services. The blender has 1800 watts of motor that could be so efficient in bringing the desired output. The blade’s quality is up to the mark and the jar is made with BPA-free material to give stability and compatibility to the device.

What is the best blender for home use?

The Oster and Ninja blender is the best for home use with excellent blending speed and power. Moreover, its jar size is excellent to serve 2 persons at the same time. You can get quick action by its one-touch technology. The blender is designed to provide comfort and relaxation. Thus, you can enjoy your smoothies and shakes with its incredible blending skills.

How do I know what watt blender to buy?

Here we are talking about commercial blenders, so you can get the blenders with multiple power wattages. From 980 to 2100 watts you can use the product that could be more beneficial for you. Especially commercial-grade blenders for a restaurant may need high wattages as compared to the blenders for home use. It’s your choice what wattage could suit you for your need.

Why is Vitamix so expensive?

The Vitamix is the most amazing blender for commercial use. The blender has the highest horsepower to offer the maximum output. The power wattages are more with an incredible working system. However, its base is facilitated with a cooling fan to balance the heat exertion and the fan helps to cool down the device even with heavy loads. Even Vitamix is the most comprehensive and ideal choice for commercial blenders.

Which blender should I get for a bar?

The Blendtec Classic 575 or Vitamix blenders are a perfect choice for a bar. A powerful motor and large blending jar would best for getting the desired results. Its blades are very sharp with a multiple speed and programming system. Maybe they are a little bit expensive, but ideal for heavy uses.


Commercial blenders have made life easy because of their ease of use and relaxation in serving the whole family in a single go. The size and compatibility of the blender are incredible with its high-speed motor power. The blades are sharp and smash the food within minutes. Ideally, a product with all useful packages is introduced to serve you with the yummiest drinks.

You can choose these blenders for your home if you want to use a blender for making different foods items. A high-quality blender is a little bit expensive than a regular blender, but it will serve you for a long time without worries. I reviewed many blenders for regular uses, I hope now you know which is the best commercial blender for smoothies and shake.

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