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7 Best Chef Knives Under $50 In 2021

Nowadays it’s hard to find the best chef knife under $50. Because most chef knives are made from premium materials and they are a great versatile tool that can handle a lot of kitchen jobs as you want.

However, for this budget-friendly chef knives review, we have researched many different knives and picked only a few models that are highly durable, beautiful, versatile, and come from the most popular manufacturer. So let’s find out the best one for you!

01. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife

Blade Materials, Size, & Durability

Made from very high-end European steel, the 7.9-inch blade on this flagship knife is as delicate as you want it to be. For all your slicing and mincing needs, the slightly curved edge of the blade rocks perfectly.

The blade is laser-treated and tapered to give it a long life. During its lifetime, you may only feel the need for sharpening every once in a while. The blade is also thicker than many chef’s knives on the market, making it more durable and suited for heavier tasks such as chopping or carving meat.

Handle Design, Comfort, & Usability

As it says in the name, the handle of the knife is made from Fibrox (TPE). It’s a non-slip material that fits into your hands perfectly. It’s very ergonomically designed for both right and left-hand users.

Unlike many other chef’s knives, you won’t see the blade reaching toward the end of the handle. It’s deliberately done to take the weight off of the handle to make it more maneuverable.


Victorinox has been very promising in the knife industry since the 1800s. The expertness of the craft is very noticeable in every entry from the brand. And the Fibrox Pro is a prime example that you can tackle all of your cutting needs with this single knife.

  • 9” sharp and durable blade
  • Comfortable Fibrox handle
  • Multipurpose
  • Fits both hands
  • Not best for chopping bones

02. Mercer Culinary 8-Inch Forged Chef’s Knife

Blade Materials, Size, & Durability

Following the classic German design, the Renaissance is an all-purpose chef’s knife by Mercer Culinary. The 8-inch blade on this knife is designed to cut meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, or any other food you can think of.

Boasting a high-carbon and taper ground edge construction, the blade will serve you for years with little to no maintenance. It will show the sign of age as its carbon steel, but it won’t rust or corrode to make it brittle over time.

Handle Design, Comfort, & Usability

The blade has a full-tang design. It means that you can see the entire blade bottom through the handles. It’s made from Delrin Plastic, one of the most durable variants currently. The handle is also triple-riveted to ensure a secure fit.

As it’s a classic German-style knife, it’s ambidextrous. Whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, you can use this chef’s knife comfortably.


With a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, this is one of the most premium chef’s knives for both home and professional cooks. The design is tried and tested over hundreds of years. Neither the blade nor the handle will fail you in terms of usability.

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  • 8” German-style blade
  • Classic full-tang handle
  • Ambidextrous
  • Long lifespan and warranty
  • Handle isn’t very comfortable

03. J.A. Henckels 6-Inch CLASSIC Chef’s Knife

Blade Materials, Size, & Durability

If you have to deal with limited space most of the time, you will certainly love this 6-inch blade by J.A. Henckels Classic Knife. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the knife is very durable and requires minimal maintenance.

The blade has been forged expertly and it works flawlessly for chopping, slicing, or mincing on a cutting board. The blade also boasts a satin finish which adds a contemporary look to your kitchen counter.

Handle Design, Comfort, & Usability

Similar to other German-style chef’s knives, this one from Henckels has a triple-riveted Delrin handle. It fits perfectly on your hands while giving you maximum range of motion for your cutting and slicing.

The blade seamlessly merges with the handle. The slight bend on the end of the handle ensures that the knife doesn’t slip from your hands while in operation.


The Spanish manufacturer has a lot of experience under its belt. And Henckels has put all of it into crafting this classic 6-inch chef’s knife. It offers amazing value for money while not compromising on performance.

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  • Very sharp stainless steel blade
  • Comfortable Delrin handle
  • Solid grip
  • Value for money
  • Short blade

04. Findking-Dynasty 8-Inch Gyuto Chef Knife

Blade Materials, Size, & Durability

The Japanese have revolutionized almost every appliance we can think of. The same goes for knife blades. The alloy steel 8-inch blade on the Findking Dynasty series is the proof. The blade boasts a 58-62 HRC on the Rockwell Scale, which means it will remain sharp for years to come without any maintenance.

Whether you want to tackle fruits, vegetables, fish, or, meat, the knife will cut through them effortlessly. The clad dimple on the blade resists food from sticking to the knife.

Handle Design, Comfort, & Usability

Featuring the first hidden tang design on our list, The FindkingDynasty series is a work of art. The weight is shifted toward the blade instead of the handle to make cutting effortlessly. The handle on this one is made from African rosewood, a very comfortable one to hold.

The hidden tang design gives you more control over the blade. You can manipulate the entire blade without putting too much stress on your hands.


If you’re a fan of the Japanese knife designs, the 8-inch chef’s knife by Findking should be your first choice.

  • 8” Japanese style blade
  • Rosewood comfortable handle
  • Suitable for fruits, vegetables, and meat
  • Fits both hands
  • Large handle

05. imarku Pro 8-Inch Kitchen Chef’s Knife

Blade Materials, Size, & Durability

Another multipurpose chef’s knife and this time it’s from Imarku, one of the premium knife makers. The 8-inch blade has a carbon stainless steel construction. The blend between carbon and stainless steel results in extraordinary hardness. So, you will never feel the need to sharpen this knife.

Apart from carbon, the blade also uses chrome in the alloy to give it a glossy finish and a lasting shine. Even after years of usage, the knife will look like new on your countertop.

Handle Design, Comfort, & Usability

The handle of this amazing knife is crafted from Pakkawood. It’s a mix between wood and plastic that offers superior comfort and durability at the same time. The handle is ergonomically designed for left and right-handers, even equally.

One of the best features of this handle is that even after hours of use, you won’t feel any finger numbness or strain on your hands.


The imarkuPro knife features an amazing balance between usability, durability, and sharpness. It’s very rare to find all three in a single knife.

  • 8” carbon steel ultra-sharp blade
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Great for long use
  • Beautiful design
  • Handle comfortable yet, but not very durable

06. SHAN ZU Chef Knife 8-Inch With Ergonomic Handle

Blade Materials, Size, & Durability

A classic German blade with 8-inch of goodness. The thick blade with the curved edge is perfect for all kinds of cutting in the kitchen. The blade is so well designed that you can brag about your clean cuts without any prior experience thanks to the 15⁰angle on both sides.

The high carbon German steel boasts 55-57 HRC hardness, perfect for enthusiastic chefs who like to take care of their knives from time to time.

Handle Design, Comfort, & Usability

Although the blade follows the German style, the handle does not. It’s a unique shape that you won’t find in any other knives and it’s surprisingly comfortable. It’s made from Pakkawood that offers great grip and comfort at the same time.

The curve on the handle allows you to maneuver the knife more gracefully while you cut your stake or carve meat from bones.


SHAN ZU has created the ultimate all-in-one kitchen knife for both home and pro chefs. It can practically cut anything without breaking your bank.

  • 8” classic German blade
  • Unique handle design
  • High comfort and solid grip
  • Sharp angles on the edge
  • Not for beginners

07. PAUDIN Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Kitchen Knife

Blade Materials, Size, & Durability

The ultra-sharp edge on the PAUDIN Pro knife is the primary selling point. The 8-inch blade is crafted from the infamous Damascus steel. It gives the knife a unique look as well as amazing cutting potential.

The blade is 2mm thick, a perfect middle-ground for both delicate and heavy cutting. With the engineered curve, you can rock the blade back and forth on your cutting board or slice vegetables by push-pull cutting.

Hand Design, Comfort, & Usability

If we have to sum up the handle in one word, it would be beautiful! To match the Damascus blade, the wooden handle features a wave pattern. It’s soft to touch which ensures the perfect grip while keeping the comfort level high.

The hidden tang design keeps the blade’s bottom end hidden and makes the knife more usable and more ergonomic.


PAUDIN Knives are amazing, both in terms of design and functionality. If you want a beautiful-looking Damascus-style knife with top-notch cutting power, this is the one to go with.

  • Beautiful Damascus blade
  • Wooden comfortable handle
  • Various use
  • Supports minimal bone chopping
  • Need proper maintenence

How To Choose The Best Chef’s Knife Under $50?

affordable 50 dollar kitchen knife

Before you decide on a knife, it’s important that you understand what makes a chef’s knife better than the others.

Blade Materials

In most cases, the blades on chef’s knives are crafted from carbon steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel is softer and shows signs of age with time. It requires a little more maintenance than stainless steel. But they offer more flexibility for cutting.

Handle Design

Whether the handle is made from plastic or wood, it must be comfortable. The handle should fit perfectly on your hands and offer an amazing grip for your safety. Fibrox and Delrin are two very popular materials that manufacturers use on chef’s knives.

Grip and Comfort

As we’ve already established, the handle should be offer superior grip. If the knife slips out of your hand while cutting, it may result in an unwanted injury. Always focus on grip and comfort when looking at handle designs.


A knife’s size always refers to the blade length. Anywhere between 8 to 10 inches is the sweet spot for most chefs. But if you work in tight spaces, a 6-inch blade will do the job just fine. And if you want specialized blades, you can go over 10 inches as well.


The weight of a chef’s knife primarily depends on the material. For example, carbon steel is slightly denser than stainless steel. Also, the thickness influences the weight as well. A hidden tang knife will more likely be lighter than a full tang design.

Lightweight knives are perfect for delicate cutting like sushi or thin slices of tomatoes while heavier knives are perfect for stakes and carving meat from bones.


The balance of a chef’s knife depends on how the blade is constructed. A hidden tang design blade has more material on the blade than the handle. So, these knives are usually front-heavy.

Full tang knives, mostly German ones have blades that go between the handle. It’s a more balanced form of blade creation that takes away the front heaviness. It feels more well-rounded while cutting.

The Edge

Also known as the bevel, a chef’s knife can have two types of edges. One-sided and double-sided. On one-sided edges, the blade is sharpened from one side only while the other edge remains hollow.

These knives are also designed for either right-handed or left-handed users. So, be careful when you go for single-sided edges.

Double-sided edges, on the other hand, are ambidextrous. The cuts tend to be clearer and straighter when compared to single-bevel knives. It’s the perfect place to start for beginners.


If you’re not familiar with the Rockwell Scale, it’s the standard that measures hardness. The hardness of a blade is directly related to the durability of a chef’s knife. The harder the blade, the more durable it is. However, hard-edge knives are brittle and prone to breaking if you accidentally drop them.

Cleaning Process

A chef’s knife can either be dishwasher safe or hand-cleaning only. Most German-style entry-level knives are dishwasher safe. If it’s not, the manual will specifically mention it. So, make sure that you read it before you put your knife in the dishwasher.


Chef’s knives are one of the most delicate equipment when it comes to cooking. Many manufacturers have entered the market over hundreds of years but only a handful has managed to survive. And we’ve compiled the list of best chef knives under $50 for you in this post. We hope now you can choose your desired model without breaking your bank.

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