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Top 10 Best Chef Knives Under $100 To Buy In 2020

A chef knife has a long straight blade with a thin super sharp edge that cuts and slice anything without much effort. And a chef’s knife is one of the most popular kitchen tools that loves everyone for making different foods fast and easy. But a professional-quality chef’s knives can be a little bit expensive. That’s why I have collected the best chef knife under 100 dollars that anyone can buy to start new cooking.

The best quality chef knife means you are ready for anything in the kitchen. If you want to serve different and delicious food on your table all the time, so definitely you need a good quality chef knife. Maybe you are worried about a knife which will perfect for your kitchen? But for buying a professional grade chef knife you have to consider your budget.

Surprisingly, I have listed top and super durable wicked sharp and perfect-working knife to solve your problem! These knives will always make your work easier and comfortable! I’m confident because all listed knives prices are very less than other expensive chefs cooking knives. I hope now you can easily choose your favorite knife for your home kitchen or restaurants. So let’s see which is the best kitchen knives under 100 dollars?

01. Dalstrong Gladiator Series – Best Chef Knife Under 100

Best Value

When do you want to know which is the best cooking knives under 100 dollars for commercial and home uses? So the first name that comes to our mind that is the most popular Dalstrong best budget chef knife. Because also their most Chefs knife comes with stunning design with sophisticated technology.

And other companies never compare knives with Dalstrong. Because it incredibly made for professional chefs and home cooks. It will be better to say without the best kitchen knife set sometimes it’s difficult to make different food items. But this Versatile single chefs knife can easily handle all kitchen cutting and slicing jobs.

It is very important when you go to purchase a new chef knife with a limited budget. And that will provide extreme performance. I’m sure this budget-friendly chef knife, can impress anyone and they can pick it for their lovely kitchen. Because this chef’s knife has a lot of great features. It is affordable, beautiful and this knife has outstanding cutting-edge technology. It is really a great collection for kitchen purposes. Because it has a long straight blade which is extremely sharp, durable, beautiful and elegant that you can use for your everyday cooking.

Definitely its overall performance is at the top. However, this Gladiator Series knife is made from imported high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel. As a result of this, you’ll get an aggressive and high-performance blade! That ensures the super ultra-sharp edge that is stain and rust resistance. And its hand-sharpened 14-16 degrees angle edge for superior cutting performance. I would say this professional chef knife is really an extreme level kitchen workhorse.

Best Overall

This best budget chef knife’s wide and razor-sharp blade allows for easy clearance food or any dicing or quick slicing. Your every cutting and slicing job will enjoyable and comfortable with this Dalstrong chef’s knife. There is only some similar item can compare with this top-level chefs knife. This Masterclass chef knife featured with a great ambidextrous black Pakkawood handle which is imported from Spain.

The handle is a little bit long for handling heavy-duty job and effortless slicing. It offers a maximum power of grip and comfort that’s why you never feel uneasy to use. And its triple rivet and endcap for the proper balance and durability. Finally, I would say this knife specially designed for handling any thicker work or larger cutting. It is really a premium quality chef’s knife under 100 dollars that you can pick for your own kitchen or someone else as a ideal gift.

  • This knife is easy to hold
  • The quality is really supreme and made with real sharpness
  • PerfectFit Dalstrong Sheath
  • Award-winning design and hand polished satin finish blade
  • Ergonomic handle shape for maximum comfort, grip, and maneuverability
  • Cleans easily for low maintenance

  • Not ideal for beginner

02. Zelite Infinity Alpha-Royal – Best Chefs Slicing Knife

Best Value

Most home cooks and chefs want the professional quality knife that is perfect for various uses. And it’s a great idea to buy a single knife that can handle many types of works instead of expensive block set. But all the knife can’t perform well! Because there are available only a few knives that you can use your own way.

However, this is a Alpha-Royal Series 6-inch chef knife which is come from ZELITE INFINITY. It is really beautiful looking and versatile chefs knife under $100. This knife looks big and heavy but it is really very easy to handle because it is so lighter than others. That’s why it is not only perfect for professional chefs. Any home cooks can use it for slicing vegetables or fruit. Probably it is the best chef’s knife for chopping and dicing.

For home kitchen purposes a single knife is definitely better than a block. But some special cooks enthusiasts want to collect different knives for their kitchen to show others. However, This modern wide short blade made with imported high-quality Japanese AUS10 premium Steel. And it has 67-layer high carbon stainless to make a razor-sharp edge. Even the tsunami Rose Damascus, with Liquid Nitro, makes the super fast Rockwell Hardness HRC 61. And it is sharpened by 3-step Honbazuke 12-15 degrees per side which gives it Western-style looks and effortless cutting power,

So what are you thinking about it? If are you thinking this is really premium quality material than others? So the answer is definitely “YES”. Because this material provides the super sharp and rust-resistant blade. So, you can cut Veggies or any kind of meat with fast and easy.

Best Overall

This knife crafted with a superior triple-rivet handle that offers well comfort and grip. This special handle design is really different than other Zelite Knives. Because they attached Top Military Grade G10 Black handle with full-tang for extra performance and stability. And they used this premium-grade handle only for chefs and cooks the best comfort and proper balance. Even this knife special Tapered Bolster offers extra beautiful looks and safety.

However, it will give you the perfect meat cutting, or vegetable chopping opportunity that you’ll never get in other chef knives. Because especially this knife made for different jobs like chopping, dicing, mincing and cutting. It is really a beautiful looking chef knife under 100 dollars that you can pick for yourself or someone as a birthday gift. Even you can use this flat knife as a sushi knife. Because it’s wide blade helps to cut fish very smoothly.

  • Come with versatile features
  • Japanese AUS10 Super Steel 67 Layer material
  • Top military-grade G10 black triple stunning-riveted handle
  • Full-tang for maximum strength & durability
  • Rare tapered bolster for maximum comfort & perfect balance

  • The blade is very short and wide but perfect for slicing

03. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels – Budget-Friendly Knife For Chefs & Cooks

Best Value

Henckels International is one of the most popular cutlery manufacturers. Because they are a very old company, and manufacturing knives from many different countries, like, Japan, France, Spain, China, Denmark, Switzerland, and Italy. And this special blade is made in Spain.

This professional-grade chef knife built with premium quality German stainless steel. That perfectly runs for a long time and gives will stability. And fully forged system offers a seamless transition from blade to handle. It has ergonomics design traditional triple-rivet handle for perfect balance and comfort. And this handle will perfectly fit in your hand like gloves.

This large size 8” knife is perfect for chopping, mincing, slicing or dicing. Many people feel comfortable with a short blade and that will be very lightweight. But a professional guy can handle any kind of knife. And they understand which knives are perfect for their daily work.

Best Overall

This Spanish knife is super lightweight for both commercial and home uses. And this full tang knife bolster ensures the perfect balance and safety. And when you think the knife-edge is getting dull so you can use the sharpening stone to get wicked sharp again for your next uses.

This traditional Henckels company makes various knives whereas they have a lot of business in different countries. The Henckels knife company produces multiple lines of kitchen cutlery. Their great four-star line introduced since 1976. And a big example the Henckels knife company is manufacturing product in many several ways. However, if you want to learn cooking so it can be the best affordable kitchen knife under $100 with that you can start your cooking job.

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  • Made in Spain
  • High-quality German stainless steel
  • Super lightweight for chopping and dicing
  • Made of stain-resistant carbon steel
  • Triple-riveted handle surrounds a full tang
  • It’s Dishwasher-safe
  • Full bolster provides the best secure balance

  • The edge may not resist

04. Victorinox Fibrox Pro – Top Rated Chef Knife

Best Value

Maybe you are not a professional chef! And most of the time you cook only for your family. So it doesn’t matter if you are a professional chef who used a lot of different knives or home cooks. But there are no people who don’t know about the Victorinox kitchen chef knife.

Their company was founded in 1884 in Switzerland. So now you can guess how old they are in the cutlery industry? They’re very popular for Swiss Army Knife. And they have the top quality butcher knife which is very long and sharp for handling all types of meat processing jobs.

However, this is the Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch affordable chef’s knife for cooking. And this professional chef’s knife the price is under 100 dollars. No need to break your bank to buy this knife. So why you are worried about your budget? And it can be a great knife for professional and home cooks for cutting meat, or chopping vegetables.

This knife made from tapered stainless steel, that cuts very smoothly like butter. Its razor-sharp blade that effortlessly can chops or slice which is very essential for every kitchen. And this knife overall designed for handling any kinds of kitchen jobs small to large. And this laser-tested blade is really so durable and no worries if you clean it in a dishwasher.

Best Overall

This professional chef knife handle is ergonomically designed with Fibrox Pro technology for a non-slip grip. And it ensures the knife will never slip if your hands are wet. You’ll never find any professional chefs knife with this price and that’s why there are more than four thousand people are happy with it. I would say this is really the best chef knife for the money. Hence if you invest to buy this knife then it will never be wrong for kitchen purpose!

  • Made with dishwasher safe materials
  • The ideal choice for home chefs & professional
  • Top-rated knife in the market
  • Designed for handling kitchen tasks both big or small
  • Handles made from thermoplastic elastomer
  • Trusted Swiss quality
  • Used the stainless steel material for the blade

  • It’s a little bit heavy

05. Utopia Kitchen – Cheap Good Quality Chef Knife

Best Value

Probably there are available a lot of cheapest chefs knife for cooking in the market. But cheap doesn’t mean they are low quality. Because sometimes you’ll get a knife in a small budget that uses most professionals. However, this classic 8” stainless steel chef knife can handle any kind of small or medium cutting job with fast and easy. If are you a cooking enthusiast and love different foods? So this beautiful chef’s knife can be an ideal choice for you and no need to spend more than a hundred dollars. It is really an incredible opportunity for learning cooking.

This 8 Inches Utopia kitchen chef cooking knife made with 100% Stainless Steel. So that, it will provide the super razor-sharp blade for effortless cutting. And it is really annoying to sharpen the knife every day. But surprisingly, this knife comes with a durable and high-quality blade that will never dull quickly.

This longer blade allows handling the large piece of meat, even any larger items, like watermelon, squash, or pineapple. So, for preparing a lot of food making this knife can play an important role that can be used at home or restaurants. This smart multipurpose kitchen knife is an ideal choice for serious home cooks or any professional chef. It is a great chef knife under 100 dollars in the market.

Best Overall

This utopia kitchen chef knife ABS+430 handle allows for easy grip hassle-free balance. And this premium ABS handle designed for ensuring the minimization of finger cramp and aches especially during usage. This longer chef knife made from standard quality materials that ensure the best reliability and usefulness for a wide variety of uses. Especially for a single knife, it is very hard to store but this knife comes with a protective sheath. So after each uses you can store your knife on it.

  • Comes with protective sheath
  • Abs+430 handle design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • High-quality stainless steel blade
  • Tarnish-and, rust-resistant
  • Comfortable grip for easy maneuvering
  • 8″ blade can handle any large cutting

  • It is not a full tang blade

06. ORBLUE 8-Inch – Best Beginner Chef Knife

Best Value

A non-slip handle is also very important when you need to hold the knife strongly. And a perfect handle is the first example of how it will comfortable to do work? And for that, this knife making company Orblue has been built a knife with a non-slip handle for a perfect grip. But this knife best feature is, it can use both right and left-handed users. And the secret is hidden in the handle design and probably the best chef knife under 50 dollars.

This best budget chef’s cooking knife made from premium grade stainless steel for long-lasting uses. And which is completely rust-resistant. This overall knife weight is super only (6.34 oz.) that makes it the ideal tool for cutting and slicing a variety of foods and vegetable.

Best Overall

It featured a very beautiful non-slip handle that will perfectly fit in your hand’s palm. And with this handle, you’ll feel comfortable to cutting meat, chopping, slicing, or crushing. It can be an ideal beginner starter chef knife. Beautiful looking and reasonable price everything is perfect for a fresh start.

  • Non-slip ergonomic handle design
  • Perfect blade weights for a great balance
  • Very Stylish-looking
  • Any left-handed user can use it

  • Probably this blade becomes dulls too fast

07. Imarku Pro 8-Inch – Best Chef Knife For Home Cook

Best Value

Imarku is a very familiar name in the cutlery industry. Because they deliver their knives from high-quality materials and also they provide knife in beautiful packaging. This is a 8″ chefs cooking knife that comes from Imarku. They used the High-carbon stainless steel for the blade with German top-level engineering. And this super thick blade stands of (approximately) 0.6%-0.75% carbon added for more strength and durability.

The Imarku 8-inch Pro Gyutou chef knife is specially designed for professional chefs, food caterers, culinary experts, and cooking enthusiasts. And a perfect choice those who love premium chef knife. This super thick and lightweight knife is ideal for various kitchen tasks. That includes dicing and slicing vegetables, cutting meat, chopping, and many others. Even you can use it as a perfect boning knife for chicken and fish.

Best Overall

This beautiful premium-grade knife has a longer comfortable Pakkawood handle. That gives it more professional and beautiful looks. Your cooking will be more fun when you’ll use it. And with this item that is of such outstanding, craftsmanship, and beauty that will catch the attention of anyone who will visit your kitchen. If you really show your knife to others so you can use a magnetic rack.

It would be a stunning gift whereas the box is lined with red velvet. It is so sharp, but how you realize it is so sharp? You just hold the knife against the tomato and apply a tiny pressure and it just goes right through. The knife performance and design might be a great kitchen tool with a limited budget. Because this is an excellent chef knife under 100 dollars.

  • Comfortable Pakkawood handle
  • Chrome-finish never rust or tarnish easily
  • Comes with beautiful packaging
  • Longer handle for better balance
  • High-carbon stainless steel blade

  • Not perfect for slicing frozen foods

08. Wusthof 4582-7/20 Classic – Best German Affordable Chef Knife

Best Value

Probably there are no people, who don’t know about the Wusthof knives. Especially it is one of the most popular knives that use only professional chefs and ordinary home cooks. It’s never possible to explain it’s all features. Even when a person uses it, then they do not want to use other knives!

Most professional chef needs a very aggressive and super sharp knife. Because they slice and cut a lot of vegetables and meat every day. And 8-inch chef knife is perfect for cutting and chopping. But for the smooth and effortless cutting razor-sharp blade is very important!

The Wusthof made this knife with a single piece of high carbon stainless steel. And it’s tempered up to 58⁰ strong Rockwall Hardness. Also, Wusthof high-grade Precision Edge Technology ensures it’s 20% more extra sharp blade. This professional forged blade is probably the best chef knife ever that loves everyone.

It is a perfect knife for chopping and slicing. The 6″ knife won’t a good chef knife! Because it creates a lot of problems while you use it for professional use. If you think you’re a “chef” and love expensive knives? So it would be an ideal choice for you. Whereas it is a little bit expensive and professional so you can show it to your friends or other enthusiasts.

Best Overall

No kitchen will fulfill without the best quality cooking knife. This is very essential to use a good quality knife in the restaurants or home kitchen. With this lightweight and well-balanced knife, you can do any kitchen task very easily. It is definitely a professional quality chef knife but you can handle it very easily.

Because it has an ergonomic handle with finger guard so nothing worries about its balance and comfort. And its triple rivet and full bolster added more stability and secure cutting performance. Of course, it will be your ever knife collection if you are a person who loves to use the unique knives. And it can be the best gift box for your friend’s birthday, anniversary, or newlyweds.

  • Precision-forged, full tang knife
  • Full bolster and finger guard
  • High carbon stainless steel that tempered to 58⁰ Rockwell
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • Triple-riveted to the handle for better control
  • Hand-honed for razor sharpness

  • Not comes with any protective sheath

09. Mercer Culinary Genesis – Best Chef knife Under 50

Best Value

You’ll get only some knives that are certified by “NSF” But fortunately Mercer Culinary has achieved this fame. For this forged 8-inch chef’s knife, they used high carbon German steel to prevent rust and corrosion. This high precision forged knife design is for high strength and durability. So, nothing can compare with this knife which is very beautiful and can be sharpened easily. It really cuts like a razor-sharp knife through butter!

Its lightweight (8 ounces) design helps you not only for slicing or dicing. Because with it, you can cut any meat to remove the bones. This knife is very sharp, strong and well balanced. The handle sticks in your hand with a perfect grip and it is so comfortable. This knife overall features that placed in my list and it’s a best chef knife under 50 dollars. And it will good to say, Mercer is not only affordable they have another very high-quality fillet knife for fishing that can use any professional and home kitchen chefs.

Best Overall

The knife ergonomic Santoprene handles ensure the maximum comfort and non-slip grip. And there is nothing worried when your hands are wet or kitchen oil. However, the knife Bolster is very important! Because it helps you for secure cutting and slicing and it gives well balance. This knife is available with small, short Bolster. That will add more durability, and provides the perfect balance for handling when you cutting food or vegetable. It is really the best kitchen knife under 100 dollars for professional or home cooks.

  • “NSF” certified
  • Precision-forged German steel
  • Ergonomic Santoprene handle ensure the best comfort and a non-slip grip
  • Short Bolster provides superior balance

  • Never be washed in dishwasher

10. Soufull Gyutou Knife – Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100

Best Value

This Multi-functional chef knife will make your kitchen job so easier. The Soufull Professional 8 inch chef knife is a great versatile tool that you can use for your home kitchen or restaurants. You can use it for various, work like vegetables and meat, chopping, cutting, mincing and fruit slicing. This knife is different than others because it has a beautiful Damascus blade that makes it more attractive and a wonderful gift for friends and family.

The Soufull forged chef knife made from premium quality, extra sharp Japanese super steel and 57+ Rockwall hardness for perfect cutting and superior performance. For long-lasting use and blade brightness, they mixed 15-18% chrome in the blades. That makes it rust and anti-corrosion resistant. The knife works very well as a thin blade that makes for precision cuts on vegetables like onions that may need to be minced.

This is a very beautiful knife and quite straight and the knife is extremely sharp out of the box. Its edge is so thin for better performance that ensures effortless cutting. When it uses it works pretty well, in your home or outdoor kitchen. This extraordinary stainless steel razor-sharp blade is built with the highest quality materials. So never worried about its performance!

Best Overall

However, using this knife you’ll never feel worried as you can work as much as. The reason is, they used a comfortable Pakkawood handle. If you hold the knife for a long time so you won’t feel uncomfortable! This 8” kitchen knife is designed for performing in any kind of cooking activity.

The knife’s last sharpness performs well for a long period of time. It is ideal, who wants a blade to frequently use for cooking. And for save store, it comes with a protective sheath. That’s why you can store or carry it more safely. And it’s a great knife that you can give anyone as a perfect gift for kitchen purpose.

  • Japanese super steel cutting core at 57+ Rockwell hardness
  • Comes with protective sheath
  • Beautiful packaging & design perfect for gift
  • Ergonomic Pakkawood handle
  • The knife easy to use, and it can handle various cuttings

  • Maybe it’s not dishwasher safe, according to reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

I Have A Small Budget So Which Is The Best Chef knife Under 50 Dollars?

If you want the top quality chef’s knife under 50 dollars so you can prefer the Victorinox Fibrox Pro chef’s knife or  Imarku 8-inch pro chef cooking knife. But if you want a knife especially for slicing fruits and vegetables so you can choose the Soufull 8 inches Japanese stainless steel Gyutou knife. I hope now maybe you know which is the best chef knife under 50 dollars?

What Size Of Chef Knife Should I Buy?

About a chef knife everything you need to know. Because while you’ll know about a chef knife then you’ll able to use them properly. But actually the question is what size of a chef knife should I use? Most professional chefs recommend only an 8-inch chef knife for cooking. Because it is very easy to use and it can handle everything from vegetables to frozen meat.

Which Thing Should I Know Before Buying An Chef Knife?

When you want to buy the best budget chef knife for the kitchen so you have to consider some features. Especially blade materials and handle comfort is the most important feature which should be in a ideal chef knife. But size is another important factor, especially for new cooks. However, if you choose a dishwasher safe chef knife so you can clean your knife more easily. I hope maybe now you know which thing you should consider before buying a chef knife?

Conclusion On The Best Chef Knife Under 100

In this modern world, it is really very difficult to find the best chef knives under 100 dollars. Because the budget is very important when you go to purchase a knife. But after many hours of analysis, I have listed the top-rated professional chef’s knife whose price is under 100 dollars. And only some special product has a little bit higher price.

However, you’ll get a better knife that will save your money. And a good reason, you can use these knives in your home kitchen or restaurants. When you’ll use these premium grade chef’s knives, so you’ll feel a real chef’s. So these knives are very easy to collect short prices, that can be used for a long time.

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