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best boning knife for chicken

7 Best Boning Knives for Chicken in 2022

A boning knife can save your time and effort when you need to slice poultry and beef. Because it has a very sharp and narrow blade that can reach any difficult bone area. But there are many knives available for boning, but which is the best boning knife for chicken?

This review is designed with some top-quality boning knives that have a unique design, reasonable price range, and are very durable for last longer performance. Even some models come with beautiful packaging that could be a great gift box for friends and family.

01. HENCKELS Classic 5.5-inch Boning Knife

This Spanish-made classic knife might be the best boning knife for chicken and is an excellent choice to build up your culinary skills. The fabulous fabrication on this knife makes it unique and best as compared to the other ones.

The introduction of a satin-finished blade has made it more valuable and helps do the task most efficiently. Its razor-sharp edge offers much power to the knife and makes the bone cut in a presentable way.

After purchasing this knife, another good thing to note is that you will not have to worry about wasting money on other knives due to the latest designed blade and efficiency of this knife. Henckels classic knife is also famous for its comfort. While the blade cuts finely, the seamless transition from blade to triple-rivet handle makes it easy for the chef to hold the knife.

Final Verdict

The unique fabrication, satin-finished blade, and tremendous cutting of bones make this Henckels knife the best of all times.

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  • Dishwasher safe
  • Triple-rivet handle
  • Excellent quality
  • Sharp and sturdy
  • Easy to fit in the hand
  • A bit costly

02. Dexter-Russell Boning Knife

The blade is made of premium quality stainless steel, which helps in cutting efficiently. The plain edge of the blade is very sharp. The crux quality of this knife is the curved shape of its blade which is flexible to use.

Another in-built feature of this knife is its grip, which is quite user-friendly. The handle is structured in such a way that the user can use the knife without harming himself.

Adding to the benefits, it is easy to clean the knife as the handle is sealed around the blade, preventing the whole knife from rusting. The coating of high-carbon steel makes its useful life longer and maintains the efficiency of the knife throughout its usage.

Final Verdict

The plain edges of the blade and grip-tax handle of the knife make it easy to use. The blade is neither short nor too lengthy, so the users will not take much time for cutting.

  • Medium length, making the cutting job easier
  • Easy to wash
  • High carbon-steel coating
  • Beautiful curved design
  • Not for beginners

03. Dalstrong 6-inch Boning Knife

For this DALSTRONG knife, they used high-carbon steel, which will speed up the cutting process and make the task very smooth for the chef.

The unique feature of this knife is its edges which are made using imported high carbon German steel and are tilted at an angle of 16 to 18 degrees on each side. These edges are designed according to state-of-the-art technology and will prove fruitful in carrying out de-boning, trimming, skinning, and all other cutting-relevant tasks for any meat.

The blade is shaped in such a way that it helps you maneuver around the bones and joints easily. The handle is made of Pakkawood, has superior control, and is comfortable to use. Being flexible and having minimum slicing resistance, this knife is the best fit for poultry cutting.

Final Verdict

The use of the most innovative technology and modern Pakkawood handle makes the cutting process very convenient, and the lifelong warranty of this knife attracts more customers towards it.

  • High durability
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Peak performance with an economical price
  • The blade is bent only on one side

04. Mercer Culinary Millennia 6-inch Curved Boning Knife

This boning knife helps the user concentrate on cutting as there is a negligible chance of the knife slipping from your hand. The handle is manufactured so that the user feels satisfied and doesn’t need to worry about the wrong cutting of the bones. The ergonomic handle is a new type of handle that makes bone cutting less time-consuming.

The combination of Santoprene and Polypropylene makes them durable for a long time, and the user feels as if they are using a new knife even after years of cutting from that knife. The protective finger guard present on the knife makes the job easier as the user will not worry about the grip and safety.

This guard will also prevent the knife from skidding away from the user. The Japanese steel makes the chef cut bones swiftly and in a presentable manner. You can easily wash the knife with your hands without the blade cutting your fingers.

Final Verdict

The exceptional cutting by this knife and protective guards present on the handle make it better than the other ones.

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  • Nice handle
  • Can reach places a straight boner cannot
  • Economical
  • Excellent balance
  • Maintenance-free blade
  • Not best for big bones

05. Zelite Infinity 6-inch Boning Knife

The black-colored Zelite infinity knife sets up a high standard for boning knives. The salient feature of this knife is its visual representation which makes it better than the other knives. With minimal slicing resistance, this premier meat cutting knife makes the daily chores in the kitchen much easier.

The stiff blade of this 6-inch knife gives the best cuts to the bones and makes you meet the cutting board and knife. It proves quite fruitful as you can cut the bones in a single go. Another positive point to note is that along with its use for fishing and butchering meat, you can also take it on a hunting trip. Hence, it performs an all-in-one duty.

The razor-sharp blade steel covered with a 67-layer high carbon prevents it from sticking to the bone. The 12-15 degrees edge ensures safety in usage.

Final Verdict

The extraordinary performance, long duration, safety, and sharpness of the Zelite Infinity knife make it impressive, resulting in smooth cutting of bones.

  • Beautiful wavy pattern due to Damascus steel
  • Incredibly sharp
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Costly

06. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6-inch Straight Boning Knife

The Victorinox knife’s center of attention lies in its feature of having a versatile de-boning tool which makes it a perfect match for cutting bones in homes. The versatile de-boning tool is state-of-the-art technology and focuses on removing or trimming bones in less time without creating any difficulty for the user.

However, the pointed tip of the knife is a newly built design, and the straight edge is structured in such a way that bones are cut smoothly and cleanly. Besides using stainless steel, the company has used a semi-stiff blade which creates a better working angle making this knife highly portable for day-to-day tasks in the kitchen.

Another feature of this knife is its ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle which enhances the grip and prevents the knife from slipping the user’s hands. This National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified knife has thermoplastic elastomers which further add to the chef’s ease.

Final Verdict

The patent machinery used in the handle and blade gives an excellent image and functionality to the knife.

  • Attractive pictorial representation
  • Well designed
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Lifetime Commitment
  • Very reasonable
  • You should handle it carefully, it is very sharp

07. Imarku 6-inch Boning Knife

The 6-inch Imarku boning knife made of high carbon German stainless steel makes it the best choice for chefs and commercial use. The knife is equipped with a sharp narrow blade, and this narrowness allows the chef to make the meat cut into smaller pieces so that the dish also looks tremendous. The company ensures that the knife provides maximum sharpness.

The balance of the knife is outstanding as it helps to cut efficiently, and the close-to-bone cutting is done precisely. The imported high-quality material used in the blade ensures that the knife remains durable and exceptionally strong even after getting used for years.

The Pakkawood handle of this knife is beautiful, as professionals have designed it to give an attractive look. The handle makes it easy to grip, can be cleaned quickly, and will not slip.

Final Verdict

This knife is highly recommended as the sharp narrow blade can do all the tasks efficiently, and there is no need of getting different knives for different purposes. It would be a great collection for your home kitchen or even be an ideal gift choice for friends and family.

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  • Sharp narrow blade
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean
  • German stainless steel
  • Refined cutting
  • Not dishwasher safe

Best Boning Knife for Chicken – Buyer’s Guide

boning knife for cutting chicken
Choosing a boning knife that fits you the best is essential as you will stay comfortable and enjoy cutting if you make the right decision. There are a few necessary points to keep in mind before deciding. These are;

Blade Size

We should keep in mind the blade size as it affects the cutting process. A smaller blade is useful while cutting meat into smaller pieces. However, a better idea is to buy a knife with a larger blade when you have to cut extra-large pieces of chicken or brisket.

Blade Materials

Which material is used also impacts the usefulness of the knife. Always choose a knife whose blade is made up of premium quality steel, such as stainless steel or Damascus steel. If a poor-quality blade is used, the knife will become a scrap after a few weeks.

Handle Materials

It is also important to consider how the handle of the blade is made. Handles are an important factor as grip makes a huge difference in cutting performance. The handle will have a firm grip if the company used premium material such as Pakkawood. Those will prevent the knife from slipping and will make the job more convenient.


No matter how innovative the knife structure is, it is not helpful to buy the knife if it does not comfort you. Your satisfaction while cutting is important, so keep this factor in mind.


Look for highly durable knives. Some of the knives have a lifetime guarantee, and this makes the chef more satisfied. But good care and proper maintenance can extend your blade performance.


Price is an important factor to consider. Knives that use the latest technologies are expensive, but they are always suitable to purchase as they will perform the tasks without creating problems.

Cleaning Process

Before buying a knife, you need to know its cleaning process. Not all knives are corrosion-resistant. Many knives lose their efficiency if they are going through a dishwasher. Take care of this factor before purchase.


Choosing the best boning knife for chicken is one of the most challenging tasks for regular users. However, we hope our review would prove fruitful in the end. Our review contains all kinds of boning knives with different specialties so that you can choose the one that fits your needs!

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