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8 Best Blenders Under $50 In 2021

Blenders have made life easy and comfortable by providing mouth-watering drinks. You can get your juice and smoothies in a few seconds. It’s never easy to buy a blender within an affordable range. However, in this article, I would like to mention the best blender under $50 to fulfill your need. You don’t need to break your bank and think out of the box to buy the blender with all the enhanced features.

Moreover, it’s really amazing to buy a blender at an affordable price, and that would be your kitchen essential for a long time. The ease of work makes the blenders the perfect choice for every household.

The basic grinding and crushing become effortless and you can have your everyday meal just a single click away. It’s not a matter of smooth and yummy drinks but, efficient work is also done by these incredible devices.

Best Blender Under $50 Reviews

It was not easy for me to list some smoothie blenders under $50. There is a lot of struggle behind compiling this unique list of blenders. I have analyzed reviews from many sites and searched the manufacturer pages for collecting useful and authentic information for you. After a lot of struggle, I’m able to list some affordable blenders for ice and fruits under $50. That could help you in choosing the right product for you and your family.

The $50 blender will not affect your budget and will do the same job that you could be expecting from a commercial-grade blender. So, why wasting your money buying an expensive blender if you have almost similar features in a $50 blender.

By surfing the internet you may come across many blenders serving the same purpose. In this article, I have mentioned the top $50 blender that would the best for your hard-earned money. Let’s have a look to get the proper assessment by reviewing the product’s detail.

01. Magic Bullet Blender – Our Choice

The morning is no more a hassle when you have a Magic Bullet blender in your home. It comes with 11 pieces, and you can chop, mix, and smash the food according to your need. The super-amazing swirling movements allow the food to break down into smaller pieces. The further smashing is another good quality of this blender. However, you can add a half cup of water for the best results.

The blender works with 250 watts and ensures the precise blending capacity for all types of food items. You can make your yummy drinks with fresh or frozen food. It’s about the durability and strength of this blender to smash the fiber with equal force. The high-quality blades provide efficient cutting and chopping for making snacks and soups.

The blender and cups are made with premium quality plastic for delivering the best output. The easy washing and comfortable handling make this the best blender for personal use and family as well.

  • The blender can mix, chop, and smash the food
  • The blades are sharp for equal cutting and grinding
  • One-touch technology provides ease of work
  • The plastic jar and cups are durable
  • High performance within an affordable price
  • Never use too hot food for blending

02. Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor

Ninja never disappoints users with its fantastic blenders. You can experience the perfect taste with nutrient-added smoothies and shakes. The incredible blending speed is facilitated with 400 watts of the motor with stacked blade technology. It ensures the cutting, chopping, and mixing with equal and smooth blending capability. The motor performs well when frozen or creamy foods are undergoing a blending process.

The product comes in two jar sizes. One is 48 oz which is perfect for shakes and smoothies. While the other one is 16 ounces for providing the crushing and grinding of food. The blades are assembled already, and its splash guard provides the non-spilling easy pouring feature.

The base is wide and will not slip even blending with higher speed. Moreover, the jar material is BPA-free with a 4 and 6 blade sets. The product is multi-purpose and will serve you with the best. Within a small budget, it’s really an ideal product for blending and chopping.

  • Two blenders with variable capacities
  • 4 and 6 sharp blades
  • Splashguard with a non-slip base
  • Powerful motor for precise blending
  • Sharp blades for cutting and chopping
  • Ensure the proper plugin of switch
  • Check for splashguard while blending

03. Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender

If you are searching for a blender for adding elegance to your kitchen essentials then, Oster blender is the right product for you. The blender has sharp stainless steel blades with a 4-point design to pulverize and chop the food with fibers. The blending speed is incredible with 12-speed functionality for giving the best output. You can get grinding, cutting, and chopping features along with powerful smashing.

Thus, without worrying about the operating system you can choose the speed for your food undergoing the blending procedure and forget the rest.  The 700 watts motor is capable to deliver 450 watts of blending for a soft and smooth texture. However, the blender is made with Boroclass glass for giving you the advantage of long-time usage.

The jar capacity is about 5 cups, and you can satisfy your family in a single go. The product has 2 ounces of measuring cup for an accurate quantity of food. It’s easy to make a protein shake and smoothies of your choice within seconds.

  • It comes with a Boroclass glass jar
  • The motor delivers the 450 watts blending power
  • Provides excellent results with 4 point design blades
  • Blending speed is 12 for smashing and cutting
  • Best for serving a lot of people 
  • Blender may not function as a food processor

04. Cincred Personal Countertop Blender

With more promising and précised features, Cincred has introduced this blender with a lot of beneficial points. The product is amazing with its all-over design and simple lock, unlocking mechanism. You can get your desired drink with one-touch technology. The capacity is 400 ml and ideal to fill your tummy. You can mix your favorite foodstuff in a jar and cover the cup to take it along.

The motor is powerful with 4 stainless steel blades. You can get the complete benefits of this product for chopping, cutting, and eventually pasting the food. The perfect blending speed and the silicon sealed lids make this product excellent for personal use. The material is Tritan and is not dishwasher safe. However, its cleaning is not troublesome. Simply add some hot water and dishwasher soap to clean the cup perfectly.

  • Small blender with Tritan material
  • Powerful motor with 4 stainless steel blades
  • Provides the smoothies and juices in few minutes
  • Incredible sealed cups for carrying along
  • Anti-leaking and anti-dust silicone sealed lids
  • Not dishwasher safe

05. BLACK+DECKER (BL2010BP) Crush Master

If you are buying a blender for the first time then, you need one with accurate blending and grinding features. The Black+Decker crush master blender is amazing with 4 point design of blades. Its durability is apparent from a stainless steel structure featured with 10-speed pulse phenomena.

Thus, you can adjust the speed of your food ready for blending. The precise speed and cutting will deliver an excellent blending purpose. However, the blender has a 550 watts motor that provides nutrient extraction blending. You can get the complete smashing of food without any fiber or cell wall.

Its incredible size serves the 6 people easily now, enjoy your evening snack with your family. The size of the blender is perfect to place on a countertop, or you can keep it in a cabinet. There will be no hassle of washing as all parts are dishwasher safe.

  • Comes with a plastic jar
  • 48 ounces blending capacity
  • 550 watts motor provides speedy action
  • Blades are sharp with 4 point design
  • There are 10-speed variations for the required result
  • Not for hot ingredients

06. PopBabies Personal Rechargeable USB Blender

If I talk about the Popbabies personal blender then, it’s amazing with its efficient working. This can be your personalized blender with an accurate size of 14 ounces. You can make delicious shakes and smoothies with your favorite foodstuff. The blending is impressive with 304 stainless steel blades. You can add up the food in a jar and turn on the power by getting the result. Its working is simple yet effortless.

The blender is delicate and made with food-grade material that is BPA-free. You don’t need to worry about quality because durable and compact products are the characteristic of PopBabies. The motor works on 7.4 volts to provide the 20 plus drinks per charging. Its charging time is facilitative, and its function is unique to serve you with the best blender for customized drinks.

  • 17 ounces if jar size while 14 ounces is volume
  • Light-weight with a rechargeable battery
  • Provides 20 plus drinks with a single charge
  • Works within low voltages
  • Blades are sharp for amazing faster action
  • Can blend frozen food and ice cubes with ease
  • Avoid using the big sized food and ice cubes

07. Elite Gourmet Personal Electric Drink Blender

Did you ever hear about a blender with a cross and flat blades? Yes! You get that right I’m talking about Elite personal blender. The cross blades are perfect for smoothies and shakes, while the flat blades provide the grinding and chopping of solid food items. The ease of work is the main feature of this product. The product is a package of 4 drinking cups of 16 ounces and one blending cup of 16 ounces.

Although it has a grinding cup of 8 ounces. The so many items in one package are efficient to hold the maximum benefits. The material is plastic, and the blades are made with stainless steel material. Thus, 300 watts of motor works in association with blades to cut the food for fresh chunky salsa, and the shredded cheese is no more a mess by using its grinding blade.

  • Cross blades are ideal for emulsification
  • Flat blades are for grinding foodstuffs
  • Powerful motor provides efficient working
  • Sharp blades cut and smash the food quickly
  • Best blender set with a small budget
  • Very low capacity

08. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Now, you don’t need to spend more money by buying expensive blenders. The Hamilton personal blender is an accurate affordable product with enhanced features. The blender is made with BPA-free material and 14 ounces jar for easy to carry. You can blend your frozen fruit, and the delicious smoothie is ready with a one-touch system.

The blades are sharp and quite durable with stainless steel material. You can crush the ice and frozen food with ease there will be no trouble in blending the hard foodstuffs. The 175 watts power is sufficient for making personalized smoothies and shakes. The product is not operated with batteries you have to plug in the switch for getting the most of it.

  • Crush the ice for providing smooth drinks
  • The power cord is 24 inches
  • BPA-free material is durable and compact
  • Dishwasher safe and easy one-touch blending
  • Use the jar for blending and drinking
  • Not suitable for many people

How a Cheap Blender Perform to Crush Ice and Frozen Fruits

The blender’s blades are made with 4 to 6 points of 304 stainless steel material with a cross structure. So, the crushing of frozen food and ice becomes easy because of the sharpness of blades and efficient motor wattages. It’s doesn’t mean that a cheap product can’t facilitate the user with the best. Some smoothie blenders are capable to impress users with their long-term benefits.

Are the Cheapest Blenders Easy to Clean?

Well, these blenders are easy to operate and provide effortless cleaning. Its removable parts are dishwasher safe except for the Cincred personal blender. However, you can thoroughly wash the blender with hot water and dishwashing soap. Further rinsing with water will help you in getting incredible cleaning results.

How You Should Choose The Best Blender Under $50?

smoothie blender under $50

There are certain features that you should look for buying a blender within an affordable range. The inexpensive product does come with high-quality features, and I have listed a few of them to help you in choosing the right blender for you. Let’s dig into the detail for deep analysis.

The Power

The power of a blender demonstrates the blending ability of the device. The more wattage means the maximum output. But, in the case of blenders under $50 the watts range from 175 to 550 watts. Thus, you should think about your requirement before buying any blender.

The personal blenders are also operated with batteries, and there would be no hassle of cords and switches. Simply, charge the blender and use it for your purpose.

Blending Blades

The blending blades of these devices are durable and sharp with stainless steel material. 4 or 6 points cross blades are flat textured and observed in this article. The cross blades are for making smoothies and shakes while the flat blades are for grinding and crushing the food. You can use the blade according to your need and get the result of your choice within a minute.

The Blending Speed

Two factors determine the blending speed. One is blades, and the other one is watts power. The blending speed maybe 10 or 12 depending on the type of food undergoing the grinding procedure. Most blenders come with the fastest blending speed to provide the excellent smashing and cutting of food. Whenever you are going to buy a blender you must check the quality and speed of the blender.

Functionality and Control

The blenders serve the same purpose, but their features and functions may be variable. Most blenders can be operated with batteries and have one-touch technology to give you amazing results. While some blenders have buttons to control the speed and you can adjust them according to the nature of food. The pulse and coffee beans have different speed limits than the frozen fruit and veggies. Thus, in 60 or 90 seconds your delicious drink is ready to serve you.

Ice Crushing Performance

The sharp and compact blades are specialized for crushing ice and frozen food. However, in some personal blenders because of the small size, you should use the smaller particles of ice and frozen food.

The ice will be crushed with food, and your chilled smoothie is ready to fill your tummy. Its sharp blades crush every food particle into a paste, and you will be amazed to sip your ice-chilled shakes.


The blenders are available in various sizes and capacities. You can find from 14 ounces of serving cup to 48 ounces of blending jar in this article. If you want to buy the product for your personal use then, a smaller capacity blender with 16 ounces of jar size would be sufficient for yourself. While buying a blender for your family 48 ounces would ideal capacity jar. The jar capacity depends on your need for serving.

Jar Materials

The two common materials are available in the blender’s jar. The first one is “Boro Class Glass” and the second one is BPA-free material. Both are incredible in facilitating the user. But, plastic material is used generally because of its durability and compatibility. The plastic is easy to wash, and there is no hassle of blending the food with ice cubes. Its removable parts are dishwasher safe.

However, the glass material is also fine to use for blending the food particles. But, it’s always risky to use glass blenders because of their delicacy. The glass jar is dishwasher safe, and you can use it with care.

Noise Level

The noise level of expensive products is not much to irritate users. That’s why some people prefer personal blenders because of their lower watts and minimum voice feature. The noisy blender annoys the users and the people in the house. If you dislike noisy items then buy the product with low watts of power and premium quality features.


Some brands offer a single blender without any accessories. The other one comes with serving cups, a grinding jar, and a food processor. The serving cups have regular size, and you can carry them along with you after air-tightening the cup. The silicon sealed lids and brims along with recipe books are added up features of blenders.

Convenience to Use

Blenders have an easy twist on design with one-touch technology. What you have to do is adding up the food in a jar and press the button. Within a few seconds, your drink is ready. The variable speed controllers can adjust the speed of the motor and the sharpness of blades to serve the users in the best possible way.

The cutting, smashing, and chopping become easy because of the sharp, stainless steel blades. You can charge your blender if you carry it along anywhere. Otherwise, a power cable is also included in the package for making the yummy drinks.

Cleaning Ease

Some blenders are dishwasher safe, and you can wash them by removing their parts. The plastic blenders are also safe for dishwashers, and you can wash them by hand. Just add a few drops of any dishwashing soap and rub it slightly. After this, rinse the jar with hot water to eliminate the foul smell.

Frequently Asked Questions

cheapest blender for 50

Are Glass Blenders Better Than Plastic?

When using the glass blenders you have to be careful while blending the foodstuff. You should wash the glass pitcher quickly and be vigilant while carrying it along with you. The plastic material is durable, and there will be no fear of breaking the jar. After washing, let the jar dry in the air for removing the smell of smashed food. Thus, I think plastic jars are safer to use than glass ones.

What Is the Best Inexpensive Blender?

Ninja blender is incredible by possessing amazing blending features. The 4 to 6 blades provide the homogenous cutting and chopping. This product comes in two sizes of jars one for smoothies and shakes while the other one for grinding purposes. Thus, you can buy the blender according to your need, and its power is 400 watts to offer a strong blending capacity and speed.

How Much Should I Spend on a Blender?

The blender is considered to be a one-time investment. If you want to get the blender for personal use then, you can buy the one within an affordable range. While buying a blender for your kitchen essentials you should buy the one with maximum power watts and a suitable size for the whole family. The price should start at $50 for delivering the maximum output.

Are Inexpensive Blenders Good for Frozen Fruits??

Yes, the listed blenders have the qualities to smash the frozen fruits. Its sharp blades first chop the fruit texture with fibers. You can enjoy your fresh and chilled smoothie with no making time. The ice is crushed, and fruits are smashed homogenous mixture. Enjoy your every sip, and be thankful to the blender for serving you yummy drinks.


Besides the essential part of every household blender have their special place in heart for providing the drinks within seconds. I have searched and enlist some best blenders under $50 for providing the best performance.

With their sharp blades and enhanced motor watts, you can blend the food speedily, and the results would be according to your expectations. Thus, enjoy the chilled drink to live a worry-free life. Stay blessed and happy.