10 Best Air Fryers For Family Of 4 Reviews In 2020

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A compact air fryer is ideal for a small family. But if you have a lot of family members so you have to look for a big and best air fryer for a family of 4 there you can cook a lot of meals at once. A large air fryer can be a little bit expensive than a smaller, but you can cook with it for a lot of person foods at once.

But as well you’ll get the same feature like a compact air fryer, but you need more space to store a large air fryer. And it can be a little bit heavy than a small air fryer that’s why it won’t be easy to move around. But if you really want to cook for a single person or 2 guys so the Dash compact air fryer can be the best choice for you.

Best Air Fryer For Family Of 4 Reviews

When a person wants to arrange a home party then a big size air fryer plays an important role. It helps a lot for the fastest cooking and will give you oilless foods each time which is very healthy and loves everyone.

An air fryer is really a great machine for eating healthy meals regularly. However, maybe a large air fryer is very important for you because maybe you have more than 2 members in your family that’s why you need it or for a party.

And now if you are really interested to buy a large air fryer so you have to know which is the best air fryer for a family of 4 that can really solve your problem. It can be a little bit expensive than compact fryers but no need to break your bank to purchase it.

Even you’ll be really happy to know you’ll get a lot of top quality air fryer under 100 dollars that you can use for a large family or party. I hope after reading this air fryer reviews you’ll quite understand which is the best quality air fryer for a family of 4 or 6 that will perfectly fit with your family.

10 Best Air Fryers For Large Family In 2020

Image Product Details
best overall
PowerXL Air Fryer PowerXL Air Fryer
  • 6-quart
  • Rapid air technology
  • Digital LED panel
Check Price
budget friendly
Innsky Air Fryer Innsky Air Fryer
  • 5.8-quart
  • 1700-watt
  • 7 presets option
Check Price
premium choice
Big Boss Big Boss
  • 16-quart
  • 1300-watt
  • Digital LED touch screen
Check Price
  • 5.8-quart
  • 1700-watt
  • PFOA & BPA-free
Check Price
Best compact air fryer
Copper Chef Copper Chef
  • 2-quart
  • 1000-watt
  • One-touch digital control
Check Price
  • 5.5-quart
  • Pre-programmed symbols
  • Rapid air technology
Check Price
ETL/UL Certified
Ultrean Air Fryer Ultrean Air Fryer
  • 4.2-quart
  • LCD Digital Screen
  • Auto shut-off feature
Check Price
Elite Gourmet Elite Gourmet
  • 5.5-quart
  • 1800-watt
  • Timer & temperature control
Check Price
  • 2.6-quart
  • 1500-watt
  • Automatic shut off function
Check Price
  • 5.5-quart
  • 1350-watt
  • Automatic shut-off function
Check Price

01. PowerXL Pro 6 Qt – 7 in 1 Cooking Air Fryer

Best Value

If are you looking for an overall best air fryer so probably it can be really an ideal cooking machine for you. This is a super stylish and extra-large air fryer from PowerXL which is currently using more than a thousand people.

It is an all in one air fryer with 1700 watts heating element that can produce up to 360 degrees temperature for the fastest cooking. And its top-level “Rapid Air Technology” offers only oil-less and fatless foods. And no worries to cook anything, because you can cook more than 70 items with it.

That includes chicken, turkey breast, herbs, fruit even you can dehydrate vegetables or other foods whatever you want. You can cook any frozen foods to dry and each time this machine will give you incredible juicy and delicious results. No need to spend money on street foods or expensive restaurants. This large air fryer has 3 recipe books that will guide you for perfect cooking and you’ll find there more new cooking ideas.

So far so good. Maybe it looks bigger but you can handle it in one touch. Because it has a digital LED panel to control its time and temperature with an 8 in 1 pre-sets option. And after load your meals you can enjoy your other works and after fully cooking it will shut down automatically. No worries to burn your foods, and you can see the cooking process through its crystal clear window.

Best Overall

However, for its extra-large size, you can cook a whole chicken with it but surprisingly with it, you’ll get different superior quality Airflow racks, 10 stainless skewers, XL rotating mesh basket, oil drip tray and rotating Rotisserie spit. Everything you’ll get with this frying machine that you really need to start to finish.

And after each cooking, you can clean all elements with your hands for best results. Finally, I would like to say it is really a great air fryer for the money that you can buy for your own kitchen or someone else as a perfect gift!

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  • Large size for cooking a lot of foods
  • A lot of free cooking elements
  • 1700 watt heating power for the fastest cooking
  • Digital touchscreen with 8 in 1 pre-sets option
  • Up to 400 degrees temperature with Rapid Air Technology
  • It’s like a full oven for multi-cook

  • Expensive and hand wash only

02. Innsky 1700W 5.8QT – Electric Stainless Steel Air Fryers

Best Value

It is a super durable air fryer from Innsky that built with premium quality stainless steel. This is really a big air fryer that can cook a lot of food together. It has 5.8Q cooking capacity and creates high temperatures through its 1700 watt heating element. And its overall controlling system is very easy because it comes with a digital one touch screen menu with 7 presets options.

Its touch screen display looks really amazing and far better than manual knobs. With a simple touch, you can cook cakes, chicken, french fries, poultry, steak, fish, vegetable and more other foods.

And surprisingly you can remove the basket during cooking without interrupting its time or temperature. And its auto shut off function ensures your foods will never burn if you forgot your cooking. Because after finishing the cooking it will automatically stop working.

No need to wait an hour if you cook with it. Because it comes with the fastest cooking option with 180℉ to 400 ℉ temperature for delicious crispy fry every time. If you love fry food or have a big family so it can be a perfect air fryer for a family of 4 for getting healthy foods every day. Because it has a large cooking space than a rounded air fryer. Its square unique design to ensure you can fry more foods at once. Even more than 5 lbs whole chicken, you can cook with it. So no worries about its cooking space.

Best Overall

Earlier I said it is a super durable air fryer than others. Because they used stainless steel exterior and the high-quality metal inner housing. Its top built quality ensures more long-lasting performance and no plastic smell. After each uses you can wash all cooking elements very easily. Because they all are completely dishwasher safe.

So you can soak them for an hour with warm water and scrub them with a cleaning brush for best cleaning and shiny. I would say its overall functions, cooking elements, and design are really perfect for the money. It can be the right cooking machine that you can give someone else as a holiday gift or purchase for your own kitchen.

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  • Digital one touch screen with presets option
  • 1700 watts heating element
  • The stainless steel body design
  • Comes with auto shut off function
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Easy detachable basket and pan

  • It has no window to see the cooking process

03. Big Boss 16 Quart – Dishwasher Safe Parts

Best Value

This is a Big Boss oil-less air fryer which is completely different looks than others and it is more than an air fryer. Because you can bake grill, roast, and chicken wings even you can dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and other foods.

It’s really a great versatile cooking machine for endless recipes. No need to stop feeding your favorite foods that you really love. This beautiful oil-less air fryer comes with 1300 watts with triple cooking power. Its halogen heats for better foods surface while this convection circulates hot air and infrared heat ensures proper healthy and crispy fry inside and outside of your foods.

Maybe it has no digital LED touch screen but it has a very easy controller. On the top, it has two dialers one works to maintain temperature and another one for the timer. Its auto shut off feature that ensures your food will never burn. Because after fully cooking it will automatically go off. And its two digital indicator light that shows all power and heat are on.

Best Overall

It looks very heavy but surprisingly it is very lightweight that’s why you can carry anywhere. It comes with a glass bowl that makes it different than other air fryers. Which is extremely sturdy and it includes an extender ring for cooking a large item like big chicken or turkey.

It has really extremely large cooking capacity than other air fryers there you can fry anything that you really want. And for your convenience and cook new dishes it has a recipe book there you’ll discover more than 50 different recipes. It is really a nice-looking air fryer that can be an ideal gift item!

  • Triple cooking power with 1700 watts
  • Sturdy glass bowl with extender ring
  • Two indicator light that shows power and heat
  • Free recipe book
  • Very easy control

  • No Rapid air technology

04. YEDI HOUSEWARE 5.8Q – Full Package With FDA Certified

Best Value

This is a YEDI HOUSEWARE 5.8Q large air fryer and it has everything that you need to start your cooking. Because with this, you’ll get 50 steaming papers, 8-inch pizza pan, 8-inch cake carrel, multi-purpose cooking rack, cooking basket, premium quality 3 stainless steel skewers, cupcake silicone pan, and heat resistant rubber mat.

It is really a versatile cooking machine which is not only perfect for frying. Even not only that, it ranked by “Business Insider” and certified by “FDA” So you won’t feel worried about its stability and performance!

However, this top-rated air fryer will never disappoint you because it’s super easy to use. It has a very stylish looking digital LED touch screen which is very easy to read and set up time and temperature. Simply load your foods and set your desired cooking time and finally, it will come out crunchy and delicious foods with less than 85% fat.

And its automatic shut off function will prevent your foods from overcooking and it has a great option to cook two different foods at once. For your safety, it has a cool-touch handle with very special button guard to prevent any accident during cooking. That means you can open the basket after cooking and no worries about its high heat that can burn your finger. This modern air fryer every feature ensures easy and safe cooking every day.

Best Overall

To cook different foods it comes with a 1700 watt heating chamber that creates very high heat for the fastest cooking. And its preheating and reheating function offers real flavor and texture in 2 or 5 minutes. So there is no need to use any expensive microwave to make a pizza or any deep fryers for frying chicken wings. Just use this digital air fryer to fry your all favorite foods.

Because it’s easy to use and cleaning. It includes an easy removable nonstick basket which is dishwasher safe and PFOA & BPA-free. Its overall design, performance, features, and certification shows it is really an ideal air fryer for the money that you can use for your home or give someone else as a birthday or wedding gift!

  • Ranked by Business Insider
  • Top-rated and certified by FDA
  • A lot of free cooking appliance
  • Digital LED touch screen
  • Cool-touch handle with a button guard
  • Dishwasher safe and PFOA & BPA-free nonstick basket
  • Available with 2 different cooking options at once

  • It is a little bit expensive

05. Copper Chef 2 QT – Turbo Cyclonic Air fryer

Best Value

This is a Copper Chef air fryer for effortless cooking at a reasonable price. It is a smaller size than other large air fryers but can be ideal for easy cooking from your recipe book. You have a good opportunity to cook a variety of meals such as French fry, steak, chicken, fish, sticks, roasts even vegetables.

During its using anyone feels a professional and its attractive looking can impress at everyone. I would like to say it is really the best quality air fryer under 100 dollars that you can buy for yourself or give someone else as a gift who really love fry foods.

It comes with different heating elements which makes it different than others. Because it has a 1000 watts heating coil that creates extremely high heat that can reach up to 400°. And premium-grade Turbo-Cyclonic Power with Rapid Air Technology both functions deliver only healthy and crunchy foods. And no worries to change your cooking basket. Because it’s very easy to replace your baking pans or grill pan, simply load your food and set the cooking time.

Best Overall

To maintain the temperature and timer it has a very stylish One-touch digital control. And its automatic shut off function will prevent your foods from overcooking. For the best cooking experience, it has none stick coating basket and heat resistant easy-grip handle that ensures safe opening and closing. Its cooking accessories are completely dishwasher safe so no worries about its cleaning. Who has very limited space in the kitchen perhaps it will a great choice for them.

  • Featured with Turbo-Cyclonic Power
  • Dishwasher safe cooking accessories
  • Digital one touch screen
  • Non-stick coating basket
  • Stylish and reasonable
  • Available in different colors

  • Smaller cooking capacity

06. B. WEISS 5.5 QT XL – Large Family Size Cooking Capacity

Best Value

I would like to say it is another good air fryer for a family of 4. Because it has a large cooking capacity like a big family. It is an 8 in 1 5.5 QT digital air fryer from B. WEISS. It offers 80% less fat and calories and perfect for cooking anything big like grills, roast, or a whole turkey.

It will never tired to serve you delicious and juice fry. Even you can cook something different from your own cookbook and that’s why they added a perfect recipe book there you’ll find some new cooking ideas.

It is really a large air fryer but its very easy to use. Because it has a Digital touch screen with very smart pre programmed symbols that especially for setting up different time and temperature. And its Rapid Air Technology creates very hot air and circulates around foods and baskets.

Even not only that additionally, its powerful airflow feature also gives heat equally from above for quick crispy delicious golden-brown results. It’s really an ideal kitchen gadget for busy people who also loves fry foods.

Best Overall

However, this cooking machine coming only for cooking tons of food at home or restaurants. It has different cooking option and pizza try and divider that means you can cook two different foods at once if needed.

This hassle-free air fryer has a nonstick inner surface that you can clean very easily with soap and water. Because they are quite dishwasher safe for your convenience. If you give it someone else as a wedding or birthday gift so anyone will fall in love to see its sleek design and its ultra-performance will make happy too!

  • Rapid Air Technology
  • powerful airflow feature
  • 80% less fat and calories
  • Dishwasher safe cooking appliance
  • Digital pre programmed symbols
  • Includes cookbook with 50 recipes
  • Comes with synonym cooking divider and pizza tray

  • Need a large space to store it

07. Ultrean 4.2 Quart – Air Fryers With LCD Digital Screen

Best Value

The affordable air fryer comes with 4.2 Quart cooking capacity which is come from Ultrean. Maybe it has no big cooking capacity but you can easily cook 4 or 5 person foods and can be an ideal choice if you have very limited space in your kitchen.

With this smart oil-less air fryer you can fry potatoes, grill, chicken, fish, vegetable, chicken wings or a small turkey. Every time it will give you delicious and crispy fry. No worries about your health because you will get only fatless foods each time.

It is extremely super durable and very lightweight and easy to use. To maintain time and temperature it has a nice looking digital LCD display. And it featured with auto shut off timer (0-30mins) so never feel worried if you forgot your cooking. Like my other air fryers, it has “Rapid Air Technology” which means no need little oil. And its adjustable temperature setting can create 180°f-400°f for the fastest cooking. So no need to wait for a long time simply load your meals and set up your cooking option.

Best Overall

You can use this air fryer every day but don’t worry about its cleaning. Because it is super easy to clean because it has a non-stick pan and dishwasher safe basket. And especially its heat-resistant handle is super durable that you can lift up with your foods and move around.

You can cook your all favorites foods including breakfast and lunch and its free recipe book will help you to cook more new items. It is really a beautiful and durable air fryer with a reasonable price and available in three different colors.

  • Digital and nice-looking LCD display
  • Rapid air technology
  • Nonstick pan and dishwasher safe basket
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • Auto shut-off timer
  • Bonus recipe book

  • No ideal for 7-8 person cooking

08. Elite Platinum 5.5Q – Extra Large Air Fryer For Family Of 4

Best Value

A family size air fryer is available with large cooking capacity with stylish looking and reasonable price. It comes with easy and fast cooking features and perfect for a family of four. You can try your all favorites foods including frozen nuggets or french fry.

Each time it will give you foods with golden looks and amazing crunchy flavor inside and outside. It is a good alternative of deep fryers and other traditional cooking and an ideal gadget for reducing electricity.

It has a smart and digital touch screen if you are a beginner so it will really help you. Because it has 7 quick function menu with time and temperature for easy and effortless cooking no need guess cooking.

And cooking your all favorite foods with less than 85% fat or cholesterol without sacrificing the real taste. And feel free to cook with this frying machine no worries to burn your foods. Because it has a 60-minute timer and special shut off-function that will prevent your foods from overcooking.

Best Overall

Its 1800-watt heating element can create 180F to 400F temperature to fry any foods like veggie chips, fish fillet, steaks, chicken wings, and your other favorite foods. For safe cooking, it has a cool-touch handle and you can easily detach the cooking basket from the inner basket.

It doesn’t matter if you use it more than 1 times a day. Because it has a dishwasher safe non-stick coated and PFOA/PTFE free frying basket that offers hassle-free cleaning after each cooking. If you don’t have any previous cooking experience or want to give your family delicious frying taste so it would be a perfect match for you!

  • Digital control with LED display
  • Extremely large cooking capacity
  • 7 easy and quick menu function
  • Dishwasher safe basket and pan
  • Automatic shut off features
  • Free removable basket, drawer pan, and color recipe booklet

  • You need a big space to store it

09. BELLA 14538 2.6Q – Air Convection Fryer

Best Value

The BELLA air convection fryer comes with 2.6Q cooking capacity. Maybe it is not a very large air fryer but it comes at the cheapest price. It is available in two different models and prices choose the best one that you really like. It has no digital LED display but it has two manual knobs one for heat and another one for timing. Its indicator light to let you know your cooking cycle is over and needs to come out.

It comes with convection technology for oil-less fry. With it, you can fry your all favorite foods like french fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, fish and other regular foods. Its 1500 watt heating chamber creates extremely high heat and circulates similarly around basket and foods for the real crispy result. If you want to fry chicken wings or fish so you won’t believe how it will give you crispy taste until using this machine.

Best Overall

It is not very stylish and large but you can compare its durability and performance with other top and expensive air fryers. But of-course its user-friendly features and price range will give it the winner badge.

Its dishwasher safe baking tray offers super fast and easy cleaning no worries about any rust and corrosion issues. Since it is not very large that’s why it takes very little space to store. It can be an ideal choice, especially for those who have a very small budget. Because without spending a lot of money you’ll get a perfect frying machine that you can use for a long time.

  • Comes with convection technology
  • Two manual knobs with auto shut off function
  • 1500-watt heating chamber
  • Two indicator light that shows power and heat
  • Dishwasher safe baking tray

  • It has no digital LED display

10. ENKLOV XL 5.5Q – Energy Efficient Air Fryer

Best Value

All the air fryer has a very powerful fan and a heating element that creates extremely high heat. That’s why it is very important to reduce electricity. However, the ENKLOV air fryer such a model to save electricity that you can use more than one times a day. Its super large cooking capacity can cook 4/5 person foods at once. Because it is a 5.5QT XL air fryer which is really big.

Its all in one touch screen offers easy to maneuver with extra reheat options. Now it is easier to fry roast, bake, grill or dehydrate your favorite fruits and vegetables. Cook and fry anything without sacrificing the real juicy flavor. And it will make your foods crispy outside and juicy inside with 85% less fat or cholesterol. It featured with a special shut-off function that ensures your foods will never burn.

Best Overall

To give you a fast cooking experience it comes with a 1350 watt heating element that creates 360F rapid cold-hot air circulation technology. Fry your all favorite foods with fast and easy. After cooking you can move around with the cooking basket.

Because it is easy to detachable frying basket. Simply push the release button under its transparent protective cover. And they both are super easy to cleaning. However, its FDA, EMC, ETL, and AK certification means it is really a high-quality air fryer.

  • Cold-hot air convection technology
  • Certified for the premium quality
  • Large cooking space
  • Easy detachable frying basket
  • Built with a non-stick material

  • Small heating range


Which Is The Best Air Fryer For Family Of 4?

If are you thinking which is the best air fryer for a family of 4? So the PowerXL 6Q air fryer can be a good choice for you. Because it has a very large cooking capacity and other hand you can choose the Big Boss 16 Quart. Because it has an incredibly large cooking capacity than other air fryers. Or above you can search more family size air fryer.

Can I Cook Two different Foods At Once?

It is not possible to cook two different foods at once with each air fryer. Because there are only few items available with you can easily fry two different foods at once. For example, the YEDI HOUSEWARE 5.8Q and B. WEISS 5.5 QT XL.


If you carefully look on the market so you’ll see a lot of large size air fryer. For example, the Big Boss and PowerXL Pro 6 Qt is extremely a large air fryer which can be the best air fryer for a family of 4 or 6. Even it has a large temperature range that offers the fastest cooking.

But a big size air fryer can take very large space after cooking when you need to store them. Hopefully, who has a lot of family members for those people a large air fryer is a perfect choice. Because with it you can cook a lot of meals at once and no need any deep fryer or expensive microwave.

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